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Didn't do anything for me
November 11, 2022
Didn't do anything for me. I got heartburn and felt bloating every time I took it and didn't lose weight. The only thing that seems to work for me is the keto/atkins type diet.

RuthPerez November 28, 2022

I've been taking it for a month as well and I have not seen any results I've actually gained weight taking this

Not as advertised
November 11, 2022
I wish I had not ordered the golo plan. Once I opened the planThe 1st thing I saw was that The recipes seem to be plant based and immediately wanted me to order their Super foods kit and ads for a bunch of other things. I am a meat eater I'm not looking to become a vegetarian. Maybe they release pills will be helpful but if not, I will not reorder. I think their TV ad is very misleading.

RuthPerez November 28, 2022

Their TV ad is very misleading I've been on the golo release now for a month and I have not lost any weight I work out eat healthier but I'm gaining weight I'm discontinuing immediately

I gained 12 lbs
November 9, 2022
I tried this for 3 months. I did not loose a single pound. After 3 months I weighed 12 lbs more. BIG SCAM.

RuthPerez November 28, 2022

I have also gained weight taking this I'm discontinuing it immediately should have never wasted my money

Do not waste your money
October 27, 2022

Do not waste your money. I tried golo for 6 months. I watched everything I ate, exercises daily, golo did nothing but take my money. I followed the directions and nothing.

I still exercise daily and watch what I eat and can maintain my weight.

SharonJones October 31, 2022

Dont waste your money Never received.....

Unable to contact in order to cancel future orders or return new bottle.
October 26, 2022
I lost 1 pound after being on GOLO for one month. I give GOLO one star because they are impossible to communicate with. They asked me to put in my email address and then indicate they don't recognize it. There is no number to talk with a human and no way to cancel. I am going to block them on my AM/EX card, once I can talk to a human there! Don't buy GOLO. D. McGrath

no weight loss caused rash
October 22, 2022

I purchased hoping to reverse pre diabetes weighing myself showed I lost a few lbs then increased weight by 5 lbs,

Also developed a rash that I didnt previously have Not worth the price or all it promises that doesn't deliver very disappointing

works for older adults with diet
October 20, 2022
I am 67. Before trying GOLO I engaged in a calorie restricted diet and couldn't lose any weight. Subsequently , I tried GOLO along with the calorie restricted diet and dropped 35 lbs . It appears that GOLO acted as a catalyst . As you age, losing weight gets tougher and GOLO may be what is required to allow calorie restriction to better work in older adults.

claudiaB December 05, 2022

i dont think i believe you. looking at the rest of these comments, i think im going to pass on golo. i know for a fact, of two other plans that actually do work but are expensive. so if i am really trying to invest in myself, im not going to give my money to snake oil salesmen.

Gailp86 January 23, 2023

claudiaB - I've been thinking of trying GOLO and reading all this negative comments has me pausing. What diet plans have you found that actually work? Please share.

Terrible product and customer service
October 18, 2022
Not only did I not lose weight I gained and felt bloated the whole time. Also I spoke to their Rep Ed about a refund he told me I would received a call or email with new instructions. I never received either. The product and customer service is terrible.

It's a scam. You are better off looking up a diet plan and will spend a heck of a lot less money.
October 8, 2022

This is an expensive scam. If I could give a ZERO as a score, I would. I lost 100 pounds prior to buying GOLO by changing my diet and joining a fitness club, which I attended 3 to 5 days a week. I hit a plateau and thought GOLO would jump start my weight loss journey. I PUT ON 15 POUNDS!!!

I emailed them multiple times and they basically responded by responding that I must be doing it wrong. The pills do nothing. The loss anyone would even remotely experience would be by following a substantially restricted diet program which mirrors what they send with the pills in your order. And THAT is more than likely a program you could find pretty much anywhere for a heck of lot less money.

I should have known better than to buy this "magic pill." I feel like I got sucker punched by their commercials. Trust me, you can do just as well on your own without the expensive "placebo" pills, which by the way, sometimes made my stomach hurt.

Bernice October 17, 2022

Golo sucks ,and don't believe that it reduces cravings that's a total lie, i honestly don't know how they can make a commercial and lie about what it dies not do, don't waste your money or your time!!!!

Failure to return my money as promised
October 5, 2022
Golo didn't work for me and that's okay if they would have returned my money as touted by their website. I returned the remainder of the Pills in their bottle as well as the literature sent with it. I tried calling them but their lines are overwhelmed.

DonnaHetzler October 08, 2022

I too lost no weight at all with GoLo it’s a scam not a pound I to asked for a refund and was denied my money back. It promise to help lose weight so you don’t have to have weight lose surgery claim to help you sleep.. I’m still up 22 hours a day. I am insulin resistant by medical doctors this product comes to work.

