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Jim Rickards (James G. Rickards) is a popular investor who’s worked at the highest levels of finance and produces a variety of financial content via books, newsletters, and published articles.

Rickards' pieces have been featured in many popular online and print outlets.

Below we take a closer look at his members only investment newsletters and analyze what customers have to say about his financial advice.

Books and Newsletters

Jim Rickards has an impressive education background and has had many high level roles in finance firms.  He states that his beliefs are strongly forged by his real world experiences.  

He also uses his role as an “insider” heavily in the marketing of his books and newsletters.

To begin with, you can read a lot about his various strategies in one of the many books he’s published.  Currently this list includes the following titles:

  • The New Case for Gold (April 2016)
  • Currency Wars (2011)
  • The Death of Money (2014)
  • The Road to Ruin (2016)
  • Aftermath (2019)
  • The New Great Depression (2021)

As you can tell by the titles, he brings an alarmist approach to analyzing global fiscal and monetary policy and the effects he believes they will have on economies.

His reactionary style urges investors to plan ahead and provide safeguards for their assets and plan for inevitable market downturns and inflation.

One of his other recurring themes is how vulnerable the US dollar and US markets are to foreign exploitation and how to protect yourself.

These perceived threats influence his investment advice, which generally suggests to diversify and keep tangible assets such as gold and other precious metals.

Jim Rickards’ Newsletters

Through Paradigm Press LLC Rickards publishes several investor newsletters.  The most popular, and most affordable, of which is titled Strategic Intelligence.

It’s often through the marketing for this newsletter that many people first come across Rickards.  

The ads for Strategic Intelligence usually feature a doomsday scenario that Rickards predicts will happen in the near future.

Rickards claims that if you subscribe to Strategic Intelligence you’ll learn how to safeguard your assets and profit from the impending instability.

His most recent presentation titled “Beware, Biden Bucks” proclaims that the US Government is planning on converting to a digital dollar that's similar to cryptocurrency except that this one would be entirely controlled by the US government.

He fears that this will lead to a surveillance state in which all your transactions will be monitored and potentially even used against you.

If you subscribe to Strategic Intelligence you will get access to his guides for protecting yourself from having your wealth seized in a report titled, Asset Emancipation.

You get this report and 3 more as bonuses for joining Rickards' paid newsletter.

Cost and Price Plans

The cost for the base level of Strategic Intelligence on the Paradigm Press website is $299 per year.  However if you’re ordering through the Biden Bucks video there are several promotions that can bring the cost down to as low as $49.

His other premium newsletters cost significantly more at $3,000 - $5,000.

*Note:  All orders are set to automatically renew at the end of the year so if you no longer wish to receive it you will have to call and cancel your subscription.

Customer Service

Phone: (844) 731-0984

Email: [email protected]

Physical Address:

808 St. Paul St.
Baltimore, MD, 21202

Paradigm.Press states that customers have 180 days to review his materials, and if during that time they're not satisfied they can request a refund.

Jim Rickards Reviews & Complaints

We found customer reviews for Jim Rickards’ books to be fairly good.  On Amazon most of his books have a rating of around a 4.5/5 stars.

Readers generally tend to appreciate getting an inside view into how some of the big financial decisions get made.

The feedback for Strategic Intelligence consists of more mixed reviews, with more complaints being posted on trading focused review websites.

In general, customers feel that Rickards relies too much on scare tactics to sell his products.  These reviewers feel that these warnings are becoming increasingly inflammatory and seem hyperbolic.

There are also customer reviews that you can read on our site from those who state they have not made any money following his advice and that many of his predictions never came true.

Finally, customers also take issue with how much solicitation they get for other newsletters once they sign up for the basic version of Strategic Intelligence.

On the other hand, there are customers who enjoy his newsletters and, even though they admit to not being fans of the doom and gloom, they believe he makes compelling arguments for the claims he espouses.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are several investment advisory companies that follow a very similar marketing strategy to Paradigm Press.

They feature a handful of expert market analysts who market their subscription newsletters through online ads that often claim that some manner of financial collapse is imminent, and that you need their newsletter to prepare yourself and/or take advantage of this event.

Such companies include:

These publishers usually have mostly negative customer reviews that you can read here and on other sites, and are generally not recommended by serious investors.

