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Delivery Was Not What I Ordered
September 22, 2022

I ordered flowers called Colors of light which from the site the flowers were so pretty. What was delivered today was completely not what i ordered. Very disappointed, If i can just share the pictures on here you guys would know. Never again will I order from here. WASTE OF MONEY!

July 29, 2022
It would be no stars if I could.. Don't use this company. They take your money and do not deliver the flowers.

Flower Delivery
May 20, 2022

Do not order from them. Stupid people that are trying to get your money without delivering what they promise. Very very bad experience and very bad P.R.

Be careful! FAKE! I wish I checked this before I ordered!
May 16, 2022
This company/website deserves ZERO rating! I had the same experience as others, unfortunately! I hope I will get my money back. The flowers were never delivered!!!

Failure to deliver
May 16, 2022

I ordered flowers for Mother’s Day. They were to be delivered the day before Mother’s Day Saturday. I received a text message saying they would be delivered Sunday.

Then I received a message saying they would be delivered Monday then Tuesday then Wednesday. At this point I canceled my order. Today 6 days later they changed me for my order that I never received. I called and all they said was sorry

Never delivered my flowers or offered any help to resolve!
May 13, 2022

I ordered flowers for my grandmother for Mother’s Day. The flowers were never delivered or even attempted delivery. I cannot get through to a live person so I emailed and received a response saying their florist said they delivered the flowers.

When I reiterated that the recipient never received the flowers I received an email saying they do not offer refunds and a link to their refund policy. No attempt to have a discussion or resolve the issue.

I emailed back asking for a refund but have not received a response. So now my credit card is disputing the charges. This company is a joke! I will definitely be ordering direct from a local florist next time around. Lesson learned.

You Are Throwing Your Money Out The Window If You Order From Here
May 10, 2022

I ordered for mothers day. Order # 9596915. Supposed to deliver on saturday 5/7/22 I received a text message that the flowers could not be delivered until 5/9 sunday. I thought ok, that is mothers day so no worries. Spoke to my mom in NY. Nothing has been delivered at all, its monday 5/10. I phoned 3 times, left 2 messages. Emailed them w/my order # still no replies to any of my requests for assistance. Not only a rip oof...But I missed the holiday for sending my mother a gift. Thanks for nothing!!!

Mother's day fraud
May 10, 2022

Order number 9595911. I purchased a flower arrangement from justflowes.com that was supposed to be delivered on Mother's Day but was never delivered.

I made several phone calls to them: NO ANSWER, only recording machine. Left several messages. No one returned me a call yet. I had a suspicious that this company is a scam, and I found on this site so many complains similar to mine.

The worse experience ever.

I am not recommending them and I will NEVER do business with justflowers.com again.

May 9, 2022

Order number 9603857. I purchased a flower arrangement from justflowes.com that was supposed to be delivered on Mother's Day but was never delivered.

I called Just Flowers up until 10 PM to do a follow-up and was told that they needed to contact the local flower company to see why my order was not delivered and what happened, and when I told the rep that I wanted to cancel the order and get a refund, she hung up on me.

At 10:30, I get an email saying, "We see in our system that your order was delivered." (This was only after I asked for my refund and for the order to be cancelled) but she needed to confirm with the local flower company, which was closed today and will be tomorrow.

At 10AM this morning, I emailed them back and they sent THE SAME email back that my order was delivered but they hadn't heard from the flower company. I replied back letting them know that this order was NOT delivered and I wanted it cancelled and a refund. The repeated request for a refund is going unanswered.

This order was NOT delivered, and there's no way they were seeing it at 10:30 PM as delivered, but it wasn't showing delivered just 30 mins prior. The house this was supposed to be delivered to has security cameras that were checked to date back a full 48 hours. This delivery was not made. It's already 5 PM here and no one has attempted to contact me, and when I call them, no one answers.

This is the worst experience I have had to deal with and I will NEVER do business with justflowers.com again.

