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September 12, 2011
OMG! This is a scam. I heard about Loral's book on TV and decided to buy it for $9.95. When I called a representative took my info including a credit card number. After I gave my credit card number a representative started listing me the fees that will be charged to my credit card totaling over $100. I told him that I just called to buy a book for $9.95. A representative was trying to convince me that I need to buy additional products to gain success. I told him to cancel the order and forget that I even gave him my credit card number. He refused to do it and told me that he already processed my order and my credit card will be charged. After screaming at him for 15 minutes, he agreed to cancel the order. I am just hoping that he actually did cancel the order. What a scam!!! Stay away from these people

September 10, 2011
Agent relentlessly called me asking me if I read Laura Langemier's book. Agent left nasty message when I stopped answering their calls.

September 2, 2011
I called and received the "free" book and cd. I then canceled within 30 days. The rep. did not make it easy. He kept on trying to extend my trial period. I finally told him "NO" and hung up. Now there is someone else calling me every day regarding it. UGH!!

August 30, 2011
We signed up for $12,000 of coaching etc to get our cash machine going. The first round of coaching was useless. The coach basically read everything from the book course. They promised free setup of your corporation. Oops, the firm that helped them do that, stopped doing it for free. I asked for my money back for the unused courses and was told it was owned by someone other than Loral Langemeier's company. So basically, sorry. What a waste of money. Don't go near it! Because I write checks at a small church, they said my business should be accounting for people and charge $35/hr. I don't know debits and credits and would need to go back to school; but wait, my money is tied up with L.L. They told my hubby his biz should be making wooden items with his tools. This is a millionaire business? Oh please, don't get involved with them.

August 22, 2011
Why do I keep falling for scams???? I was up super early one morning, because I could not sleep. I turned on the radio and was tuned in to an extremely persuasive interview with Loral Langemeier who was talking about her book and new DVD (which were the key components to making millions). Throughout the interview she kept throwing out the number of a line to call and pay only 9.95 (shipping cost) for both the DVD and book. Since it was on the radio, I thought that it was a legit situation. I figured it was a blessing for me to have been awake this night and to hear this interview. I ordered the book and was excitedly waiting for it to arrive in the mail, when I realized that 106.95$ was in my pending transactions to be taking out my bank account by Loral's company. I immediately called Loral's customer service number to find out what was going on. The representative said that it is too early for my order to show up their system and to call back first thing tomorrow morning. She then stated that the extra money may have been taken out for Loral's extra services that she offers. The extra services that I did NOT ask for. After talking to the rep, I decided to research Loral's reputation, and came across this site. Loral is an entire scam artist who makes her millions by taking money from people who do not have any. After reading these reviews, I don't think that I will ever get my 106.95 back in my account. I am on a penny pinching budget, and I thought that purchasing this book would be an investment towards my future life. Instead, it turned out to be a financial set back of my present life.

August 11, 2011
Hello there, Here's what the truth is- in this industry marking sales, in this business only 10% make any money and of those only 1 out of 10 make the big money. So one of several things is going on - one either most every body is a fool and just plain stupid and gullible. Or most everybody is being scammed. I know the spelling is off but I don't care. Loral Langmeier is a front and make's her money by what the presentation is and has. Please just look at all the reviews before you put a dime on it. don't be taken like I was... Thank You

August 10, 2011

I disagree with the original, anonymous, so-called review. (I did not read all of the long list of responses.) Isn't it interesting that negative comments are followed by a pitch to use HER service. Not only is that self-serving, it completely discounts anything she has to say about Loral Langemeier or any other competition. I wonder how much of what she does is taken directly from Loral's Live Out Loud programs.

FLoral Langemeier is more than her four (soon to be five) New York Times best sellers. In her three-day workshops, she clearly lays out what beginning and already established entrepreneurs need to do to create consistent income, with a focus on marketing and sales strategies and team building, cautioning people not to try to do everything themselves. Instead, she instructs followers to do what they are best at and hire out the other tasks. For example, I'm a writer, not a bookkeeper or graphic designer, so I contract with experts in those fields.

Loral provides step by step ways to build a network, thus finding more potential clients. In addition, during her 3-days to cash workshop, she clearly teaches people how to create a sales pitch that participants put to use right there.