Is Jim Rickards a Scam?

It’s difficult to judge investment advisors because it depends on the time frame you use to look at their work.  

Individual stock pickers rarely beat the market consistently over a prolonged period of time, and it is difficult to predict who those stock pickers will be in the future.

That being said, you can still find value in Jim Rickards advice, books, and world views.  For instance, hedging against the collapse of the US dollar may prove to be good advice in the long run.

However, we find that Rickards' use of strong and emotional messaging in sales pitches for his products is usually a red flag.

We also find the sales tactic of enticing new customers with a low cost newsletter followed by aggressive attempts to upsell them to much more pricey offerings to be questionable.

If you have any experience with Jim Rickards' books or newsletters, please leave your reviews below.

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Jim Rickards Customer Reviews

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March 27, 2023

Do not believe a word or promise they make! EVERYTHING is a sales pitch based on fear mongering...They'll sell you anything they possibly can but if you have a question they are nowhere to be found!!!

I'm in the process of disputing the membership charges with my credit card - you should do the same...

Not worth it!
March 13, 2023

Unfortunately, Mr Rickards' countdown to crisis , and his bubble scores have been a huge disappointment that has lost me a lot of money! Most of his advice has been losers! What he does is continues to market! market! and market! While giving a lot of losers!! His service is not worth his big charges.

ThomasD March 23, 2023

I was just about to buy into the hype, and then read the many reviews on this site. I am thankful for people who tell the truth about their experience. I should have already known by my own past experience, that there is more to it than is said. The main service is the stock alerts for buying puts, what stock, when to get in, when to get out. But since others said they lost money on that service, I'm just going to pass on it.

My experience with Jim’s advice
February 21, 2023
I have to say that Jim Rickards is probably the most knowledgeable guy in finance that I know of. Yes his upsells are a tad persistent, but everyone deserves to earn a living. I am a subscriber to his next to cheapest offer but have made 100X that back in three months. Not sure his methods are for the novice investor but with little discipline his advice will help you grow your portfolio.

really bad experience with Jim Rickards
November 29, 2022

9 out of 10 trades I made on Jim Rickards recommended options are losing bigtime.

I am constantly bombarded daily with his upsell advertisements. More money for this service, more money for that service. Extend or upgrade present service. At this point, it looks like the best thing to do is if Jim Rickards recommends a trade, do the opposite!

ChrisFillios February 03, 2023

I recently canceled my subscription with Rickards and I received a refund as promised. He has disdain for President Biden, and overstated the impact of the President' canceling the Keystone Pipeline, a decision justified by the cost, nature, and ecological threat posed by the Pipeline.

I wonder if Jim Rickards can highlight for us the virtues of the Trump administration.

gloriaBea February 14, 2023

The fact that you just said that regarding the pipeline being a decision justified reveals your ideological bend. Anyone who is financially intelligent understands the damage that did to America.

Paul March 08, 2023


regardless of anyone's "ideological bend" (and I think Rickards' own bend is quite obvious) the fact that he is unequivocally stating that Biden ordered the attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines should be a huge red flag to anyone listening. Especially when the latest intelligence as of today points to pro-Ukrainian groups (not Ukraine itself) as being responsible.

That, combined with other conspiracy theories he has spread in the past makes him far from credible in my humble opinion.

Rickards preys on the fears and anxieties of conservative Americans
November 28, 2022

Before you buy into Jim Rickard's claims, please research them yourself, from INDEPENDENT sources. Read the law he claims is going to undermine every democratic institution in the US and turn America into a totalitarian nightmare overnight for yourself. You will see it does not do what he claims. Maybe you realize that you're not a lawyer or in finance, so maybe Rickards knows something you don't?

A wise thought, then ask yourself: why hasn't every lawyer and financier you know and trust raised the same alarm? Why are you learning about this new law and its effects on an infomercial and not on any of the pundits and news sources you trust? Consider this before handing him a moment of time or your bank information (and consider whether you should trust any organization that sells ad time to him).

