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Horrible company, horrible customer service
March 1, 2023

I searched specifically for PURPLE flowers for my daughter-in-law and found a picture of a beautiful arrangement of ALL purple flowers. I placed the order and anxiously waited for the flowers to be delivered. My DIL sent a picture of the delivery and much to my dismay and disgust, not only was there only ONE purple flower in the arrangement of mostly PINK flowers, but there was one AWFUL brown sprig of something dead in the middle of it all. Their solution was to refund the service fund portion of the bill ... totally unacceptable when they dropped the ball that badly.

I had to file a BBB complaint to get them to work with me at all. When they called my phone and I answered, no one was ever on the other end of the line. When I ignored the calls, someone with a very heavy accent who spoke extremely fast (so it was impossible to understand the message/phone number). It took 3 days of them blowing up my phone before I could finally understand one of the messages well enough to return the call.

I will NEVER use this company again, and I suggest no one else use them, either.

Horrible experience
February 18, 2023

I ordered flowers and balloon to be delivered to my daughter who is away at college for February 14, 2023. I wanted to do something special for her because she suffered a major loss a few months ago. The flowers never arrived. Call Customer Service was initially told florist said flowers were not delivered, when asked for a refund was told she was having difficulty hearing florist when call

and in the same breath the customer service rep told me unable to reach florist. So many lies not sure what to believe, but the fact remains flowers were never delivered. Asked if I wanted a Valentine Day arrangement delivered 4 days later. Really. Unprofessional on so many levels. Was never called or emailed about flowers issue with delivering flowers. Now being told someone will call me regarding refund.

People don’t trust this company
February 16, 2023

I ordered flowers over the phone on Feb 13th I talked to customer service on the 14th and asked them if my flowers would be delivered they assured me they would do at 6:30 pm I get a text saying they can’t be delivered. I called customer service and John said he would find out what happened and get back to me in 10 minutes it’s been 2 days and 12 hours and still no follow up. Their customer service is horrible they have an automated message saying text us for faster response well that was a crook of bull. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY they are not trustworthy.

Avoid at all costs
February 15, 2023
Terrible experience. They messaged me same day that they couldn't complete the order.  I called and have spent 45 minutes on the phone. I told them the new delivery date wouldn't work because the recipient wouldn't be home.  They just kept trying to push the order even though I said no. "What if we gave you a 5 dollar discount?" NO!  What am I supposed to do about the recipient not being home? No one can receive the flowers.  So now 45 minutes has gone by, still on the phone, still hasn't been resolved.  What a joke.

Just Flowers, just sucks
February 15, 2023
It’s Valentine’s Day. I ordered flowers from just flowers, got a text then a call from them to say they weren’t going to deliver.

Didn't meet my expectations, cannot recommend to others.
December 28, 2022
I was very disappointed with the floral arrangement I sent. When I saw the picture of what was received compared to what I ordered, I was actually shocked. It looked nothing like the expensive flowers I had ordered. After much communication with the company, I was offered refund for one stem and the expedited shipping charge. Everyone who has seen the pictures agree this was nothing like what I ordered. The expensive flowers in the ad were replaced with cheap filler flowers.

Didn’t receive order
December 23, 2022
Awful customer service. My order was for a birthday and was set for same day delivery. Two days later when I called to cancel order the representative kept talking over me and offered me a $5 refund if they could deliver order three days later. Representative said she couldn’t cancel and had to place me on hold, after 15 minutes I hung up. I won’t use this company again and do not recommend.

Sales fraud
December 17, 2022
I spent almost $100 on a order and they failed to send or have delivered the arrangement that was depicted when I sent pictures of the arrangement received which did not include a vase or a card, as promised. Over a series of 4 escalations the company and a manager repeatedly argued , spoke over me, refused to listen and became very antagonistic and disrespectful, and suggested that the recipient had mental health issues, and they refused resend the flowers originally order or to refund the money. It’s a clearly sales fraud, I formally worked on the florist business, and I’ve never observed a more unprofessional company. I recommend calling your credit card company if they have defrauded you.

FereshtehMalekfarnoud December 21, 2022

How many thousands of times should I subscribe just flower.com ? How much do I tell you not to send an email? How ignorant are you? You are disturbing. I have been unsubscribing every time for several years but you keep sending stupid emails, this is the last warning or I will sue you.

CarterHall December 23, 2022

Wish I had read this sooner, awful service.

DeborahBrooks December 28, 2022

I feel the same way. The customer support is just really bad, exactly as you described.

Horrible, they don't deliver anything close to the pic
December 10, 2022
Called to complain - got a rep who offered a $10 coupon, then a manager offered re-delivery. Stay away. Got a plant with no flowers and the greenery is brown on the ends and the basket is cheap like what you'd get at the dollar store! Paid $75 for the basket/plant and $15 for a box of candy but got a bag of Turtles candy in a beat up bag like you can get at the grocery store. These people should not be in business. I wish there was an option for less than one star. Don't do business with them.

Do not order flowers from Just Flowers
December 3, 2022

I ordered "Roses for You" Item # 8226, (red roses in a basket) from Just Flowers; $84.99 for my daughter as a birthday surprise. A CHRISTMAS CACTUS was delivered instead. Upon calling the support line, I was told that the CHRISTMAS CACTUS was the substitute. I asked for an adjustment for the difference in price, they said - they could only give me a $15.00 credit. I told them that this was very upsetting to me; they said they could not help me any further.

