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great food.
October 25, 2021
My dog loved it and without any introductory efforts. she just dug right in.

Princess loves Dr. Marty's Nature's Blend
October 25, 2021
Princess, my 11-year old English Retriever rescue dog (a sweet girl) loves Dr. Marty's Nature's Blend. She gets so excited when I put the pellets in a bowl and add warm water. I'm glad to be adding nutrition to her prescription weight management diet.

She is a happier dog with no more stomach pain.n
October 23, 2021
I have been mixing half and half with her regular feed and she's loves it from the beginning and look forward to her dinner, clearing her bowl of every grain. She is a 100 lb+ and has become more energetic and Happier. Just to give her a handful as a treat gets her excited.

Picky Eater No More
October 22, 2021
My husband and I had turned into chefs in order to get Ozzie the Dog to eat his food. Add some of this, doesn't like that, add something else, etc. I'm sure you've seen this pattern in other dogs. I opened the bag, let him sniff it, then lifted the bowl, cut the "new" food into smaller pieces on top. Gone in a flash, and continues to be a hit. He is a shelter dog, so we attributed his pickiness to being on the streets, eating whatever, whenever, and then luckily was captured and taken to a shelter. For 7+ years, we scratched our heads to figure out what he'd like to eat. Obviously meatloaf and bits of our chops were a hit, but not as reliable as a "Give it to me now" serving of Dr. Marty's creation.

Satisfies Even Picky Eaters!
October 21, 2021

My dogs love this food and they are somewhat picky.

It's clean and easy and they really like the taste. Better digestion and less waste.

Picky dog loves Dr Marty’s!
October 21, 2021
My dog is super picky about his food but he loves Dr Marty’s Nature’s Blend. If I mix his food he will pick out all the other food and leave it on the floor,

Expensive, but our dog is worth it!
October 20, 2021
Our dog loves the food, and her coat already looks healthier, and she’s not shedding or stinking so much!

Improved Bloating
October 20, 2021
My dog absolutely loves this food. She has issues with bloat & it has helped her. She is aged but I have seen her with a little more energy & she sleeps more soundly. My baby has inoperable cancer so anything that gives her relief is a thumbs up in our book. Overall we are happy with this product.

It’s the best!
October 19, 2021
Our dog loves it more than any other dog food.

Rocky is excited for meal time
October 19, 2021
Rocky no longer has be begged to eat, he gets so excited at meal time, it’s almost comical! And he cleans his bowl every time

October 15, 2021
PERFECT...fussy eater, food gone less than a minute, bowels great

She is doing great
October 14, 2021
She seems happier healthier with less stress and more confidence. She was a rescue and it took almost 3 years to fully trust me. She still has issues but I do notice a difference. She’s more out going and seems more content if it makes sense just from her diet. Oh and she is softer and smells better.

Love at first bite
October 14, 2021

I was convinced from what I had read that this product was going to be good but was not prepared for my dog's reaction. She took to it straight away, no need for gradual transition and can smell it as soon as I get it from the refrigerator. If I could afford it there would be no need to buy anything else ever and my dog is starting to look a whole lot better.

I had concerns as she seemed to be losing weight and looking malnourished prior to starting on this but her coat is looking better already and I feel weight gain will gradually increase. Thank you for this great product.

Happy Puppy
October 13, 2021
My puppy loves the food, he looks forward to it each day

Healthy nutrition in a format that your pet will think is a treat.
October 13, 2021

My dog, Colby, is a chihuahua/rat terrier mixed breed. He’s highly energetic, loving and extremely intelligent. Unfortunately he has had digestive issues from the very beginning resulting in many vet visits, diet changes and dealing with painful stomach distress. He is only a year old and I finally found a diet that he likes as well as is able to digest.

The Dr Marty Nature Blend is recommended to be served wet but Colby prefers it dry and eats it from my hand as if it is a treat. He has been eating this freeze dried blend for approximately a month and there has been very noticeable change in his appetite, energy, skin condition, comfort and bowel consistency. No more stinky diarrhea causing him to cry in pain, less frequent trips outside to relieve himself but more time spent playing and running happily with his ball.

I am so pleased to see him acting like a lively, happy puppy now that his nutritional needs are being met without causing him the excruciating pain that disrupted his life. He had also suffered from dry, itchy skin which has also resolved. Now his coat glows with vitality and his skin is pink with no dry flakiness or itch.

Price for Rich Dogs Only
October 12, 2021

Great food for my dog. Very picky eater and cured her limping. Highly recommend, if you have the $$$.

Unfortunately, it's for the RICH dogs only. I'm disabled and poor. Please let me know if you ever offer low income/disabled discounts for my Therapy dogs.

Thank you so much.

Kat October 12, 2021

Hello Joan.

My name is Kat, I am with Dr. Marty Pets.

We appreciate your feedback. We strive to keep our formulas as affordable as possible, while maintaining very high standards of quality all-natural ingredients. Nature’s Blend can also be used as a topper to their regular food. This way your pup will still receive the great health benefits of Nature’s Blend.

A great way to receive the lowest available price is to start a recurring order for Nature’s Blend or by signing up for our email newsletters. You will be instantly notified of offers and discounts. If this is something that interests you or if you have any questions, my email is [email protected] Have a great day.

October 12, 2021
my dogs instantly ate it and now every morning sit in kitchen waiting for her food

Natures blend
October 12, 2021
Highly recommend, my dog loves it, great customer service thank you.

Great dog food
October 12, 2021

I was absolutely pleased with the dog food and my dog(rat terrier/chihuahua) transitioned easily by the second day of its' introduction. I like how easy it is to prepare. I just add a little water and stir. In no time it is semi soft since that's what my pooch is accustomed to. She took to it immediately. She dances on her 2 back legs and barks in excitement. She likes it so much that she returns to the bowl several times for licks!!

The only issue I have is giving her the correct portion for her size, She is a small dog at 13 lbs. Using the recommended portion caused some weight gain. I have downsized a bit but would like your input as to how much she should get. She is energetic. Her poops are a good consistency.

Like Mikey did---Jersey Likes It!
October 11, 2021
Jersey is quite picky and will usually like something once or twice and then chill on it -- well, to my surprise he's still eating your product, moderately but eating it, I will be ordering more.