Rickards takes advantage of the elderly and others who have built an echo chamber around themselves so opaque that they exist in an alternate reality. where everyone but white Christian conservatives born in the US are lying satanic globalist pedophiles working together in a vast conspiracy to do everything evil and horrible that has ever or will be imagined by all of humanity. I'm not certain how any thinking person could believe a carbon copy of the protocols of the Elders of Zion while simultaneously claiming everyone ELSE is hateful and divisive.I am tempted to just let stuff like this be, why should I care if such people are tricked out of money when they’ve made clear: if their great leader said people like me drawing breath was the main thing standing in the way of America being great again, they'd sooner join the lynch mob than defend its victims.

The more honest among them tell me they can’t wait to pose next to my dangling lifeless body. Maybe even post the picture with a hashtag of the slur that replaces my name or the term ‘human being’ in their mind, whenever they are forced to think of someone born as I was, or are confronted with the fact that people who don’t share their religious, political, and social beliefs are still allowed to exist on the same planet as them.

So what should I care if a grifter fleeces people with a lot more money than I will ever have? Why should I care about the finances of someone who would likely use that money to support a world where I’m no longer around to help the foot soldiers of Christian nationalism second guess their dedication to living, giving, sharing, loving, and being just as Christ did? I don’t know.

Maybe showing humanity is the last act of defiance I can muster against those who have constantly dehumanized me. Maybe I don’t click away from the far-right ads I get online because it reminds me that many people: either out of malice or confusion, would celebrate my death as a victory for their fascist nightmare, and that is a reason to live through the pain of another day. Not out of spite, but because there is hope. Because if you have read this far, and if you can see through the BS of this flim flam man, maybe you can see through the anger, hatred, ignorance, callousness and selfishness that has infected you.

Maybe at least one person will read this and start giving to the poor, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, welcoming the refugee, treating the foreigner as they would the native born, loving their neighbor—yes, even their enemies, as themselves.

Paul March 08, 2023

Stephanie, OMG! Every single word you wrote resonated with me. It was as if you reached straight into my brain and spread my own thoughts on the page. Thank you for sharing exactly what I have been thinking for a very long time now.

This is just a scam.
November 27, 2022

This is just a scam. The bombard your email with scare tactic nonsense. The actual trading information they provide is worthless. they just want your subscription money. The information is garbage. Lies and misleading. take your subscription money invest it in anything you will make more.

Barrage onslaught of emails
October 18, 2022
If you want to clog your email up and get loads of third parties sending you even more, just sign up for anything Jim Rickards. You can be sure to get at least 3 lengthy every day, sometimes even 4 or 5. That's just from his affiliates. On top of that you'll get loads from third parties everyday.

LisaDean. November 07, 2022

This is true.

Take this free advice instead!
October 10, 2022

I just wasted far too much of my time on fear mongering and hyperbole. Once this guy exceeded his promised 84 second wait to tell the viewers everything they needed to know, it was clear there was a money pitch coming and I never heard the promised everything I needed to know part.

I never could understand how it is people like this seem to think the more they talk, the more they will convince people to trust them.

I have learned to trust no one. Pause these video presentations and open up another tab before you open your wallet. Google the reviews and you will discover nearly every presentation like this has poor reviews. When in doubt, always remember that the best way to save your money is to keep your money.

If you want to know the best place to invest in your future.. Pay off your home.. invest in dehydrated and freeze dried food storage (Do not buy based on price. Buy based on calories per day).. fuel (propane never goes bad).. water purification (gravity filters are best as they require no power. Think Berkey. Aquasana is better as long as water is flowing).. household goods like soaps, paper goods like toilet paper, wet wipes and paper towels.. warm clothing and all the necessities of life.

Strive to have enough cash for two years ultimately. Just take it one step.. one bite at a time. It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Do not view this as preparation for anything other than personal insurance. If you are involved in an accident or diagnosed with a medical problem or disease that renders you unable to work.. it will be nice to know you do not have the added burden of wondering how you will pay your bills, buy groceries and the day to day things you need to survive it.

Believe me.. it is far better to put off that new car or kitchen remodel to have the peace of mind in knowing you have prepared yourself by being your own insurance company.

Now that advice didn't cost you a dime. Pass that on to those you love and care about.

