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About Brownstone Research

Many Americans are getting more interested in the investing process. In fact, over half of the U.S population says that they want to invest more and become more educated about where and how to invest their money.

In response to this trend, many knowledgeable investors are looking for ways to share their expertise. Some are creating educational materials, courses, and programs designed to help both established and aspiring investors make sound investing decisions. Brownstone Research is one such company.

The company's website claims that founder, Jeff Brown, is an experienced executive who brings 30 years of investment expertise to his investment research publication business.

How Does It Work?

Brownstone Research creates several products designed to empower investors to make solid investing decisions.

Their Bleeding Edge newsletter, for example, offers Jeff Brown’s insights about what is occurring in the tech investing world. He discusses current tech trends and emerging technologies, while providing analysis on how to utilize his research and perceptions to make wise investments. The Near Future Report is another of Brownstone’s products – this publication focuses on investments related to top trends and hot topic picks that show great promise to give investors high level returns.

Past stock picks discussed in The Near Future Report have been related to AI and 5g technologies – subjects that you have seen in the news but might not know how to build an investment strategy around. A recent issue  offered a prediction about The Second Wave, pointing to certain tech stocks that will remain profitable even throughout the economic instability we are currently experiencing due to COVID-19. Brown doubled down on these predictions during a Tech Melt presentation late last year.

The Exponential Tech Investor provides investment insights into technologies that are experiencing exponential rates of growth. These picks include companies that have the potential to turn into the next big thing  – you might get information about a cybersecurity pick, for example, or a biotech pick.

The Early-Stage Trader is another publication put out by Brownstone. This one zeroes in on small stocks with big promise. It provides insights into the tiny tech picks that Jeff Brown believes will lead to fast returns and big profits. The Blank Check Speculator is designed for investors who want to gain insight into Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations (SPAC’s), companies that are created specifically for the purpose of growing capital. SPAC’s have been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years and have the potential to attract big investors quickly.

Finally, Brownstone offers an unlimited membership program which gives you lifetime access to all their publications and services.

The company promises to help investors make profitable decisions, but does it deliver? Is Brownstone Research good? We cover everything you need to know about the company below from its pricing to whether its legit or not.

Cost and Price Plans

Brownstone products range in price from $199 - $5000.00 and up. The Bleeding Edge newsletter is free.

Customer Service

For assistance, you can call Brownstone’s phone number – 1-888-493-3156 or e-mail [email protected]

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Brownstone Research has not earned tons of reviews thus far, but unfortunately, many customers that have purchased products from Brownstone have called the company’s credibility into question. We located several reviews on Brownstone Research’s BBB page and the review site, Pissed Consumer.

Customers complain that the products did not live up to the promise, claim that the insights were unhelpful, are disappointed after having lost money on Brownstone’s picks, and call the company a rip-off and a scam. Others had issues canceling their subscriptions, getting refunds, and unsubscribing from Brownstone’s e-mail list.

It's also suspicious that The Near Future Report appears to have been sold inconjunction with a different newsletter service from “Bonner and Partners,” now going under the banner of Rogue Economics. Bonner & Partners also has poor ratings from customers on the BBB website who complain of similar issues – difficulty getting refunds and dealing with customer service.

We should note that the company is not BBB accredited and only earns a C rating from the organization.

Competitors and Alternatives

Other companies with investment focused education materials include The Motley Fool, Udemy, and TD Ameritrade.

The Motley Fool is the option most like Brownstone Research. This company was founded by investment experts who wanted to help educate investors about current and emerging trends. Their website has tons of free resources about investing, retirement, and personal finance. They also offer a membership program that is currently on sale for $99.00/year.

This subscription gives you two stock picks a month, information about best buys, educational resources, and access to a virtual community of investors. Motley Fool has earned mixed reviews, with a 3.1/5-star rating on Trustpilot. While many reviewers rave about the quality of their stock recommendations, others complain that Motley Fool was only interested in upselling and chose amateur level stocks. Some note that they had difficulty with basic functions including trying to cancel subscription, logins, and getting a refund. There are also several complaints about customer service.

Udemy’s Beginner Stock Course and TD Ameritrade’s Online Stock Course have both been well-received. Both made Investopedia’s list of Best Stock Courses for 2021. Udemy’s course is currently discounted from $94.99 to $12.99 and has earned rave reviews from past students who say that the video lessons were easy to understand and provided great insight into the investment process.

TD Ameritrade’s course is free and offers immersive online lessons about how to identify stocks of value, generate a steady income through investing, and investment forecasting. The blog Nerd Wallet has great things to say about this free course. Both the Udemy and TD Ameritrade courses are best suited to beginner investors, however, and probably would not provide much value to those who have been in the investing game for a while.

Is It Worth It?

We do not believe that Brownstone Research is worth it, as customers seem dissatisfied with both the quality of the products and the customer service of the company. We recommend that you find a different resource to help you grow your investment portfolio.

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Terrible Customer Service

March 29, 2021

I contracted the company two different times with time sensitive information and they never contacted me back in the timeframes they promised. The lack of quality and timely customer service cost me $650 for something I didn't and couldn't use due to losing my job to COVID.

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