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Dr. Marty dog food
April 16, 2019

I have 2 small older chihuahua's, they love Dr. Marty's dog food, I started them on this about 2 months ago and my oldest chihuahua has improved in playing a lot more with her toys.My other older chihuahua is disabled, can't walk on her own, she has 2 rear torn acl's and 2 displaced patella's so she must walk with the assistance of a human wearing a sling, she also loves the dog food and doesnt want to stop eating it.I took the bag of dog food to have the vet review the ingredients on the pkg and she said they are all great ingredients to have my dogs eat and was impressed, my dogs love this dog food !

Laurie C.

This dog food really works
April 12, 2019
Prior to ordering, I read everything available about this product before the purchase. The purchase was a breeze. Product arrived as expected. I followed the instructions as written, and my dog loves this food. There is a noticeable increase in my dogs' energy, and she eats every bit given to her. Prior to introducing this food, she was a somewhat picky eater. No longer. Thanks for a great product.

April 9, 2019
My blue pitbull is 11 years old. He has always had problems with allergies. His eyes stay red, he chews on his feet, patches of dry skin, and has always shook his head from yeast in his ears. His blood work is always great yet he has continued to have issues. We are starting on our second bag of Dr.Marty’s food and I haven’t seen him shake his head yet. His eyes aren’t as red and he isn’t chewing nearly as much. I love him and want him to have the longest life possible. The only down fall is the food is costly. If this will cut down on vet bills it may pay for itself. We will see! So far it is Piggie approved.

Less shedding
April 8, 2019

My Jake LOVES his new Nature’s Blend food so much that the hardest part of feeding him is watching as he whimpers while the food mixes with water. I use a timer and he has gotten better at waiting to hear the buzzer go off. The food is gone in a matter of seconds.

I adopted him as a rescue 7 years ago and he was always a heavy shedder. Since I stated feeding him Nature’s Blend about 6 weeks ago, he has virtually stopped shedding! I was told shedding was part of his breed (chihuahua and some kind of terrier). Hah! I also noticed his coat is even softer than before.

His energy has also increased, despite his being a middle-aged dude. He’s not running up and down the stairs playing fetch like he did when younger, but he plays more than he has in a while and seems to have more zip in his stride.

All in all, we are happy with the food. I do have a question though. When he goes to daycare once a week, I mix the food with half of his old food (good quality nuggets coated with raw food) for his dinner that he eats there. Breakfast is all Nature’s Blend. I want to take him on a road trip in the fall and was wondering how to feed him without the warm water. Is dry okay for all/most meals? Thanks.

Nature's Blend and my dogs
April 6, 2019

My two dogs (a male Pomeranian that will be eleven in May) and a female German Shepard that will be 13 in Aug) started on Nature's Blend about three weeks ago.

I have already observed changes in both dogs. The shepard has arthritis in her hips (not hip displacia) and has trouble getting up on the couch, etc.

Her coat is dry, dull and she sheds profusely. Sadly, she is very hard of hearing.

In the short time they've been eating Nature's Blend, the shepard's coat has improved a lot. And, she acts like she's happier and more energetic. I am hoping her arthritis gets better.

The Pomeranian acts happier, has a better coat and loves the food. He's a picky eater.

I am really looking forward to the next year.

The only issue I have is the cost of the new food. I find it very expensive considering the small size of food bags.

My dogs' health and well-being are a priority but being retired and having a limited budget makes it difficult for me. I'm going to do my best to keep both of them soley on this new diet but I fear I may have to mix it with their original dogfood. I worry that combination would harm their progress.

Sensitive stomach
April 4, 2019
Our one year old Bluenose Pitbull cannot has a very sensitive stomach. He has had trouble with several all natural dogs food brands, ones that we thought were really food for new baby. It was hard watching him not want to eat with an upset stomach and diarrhea. We were constantly feeding him boiled chicken with some veggies and brown rice, even that didn't cure him. I saw an article about Dr. Marty and couldn't stop reading about all his work. We ordered just 3 bags to see if it would help. We saw a changed almost immediately in his demeanor soon followed by an increase in muscle. Our 11yr old hound mix is feeling the benefits as well. She is more playful especially after eating Dr. Marty's natures blend.

April 2, 2019

Puppy really enjoys, gets excited and hard to wait the 3 minutes.

I'm not sure of any health difference since a fast growing puppy.

Lickity Split
April 2, 2019
My sweet little miniature Sheltie "Ellie" needed no introduction protocol of mixing her old dog food with her new Nature's Blend. I put NB in her dish alongside her old dog food just to see what she would do. She quickly ate the Nature's Blend first and looked up as if to ask me for more! She didn't want her old dog food anymore. I also noticed a new behavior. She now sweetly comes to remind me when it's mealtime. She has never done that before. It's so wonderful to have her LOVE quality raw dog food that is so healthy and good for her. She delights in every bite! Thank you Dr. Marty, with Love from LaDonna and Ellie!

Dog food review
April 2, 2019

My dogs have always been able to tell time.

Now that we are serving Dr Marty’s they count minutes even seconds. Then once the water hits the microwave it’s time for dog funky dance all three of them. I have never seen them so consistently excited about meal time. My picky eater who would usually ask to see a menu when I gave her the “good” store bought food, now dives in before the bowl his the floor.

To top it off the extra benefit for me is now poopy scooping is a simple task. Tight and hard makes for easy clean up. Thank You!!

Jack loves it!
April 2, 2019

I decided to try Nature's Blend after my 11 year old Springer Spaniel, who always had a very healthy appetite, started leaving food untouched. We recently lost his sibling Gracie to a brain tumor, and Jack had become noticeably more anxious and despondent, and his lethargic behavior was often accompanied by whimpering.

