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About Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards is a financial advisor for the CIA who follows threats to US economy and security and has published a new report that is designed to help people protect themselves from future economic crashes. 

How Does It Work?

According to the website, James Rickards, or Jim, says that all the work he has been doing for the CIA leads to one conclusion - that America is on the verge of a historic financial meltdown. 

But he claims he can help people keep safe from this economic catastrophe by using his comprehensive package, called The Project Prophecy 2.0 Action Plan. This plan will walk you through step-by-step measures to take with your investments and personal finances. 

To get access to this special report, you'll need to subscribe to The Money Map Report, their primary publication which is issued on a monthly basis.   


Cost/Price Plans

The Project Prophecy 2.0 Action Plan is free when you subscribe to The Money Map Press. The Basic Package subscription costs $39.50 and includes 12 Editions of The Money Map Report, Real-Time Trade Alerts, Weekly Dossiers on Major Economic Events, Exclusive Video Briefings, access to The Money Map Report Members-Only Website, and special reports like Jim Rickards' other publication The Death of Money.

The Executive Package subscription includes all of that, as well four additional bonus books and reports, for a cost of $79.00.

Refund Policy

This website states that regardless of either subscription you choose, you are offered a 90 day period of time in which to cancel your subscription and request a refund of your subscription fees.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Customer Service about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-834-8339, or by traditional mail at 16 West Madison Street, Baltimore, MD, 21201. This contact information is for Money Map Press, as Jim Rickards does not provide any of his own. 


Jim Rickards has a well regarded number of previous publications that are both best sellers and highly rated by independent reviewers.         

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different financial publications that offer people investment advice for avoiding future financial hardship, including the Nova X Report, Money Morning, Agora Financial publications, and more. 

If you have experience with Jim Rickards or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Jim Rickards as a Cassandra
July 19, 2021

I have never spent a dime on any material from Jim nor read any of his books. But I read and listen to him regularly. I see him as a Cassandra and believe that his long term views will prove to be more spot on than anyone else I have read or listened to. We are in the end game of the US dollar being a global currency.

But Cassandras frequently have poor short term vision. At least Jim Rogers admits it. Jim Rickards does not. I would never bet a dime on his short or medium term advice, much less pay him for it. And even long term I believe that Jim does make mistakes. Every investment advisor will.

If you follow them blindly you will lose when they make mistakes. But in the end it is YOU who are responsible for your investments. If you follow anyone blindly and things go South you only have yourself to blame.

Guy's a charlatan
December 24, 2020
Rickards got his mitts on my 91-year old father-in-law. After paying thousands of dollars for services, he has since lost $100K in 3 months investing with Rickards. Enough said.

No one else is so full of himself
May 5, 2019
I followed the guy for several years, I bought two of his books and paid for two services: Strategic Intelligence and Intelligence Triggers. Terrible investment advice. I lost money with both. I stopped following him completely. He is a smart man but he makes many mistakes, as many as everybody who is in the investing business. He likes to brag about his correct forecasts but never mentions his more numerous failures. Unfortunately, people sign up for his newsletters, spend money for the subscription, lose money on his investment advice and finally realize that most of his predictions are wrong. By the time they come to this realization, a lot of money has been lost.

Don't waste your TIME and MONEY
January 18, 2019
I paid for his yearly subscription in March 2018. I went through it and was really disappointed. Emailed customer service for refund and they never got back to me. I honestly had forgot about the whole thing until I noticed another charge on my credit card yesterday. This time I tried to find a number that I could call. 1-855-275-6335. Spoke to a lady who had zero customer service knowledge about my refund. She did not want to answer any of my questions so she hung up!! Stay away.

Total misrepresentation.
January 8, 2019
I have been a supporter of Jim Rickard for a while as he is undeniably smart. Although I am now questioning how successful and honest Bill Bonner and himself are. The trades on Strategic Intelligence since inception are overall loosing money or at best a wash. Also recently I subscribed to Jim Rickard's Project Prophesy based on insider's suspicious trading which is a good idea. The sale pitch presents 15 to 20 option trades with high returns on a short number of days. Upon accessing the subscription you can realize that those trades were never placed and were probably only back tested and that in between the many open/closed trades there are mostly losing trades and a few winning trades for an overall huge loss. Nobody can trade that and of course the customer service sticks to the non-refundable claim despite the flagrant misrepresentation.

Jim Rickards and Robert Kiosaky
November 28, 2018

These guys got together and they are presenting with Brian Rose a project weekly cash flow, has anybody tried it..it cost $3000 p/y to a member

Amre September 07, 2019

yes,Its a scam.They avoid even showing their year to date performance as its a loss.Completely misleading avoid them by all cost.

