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November 11, 2012

She has in home programs that you may purchase for a nominal fee which explains how to do it.

Plus she also offers courses LIVE where people can go and learn.

She is the real deal..... and has a proven track record

SuzanneHofmann May 21, 2019

2nd fake comment from same user

November 2, 2012
Hi, I don't understand why any of you didn't contact your credit card companies and dispute the charge. The issuing banks and credit card companies side on the card holder very heavily. As a business owner I have been cheated by people that claimed they didn't get their order (I don't pay for the extra sign for delivery shipping) and even though I had an email from the customer admitting they did get part of the order the credit card company wouldn't take it into consideration because it was email. ONLY signed delivery accepted since someone could have used their email instead of them which is insane. You can challenge the charges and most of you could get a charge back.

August 20, 2012

I heard on the radio about a free small business seminar. I am starting my own business so I decided to go. I knew that there will probably be some hard selling (books, DVDs, etc) as no one would hold a seminar for free unless it is a government initiative. I was aware therefore that they will probably try to coerce me into buying something but I decided to go as I thought I might learn something. I did learn a very valuable lesson... PEOPLE CAN BE SO EASILY INFLUENCED.

That woman did not teach me one thing in that 3 hours of bulls*@#! How can you then go and sign up for a workshop that costs $1000+ when she had not proven that she could deliver any amount of valuable information. All she kept saying was how good she was at business and making money and that you should say yes a lot. Oh and that you should find a mentor. I hope that anyone who runs a business would already know that you should have a mentor and that you need to be motivated and grasp opportunities.

I felt so so sorry for the people who ran to the tables at the end to sign up. Maybe for them it was out of desperation. I knew that woman would not give anyone the time of day to help them better themselves. She did not look like a nice, helpful person at all. All she proved to me was that she uses other people to make her rich... she said so herself.

She is using us to make her money. It makes me sick. It is very un-Australian. The seminar had a horrible American vibe to it... Watch a documentary by the fabulous Louis Theroux. He went to a very similar seminar and sat there thinking... What is going on? I sat there thinking the same thing.

And may I add... How dare that woman come to our country and rip us off like that. GO BACK HOME!

May 5, 2012
I'm embarrassed to admit I got scammed too as I am usually very cautious. I heard her on Christian radio--it was a very powerful presentation; also she "dropped" Dr. Phil's name. I called for the "free" book. Got pressured into taking the free 30 day trial. They didn't send them until right before Christmas---a very busy time. There was no address or number to return the materials which took several days. I finally I called one of the numbers in the box to get an address to return the box of materials that i never used and got a very rude person on the phone. I was 2 days late, etc., etc. I threatened to contact the BBB. She said "Go ahead; you'll just look stupid." I was about to go out of town for several months, and was not able to resolve this before leaving or since. I got charged the $69 or $67/mo. for I believe 10 months. Several times men called to "coach" me and integrate me into their community. BEWARE!!!! BEWARE! BEWARE!!!

May 2, 2012

I’m extremely upset after realizing this month that $872 has come out of my checking account since August of 2011. My husband ordered your book in July and called and canceled everything in the first 30 days. I was reviewing my checking account and noticed a $67 charge coming out that I didn’t know what it was for. After call you the number listed on each payment automatically taken out, he remembered this book he ordered. His name is Willis Odom, he cancelled every service as soon as he received the book.

I have to tell you he was active duty military and was medically discharged because of stage 3 colon cancer, loss of hearing from being involved in an explosion, and a ruptured disk in his back after serving 16 years in the Army. Unfortunately, this has had a huge impact on our financial situation and we find it difficult to put food on our table each month. He ordered this book looking for ways to help his family out and would have never spent this type of money. This is personal, this is the financial impact that you are having…thank you very much for exploiting the struggling public to find your own financial wealth. We called today and were criticized on why we didn’t notice the charge, why we were neglectful, and there was no way they would refund the money because Willis never called in and there was no record of this. So..also we are liars. They credited April.

I want the entire refund for a service that we never used, never knew we were being charged, and took the initiative to cancel the order but was your mistake in not pulling up the account and canceling the order. We were a little busy making sure my husband was going to live! This is a complete outrage and a business that you should be ashamed to have done to someone who desperately needs an income when he is not able to gain employment. However, you find a way to steal, this is immoral and something I would never want to show my face on a book, magazine, and admit this was my business. Call your book “Taking Advantage of the American People When They Are Not Looking”.

March 22, 2012
Do not go near Live Out Loud or Loral Langemeier. I and many others have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars through her organization. Just borrow the book from the library and that's good enough. Peace!

February 16, 2012
This is a total scam, she is in several lawsuits. Dr. Phil dropped her, just do your research online.

February 10, 2012
Loral is making millions alright. By luring in folks with her smooth "let me help you" infomercials. However, once you have paid the postage only to receive her free materials, you are on the hook for her monthly services. After telling the friendly representative who called to see if I received the materials that I had no interest in the program and to cancel and take my name off their list, once again a week later with the friendly coach who called was told "I'm not interested please cancel" I still got billed. After calling a few of the numbers listed, I finally got the billing department who told me that they have no connection to the sales and support departments and I am on the hook even though I have never used their site or their materials.The only comment that the billing department made was that it was foolish to cancel now because I was well on my way to paying for lifetime access. This organization has no integrity and is a genuine rip off.

January 27, 2012



Lora L. staff were rude and not at all professional people.

I have to blame myself for not checking the reviews about the business.



7 ON YOUR SIDE and report their business so people will be award of there bad service and SCAM business.




SuzanneHofmann May 21, 2019

Looking to join your class action lawsuit. Have you filed or are you still gathering those who have been scammed?

