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Worth the money
September 2, 2022
We have owned a medium sized freeze dryer for the last 5 years and have doubled our food storage. It is so user friendly and the food tastes amazing. We love it!!!

great support staff
September 2, 2022

This is a necessity in these days of uncertainty .

They have great support and sales team.

I have a faulty machine and they are sending me a replacement free of charge. happy so far.

Great quality
September 2, 2022
Love love love our freeze dryer. We purchased the medium size and it’s perfect we will definitely be recommending to family and friends

September 2, 2022

We purchased our medium size Harvest Right freeze drier in June of 2021, Runs like a champ.

We have freeze dried everything from eggs to saltwater taffy. Only time we have contacted Customer Service was for a software glitch, Katie at CS figured out the problem and we were back up and running in 3 hours. Great product, great people. Currently processing 2 boxes of peaches. Paul in Port Orchard WA.

SO easy to use!!
September 2, 2022
I love it! Set up was SO easy and customer service is amazing!. I have two batches done so far and they came out perfect! I think I may need two of them!!!

Good service tasty food
September 2, 2022
So far so good! The dried apples are yummy! The machine takes a bit to learn how to use but the tech support has been very helpful. I had a problem and they helped solve it and have been supportive. I look forward to trying more foods. My daughter is excited about making food for backpacking.

Quick Service great product
September 2, 2022
Had our freezer for over a year now and ran into a power failure issue. Can't say it's been in use everyday but during certain times of the year yes everyday. We have over a 1/2 acre lot with garden, grow boxes, and 9 fruit trees. So used a great deal of the time. I made the call to HR service to see what options I had and was greeted with a quick response that guided me on a few troubleshooting items to check myself. Ultimately had to have it serviced at HR. Service rep Emily was great to work with and has me back up and freezing here in less than 9 days only delays were on my schedule to drop off and pick back up. Otherwise would have been well under a week's time. Would I recommend a HR freezer yes. No issues other than the one and with the responses to get service work done, yes yes. More fruit trees are in works, peaches, all due to our freeze dryer. Ever had a tree ripe, not store ripe, freeze dried peach? Locks that flavor in year round now.

Great results
September 1, 2022
I purchased my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer about a month ago and I had some problems at the very beginning of its operation. So, I called the customer service support line and they walked me through what to do. They stayed on the line until I did everything and it has worked great ever since. I'm very happy that I purchased it. I love the freeze dried fruit and vegetables! They're great for snacks. Next I'm going to freeze dry milk and eggs and meals and lots more!

Love it
September 1, 2022
I got my Freeze Dryer for hiking meals and food storage about 2 years ago and I love it. Never had any issues with it and customer service has always been great whenever I called with questions.

Great And made sure to answer all my questions thoroughly
September 1, 2022
Luis was very helpful. And made sure to answer all my questions thoroughly.

Glad I took the plunge
September 1, 2022
We took delivery of our large freeze dryer in July. I’m so glad my family made the investment. Every agent I’ve spoken to in various departments has worked extremely hard to fix whatever my request was. Glad I took the plunge!

Small freeze dryer
September 1, 2022
My freeze dryer has been absolutely amazing! Does a great job helping me preserve my garden goodies!

Excellent machine
September 1, 2022
I bought the machine with friends, none of us knew anything about freeze drying. We have found the machine to be very good at guiding users through steps to be taken which makes the use worry free. We have called Harvest Right Customer Service a few times and we have received excellent help. I would recommend the machine based on my experience.

Great Machine, Great Support
September 1, 2022
We've had our freeze dryer for 2 months. We have done 18 batches ranging from candy to fruit to meats. We have been very happy with the outcomes. We have confidence in our food storage! We had a problem with a component on the freeze dryer. Their customer service rep Madysen Price, worked with us to identify and make the repair. She was very patient and helpful. We ended up replacing a pigtail, which she provided. The freeze dryer was down for two days, but is back to perfect now.

Highly Recommend
September 1, 2022
I love my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. I wanted the oil free pump so I settled for the medium size. I love the pump and am glad I upgraded, but sure would recommend the large size. I love the texture and quality of the food and ease of use. Tech support is great too! Highly recommend.

Teaching my tribe!
September 1, 2022
I feel so blessed right now and I'm so excited. I just received my medium black freeze dryer. I homeschool my 4 kids and thrilled to teach them about food preservation. The customer service has been phenomenal with help from Will.B and Henry.N

Great purchase
September 1, 2022
Why did I wait so long? Best purchase I ever made. My freeze dryer is a easy to use as all my friend said. Thank you HarvestRight

Very satisfied
September 1, 2022
Our freeze dryer works as advertised now; there was a vacuum problem initially which gave us opportunity to evaluate Harvest Right's customer and tech support. They were very good. Walked us thru some tests and discovered a faulty door gasket. They sent a replacement right away and the problem was fixed. Very good customer service!

Follow Instructions and don't be in a hurry!
August 31, 2022
Just set up my Harvest Right freeze dryer and have been learning the in's and outs of this machine. I have done 4 batches so far with 3 successful and one not so much ( operator error ) It has been a fun experience- easy to set up and operate. Looking forward to all the freeze dry fun!!!

Protect your family from food shortages
August 31, 2022
This is great if you are worried about the food shortages coming. Don't wait for it to get here and start preparing now! I am very happy with the look of this unit and works fantastic.