I thinking about call a news service near where I live and have them deal with them or go on the news. I’m frustrated because I believed there commercials. They said it was over the 60 day…I hadn’t finish the third bottle yet what do they expect I’m 62 years old not 25 …..I was hoping it would start to come off .And you have to continue purchasing there products so that 130.00 and change every 3 month. If not more

Gastric Distress
September 27, 2022
Followed their plan to the "tee". Didn't lose any weight...just 6 weeks of gastric distress. Scam...don't buy!

Do Not Buy Golo!
September 26, 2022

Once I received my order I began program. I keep track of my weight each day. I walk 1.5 miles each day, I also go to water aerobics at the YMCA 3 x per week. I monitored my food intake as the program requires that I do.

After 45 days I went ahead and ordered another 60 days worth even though I had not lost any weight. at 75 days or so of taking the GOLO I still have not had ANY weight loss. I called customer service for a refund. They of course advised me that ONLY my initial order was eligible for a refund and since that was past 60 days I would not get a refund.

I can't say the effects this may have on other people but it did NOT work for me at all. I would have to advise people considering weight loss options to look elsewhere for help. While the product has not appeared to be harmful to me yet it certainly has not been helpful in any way.

I will be reporting my findings to my Doctor at the next appointment. I will also be leaving reviews according to my experience!

Shard03 September 28, 2022

I too tried this program for a few months of faithful diet and exercise. When I could see it wasn’t being noticeably effective over just following good diet and exercise I decided to cancel my involvement with GOLO.

They made it as difficult as they could to cancel my subscription to their products; it took days of their run-around to get rid of them. My experience in total: steer clear of GOLO.

Sugar pills
September 25, 2022

I have been taking them for six months and have not lost one pound.

Darlene PerkolaLindquist December 14, 2022

Why would you continue if after 180 days you lost NO weight?

Pills are waste of money.
September 23, 2022
I have been on this diet for a little over 60 days. I have followed instructions and maintained serving sizes as they recommend. I've lost 6 pounds. This is all from going by the diet plan. The pills they sell that say they curve sugar cravings has done nothing for me. That was a waste of money.

Stay away. Rip off
September 17, 2022
I bought the pills. Took 3 times a day as prescribed and followed the diet plan and gained 10 lbs at the end of the 30 days. What a rip off. When I contacted GOLO about this they said it was impossible. They didn’t even do something for me.

Art October 08, 2022

After 3 months (I was an idiot and bought a 3 month supply), I put on 15 pounds. And prior to starting GOLO, I had plateaued after losing 100 pounds throughdiet and 3 to 5 days at a fitness club. I hoped to jump start the weight loss. It was a joke and they told me the same thing. It was impossible a day that I had to be doing it wrong.

Best diet on market for insulin resistant people it WORKS
September 14, 2022

I always thought I had insulin resistance I gained 20 lbs during Covid. I began Golo a week ago and it’s not just a pill it’s a balanced diet and in one week I have lost 5 lbs!

It works for me but you really need to follow the diet guidelines for protein carbs veggies healthy fats! Once I got my balance back I feel better have more energy and am loosing weigh !

No sugar people if you expect the pill to do all the work NO you need to want to loose weight and change your eating habits too! I give it 5 stars! It’s amazing I used to always eat like this till Covid then ate too many processed foods and gained 20 lbs now I am down 5.

Another 15 to go and I am at my goal and back to eating healthy ! My bkft today was two hard boiled eggs a piece of sourdough toast with a tsp of butter ! And no watching tv while you eat! You have to want to change too it’s not a magical cure in a pill you have to do your end too ! 5 stars golo !

Bernice October 17, 2022


Doesn't work
September 13, 2022

This does not work, I gained weight on it.

Art October 08, 2022

I did too and I had lost 100 lbs prior to the pill through diet a program and a fitness club.

Art October 08, 2022

I did too and I had lost 100 lbs prior to the pill through diet a program and a fitness club.

Golo Sells Your Info
September 12, 2022

Omg they keep selling my email over, and over. Want to be inundated with stupid emails, sign up.

Waste of money
September 12, 2022

I didn't lose not even a pound! And they say

Full refund in 60 days. I return the items and it shows they received the items and I haven't received my refund . Not even a email !!!!! Don't buy waste of money. SCAM!!!!

Poor Customer Service Rep
September 10, 2022

I purchased GOLO several years ago but never found a spot to write a review, and with family issues my memory wasn't jogged until I saw the commercials popping up again.

The sad thing is the product actually started working. Unfortunately I started experiencing nausea when taking it. I called customer service, and here is the reason for 2 stars, and I'm being generous here.

The woman answering Argued with me. saying it was not one of their known side effects. It wasn't possible, I was wrong it was from that. Yeah, OK lady different things affect people differently and I was just hoping for pointers about how and when to take it other than what is on the packaging.

Her answer to that was "well, if you'd follow the directions you wouldn't have that problem because it's not our product."

I hung up on her and stopped taking it, the nausea went away but unfortunately the weight came back. A nicer rep and I'd have continued taking the product perhaps until I reached my goal.