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Like Mikey did---Jersey Likes It!
October 11, 2021
Jersey is quite picky and will usually like something once or twice and then chill on it -- well, to my surprise he's still eating your product, moderately but eating it, I will be ordering more.

Nature's Blend raw food is a Must Have
October 10, 2021

My Shih Tzu Charlie loves the raw food! He always eats that first but then he eats all his regular food at the same time as well. He's looking and acting so much better. He's so much stronger and active. I've really got to hold onto his leash when we walk as he can pull me down the street!

Before I started adding the Nature's Blend, Charlie was a couch potato--slept most of the time. He still sleeps, but when he's up, he has more prance in his steps--is always ready to go for his walk. I wish I had a younger person who would take him for a fast-paced walk as he would do so much better!

I haven't given Charlie a bowl full of the Nature's Blend as yet because he's more active than he's even been to date. He's 9 yrs old this year, so I don't want to stress his heart with too much git and go! I'm looking forward to keeping Charlie on Nature's Blend going forward. I'm so glad I ordered our first bag, and look forward to our next as I'm in the continual monthly purchase program.

Thank you Dr. Marty for developing Nature's Blend raw food supplement--it's Great!! Charlie with owner Nancy

Stale Kibble Be Gone
October 10, 2021

My little Maizie LOVES Dr. Marty Nature's Blend food. Her old kibble used to sit in the bowl all day, eaten only reluctantly and with the saddest body language ever. 

Now, she cannot sit still when her food is being prepped and practically inhales it as soon as the bowl hits the floor. She's always had just the right amount of energy and that continues, but her coat is softer, her little turdlets are of better consistency and regularity, and somehow she's also gotten cuter :)  

She loves this food and I love feeding it to her. I know it's good for her, and it warms my heart to see her so excited about eating breakfast and dinner, not just her treats. Speaking of which, she also loves Tilly's Treasures. Duh. Thanks Dr. Marty!

October 7, 2021
SO EXCITED!! Our poor Chloe was injured in an accident at a dog spa. We rushed her to Pet ER where she was prescribed something to help her facia heal. The rx helped only temporarily. It was at that time that we started her on Dr. Marty's food and she has improved 100%! We will be forever grateful to you Dr. Marty!

Highly Recommended
October 7, 2021

Our fur baby Gizmo had developed gastro issues and was only eating Royal Canine low fat Gasto kibble, canned and treats, and then the treats were discontinued. He's still on his first bag of natures blend but we can see results already, less scratching. paw licking etc, His coat is softer, shinier. and he loves the food.

He's always been an energetic little guy, but constantly had gastro issues. We've recommended natures blend to friends of ours and even loaned them a bag to get their pooch started until their order arrives. Thank you so much Bill & Roz Moffatt

Total improvement and a happy doggie
October 5, 2021

She loved it immediately, had a bit of a problem with runny stools, but she is very sensitive to any change.

She took to actually waiting by her bowl while i prepare her meal, then licking her bowl, which she has never done.

She is calmer and more obedient, and has gown longer and taller. Destiny is handicapped from birth,, a short weak leg and has learned to do stairs at three years old.And she is less of a barker, less nervous when someone arrives.

Very happy with it all.

Brutus Boy likes Natures Blend
October 3, 2021
My dogs allergies like constantly scratching at his ears stopped 1 week after eating Natures Blend

Great natural clean quality raw food!
October 3, 2021
Our 4.5 month old Morkie named Zoe loves the food but would like to see one formulated for puppies or specific instructions on how to feed. Example: puppies may require twice as much food as an adult…etc.!

My dog gives 5 stars!
October 2, 2021
My dog loves it and his energy level is improved!

Great Choice
September 30, 2021

Our Dog Ashlee Loves it. We use as a supplement with our regular dog food.

We keep a small jar on hand when traveling for her doggie treats!

Easy transition
September 29, 2021
Riley easily transitioned to his new food. He enjoys all food so I can’t tell if he is enjoying it more or not, but I love reading the ingredients.

September 29, 2021
Hello Parents of fur babies! I love this product for my 8 yr old malitpoo. For years he had been fighting with skin allergy problems and now NO more problems. Also his hair feels softer and fuller. He loves his food.

Happy Dog
September 28, 2021
My dog loves his new food from Dr. Marty. It on,y took some time for him to switch to his new food and now he gobbles it up. Even my cat wants to lick the bowl! My dog acts like he has more energy and seems happier and more confident The ordering process and the customer service people are great. So far, I'm really pleased with this new food and feel like I'm giving my dog the best food I can for my sweet friend to ensure longevity and happiness..

Can’t Get Enough
September 28, 2021
My dog Katie LOVES this! I use it as a treat when she goes potty, and she’s smart enough to run outside and back in without going just to get a treat!

Tank’s Doing Great!
September 27, 2021
Tank looks and acts like a different dog! His skin remains clear, he has more energy and seems to be doing very well. He is now off of all medications and only using this food. We hope it continues!

Not sick & softer coat
September 27, 2021
I'm just giving it as a supplement with her other food due to the cost of the food but she hasn't been sick since starting this and she has stopped shedding uncontrollably. Her coat is much softer and less hair loss.

It takes 4 to 5 weeks to get up to Canada, so you must order early
September 27, 2021
My senior dog has only been on Nature’s Blend for under two weeks. He love, love, loves it!! He had become a fussy puppy in his last couple of years. But he actually barks for this new food. He can’t hardly wait for the 3 minutes to moisten the food to be ready to eat it!!!

6 bags will last till the end of the year
September 23, 2021
my dog is in the range oh 15 to 20 lbs. so he only gets about 1/4 cup twice a day. he is gaining weight and muscle

Picky dogs love it
September 23, 2021
For nine years we have been searching for a food my dog will not turn her nose up to. She eats to live…doesn’t live to eat. Not at all motivated by food. She loves Dr Marty’s recipe

Website misleading and no phone connection to the 800 number
August 29, 2021
The website is deceiving. I ordered 3 jars of Dr Marty's Pro power Plus. They offered 6 jars for additional savings and made it sound like an additional 3 jars. When I called to cancel my order I got a strange busy and beeping sound so there was no connection. I emailed them. I hope they do not charge my card for 9 jars. Disappointed...

Sam September 02, 2021

Hello Elaine.

My name is Kat, I am with Dr. Marty Pets. I am sorry to hear about your experience with our checkout process. Our additional offers are limited promotions given to every customer as a "Thank You" for your initial purchase.

These orders do not replace your initial purchase and offer special discounts on larger quantities of product, as well as other related products to help optimize results. I would like to mention that our call center is not open 24/7. \\\

Our hours are Mon – Fri 6AM-5PM PST Sat – Sun 6AM-4PM PST. Please email me at [email protected], so I can look into the status of your order. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a great day.