Do NOT order anything from Just Flowers.com!

Delivery Was Not What I Ordered
September 22, 2022

I ordered flowers called Colors of light which from the site the flowers were so pretty. What was delivered today was completely not what i ordered. Very disappointed, If i can just share the pictures on here you guys would know. Never again will I order from here. WASTE OF MONEY!

July 29, 2022
It would be no stars if I could.. Don't use this company. They take your money and do not deliver the flowers.

Flower Delivery
May 20, 2022

Do not order from them. Stupid people that are trying to get your money without delivering what they promise. Very very bad experience and very bad P.R.

Be careful! FAKE! I wish I checked this before I ordered!
May 16, 2022
This company/website deserves ZERO rating! I had the same experience as others, unfortunately! I hope I will get my money back. The flowers were never delivered!!!

Failure to deliver
May 16, 2022

I ordered flowers for Mother’s Day. They were to be delivered the day before Mother’s Day Saturday. I received a text message saying they would be delivered Sunday.

Then I received a message saying they would be delivered Monday then Tuesday then Wednesday. At this point I canceled my order. Today 6 days later they changed me for my order that I never received. I called and all they said was sorry

Never delivered my flowers or offered any help to resolve!
May 13, 2022

I ordered flowers for my grandmother for Mother’s Day. The flowers were never delivered or even attempted delivery. I cannot get through to a live person so I emailed and received a response saying their florist said they delivered the flowers.

When I reiterated that the recipient never received the flowers I received an email saying they do not offer refunds and a link to their refund policy. No attempt to have a discussion or resolve the issue.

I emailed back asking for a refund but have not received a response. So now my credit card is disputing the charges. This company is a joke! I will definitely be ordering direct from a local florist next time around. Lesson learned.

You Are Throwing Your Money Out The Window If You Order From Here
May 10, 2022

I ordered for mothers day. Order # 9596915. Supposed to deliver on saturday 5/7/22 I received a text message that the flowers could not be delivered until 5/9 sunday. I thought ok, that is mothers day so no worries. Spoke to my mom in NY. Nothing has been delivered at all, its monday 5/10. I phoned 3 times, left 2 messages. Emailed them w/my order # still no replies to any of my requests for assistance. Not only a rip oof...But I missed the holiday for sending my mother a gift. Thanks for nothing!!!

Mother's day fraud
May 10, 2022

Order number 9595911. I purchased a flower arrangement from justflowes.com that was supposed to be delivered on Mother's Day but was never delivered.

I made several phone calls to them: NO ANSWER, only recording machine. Left several messages. No one returned me a call yet. I had a suspicious that this company is a scam, and I found on this site so many complains similar to mine.

The worse experience ever.

I am not recommending them and I will NEVER do business with justflowers.com again.

May 9, 2022

Order number 9603857. I purchased a flower arrangement from justflowes.com that was supposed to be delivered on Mother's Day but was never delivered.

I called Just Flowers up until 10 PM to do a follow-up and was told that they needed to contact the local flower company to see why my order was not delivered and what happened, and when I told the rep that I wanted to cancel the order and get a refund, she hung up on me.

At 10:30, I get an email saying, "We see in our system that your order was delivered." (This was only after I asked for my refund and for the order to be cancelled) but she needed to confirm with the local flower company, which was closed today and will be tomorrow.

At 10AM this morning, I emailed them back and they sent THE SAME email back that my order was delivered but they hadn't heard from the flower company. I replied back letting them know that this order was NOT delivered and I wanted it cancelled and a refund. The repeated request for a refund is going unanswered.

This order was NOT delivered, and there's no way they were seeing it at 10:30 PM as delivered, but it wasn't showing delivered just 30 mins prior. The house this was supposed to be delivered to has security cameras that were checked to date back a full 48 hours. This delivery was not made. It's already 5 PM here and no one has attempted to contact me, and when I call them, no one answers.

This is the worst experience I have had to deal with and I will NEVER do business with justflowers.com again.

Lying, Thieving Thugs Should be called "JUST LIARS"
May 8, 2022

Went online to the (real) florist I usually place orders with to send Mom a Mothers Day bouquet and "Just Flowers" hijacked my order by jumping in and re-routing me to their website.

BEWARE!! I didn't realize what they were doing and placed my order for a Saturday (the day before Mothers Day) delivery. Like all these other reviewers, this sham company sent me a text telling me they were going to deliver Sunday instead.

No way for me to reach them to refuse. Mothers Day is now here and I got another text saying they couldn't deliver today (again) but would Monday (after Mother's Day) - Oh Hell No!

Called their phone # no humans only a recording message line so recorded a message telling them to cancel the order, called them a fraud and threatened them with small claims if I didn't hear back with a full refund. I then called my credit card company and had them reverse the charge and open a dispute investigation on these lying thugs!!! BEWARE!!!!

WandaCarter May 09, 2022

I am experiencing the very same thing!!! At least you were able to communicate with them. I can't get anyone on the phone, I have sent emails and still no response!!! The flowers were supposed to be delivered on Friday 5/6/22 and today is Monday 5/9/22 and she still has NOT received anything!!! I am FUMING!