Jack responded to the new food with enthusiasm and often turned in circles while wagging his tail in expectation for each meal.

Unfortunately, my wife and I are now retired on fixed incomes and find the cost of this food prohibitive. Jack will likely be the last dog we have the pleasure to enjoy and hope to see him live a few more years. We have tried to make the food we purchased last, but Jack weighs 72 lbs. and we just can't afford to keep buying Nature's Blend, even as a supplement to his regular food.

Thank you.

LJ C April 04, 2019

We are using as a boost and Carter not only LOVES IT, we LOVE IT TOO!! Her fur is SO much softer and fluffier, she is 8 years old and her eyes had begun to look like she may be getting cataracts (a bit cloudy), I am happy to report her eyes are clear!! I'm sure there is much more going on in her body that we can't see but it's good for her that's for sure. Thank you Dr. Marty <3

M S April 03, 2019

U r completely right. It is great food, but priced out of most people’s reach.

great results
April 1, 2019

This is the first dry food my dog, Curlie, a golden doodle, not only will eat but was ready to eat as soon as I opened the bag. She is 5 1/2 years old. The fact that this food is the best dry food and is also the dry food she loves is a true major step ahead for us, and, of course, for her.

Also, she has had a history of semi-constipation, usually going only once a day, with dry feces. Now she goes more than once a day, and her stools are healthy looking. This is great news to us.

So why did I give only four stars? Honestly, folks, this dry food is awful expensive to us. We are not rich, but we care deeply for Curlie and we want to give her the best. I hope prices can come down going forward.

my dog LOVES it!!
April 1, 2019

My dog has been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. We had his spleen removed three weeks ago.

So, better late than never, I researched healthy diets and found Natures Blend. I was very impressed with the healthy contents. From the first bite, he has lapped it up with GREAT gusto.

So, thank you Dr. Marty for making this great product. We are using a keto diet, Chinese herbs and all organic food in combination with Nature Blend. Hoping to extend his life with quality time and great meals!

She was so excited
March 31, 2019

I have an italian greyhound, Mercy, who is 13 years old. She is a very good little dog whose only fault is that she barks at people. But when she is next to them she is all tail wags and friendly. I had her on a food I thought was very healthy for her, but she didn't really like it.

I was excited to read about your product and it sounded so healthy I had to order it. We are on our second bag now. It is a little pricy compared to what I've been feeding her.

When I opened the bag, I hated the stinky smell of it. But she really, really loved it and ate it all and licked the bowl.My vet said I should mix it with her old food so there would not be such a concentration of protein. That seems to work fine and I probably will continue to do that.

I can already see her looking shinier and she seems more alert.

Thank you for making such a good product.

Holly Gray

March 31, 2019

My little Hope, turned fourteen this week. She has had many problems in her life, a bad knee, ear infections, lackluster coat, and skin infections. She was placed on “duck and potatoes” by her vet and “apoquil” which cleared up everything! BUT she gained weight and was less active. I tried a different dog food but she broke out again, so back on the duck, and increase of apoquil. Often she didn’t eat her food.

Then you entered our life! Hope now eagerly waits for her food every meal. She only gets 3/4 of a cup a day. Her skin is clear, coat is shiny and she is more like her younger self! She started out weighing 14.5# and I’m telling you that she is down to 13#!! But Hope has more energy and we are both much happier! I’ve also decreased her apoquil to once a day and I’m contiplating weaning her off all together!

Thank you Dr. Marty, for your wonderful product. I only wish that it wasn’t so expensive. I will do without to keep Hope on your food, because she is a member of this family and worth it!

Dr. Marty's Nature's Blend
March 30, 2019

Max had gotten where he wouldn't eat dry food. About 3 weeks ago he was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the esophagus. Since I started him on your food, he is eating every bite I give him plus half of a can of dog food. He seems to have more energy and be feeling better. His hair seems to be shinier also. It would really be great if it made him well.

Benne Robinson

Too Pricey for me
March 29, 2019

Dr, Marty, I purchased 3 bags of your freeze dried food and my dogs loved it. I have two American Staffordshire Terriers combined weight of 150lbs.

Although I would love to continue to receive your product, I am a retiree living on a fixed income and the 3 bags didn't even get me to fully feed my dogs on your food alone.

I will, recommend your food to my friends with small breed dogs as that would be affordable.


Lawrence Taylor

Lucky loves it
March 29, 2019
I purchased one bag of food about month ago...once I found out how good and healthy it is I ordered more. Company offers loyalty program where you can order food with discount. Even though it is expensive it has a great value for me and my dog. Healthy eating habits and healthy gut is a ticket for joyful and long life.. Isn't your dog your family member? You should feed them and treat them with the best choice of food. I highly recommend this brand. Try it first as a topper or snack. It is a piece of mind that you provide your dog with the best food available. THANK YOU DR. MARTY

Dog raw food
March 28, 2019
Dog loves it. He has already lost a little weight. I wish there was more of a discount for regular customers. My dog eats one cup a day. So very expensive. A month.

luckys jumpin
March 28, 2019
naturally I was skeptical, a new scam I thought . 3 days of only about two tablespoons of Dr.Martys mixed in with Luckys regular food and my wife and I started to get excited that this might be for real. My wife noticed Luckys eyes were wolf bright. I noticed a bounce in his step and please get that bowl of food down here now I can wait attitude when it came to feeding time. It is expensive for us but he is my dog and he relies on us to keep him healthy . Thanks DR Marty.

Morris the Schnauzer
March 27, 2019

Morris has been a good eater. But now his excitement if visibly noticeable. He always seemed hungry and I was feeding him a quality brand food. I notice his weight is better controlled with Natures Blend and he seems satisfied. I feel like his energy is better too. One added feature, I don't have to lift those heavy bags of food anymore. It's a win win.

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