Jim Rickards
December 14, 2017
I agree that we need working farms, & the people that know how to run those farms (of all kinds). We would not de able to eat without them! But it's already almost 2018. Trump is doing a good job at destroying our way of life already. So why would anyone spend between 39.95 - 79.95, on something that they claim, "is free". Common sense tells me IT'S A SCAM!! If you have the money to waste, try not to waste it, there are a lot of really great non-porfit org. you could give that money to, or just hold on to your money, or help your family & friends. But if you want those books & newsletters, that they say is 90 days free, just start trying to cancel your subscription quickly after starting it, or be ready to PAY $$$

Charles C October 29, 2019

Amen! I can't see why any intelligent and discerning person could not see what the present day socialist are doing in effort to destroy our country.

May God save the USA.

W. P October 26, 2019

Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country since Reagan!

Trump is unpopular as he is showing America what scam artists congress and the senate are, trying to impeach him without a vote first which has been done in ALL other impeachment's, they try to impeach him on every fake news rumour there is and it's only because he is exposing them for who they really are! Get the real FACTS before you start shooting your mouth off, you'll find that integrity is the best way. God Bless

February 15, 2016
Looks more and more like a big marketing HYPE at best. Most of his stoke types lost money!

Hamid a January 15, 2018

i agree.agora is a big scam they will describe an ant as an elephant to make you believe in what they are trying to sale you.i try all of them .so be careful guys.watch the news from Bloomberg. read some very good news from northernmining.com they are free and you can educate your self .learn about option as well they are very powerfull .you can make great money if you know what you doing.good luck to all of you.i been scamed before when i just started trading now i learned a lot .i just want to share with you and advise you to be very careful.this guys they are scam artist

DenverResident December 31, 2017

The USD lost 10% in 2017. The last month, the USD really dropped.

Yet, Gold and Silver DROPPED, just the opposite of what Harold predicted.

The JPM is taking historical physical deliver of silver (and gold) out of GLD and SLV. The paper traded price in the trust have broken the rules, but there is absolutely no enforcement. Either No Laws or Existing Laws Not Being Enforced results in Anarchy.

The rules of gold/silver anarchy have set the stage to the general Stock Market.

The Angora advertisement is a scam on the surface.

For the Angora advertisement for HARP, I paid the fee. There was absolutely nothing in that report that I didn't already know. Angora failed to let customers know that the HARP has huge conditions. Conditions not disclosed until Angora got their money.

All attempts to obtain a refund from Angora were ignored. They will not provide a refund.

While Jim Rickards has some fantastic books and observations, the Marketing group Angora is basically a scam.

For the subscriptions, they only send more "offers to buy" they do not provide any useful trading information as my dozen other financial newsletters provide.

This is no different than Jon Elway selling his name to a automobile sales or his famous MVP.Com - an dotcom flop of biblical proportions. We witness famous people selling their name for branding all kinds of silly sales..

Harold R August 29, 2016

Go by the market.. dollar goes south, Gold and Silver goes up, you don't have to be a guru to figure that out..... and when the dollar is really about 20 cents in value as apposed to 1950.. buy gold and silver friends.....

November 7, 2015

farmers create the food we eat. we have to invest in farmers! no one seems to care that one independent farmer after another one is going down, weather, crops, cash flow. no one mentions them in their great plans for helping people out. when do these brilliant

people realize they need to eat. figure out ways to combat floods,

droughts and tornadoes, hurricanes damage? i don't see very much original thinking anywhere at the moment. blessings, norine

Ken l February 04, 2016

Jim Rickards, I was enamored at first, even paid for your advice. But now I have concluded You are just another "Alarmist," Just another "closer" in the world of same as me in The Securities Industry since 1983. You were good, using the old tried and true "Tools" of our trade; i.e. FEAR Of Loss and Greed and added a lot of "I'm an Insider." to your arsenal. You lost that BIG Debate and after that you were all downhill. So bad so sad. I come from a family RICH in Government and Wealth. Jack and Jackie Kennedy to Donald Trump to Pentagon War On Terror Top Officials in my immediate Family. No lack of intelligence herewith. I am not enamored anymore, I think You need to "hang up your spurs" and call it a day. You are a true Patriot in my humble opinion, but a little misguided to the extreme in your proposed remedies to fix these albeit, "potential" financial and economic/political imminent global problems./ catastrophes?

