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September 13, 2010
I have been hounded by telemarketers from the company since getting the free book (radio show). They asked a lot of questions about my credit score and the maximum amount available on my credit card...now I know why. Thank you all for posting your stories of scams --- it's not too late for me fortunately :/

September 1, 2010

Beware of Loral Langemeier and Live Out Loud! I regrettably worked for Loral for 6 months. They have EXTREMELY aggressive and manipulative business practices to pressure people into paying for very generic schlock. Everything is based on motivation and "energy", but the content has no real substance. You can get ALL this info for free, which is more accurate, from government small business associations or take cheap city college courses. Her staff is completely inexperienced in any real business practices. They are pure pyramid telemarketers and prey on the financially vulnerable. They will expect you to enter into multiple "joint ventures" with each other and then you are trapped! DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS SHADY MONEY CULT!

DON'T BE A VICTIM! Report your negative experiences with Loral to BBB, SEC & FTC.gov.

August 5, 2010
Hello, out there! I'm reporting on this again because every one should be aware of what you may be getting into. I will start out by saying my word is my bond, so I will stand by it. To start I trusted these people with every thing and lost it all.. To start I let go of over $6500. DOLLARS to help to develop the business that was being worked on. I was told I'd have weekly meetings with a highly qualified person and all the help needed to make the business fly, grow and develop. I stuck threw it, believing it would work. I spoke to many people there that seemed to be active to any help that would be needed. But no matter what I said to attempt to get a program that made sense. I was finally told, your time with us has run out, there is nothing else we will do. Again I say to every one, find your help some where else. or don't listen and see if you can prove this wrong..

July 30, 2010
After calling to cancel the online website training center with the book, their customer service person convinced me to "try out the program for another month." I was then contacted by a financial strategist. I called him to tell him I wished to cancel the service. Instead of telling me that he wouldn't be able to do that, I never heard anything back. When I called after realizing I had been charged, it was my fault for not calling one number vs. another. So a company that wants to help people make money, delights in taking it from their customers who have never even visited their site.

July 22, 2010
I have not ordered the so called free book! I'm glad that I didn't! I can't afford to be ripped off like what I have read here! Damn! I was thinking about ordering but I think NOT!!!!!

July 13, 2010
I called Loral Langemeier after listening to her speech on a radio station. I ordered the book with a prepaid card and my balance was not more then $ 35,00 dollars. Few days later and before receiving my book I received several calls from her customer service saying a lot of bla bla bla. I told them that I was waiting to receive my book and after reading it I would call them back if I wanted to continue with the program. After reading these comments about all this extra charges they put on credit cards, I think they have tried to put more charges on my account too. But I only use prepaid card for online purchase on suspicious web sites, or when I have to provide account numbers over the phone. Anyway, I am reading the book and I am still stuck because it is a kind of repetition.I think we don't get much far with this book. It is really a book to make somebody millionaire and this person is Loral.

July 9, 2010
Big Scam. Her concept is weird. Her team doesn't care about clients. They only want your money.

July 9, 2010


I ordered the book of “Loral Langemeier’s The Millionaire Maker” via phone after I heard a radio show at May 9, 2010 11pm when I was driving home. The sale rep said that they would e-mail my on-line access code and 30 days free trial policy information within 24-48 hours. However, I have never received that e-mail. When I ordered the book, I said I was really busy and didn’t have time to read it at that time because I would have a very important examination in June. After about three weeks, I received the book and on-line access code. Because I was extremely busy on myself exam review, also I assumed the login would calculate from my truly register and login start date, so I neither read the book nor login its online education.

On June 15, Loral Langemeier’s company charged me $73.53 monthly on-line education fee (When I ordered the book, the sale rep said that would be $67 something per month). On June 20, it charged me $29.95 monthly helpline telephone fee. On June 28 and June 30, I contacted their customer service 800-608-0508 twice. I told them I had never used their helpline, they checked my record and agreed. I said I had never received the e-mail of the on-line access code. I received it with the mailing book after three weeks and I never login. They said the login 30 days free trial determined from that e-mail they had sent out on May 11, which I didn’t get it. After 30 days, they automatically charged my monthly on-line access fee and helpline fee. They refused to refund me $73.53 and $29.95 because I didn’t cancel it within the first 30 days even I have never used them. They only canceled my account thereafter.

July 6, 2010
The organization is no better than a time share, although at least at a time share you know whats coming. There is some motivation offered but it is with such a hype and high pressure any real help is not worth the trouble.I would be suspect of any positive feed back as being a setup.You can do better.

July 5, 2010
Live out Loud. The big table is a big scam. A $20 book will teach you more than this program that cost me thousands of dollars, and deliver nothing, waste my time and money. Stay away!

June 29, 2010

Wow! If you are a true Entrepreneur (and by that I mean a mover and a shaker), please do not read the one star reviews on this page. See, in life you can either choose to be a victim, survivor, or thriver...its really that simple.

I had the honor of attending Loral's big table and found the information to be so valuable that it blew me away. I learned how to negotiate office/retail space, what the difference is between cash flow now and appreciation, as well as much, much, more. I like to call it the "Three day PRACTICAL executive MBA program for those who truly want to get ahead.