NeilGuerrero October 28, 2022

I totally agree with this commentary. It seems Mr. Rickards spends more time fear mongering than is necessary to sell his books and newsletters. I am a lifetime subscriber to Strategic Intelligence and found most of his information to be useful but also comes with sales pitches for more newsletters and books. I don't blame him, afterall one has to make a living somehow. But after a few years of reading his commentaries I find myself more isolated and confused than inclusive and clear direction on what to do. I agree with his precious metals strategy but all the rest is just rather useless scare mongering. I concede he's well educated and more informed than I am. But he would serve us(readers and subscribers), with some clear and free strategies without a pitch for yet another newsletter or book. He can afford it for sure and would give more credence to believing in his rhetoric. In conclusion I really never have made any money following his financial advice which it seems centered to more well heeled customers. I'm just a middle class reader hoping for some crumbs from Mr. Rickards table. Do love you Jim but throw a bone once in a while that won't cost and arm and a leg for subscribers such as myself. I'll keep reading because your the best of the rest but I need something more of reason to believe. Thank you for hearing me out.

LisaDean. November 07, 2022


Too Much Marketing
September 21, 2022

97% marketing, 6-10 emails a day with only an itty-bitty pinch of information worth reading. Too much upselling.  They make you watch 30-60-90 minute videos just to get an upsell. A big hype about the Angel of Death is coming OH MY!!! For it to be just the same 90 teleprompt reading video they played when I signed up... without the 6 month guarantee!

I'm disappointed...

I signed up because, in the past, I've found Jim good in "live" interviews, very informative, good stuff. He has a very impressive background. I like his take on things though his political leanings can smell up his message 

But so far, what I've received is just too much BS.  I can't even read it all :- (

Maybe it's just me, it might be! I hope I feel differently before my 6 month guarantee comes 

Too Much Pitch Too Little Precision
August 22, 2022

Just watched the marathon pitch. Seemed reasonable, the "bubble number" seemed an easy concept to grasp and believe. But the "under-the-breath" whispers of you could still lose your shirt which were sprinkled through the pitch raised red flags.

I do agree with the premise he states, but don't believe he nor anyone can accurately predict FED action or market response. Again, the bubble score sounds like it could side-step market machinations except it too relies on imprecise predictions. I passed.

Consumer August 29, 2022

While the "social studies" analyses from both Strategic Intelligence Pro and The Countdown to Crisis subscriptions are on point, the same realtime reports with greater discussion is simultaneously had on Fox News and similar. The bombarding upsell to more expensive parallel subscriptions and promoting other 3rd party expensive subscriptions is simply insulting. Segmenting a market for greater revenue is understandable, but here over-saturates the customer and degrades the vendor relationship as greedy...no matter how arguably $valuable.

MattAllen September 21, 2022

I found the constant scare tactics to be overwhelming. He spends WAAAAY too much time telling you how incredible he is. Had he simply said, "I believe stocks will tank today, here is what to do" I might have been more tempted.

As it is, he is his own worst enemy when it comes to booking new customers. The upsell is huge. If he really wanted to help people, he would price the data at a much lower rate. I'll pass. I wasted my first $50.00 on him. I'll waste no more.

JamesSeaborn October 10, 2022

I couldn't agree more. For saying he didn't like to brag, he sure wastes viewers time hyping himself.I learned long ago that these promises of free.. end up with lots of hype followed by a pitch for money under the guise of doing you a favor. I am 70 years old and have followed a number of kooks over the years. They talk a lot and prey on people's fears and even their hatreds. Avoid these types of people at all costs. You can learn a lot from prepper communities for free. But when they have something to sell.. or say it is free with shipping and handling only... step away from the site and secure your wallet from your not so keen instincts.

You can lose a lot of money here
August 1, 2022
You could do as well with a series of dart boards. He bets against winners and loses.

Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Buy This From Jim Rickards
June 17, 2022

PLEASE.... for God's sakes, DO NOT BUY THIS SUBSCRIPTION from Jim Rickards. You will get NO help whatsoever, via email, text or customer service representatives. You will have wasted over $2,000.00 US, and in a recession THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO WASTE your money.

I've just spent 30 minutes on the phone with customer service to be told that I didn't know enough to buy the subscription. Guess what? I buy information all of the time...we all do...but they give you JUST enough information to confuse you.