Here is the wealth play
September 7, 2015

Buy bear funds. Leveraged bear funds,like 2x,3x ect. Bear funds go opposite the market.When do you buy? Buy Now.

The same advice he is selling for free. This is what he said already,That he recommends funds the go opposite 2x to 3x the markets. Some good funds for this strategy, , TZA and TVIX, many others.


Wsguy June 06, 2016

Generally the leveraged funds gain about 2% less per X if market moves in your favor, but loose 100% when market moves against and this is on a daily basis. You can't hold one of these beasts long - they are designed for the day and swing trader and of course to make money for the market maker. If you have confidence the market will drop hard within 30 days you could make a lot. But if your that confident buy out of the money Puts on the index ETFs (at least 60 days out) you will get more leverage and your loss is limited to the cost of the puts purchased.

Farhad December 13, 2015

Find that go 2x or 3 times opposite ( or even in favor ) have been ( mathematically ) shown to generally go down with a high probability. These funds are also referred to as "leveraged funds". Basically every time the original fund returns ( after a few months ) to where it started ( original value) the leveraged fund ends up below where its original value. Examples are Jdust, and Jnug that are leveraged funds following a mining index. Leveraged funds hide this fact from ( new bees ) by reverse splitting the fund every year or to hide the fact that the fund has gone down.

Real Truth about Jim Rickards.
May 1, 2015
Not hard to look up but in Wikipedia here is what it says about the great Jim Rickards. As of February 2015 Rickards is described as "Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor CIA & The Director of National Intelligence" on websites and in emails sent out warning of imminent financial collapse in the United States. These websites and emails (for example, the Money Morning website article '5 Sure Signs the US Economy is finished') imply that he has held, or holds, official posts with US intelligence, defence, and security agencies: for example as "a financial market advisor to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence", and as the "architect" of "Project Prophecy", described as a CIA system devised to predict financial meltdowns. However, RIckards has never had any such official association with any such US agency. There is no evidence that "Project Prophecy" has ever had any official sponsorship from the CIA, or indeed that it actually exists in any form apart from as a name in Rickards postings.

There has to be some truth in there
March 1, 2015

If you consider that:

- U.S. debt exceeds GDP at $17.8 trillion

- China is the largest U.S. debt holder at 21%

- China's economy is facing issues:

-- Middle class debt accumulation is too high

-- Many believe China will have biggest crisis

-- Sales and consumption are falling in China

- U.S. is on a burning platform:

-- Medicaid/Medicare will be broke by 2020

- etc.

There has to be some truth in the statements from Jim Rickards. It just stands to reason that there will be some economic problems in the not-so-distant future, perhaps not as catastrophic as he has suggested but still impactful.

Most analysts suggest we will experience a rebirth of money that is somehow pegged to gold. I do agree with one of the comments that it does seem odd to sell investment advice to put money into a market where apparently all of that money will be lost. I'm not sure Jim thought that one through ;>

One thing is for certain. The U.S. is under water. When you lose more than you make, you generally have a systemic problem. We definitely need to fix that. Clearly the tax base needs to be broadened - that is, tax more of the people who live and work in the U.S. We only tax roughly 30% of the population.

We also need to address the broken federal benefit programs, where we have in the order of $300-400 billion in fraud and waste from people collecting benefits they shouldn't be receiving. Other countries do a much better job of this.

I have to agree with Jim that the U.S. is headed for another big economic ripple/wave due to mismanagement. In consideration of all of the current events happening around the world, the only thing I could possibly disagree with is the timing. Maybe it won't happen as quickly as he suggests, but it's no longer a question of IF but rather WHEN unfortunately.

The simple fact is the rest of the world won't allow the U.S. to keep racking up debt. It is unsustainable. If we don't correct how we raise revenue or manage the funds we do collect, then someone else will step in to fix it for us. It's how the world works.

Margaret December 10, 2017

All the comments are pre-Trump. So now what?

David September 18, 2016

The United States has had over 3% inflation for 140 years, The Federal

Reserve and US Treasury goals is 21/2% or more every year.

The reason is that the National Debt is cut in half every 25 years. People that quote numbers about the debt are pretty misguided about finance, banking, and economics. The flip side of the coin is assets like stock, real estate, metals, commodities double every 25 years and the government taxes that gain. As a CPA with experience in banking, public accounting, and prepared over 15,000 tax returns, keep seeing patters.

There are ways around to circumvent, but gold only goes so far and is not cure all.

It takes multiple investments, tax planning, and some luck to succeed.