That being said, NO, I do not work for her, NO, I am not on her payroll, and neither am I her relative in any way...What I am is an admirer of a truly self made millionaire. For those of you whining and wanting a step by step guide on how to be a millionaire, well, good luck with that. Might as well also ask for a step by step guide on how to be famous, and while your at it, a step by step guide on how to be the next President of the USA.

As for those who did the phone calls, and the reading, Great! Now what??? Who does your team consist of? Did you come home and make an official business plan? Did you look for resources in your community to help you?? Did you even begin to spend more than 50% of your time on your revenue producing activities??? Probably not.

Loral is a COACH. She guides you to water, so to speak, she does not drink it for you. It reminds me of a story a heard a professor say once about medical school. In medical school, you are pressed for time so the motto is "Learn one, do one, teach one". Its that simple. Notice it says "DO" one, not read about it or go to every lecture...DO ONE!!!

I can't stand whining, especially when it comes from people having unrealistic expectations about a program. These are the same type of people who think if they hire Oprah Winfrey's agent, the will be the next Oprah...GET REAL.

As for MYSELF, I have already rented retail/office space in a prime, upscale location in Colleyville, TX at a great price (Thanks Paul for your secrets), business has been growing, but at least now I know how to build a foundation to support the large corporation that I am going to become. Maybe when I am hugely successful, I will write a book on a step by step guide on making it to the top. No, I think I will let you all figure it out JUST LIKE I HAD TO! I will be to busy vacationing with Loral, and dining with Trump.

June 16, 2010
Wow!!!,din't know there was so many DUM and STUPID Americans,no wonder you don't know how to make money;they tell you when you call,that will be a charge after 30 days;Do what I did,DON'T take any coaching until you do the proper research;you'll BE RICH SOON!!!!

June 14, 2010
As a CPA and financial coach, I ordered the "free book" two weeks ago for research...marking my calendar to cancel the "free gift" of membership in her program before the $67/month charges began. A few pages into the book I could see there was pure fluff with no substance, and endless references to the necessity of having a team (by which I'm sure she means her team). After seeing these comments, I will be calling first thing in the AM to preempt any extra charges, and canceling my card to be extra sure.

June 8, 2010
Please every one be careful. I feel scammed. I allowed monies borrowed on the house, monies from ira account and a lot of time lost to this, hard sell. I was lied to and with all my efforts ending up loosing every thing. To be told I should have read the contract, for what their duties where. I have never seen one.. I was told Loral would be personally handling my business's direction. The bottom line is this cost me every thing. I should have known never to trust any one. My attitude now is every one's a sales person, 50% are thieves, 100% are liers. I beg you all, Please read the contract if you can find one. Be Careful.

May 20, 2010
I ordered her latest book on-line and waited over a month for it to arrive. When I called I was told by the receptionist that the book was still being published and that there was only one Customer Service person that I could speak to in the whole company about my order. After leaving this person 3 voice mails without ever receiving a call back back, I finally went to my bank and filed out an affidavit to dispute my credit card charge and got my money back from my bank. I guess she follows her own principles = take other peoples money so you can use it to publish your book and make them wait for as long as is convenient for her. Oh, wait - she says the same about Real Estate OPM = Use Other People's Money! I can only think what she does with other people's money in her programs if she has such little respect or regard for your hard earned money.

May 14, 2010
This site and everything attached to it should be closed down. This is such a scam. How can you request a book and end up with a $67.00 charge on your account? That is ILLEGAL. I called to have the charge removed only to have the lady tell me no one was there that could give me back my money or discuss my complaint further. I am calling my lawyer and better business bureau. This must be how they make their millions...robbing the little guy.

May 14, 2010
I had charges made against my account after explicitly asking and receiving assurance that there would not be any more charges against my account. Boy, that was the most expensive "free" book I have ever received. I feel for those who lost far more money than I did. I have a deeper understanding of how how companies like this protect themselves by outsourcing and hiding behind other compartments who each and of themselves do not have authority to stop payments. There is no moral integrity. There is however karma which Ms Langemeier will becoming very intimate with very soon.

May 3, 2010

Stay away from Loral Langemeier. Period.

I was supposed to get a "free" book. It ended up costing me a mint, and the only way to stop the 79.95 monthly payments is to close your CC account. Now, I am getting daily phone calls and emails threatening "action".

April 9, 2010

I called in for the free book only. Reluctantly I allowed myself to try the program for $69 was not aware of the help line costing $29, until I was called to ask to join another program and pay more money. Since I did not receive my book until after the 20th of the month, I naively assumed my 30 days would be from when I received it. That was not the case it started on the 10th when I called it was to late to cancel. I was out almost $90 plus shipping for a free book. What happened? I called to cancel and was coaxed into a free month extension. With family crises and other financial concerns I simply could not do anything with her program so I canceled. I am hoping that everything was cut off.

Unfortunately I think that the book is worth $10 everything else is a sham.

April 6, 2010
This is not only a Scam but is now so well known to my bank that I was told that there was nothing they could do about and that my best bet was to order a new card and send a email to the company confirm my actions. Also, you still must call the number to cancel. I will say this much now that I now how she makes money I will never be a victim of this type of scam again. We have requested a meeting with our local radio station to make it clear that they are supporting a scam artist. I suggest everyone in their listening area do the same.