GeoffHouldridge July 19, 2022

I worry about this too.....I enrolled on the countdown to crisis for similar sum and within three weeks received further offers for his strategic intelligence pro for life for $250 and then low and behold you cam subscribe to the countdown to crisis for $500 If you take up the put options subscription in the uk they take your money without explaining the pitfalls in placing such trades i.e. No broker accounts in the uk will allow you to trade such put options. Only Charles Schwab will and they want a $25000 deposit

RuthFitzwater July 25, 2022

There’s plenty of free information on the internet. Don’t trust anyone who won’t give his information to you unless you pay.

PaulStee July 27, 2022

I figured the latest promotion from the Rickards stable was BS. The 4th Horseman has arrived. Total scare-mongering. 27th July at 2 pm the world will change and crash. Guess what that time represented. FOMC.. lol. All the world hasn't crashed and burned.Stay away from this heavily promoted BS.

April 27, 2022

I have been closely following Jim Rickards for the last 10 years and invested in the gold speculator and Strategy Intelligence programs. Most of the recommendations I invested in lost money.

He continues to spout happy news about gold and makes recommendations that fail to profit. He’s become a far right wing reactionary who’s writings are biased and inflammatory. I’m done with him.

JenLewis July 25, 2022

I just watched Rickard's most recent 'deal' and it didn't even sound appealing to me. It's too much money to risk on his words alone.

MahatmaJeeves November 29, 2022

the first red flag was ,"just watch for 86 seconds "

. then he drones on for many minutes. the 2nd was. 3 big banks are about to ruin our dollars make slaves of us all. pay me to tell u which of the banks to invest in, so u can cash in on communism. or , jk, words to that effect.

Prior (and On-going) involvement of Jim Rickards with Anglo Far East, Group and The Physical Gold Fund and their Directors.
February 8, 2022

I note that Jim Rickards is (or was), listed as a 'Trusted Advisor' to 2 Precious Metals Custodian companies, one of which I had used to hold my bullion in a secure, locked, audited vault in Switzerland. The same vault, Jim Rickards can be seen witnessing an actual audit of the bullion kept there.

After 9 months of trying to obtain settlement following sale of my bullion, it seems both of these custodian companies appear to be nothing short of Ponzi schemes. One of the two [The Physical Gold Fund] has since shut down all its internet sites. The other [The Anglo Far East Group], based in the Caymans and Panama, doesn't appear to have any staff beyond the founding director.

Other directors have left and appear to have nothing more to do with the company or that person and refuse to be drawn into their having any involvement with the potential scam.

Smitho7 April 21, 2022

I agree Steve. Anglo Far-East has stolen clients money. But there appears little clients can do about it. Jim Rickards never responds to requests for advice on this. @kiwismitho7

AiolosSage October 28, 2022

Hello, Steve and Smith.

The organization that I work for is also facing issues with Anglo Far East. It seems almost 1 million in assets just "vanished.” We are studying what are the legal options to get the money back.

AiolosSage October 28, 2022

Would you guys be willing to provide more information in case we launch a lawsuit against the scammers?

“WilliamMoney” (SCD) February 15, 2023

…..I would but I’m not into frivolous lawsuits and would like it to be similar issues and losses as I experienced in relation to the Countdown to Crisis service in which they advertised before each Fed meeting (July 27, 2022 at 2pm specifically) in which they said if action was not taken it could be too late. Leading you to believe at any moment the market would crash an additional 50% on top of the 30% it had already dropped or worse. It may happen but the “can”kept getting kicked down the road each month.

They even sent me (already a subscriber)the emails about the same thing each time the fed was to raise rates always at precisely 2pm the market would crash and we would enter a 10 year period of stagnant market activity.

Again this could happen but I thought I was paying for someone who understood some correct timing with a lot of credentials and experience. I made money in other services but will never cover the losses in the service they use the most to attract customers, Countdown to Crisis which I wrongly and am embarrassed to say was the one I believed in the most.

I think the marketers were too eager and it’s possible they ignored that some words of caution needed to be expressed including very large bear market rallies and the fact they possibly did not have the timing correct on their bold predictions. I think someone missed the mark but I’m not sure that it was Rickards?