Ulf A May 01, 2015

There is no evidence he has adviced CIA. LMAO

Boilerplate Direct Sales Letter circa 2015
February 28, 2015

The fear is real but Jim is no different from any other huckster.

Who told Jim he would appear to be credible by the appeal to imminent disaster that has never happened by legions of previous doomsayers? The one thing Jim knows for sure is that he will make a lot of money from this hypothesis.

For decades, people have been falling for direct sales letters appealing to greed, fear, or the desire for sex, power, luxury.

Over several decades I have seen the same warnings over and over. Funny how they never seem to materialize.

Jim has some good insights but I can figure it out for myself.

Jane K August 13, 2015

They never seem to materialize?? I recall the crash of 2008. This year may be no different.

February 22, 2015
If he really wants to help, then why is it not free? He is a millionaire and does not need the money to publish his material. If the world is going to come to as bad as he says, then why invest? "Where are you going to spend your worthless dollars"? Why buy a book? "That will teach you how to survive the unknown" REALLY!!! Just kiss the ones you love everyday and do the best we can. For who knows when it all stops, or "IF" it ever does. God Bless and best to all.....

He is not what he says he is
February 20, 2015
Don't spend a penny on anything associated with Rickards. On various websites RIckards is described in terms which suggest he has held, or holds, official posts with US intelligence, defence, and security agencies: for example as "the Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor for both the Pentagon and CIA" (e.g. on the Money Morning website), and as the "architect" of "Project Prophecy", described as a CIA system devised to predict financial meltdowns. However, RIckards has never had any such official association with any such US agency. There is no evidence that "Project Prophecy" has ever had any official sponsorship from the CIA, or indeed that it actually exists in any form apart from as a name in various Rickards postings. It appears that he is another lawyer trying to amplify his voice, and draw people to buy his books etc, by claiming all kinds of credentials he really does not have.

Misleading consumers lawsuit
February 18, 2015

I've signed up for it. The intro material promised you The Project Prophecy 2.0 Action Plan for a modest shipping charge of $4.65 when you signed up. Then they will charge you something like $79 for a subscription but you can cancel within certain period. The "free" gift of the Project Prophecy was not shipped to me.

If you similarly placed the order and had not received a promised gift please write to [email protected]

Farhad December 13, 2015

Yes I was promised his latest book: "Death of Money" that I never received. When I called to inquire about the book, a representative apologized and promised they will send me the book soon , but they never did.

Stash the Cash
January 26, 2015
It could possibly fall apart if his stats are correct. I do believe we have a sleeping giant on our door step. In the depression of 1929 anybody with money in the banks lost it all and the ones with cash in hand prevailed. As far as I'm concerned Stash the Cash.

1 Question
January 22, 2015
What good are all these investments if it all comes crashing down anyways? DUH???

Jim W May 01, 2015

Yes but what will you buy when the stores are empty, no Mom or Pop stores will have money to purchase food and household items.

Poppy C April 23, 2015

if you have hard currency like US silver and gold coins you have something to spend when the paper money is useless!!

Howard R February 01, 2015

if you are short and things go down you make money - duh

Philanthropist or another Carpetbagger
January 14, 2015

"If" is a big word!

But if I had the kind of information he portrays, my choice would be to be a Philanthropist and provide free information to both unveil the carelessness of our trusted banking system starting from the Federal Reserve up to the accomplices who warrant its functioning, and set a norm for future generations to follow, rather than be a Carpetbagger trying to make a few bucks from people who will never obtain a benefit from his advise.

It's a pity that "It's all about the Money"

Action plan
January 6, 2015
Jim is fine reference who is carrying a tough message. While he offers a method to insulate your family it's up to you to decide if you will take action. IMO it's probably too late to turn the ship unless you have prepared earlier. And for those of middle class there is not much that can be done period...... I am thankful to Mr Rickards for his alerts and guidance and remain saddened that so much sadness is coming to those who suffer the bias of normalcy. The message is one of betrayal by governments leaders and those trusted to guide our countries who acted like grasshoppers not ants and failed to direct our land with prudence and care.

John D February 15, 2016

Looks that way to me as well.

Jim W May 01, 2015

If you predict doom and gloom for long enough, like 50 years it may come true at some level. What you have here is a person just getting rich on the backs of the poor, scaring them and telling the same story year after year that does not happen.

Donna C March 21, 2015

Unfortunately the majority of us are no longer in a position to invest anything anyway, since we are all dealing with the downfall of the economy since 2007. Working three jobs to equal my salary from 2000.

I say lets get local, back to the barter system and F...the whole investment scheme.

It's like gambling, some win big, lots lose big.