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It doesn't make a lot of sense to me
December 5, 2014
I did not sign up for his publication. He may be a good investment counselor but Rickards claims the government is preparing for WWIII, that our monetary system will fail and the Federal Reserve will be bankrupt. He claims he can tell you where to safely invest your money and which banks to put your money in. If the FR goes bankrupt then it seems to me your money will not be safe regardless of where you put it. If our monetary system fails then money will have little value even if you put in your mattress. After watching an hour long interview with Rickards I got the feeling he is a doom and gloom fear-monger just trying to make a buck off the current poor state of affairs in this country. As far as WWWIII goes, war is always a possibility (how often have we NOT been in a war of some kind?) and if our government isn't continually preparing for it, then they are idiots.

Jim W May 01, 2015

If the USA goes down, they world goes down as we are the biggest market for China and many countries are already broke and living in poverty. People will survive, just all broke if you believe the doom and gloom story put up year after year by people selling books and newsletters.

Bill J January 26, 2015

Just because the USA wants to go down the drain doesn't mean all countries will follow it. If you put your money in some other currency or markets in some other countries then you may still be viable. Afterall, if all governments collapse then the world will collapse from mass starvation and war. We are too complex of a world to have the transportation and agriculture systems collapse and many people survive.

Looks like a typical investment scam
November 1, 2014
After signing up and paying, you will be flooded with more e-mails with more investment ideas. It appears that my browser was hijacked or this is just a bunch of crap.

Jim W May 01, 2015

Bad reviews are the smart people who didn't get fooled into buying into this scam.

Todd B December 06, 2014

The bad reviews are not warranted because they obviously have not purchased it.. I wouldn't give the one star reviews any weight.

Joseph K November 09, 2014

The info is from Money Map, not Rickards, based on his ideas for survival in the crash. Tracking several of their investment recommendations is positive so far, but so is the market. Not a lot of money and worth it to me for the perspective.

Rita R November 07, 2014

You may be able to send the spam to the bucket, but can you tell us if the reports and videos are worth the money? I'm interested in buying but would like to hear a review first. Thank you.