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Immediate refund!
April 15, 2023
Huge kudos to GOLO Customer Service! I started taking the tablets after ordering two bottles.. unfortunately after two weeks I felt I should stop, as was having some reflux/distress… and very likely not due to this product. But because on multiple meds, I emailed the company asking if I could sent back and get a partial refund. I received a return email showing a FULL credit back to my CC, with a note appreciating my order, sorry I had a problem, and no need to return pills. I think they are Amazing!

It works! Almost 30 pounds down!
April 12, 2023

It works. You can't hide snack cakes in your pillow case and expect it to work. You can't "occasionally" eat sugary snacks and fill yourself with processed food. If you eat balanced meals with your proteins, veggies, carbs, and healthy fat, and don't skip any meals, it works. You are full for about 4-5 hours. The weight does not "fall" off, but with the three balanced meals and eating fresh food you will lose weight.

I try to stick to the "If God didn't make it, don't eat it" plan. I exercise about 3-4 times a week and have lost almost 30 pounds and feel great. I think the hardest thing is people used to eating processed foods, trying to eat whole foods. It takes work. It takes meal prep. The more research I did on restaurant food, the more I found time and time again the chicken was highly processed. Do your research ahead of time to find fresh food in restaurants. Precook and freeze meals.

If you are determined to eat healthy and feel good, this works, but only if you follow the plan and you can't skip meals. Eating only once a day, won't work. You have to re-train your body.

I cut out candy and snacks for about four months and now if I eat them I feel sick. If I eat processed foods they taste funny. Cheeze its, Pizza rolls, taste horrible to me now. I limit diet soda as well. I drink alot of water too.

The Golo plan teaches your body that it won't starve and makes your metabolism work properly. You have to reset all the damage you have done.

Also, had my daughter try it who had put alot of weight on after leaving the military, and she lost much quicker than I did at 22 years old. I am 53.

She lost 8 pounds the first week. I lost 5 the first week.

SondraLupulio November 17, 2023

if its a eat healthy diet then why waste your money on the pills no brainer

Nothing new to see here- same old “no processed-clean food only” monkey business
February 26, 2023
You cannot see the plan unless you purchase the pills. Then you discover that it’s simply a typical “ no processed-clean food only” carbon copy of many other plans.

RickM. March 25, 2023

We all continue looking for the "Magic bullet" pill to Actually reverse the Weight Gain instantly. We put our minds to work on a Positive attitude but lets face it folks. It took you this many years to overload your system and will probably take as many to knock off the pounds--

Besides some of those testimonial people look strange and a little Ill looking , in the After pictures. So its Baby steps forward and a Long term attitude and perseverance. Science and the Pharma companies will never Release a Guaranteed workable solution, due to Major Loss they will get not selling all this alleged Solutions. Just sayin ! To each his own !

Should I try this?
February 26, 2023

I am debating about trying GoLo. I have read so many bad reviews, from stomach pain, headaches, weight gain and even fluid retention. I have been tiny all my life. I was in a bikini after my 3rd child. All of a sudden I started gaining weight. 40 pounds to be exact.

I cut out breakfast and lunch 6 months ago. Only eat dinner. No coffee, no pop, no junk food. I eat healthy foods already. I thought I might be insulin resistant. I have had my thyroid checked too. Recently put on 10 more pounds. Should I try this or not???

Darlene May 10, 2023

I have to tell you, I was skeptical about it also. Started on it a month ago. I was on Noom and low calorie "diet" living. Golo has me on much more food (you need to eat 3 meals a day) and for the 1st month I lost 6 lbs and 6 inches off my waist. I thought I would gain weight ( I need to loose about 70 or more Lbs) I do not exercise at this time. I do take the supplement and I am full all day, but of course I am eating more than I did. less carbs more protein and veggies. I have not had any adverse side effects from the "Release". Not difficult to follow no calorie counting some weighing of food if you're not sure of weights. They have a great facebook group page that is really helpful and supportive. So far it is encouraging.

KathyCarpenter January 05, 2024

I don't know about you, but everyone is different and WILL have strange to odd side effects on GOLO. For me it really messed with my intestines and my mind.

Buyer Beware!
February 12, 2023
GOLO simply doesn't work. I've been on this product, following the prescribed directions and have actually gained weight. All this product has done was cause considerable belly pain and IBS issues. It's just another weight loss product that does not work. Buyer beware.

Great product and diet plan is healthy and easy
February 9, 2023

What horrible comments. I have used it for 3 months. Lost 25# so far. Never hungry. No ill side effects. Does help with stress and energy. The pills contain various items for metabolism, blood sugar, etc.

They do help with anxiety/stress. There is no ongoing fee to access the information, recipes, meal plans. To receive pills, you actually need to order new supplies.

The food plans contains real food with help for people that have gluten issues or vegetarians.

Charlie March 09, 2023

Great that it's working for you, Danielle. Cleary it's not working for all. Their "horrible" comments are their truth.

PaulHarper October 01, 2023

Their horrible comments don’t have to be so horrible. Like fingerprints, every human body is different. Some will have a positive result and some won’t. The ones that don’t shouldn’t take their frustrations out on the product. Calm down and consider a lap band…but then again those don’t work for everyone either

Stomach/digestive problems
February 5, 2023
I took golo for a week and got severe cramps in my ribs then my stomach would growl and the cramps would subside. Would wake me up at night, I’d have to hold my breath till the growling ended then have to eat for it to go away. Ate more often than usual for this pain to end. I’ve stopped taking golo for over a week and still have issues but not as severe.

