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Four days late for Mother's Day
May 22, 2017
I had to chase them up, even though I ordered the flowers a week in advance. They were supposed to arrive for Mother's Day, and only were delivered four days later after I had complained. I told them I wanted compensation, and they refunded the $10 delivery, however, I wish that I had read the online reviews before using this company. They have a very bad reputation as scammers. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Very late delivery - missed the even
May 16, 2017
Flowers ordered on Friday for same day delivery were finally delivered on the following Monday. Completely missed the occasion. I will never order from them again. - Dissatisfied in PA

non delivery so far
December 26, 2016
order not delivered. Customer service told me it was delivered and what day it was delivered; they changed the story when challenged. unsatisfied with their response.

Just Flowers - Failed Delivery!
June 29, 2015

Potential JustFlowers.com Customer

The morning of 25 June 2015, I placed an order (799020) with JustFlowers.com for “Exotic Passion of Tulips”. Exotic Passion of Tulips is my wife absolute favorite! I spoke with a young woman by the name of Jessica. She reassured me, that the flowers would be delivered to my wife Job before 1:00p.m.! My wife routinely departs work at 2:30p.m., but I informed her that a package would be delivered to her and asked if she could stay a little while longer. My wife remained at work until 5:00p.m. Rightfully so, when she arrived home she was upset and very disappointed. I explained the situation to her but that was not enough to extinguish her smoldering disposition. The synopsis with my wife is that the lack of flowers did not start her birthday weekend off good – still pissed.

Back to JustFlowers – I received a call from a JustFlowers employee whom state that her name was Jill. Jill made a very poor attempt to apologize for my wife not receiving her flowers. She continued and explained how THEY would make up for their error. I calmly listened, thoroughly heard her out, when she finished talking I asked her how would she feel if she was the woman in this situation. She stumbled in words and proceeded to read her preformatted lines of “we can deliver the flowers tomorrow”……… I interrupted her and explained that her Birthday was today and not tomorrow, and that she was the same woman I spoke to earlier that day and that I did not find it amusing.

Synopsis: everyone makes mistakes but to call me two hours after the agreed upon and scheduled delivery time is not acceptable! To explain that they can just deliver the flowers tomorrow is asinine! I will NOT use justflowers.com again.