In my opinion, the only negative in the Live Out Loud organization is the push to up sell into more expensive programs and to sell books and other products developed by Loral and her crew.

Speaking of the crew, they are professional, friendly and willing to work with anyone who asks for help.

My experience with Live Out Loud and Loral Langemeier has been positive. She's clear that building a highly successful business is not easy; but she gives people the tools to make it happen. It's up to them to follow through ... or not.

August 6, 2011

I have a background in financial planning/insurance and called the toll free number Loral gave on a radio show. (800-228-5197)

After the friendly person took my credit card information for the 9.95 shipping for the book, Millionaire Maker, and the accompanying CD. He began a hard "pitch" to get me to take the 30 day free trial which leads to the $67 per month Loral Langmeier "deal". I could hardly get a word in edgewise to tell him to cancel the whole deal, entirely! It was very frustrating, because he would not stop talking. He became very agitated, as was I and he wouldn't stop "pitching". If this is what his instructions from Loral are, then she must be pissing off a large number of callers! I told him to cancel my order...which I don't believe he heard...so, I told him I would buy the book and CD on line...he said they are not available online (which is not true...available on Amazon.com) It was an unnecessarily frustrating experience. Sorry I didn't check Amazon first and saved myself the stress!!

July 24, 2011

I'm sorry this site has so many negative reviews. Forget just reading the book....attend the workshop!!

I attended Lorals 3 day workshop and all I can say is WOW.

She gives you the 'bare bones' you need to succeed at your life's passion. She and her team motivate the people in the room, tailor to their questions , refine their approach to business and provide INVALUABLE feedback from 'breakout groups'. How bad do you want to start your own business?? Then this is the next step- i'd call it the Loral 'boot camp to success workshop'. She is hard yet funny, connects with the audience by talking to people by name and actually remembers what your occupation is. She is unforgiving with a 'tough love no excuse' approach...I LOVED IT.

Her explanations are easy to follow and she makes sure everyone is following what she is saying. The breakout sessions were used for blunt remarks and encouragement as well as ideas on how to think in different ways about your business venture. Will you continue to create excuses as to why you aren't being successful? GO TO THE WORKSHOP!!

Laurel is personable and helps push you through your uncomfortable zone. Your brain is stretched in ways it hasn't imagined before (if your a bran spankin newbie or seasoned entrepreneur) The attendance size was small ~70 people which gave he the ability to connect with just about every individual.

I look forward to attending her next workshop to keep on the high and will enjoy seeing how others are sparked into their enthusiasm on selling their passion. Don't miss out on creating YOUR life.

July 14, 2011
This is a total scam! I mailed back the product and they harassed me daily trying to hard sell me on the service. The merchandise was returned and now they are still sticking me with a bill 3 years later saying that they never received it. I Sent it certified mail. The Langemeier company is simply the Big Bad Wolf! The reps still call me trying to get me to buy the service.

July 14, 2011
Be very careful..I ordered Laurel's book and canceled my membership within the 30 days only to see a $67.00 charge on my credit card. There are TWO numbers you have to call to cancel. 800-475-1942 and 800-608-0508. I guess the FREE book was pretty expensive after all..... BE CAREFUL

July 7, 2011
They would not even consider giving me a refund. They charged me 150.00 and i did not use the service.

June 11, 2011

Loral IS ETHICALLY AND MORALLY BANKRUPT! Do Not proceed with anything concerning Loral Langemeier! She is just trying to make money for herself to travel and live the good life at others expense. I've seen for myself over the past several years. She uses people and tosses them aside like they are nothing but a speck of dirt. Even her own employees and family members. You know if she doesn't treat her employees and family with respect and value them for all they do for her, how can you trust her in business. She expects employees(and others who do a service for her)to bow down and do everything for her without a thank you and yet she micro-manages since she doesn't trust anyone.

OH and she does Not really have employees, she has mostly Contract Employees so she does not pay any taxes or employee benefits. She does not believe in paying employee benefits or paid vacations. How she has gotten away with so many contract employees working in her company and having to come to work on her terms makes no sense.

She does have several Lawsuits pending against her you can check for on the internet also, including the one with Dr. Phil who will No longer have anything to do with Loral.