SteveH February 12, 2023

I'm having the same symptoms.

Avoid this program. Big rip off.
February 4, 2023

Reverse Health charges customers in a recurring basis. I was charged although not using the service. I asked for refund and explained I had lost my job. They only refunded me half even though I had not opened any downloads. Bad business practices.

NicoleJohnson October 11, 2023

That is no doubt True! Like the person who referred you to Golo might say it works but it doesn’t and it doesn’t on them either. Because they were still very big.

And I think this should be taken off line as an option! Right now I do the semegluten shots with the calorie burner shot and I have lost 2 1/2 pounds every week. Since I started 4 weeks ago I’ve lost 11 pounds, big disappointment in Golo!

No customer service. Buyer beware
January 30, 2023
Order was easy, but had the wrong shipping address. Tried to call. Was hung up on after 30 minute waiting time. Written three times no response.

Understanding there is no magic pill for weight loss.
January 29, 2023

Save your money and don’t buy into the many TV ads as I did. Do your research and read the medical professional’s opinions on the Golo Release supplements.

The diet is simply a common sense way of life. Giving up processed foods and consuming only whole natural foods is what most physicians recommend. Coupled with moderate exercise and activity has always been the truth for weight management and overall health.

The only useful benefits of the Golo plan is the Smart card (included) and the recipe booklet that I paid extra for. You have to weigh and measure everything when common sense portion control is all you need.

There may be some ingredients in the Golo Release supplement that are beneficial but there’s nothing proven that is tried and true. Loosing weight and inches is difficult and requires life changes, commitment and discipline. It’s as simple as that. Good luck to all who desire a better quality of life and better health! Sincerely, KCCS❤️

NicoleJohnson October 11, 2023

Not true go to weight lost clinic and you’ll lose the weight very fast

Misrepresented waste of money
January 29, 2023

Waste of money as an effective supplement. Does nothing. To lose weight you need to follow their diet - you can follow any diet without wasting your money on the capsules. I'm infuriated every time I see their commercial.

Does GoLo affect the liver?
January 16, 2023
I am very concerned as to whether GoLo may effect the liver. I've been taking GoLo for about a week now and my stool has lightened up in color. Liver problem create light stools which can mean that your liver is not functioning correctly. I can not find any medical papers to verify my concerns.

Gallbladder pain
December 21, 2022

I took GoLo for 3 months. I began having severe pain in my gallbladder daily. I’d never had issues before. I began vomiting and would have diarrhea when this pain continued. After almost going to the emergency room several times, I decided to see if GoLo could be the reason. I stopped taking it for a week. The pain went away. I took GoLo again and by the evening I was in severe pain again. I stopped taking it completely and I’ve never had this pain again. I will never take this again or recommend to anyone.

I’ve tried to research side effects but GoLo only has glowing reviews on their website, which is very suspicious.

Lizzybett February 04, 2023

I too have had the same issues. I have never had a heart burn, I have been very heathy. Started taking Golo as directed and by the evening i would have sever pain and vomiting to the point i had to go to emergency to rule out heart attack. It took three episodes to correlate that Golo was the issue. I'm sending the rest back.

Doesn't work
December 6, 2022

Did great for a week and a half. The weight melted away rapidly and I dropped 15 lbs. Then every day on the scale, the weight started going up as quickly as it went off. I am right back where I started and have been continuing taking the pills before each meal. I am diabetic and could feel the sugar levels dropping which would have been good for keeping my A1C lower.

But now it went way up also. Very hopeful when starting and very disappointed shortly after. It only seems to work a week and a half and then quits. I called Golo and followed their recommendations, but the weight kept going up. Very curious that it worked at first and then acted like it was placebos.

December 3, 2022
Waste of time and money. Regardless what you hear this is unproven and there is nothing of any value to it. With exercise and diet there is no difference and that's what's required with this with exercise and diet you can take a common vitamin

Don’t waste your money!
December 2, 2022
I tried GOLO—it is a waste of hard earned money. I didn’t lose a pound. I don’t doubt people lost weight on this diet, but it doesn’t have anything to do with what they are selling. If you start a low carb diet and eat the small portions they recommend, you can’t help but lose weight. People are fooled into thinking it’s the pills. I couldn’t find a way to rate them on their site.

Diarrhea and no refunds, shameful!
November 30, 2022
GOLO and their diet has done nothing for weight loss. BUT, more importantly, I had severe diarrhea for 4 days forcing me to a clinic. I stopped and started GOLO to be sure that was the cause. I did not sign up for a GOLO subscription, all purchases were made individually. GOLO WILL NOT REFUND after your first purchase, even though the purchases are independent of each other. The customer service was absent once GOLO had the money. BE AWARE of their (non)refund policy, it's a speedy lesson learned!

Communication rating zero.
November 28, 2022

I have tried to contact the customer service dept. But I keep getting cut off. I wish to return the second shipment that I did not know was coming. But no one will answer my calls, I do not know where to send shipment back.

Johnnie [email protected]

I do not recommend it it does not work
November 28, 2022

I've been on golo for a month. I have not seen any results. I followed the meal plan took as directed I work out it seems like since I've started taking it I gained weight so I do not recommend this to anybody. Not sure what else I could be doing differently but I will be discontinued taking it I will try something else

November 13, 2022
I’ve taken it for a week and it gives me intestinal cramping. Stopping today.

Lizzybett February 04, 2023

The same here.