December 22, 2021

Jimmy has been wrong on his predictions for $15,000 Gold, that Andrew Como would replace Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee, that the FBI was behind the January 6th insurrection, and many more WACKY ideas.

I really question his claim to be a CIA advisor, and most of his recommendations have been BUSTS. Who would pay for this CRAP

DBNordwald April 25, 2022

He wasn't wrong on the FBI issue

BertEmanuel October 01, 2022

He was right about the FBI, and now they are showing even worse stuff. Sad situation about the FBI.

J.K.Johnson January 22, 2023

Amen! The F.B.I. was definitely "involved" in the Jan. 6th protest.

Have you noticed they won't commit on having operatives at the Jan. 6th election protest? Have you noticed they can't seem to arrest Ray Epps who incited people to enter the Capitol building? Did you ever wonder why they can't track down the pipe bomber on the video? He is seen using his cell phone, but the ping technology only works for tracking down Trump supporters!

Jim Rickards
September 21, 2021
Seven years ago, 2014, I followed Jim Rickards' advice and lost $50K. He and his theories are BS.

Huge Con Man
September 5, 2021

Jim Rickards is one of the biggest con artists in a long list of typical fear mongers which includes other contrarian indicators and con artists like Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Harry Dent, Porter Stansberry, Whitney Tilson, Doug Casey, David Stockman, and so many more.

Rickards has made so many false claims and has been 100% wrong just like the other con artists who peddle fear. These people should be in prison.

dean October 26, 2021

You are obviously misinformed and totally incorrect…Rickards is one of the most intelligent and knowledgable finance experts in his field…You really should stop with your baseless drivel.

RonGeorge July 25, 2022

Sorry Dean, Jim Rickards has been peddling stock market meltdowns since Dow was 10,000 along with a few others on the list that Gerard so accurately points out. The worst of whom are Rickards, Stockman, Dent, and Stansberry. But far and above, Rickards is the biggest fear mongering scam artist with a near zero percent accuracy regarding markets! Btw, he never once predicted the 2008 meltdown until years after it happened.

Jim Rickards as a Cassandra
July 19, 2021

I have never spent a dime on any material from Jim nor read any of his books. But I read and listen to him regularly. I see him as a Cassandra and believe that his long term views will prove to be more spot on than anyone else I have read or listened to. We are in the end game of the US dollar being a global currency.

But Cassandras frequently have poor short term vision. At least Jim Rogers admits it. Jim Rickards does not. I would never bet a dime on his short or medium term advice, much less pay him for it. And even long term I believe that Jim does make mistakes. Every investment advisor will.

If you follow them blindly you will lose when they make mistakes. But in the end it is YOU who are responsible for your investments. If you follow anyone blindly and things go South you only have yourself to blame.

Cliff July 09, 2022

Bob: So why did you mark five stars??? Just because you like to "read and listen to him "? Tell us the amount of dollars that you've made following his investment advice? Now this world-is-falling shtick under Biden's supposed Executive Order (the number for which does not exist!) from him. The rest of your comment is just your opinion. Where's the beef?

JenLewis July 25, 2022

Touché, Cliff. Where's the beef . . . exactly?

Stephanie November 28, 2022

If Jesus was alive today, do you think he'd be working more on his investment portfolio, or feeding the hungry?

Though I've heard you can buy your way into heaven as long as you enthusiastically judge and vehemently hate all the people Jesus wants you to hate, but I'm still looking for Bible verses to confirm this. I'm confident it is in the gospel, as the people loudest and proudest about their Christian faith and dedication to living a Christlike life live as if this is the case, and they couldn't ALL be wrong. Could they? Maybe Rickards will write a book on this, or how to get a camel through the eye of a needle next I have a title suggestion:

"Prosperity gospel investing: broad the way and wide the gate"

Subtitle: "how to achieve the most luxurious retirement possible through ethics-less investment, usury, and righteous selfishness"

Bonus content for the 2022 edition: How 700 children dying every single HOUR due to poverty worldwide will mean greater dividends for those who know this top secret stock tip!

Billy December 02, 2022

I just saw Jim Rickards on a YouTube at 3am. Should of told myself to just eat what I made and go back to bed. Make dumbass decisions in the middle of the night. I actually got my other cell phone out and videotaped his ad. As one who has a born again relationship with Jesus, I think Jim is not one. Jesus is all about saving our soul in Eternity.