Lying, Thieving Thugs Should be called "JUST LIARS"
May 8, 2022

Went online to the (real) florist I usually place orders with to send Mom a Mothers Day bouquet and "Just Flowers" hijacked my order by jumping in and re-routing me to their website.

BEWARE!! I didn't realize what they were doing and placed my order for a Saturday (the day before Mothers Day) delivery. Like all these other reviewers, this sham company sent me a text telling me they were going to deliver Sunday instead.

No way for me to reach them to refuse. Mothers Day is now here and I got another text saying they couldn't deliver today (again) but would Monday (after Mother's Day) - Oh Hell No!

Called their phone # no humans only a recording message line so recorded a message telling them to cancel the order, called them a fraud and threatened them with small claims if I didn't hear back with a full refund. I then called my credit card company and had them reverse the charge and open a dispute investigation on these lying thugs!!! BEWARE!!!!

WandaCarter May 09, 2022

I am experiencing the very same thing!!! At least you were able to communicate with them. I can't get anyone on the phone, I have sent emails and still no response!!! The flowers were supposed to be delivered on Friday 5/6/22 and today is Monday 5/9/22 and she still has NOT received anything!!! I am FUMING!

Mothers' Day sadness. Never delivered!
May 7, 2022

I ordered for Mothers Day, approximately a month ago. 11 red roses, one white rose and one colored blue rose. (11 for us children and Our Mother, White for a Lost Brother, and Blue for MY MOTHERS twin Sister, that we had just lost). Good Lord, was to be delivered Friday, May 6th, 2022. Not delivered and two days later, they say they will be delivered on Sunday. (Mothers Day). Still, they think, as a corporation, they can KEEP the $$$$ for a later purchase

... Hmm, I think not. Sincerely, Patricia Teasley

Beware…They are Not a Florist! Thieves!
March 2, 2022

These people are not real florists. I stupidly took an order number 9552211 to help them with a last-minute order that was going 30 minutes one way to the funeral home in honor of a young man where I was going.

I told them my price, they asked me to do a basket instead of a standing spray then changed their mind back to the spray for their customer… both flowers for this customer were in my delivery vehicle and I was asked to not leave the funeral home because I was still waiting on payment from them after waiting and wasting time from my business they canceled the order.

Two hours later they call me back to deliver this spray. I go back to my studio to pick up the arrangement and that they’re waiting on payment only for them to call me back again and tell me that they were not going to send this out since the customer supposedly canceled the order… I am out of gas, time and product. They refuse to compensate me for any of their mess up. Beware they are crooks And they take 30% of whatever you spend just for taking your order… Just FYI… You’re welcome!

Abha April 18, 2022

I had a bad experience with Just Flowers recently. I ordered a birthday flower arrangement for my daughter in law. The arrangement that was delivered did not look any thing like what was pictured on the Just Flower web site. I paid over $100.00 for the flower arrangement and delivery. I complaint - called, wrote emails, and send picture of the arrangements for them to compare. All they offered was a $10 refund. They also lost a customer.

Hopeless, pathetic, cheaters
February 20, 2022

Hopeless and pathetic service!

I paid for a fresh fruit cake for anniversary. What reached was a pineapple cake with a Happy Birthday cake and that too with incorrect spelling of the couple's name. Most embarrassing moment for us! Prefer any online service BUT justflowers. Pathetic, hopeless is what I can say.

7 Hours to fill order and they failed 4 florist 2 blocks from location
January 8, 2022

Fact ordered flowers !0:00 Am

Fact called back 3 times because I no email came to confirm order.

Fact at 4:57 call ed ask about order will be delivered by 6 because it was a home. I said no was business you have 3 mins to get there. Guy said oh me we can't fill order. I said excuse me! No one can fill order I said so in 7 hours no one could call me or told me this when I called.

Well sir we will give you a discount. no sir you want. Cancel my order give me my funds now. It will take 4 to 5 days. No sir took 13 minutes to get paid you have 13 to to refund. He said read our website. I said sir I will report to my card company. Did refund money 15 mins after call. Terrible customer service!!!!! Terrible !