January 24, 2012
Do not purchase this book. Once you do if you do not cancel their so called service within 30 days they start taking money out of your checking account or charging your credit card - of which they never said you had to cancel anything. All they tell you is that you can visit their website free for 30 days - again nothing about that you are required to cancel this so called service. This company needs to be put out of business and sued.

January 17, 2012

BEWARE!!!! If you would not take Bernie Madoff's calls, then don't take any from the Loral Langemeier outfit. Your money will go flying out the window!

More than $6000 for “coaching” (which means there is a phone number you’re supposed to call, and you talk to a lackey who doesn’t tell you anything you didn’t already know), then $3690 for a multi-entity LLC, (or $1890 for one), then $2995 for tax advisers, then $995 for a business credit builder.

In Loral's book, The Millionaire Make, she sits down with people to draw up a customized action plan to reorganize their finances and get a money machine going. So when they called to start selling me their services, I thought, great, this is what I need, not having a mentor in my life.

What I got instead is endless phone calls, soliciting more money each time. Boy did I start to cringe every time they called! No meeting with Loral, just an endless line of smooth talking, high pressure telemarketers.

And each time you call them, they know exactly who you are and every interaction you’ve had with them! CREEPY!!!

Yes, I feel like an idiot for falling for this expensive scam, but Loral Langemeier does has some big, high profile names endorsing her. The ONLY person Loral is making a millionaire is Loral Langemeier! The Loral Langemeier scam is very profitable for Loral Langemeier and no one else! They find out precisely how much you have and then they bleed you dry! (Somehow they know when your bank account is completely empty and stop calling).

This should be illegal…

January 9, 2012

I have the same story as others. Langemeier may be a great motivator, etc. but her advertising and marketing technique is a tried and true SCAM. Lure people into a 'free' book and 30-day trial, then bill them for services they never receive (or even intended to receive). The woman needs to modify her product for integrity and give the customer actual value for any charges.

This outfit may get away with this tactic 'legally', but after Langemeier abuses the trust of enough people, eventually someone will take some direct action.

January 2, 2012

I heard the radio information yesterday and thought I would sign up for the "free" book. I felt a little uncomfortable after signing up when the guy read off some long script and signing me up for $69.95 a month for internet dues and then trying to sign me up for another "free" mentor service that would charge $29.95 per month after the first month.

I prayed about the situation and felt uneasy about it. I then googled "how to cancel Loral Langemeir" and came up with a ton of complaints stating that it is a scam.

I called and left a message stating that I wanted to cancel the service.

I called again later and was able to speak with a representative (after about 5 minutes of waiting). After reading the terrible reviews by others I figured that I was in for a nasty fight to get cancelled. However, she spoke with me and told me that I had already been cancelled. She gave a confirmation number to my cancellation. I also recorded the conversation as a backup if needed to prove that I had cancelled the subscription. The conversation was pleasant and took less than 60 seconds. I was very pleased and surprised!

I will wait to see if they try to bill me next month. If they do I will be prepared. However, so far it looks like cancellation is pretty simple and painless if done quickly.

I called #801-495-2405 ext. 113.

November 8, 2011
Definitely a scam!! I called and canceled the "free" access to education center, they said did not receive and charged my credit card. I fought it but they persisted and I had no way of proving my call, so they ripped me off for another $67. It is stopped now--fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice--won't happen. Now I see how she become a millionaire. I'd rather to it the old fashion way--honestly!!

November 8, 2011

I found Lorals tele-marketing program to use deceptive methods- one being "do nothing" which implicates you to continued payments.

Her program is geared toward paying off debt and using the savings to pay off more debt- eventually resulting in savings which her program recommends starting a business all the while requiring her team to help...

The guru expert that called me was not very knowledgeable and the information they provided was elementary and non-productive.

Don't waste your money and don't waste your time.

November 7, 2011
Be aware that the first thing the Langemeier scam does is sell your email address to anyone and everyone worldwide! I requested the "free" book of hers and gave them my most closely guarded email address. BIG MISTAKE! That outfit doesn't care who you are, what your situation is or what your plans are for yourself. FIRST BUSINESS? Sell your email address so THEY can make the money they claim you can make with them. If that's the lack of decency and ethics she operates under then count me out. She should be ashamed of her scams.

November 2, 2011
Horrible company. Offer a free book when you pay for shipping, and use your credit card information to enroll you in a membership that you don't even want, and charge additional fees. An awful way to do business! Someone I would never take advice from in how to conduct business with people. What a scam!!! The customer service guy is awful too! SCAM!!!! Don't give them your information!

October 3, 2011
do not believe them, they are cheaters

September 21, 2011
I agree with above post from "mislead in the midwest" Loral Langemeier is a complete scam. I also ordered the book, and they pushed me into the their other products saying I have 30 days free and can cancel anytime no problem. Less than 24 hours later I had a bad feeling about this company, so I decided to see how easy it would be to cancel. I was on hold for over 20 minutes then finally someone answered, and I had to tell him I wanted to cancel at least 20 times before he agreed, even became very rude. It's been a few days and the charge is still on my credit card. I will file a report with the proper state agency including the FBI, if they do not remove my charges. Listen to some great advise and save yourself time and money, "STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE"

September 20, 2011
This is really a scam...I started reading the book and it was kind of good. My disappointment came when I was unaware of the additional fees charged. When I called I made the customer service aware that if this involved anything other than the book at $9.95, I was not buying it. He assured me and said I would receive an email with confirmation of payment for which I never received. Because I was driving, I couldn't write down any telephone numbers for customer service. Shame on you Loral for having misrepresentation of your services. Shame or me for being Scammmed. .......