People who refuse God will get exactly what they want, separation from God. And imagine being alone with an indestructible soul Forever continually having your thoughts pester you. If that doesn't turn into darkness and burning, this is how I try to understand it. The Red Flags Jim said to me were preoccupation with making money even encouraging us to piggyback on this evil government takeover and protecting you and your family as if you were Elite Military/Corporate Executive. His Fear is on Steroids.

Wish I read these reviews 1st. All these people wanting Gold. What if an asteroid made of Gold landed here. You can't take earthy wealth you when you die. I only paid $49 for what he offered, then yeah he continued in print media to go on and on about his special elite group. I'm already in a special group Jim's is another nonsense red flag, and I bet he is blind and deaf to people who probably tell him to tone it down.

Stephanie there are thousands of Churches filled with people who say they are Christian but (in name only, not in reality) never personally accepted Jesus to have paid in full for all there wrong doings. Jesus is God. The Jewish leaders of about 2022 years ago gave him to the Romans to kill him for claiming He is God. They blindfolded him punched and spat in his face, put a crown of thorns on his head, mocked him in a purple robe then whipped him until all his skin was removed.

The custom back then was to hang criminals completely naked to shame them in public. He said "It is Finished", meaning He Finished the Work required by God for us to have the relalationship with God. Our Rightness is but filthy rags. Christians do good things not to earn their way to heaven, that is impossible. True Christians do Good only out of the Love, unmerited favor, forgiveness and Forever relationship that is God's plan. They stabbed his heart, to prove He died.

He came back to life 3 days later because Is the Creator of Life. It's awesome that you are looking to know the Truth. He will help you but never forces anyone. We all have free will.

Billy December 02, 2022

Stephanie Billy here again, I was dealing with emotional wounds in my life and was doing things that some Christians strongly hate but the words of the Bible eventually healed me completely. I was a hard head. Accepted Jesus at 22. But fell away about 3-4 times. So yeah I couldn't tell the non Christian group I became a Christian and couldn't tell Christians I came from the Hated group. Now I'm free from that Fear.

Stephanie December 12, 2022

I'm glad you're in a better place. I tried very hard to be a believer, I honestly believe some people (like me) are incapable of blind faith. I'm a lot happier as an atheist, the belief that a loving God could make a world where most of humanity was tortured eternally really caused me pain and confusion, and gave me a messed up view on what love is. I don't believe in anything supernatural, but it is clear to me that the golden rule - a thread common through most philosophies and religions- is an important guide to life.

I worked in luxury hotels for 15 years, and the most lonely, pathetic, and miserable people I've ever known were people with more wealth than most of us can imagine. They like to think that throwing money at luxury items and flashy cars matters more to them than helping those dying in poverty and want, but deep down, I think they know that is not the case, and that is a source of their misery.

The only thing that has made me happy is helping other people, and not caring about status symbols or what others think. If faith can help others find a better life, I wish them the best of luck: it certainly hasn't been my experience, and I'd say that more evil comes from Christianity (though it is more akin to false Christianity) than good, but the problem isn't the religion: it is the people misusing it to make money, become more powerful, or spread hatred. You'd think 'love your neighbor as yourself' and 'that which you do unto the least of your brothers, so you do unto me' would have been clear enough, but not so.

Stephanie December 12, 2022

Not sure how to edit a comment here, the above message is for Billy.

Guy's a charlatan
December 24, 2020
Rickards got his mitts on my 91-year old father-in-law. After paying thousands of dollars for services, he has since lost $100K in 3 months investing with Rickards. Enough said.

JenLewis July 25, 2022


No one else is so full of himself
May 5, 2019

I followed the guy for several years, I bought two of his books and paid for two services: Strategic Intelligence and Intelligence Triggers. Terrible investment advice. I lost money with both. I stopped following him completely.

He is a smart man but he makes many mistakes, as many as everybody who is in the investing business. He likes to brag about his correct forecasts but never mentions his more numerous failures.

Unfortunately, people sign up for his newsletters, spend money for the subscription, lose money on his investment advice and finally realize that most of his predictions are wrong. By the time they come to this realization, a lot of money has been lost.