Unsolicited emails
November 4, 2021
I wouldn’t use their service if even free. No matter how many times I have tried to unsubscribe to their unwanted emails, they have harassed me for years. I hate this company

anne February 13, 2022

I have also tried to unsubscribe to no avail! Many, many times and now I'm getting angry about it!

They Can't Deliver What They Promise !
October 13, 2021


It's amazing - All the reviews on "Just Flowers.com" are wonderful! Not a single one posted on their site lists anything but 4 **** - what happens to those of Us who have been terribly disappointed, failed to get any satisfaction & at most, a $15 refund, regardless of what we paid? I still haven't gotten it -more lies!

I placed an order early in Sept - 4 days in advance -not only was it not delivered on time (2 days late), but they couldn't even send WHAT I ORDERED, EVEN THO, I was assured, no problem! A POOR selection of daisies & fillers, was what was sent! WOW ! I could have picked up a far better bunch of flowers in the grocery store for 75% less money. Talk about being embarrassed by this poor substitute of a gift!

I needed to send them a picture (how? when she doesn't have a cell phone & no cameras were available -our word as a customer, is not acceptable? This is a company that touts "we are committed to customer satisfaction". I have never been so poorly treated - reporting them to BBB -did little - BBB needs to do a more thorough job before allowing them to advertise their rating. They have plenty of complaints for poor delivery, inadequate substitutes, etc. Do not use this company . They DON'T deliver what they promise!

Stay AWAY, Do Not Order!
October 11, 2021

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I placed an order for a plant garden, on Fri 10/08/21, to be delivered the same day for a funeral, which was held on Mon 10/11/21, service began 11:00am. I noticed my order was not in sight, checked with funeral home mgmt, order never received. I went to check my order confirmation email and noticed an email from Just flowers, today's date at 11:03am, advising problem with order & could not deliver. Well nice freaking time to tell me, during the service!!

So disgusted, I agreed to have order sent directly to the residence. Told them this is not over! After the funeral had rcvd 2 phone calls & emails about the order. I followed up with calls to customer service. They said I had to speak to manager. Then no mgr available, they'll call back. 

Finally received a CB, manager was going to charge me full price! I said no, this was your fault not mine. He would only discount up to 15%, said that's all he was allowed. Told him to cancel the whole order.I'll pay half that price of nearly $80 & it will be delivered locally by a professional business. I will keep a check on my CC bill for the refund!! 

NEVER AGAIN!!!!! I think the BBB needs to recheck this company's credibility & score them properly.

Do Not Order From Justflowers.com!!!!
October 6, 2021

I am livid!! I ordered a beautiful standing easel and paid extra to have more flowers put on it and I ordered a banner plus paid the extra fee to have it delivered before 1 pm. Well over $200! They kept calling me to change the delivery date!! I told them it was for a funeral that was scheduled for one day at the funeral home, not some kind of party!

Well, when a family member sent me the picture of what was delivered, I was shocked, mad mad, hurt and embarrassed!!!! It was a small garden plant!! This order was called in days in advance and when I called the local florist they said they received the flower request one hour before the service was ending. I have been dealing with the same person at justflowers about it and she keeps giving me a different name, joy, desiree...

When I'm talking to her and asking questions she gives me the silent treatment and acts like she can't hear me. I am asking for a full refund and all they want to give me is $15!!! I am so sick to my stomach about this! Very hard lesson learned and too much anguish and hurt!! I give them no stars at all (but I had to click on one to process this)! They are heartless and stealing money from people that are trying to send flowers to their beloved friends/family!!

Didn't deliver and lied about it 3 times.
September 13, 2021
Constantly moving date of delivery, and then just didn't deliver. How can people be so callous to not send to a funeral? They claim to have 4.5 star reviews but I think that is all part of the scam.

Velma October 06, 2021

Do not order with justflowers.Com!! They are a scam! I ordered a beautiful easel arrangement with a banner

Don’t order here
September 3, 2021
Placed an order and never received it. I called over 8 times. No one could help. They put me on hold over and over. Also paid to have it delivered before 1pm and obviously that didn’t happen either.