I am so sorry for all the people, family and her employees she has hurt along the way.

Stay away from Loral and Live Out Loud it is Bad News!

June 5, 2011
Loral is a con artist, She should be put in Pelican bay prison for what she is doing. I never received my refund.

May 18, 2011
Hi everybody. I am one of her victims about credit card charged after calling for the book too. And I am trying to contact ABCNEWS but I don't really know how to get a hold of them. This is 100% a SCAM that Loral Lamgemeire and her partners are doing right now. And I think they get $10000000.00 a day from people's credit cards that they don't even notice of being charged from this system. Simply because people don't join her tutorial lessons that's why they don't think that they are getting charged every single month. I call this "a dirty job" for those who work for her and herself are Serious CRIMINALS. Hopefully one day this MILLIONAIRE will have a chance to see her result from whatever she is doing because millions people like us can't afford the hidden charges that her system is doing. LETS FIGHT WITH HER BY CONTACTING CONSUMER PROTECTION, NEWS, POLICE DEPARTMENT...

May 18, 2011

I attended Loral's Live Out Loud Coaching session. She embarrassed me by saying that my business was lame (Which was-Amway), but she didn't have to do it the way she did. If she wouldn't have done that, I would have been out of thousands of dollars just like everyone else. We just didn't get along during the entire conference. I even stayed after the conference and she wouldn't look me in the eye.

If your gut feeling says it's a lie, then follow your gut feeling! I haven't been contacted by them since.

Buyer, beware!

May 13, 2011
Huge Scam. Working through it with my credit card company to get the unexpected $67 refunded to me

May 11, 2011
No review but canceling sure nuff raised my blood pressure. Had to hang up on the first guy, then the tried to slick talk me into restarting the trial. I did call for the personal coaching. First call went well, asked me to read certain chapters. Did that, called back and was given to another team member who would ask me some questions and come up with some ideas. He was kinda quiet after he got my math like i may have been hopeless. I don't have 40-50k in saving. Called back, he wasn't in. He called me and I missed his call. Called back, no answer. No call for a week, so I canceled. That's when I met rude cancel dept. Don't quote me, but I think they r more into collecting renewal fees than helping create a plan.

May 10, 2011
I attend a lot of events...and I will say that as far as business building and practical skills go...the cash machine workshop is brilliantly put together...most places just give you curriculum, formulas, bullet points...which are impractical, forgettable and in the long run useless...Loral's cash machine was AWESOME for anyone that needs to be pushed out of their comfort zone and SELL! And everyone NEEDS to be better in sales...whether you're just starting or experienced...it was beneficial....BIG TABLE>..HUGE OVER PROMISE, UNDER DELIVER pile of garbage. The people are not worth networking with, content is mediocre at best, and loral's barely even there.

May 10, 2011

I have read all the comments and am wondering why there are none posted more recently, like in April and May...anybody?

I heard about Loral Langmeier on the radio. It was obvious that Langemeier's company had outsourced the job of answering the phones. The young man answering was the typical fast-talking salesman but he explained that I was only paying for the shipping of the book, that I had a 30-day trial membership, and that my card would be charged $19.95/monthly afterward. I got the book a week or so later. I'm in the publishing industry and I can verify that this initial expense is on Langmeier, after all who is paying for all these books? I got a free book, period. It costs $6-10 to ship a book. Who should pay for it? Her? I don't think so (I think most people do understand this but resent the hidden costs that show up later).

Week #2; I watched the DVD. I read to Chapter 4, then called the number of my Personal Start-up Strategist. She couldn't have been nicer! I asked her how much this would cost me. She didn't know which program I had purchased (she does coaching only) but she voluntarily gave me the number to call and ask about my account. (I did tell her that the companies Loral is using for outsourcing phone sales was horrible and hurting her reputation).

I have not called to cancel my membership. I didn't need to because I am a control freak when it comes to my money. I deactivated the card I used to pay for the shipping of the book (I cannot believe nobody in this thread of complaints thought of that. My bank said they would gladly re-issue a new card and that old vendors would not have access to my account). I did so because I do not want to see any charges show up that catch me off-guard.

I have my second coaching call scheduled for the weekend. I'll decide after that whether or not I wish to proceed.