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Food vs Cost
August 3, 2019
I don’t doubt that the food is beneficial for my dog but I don’t know if I was misled or not. I understood that 1 bag would feed my dog for a month. With that in mind I could justify switching my dog to this new diet. My budget, being on Social Security, doesn’t leave me much leeway. Unfortunately I can not stretch the food more than 2-1/2 weeks without reducing the amount given in each feeding to be insignificant't. So unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to continue with this food. It is too costly for me.

Great food for my dogs.
August 3, 2019
I mix it with their dry food. My chow hound goes right for it, my little one eats a little,walks away, but comes back and forth. But she goes right for it,not like the other stuff,she would smell and walk away. They have more energy, do not scratch as much,coats seem to be better,not shedding. With their energy levels ,l'm thinking about eatting a bowl for breakfast myself so l can keep up with them. My dogs are a two year old chiweenie ( chow hound)and one and half year old mal-shis (grazer).

My rescue Boxer Girl: Ms.Ellie Mae
August 1, 2019

I love the effect it's having on her. I can tell Ellie Mae is just feeling better. She's only been Enjoying Dr. Marty's Nature's Blend for not quite a month. I can already see more energy in her. I don't get around like I used to, but my little girl is doing just fine. Thank you Dr. Marty.


P.S. She loves the treats..

Vitality Improvement
July 30, 2019

We have 3 Schnauzers in our home and a small Terrier mix. These 4 loving animals have now been on Dr. Marty's Special Blend for almost 3 mths now. The biggest improvement we have seen is in the 8 yr old Terrier mix. She was always slow and reluctant to even go up or down steps when going in or outside. Now she is running and don't hesitate to play with the other dogs and challenging them when playing. Big improvement! Our 3 Schnauzers are always vibrant as the breed overrides any lack of being active. The biggest improvement with these 3 fur babies is they eat all the food as soon as it it put down for them and they are losing excess weight with a new attitude when playing with each other. They are calmer and not as aggressive. Their digestion is now like it is on a schedule. All of these pups have improved at a point our friends and family even noticed the difference. Of course we have told them about Dr. Marty foods with hopes they want to see their dogs diet have the good stuff. Thank you Dr. Marty for caring so deeply about our/all animals.

Instant, noticeable improvement
July 27, 2019

Both my dogs coat and overall look improved within 3 days and continues to improve. Their behavior is always good but I noticed a subtle courage in their demeanor, too. Like they just feel good, and you can tell. I did not feed a cheapo food prior to this, either. I went from a major brand that's been around for a long time to this and the change was still very apparent.

Makes me wish you made people food like this. Seriously.

July 25, 2019

I have a four old Pomeranian who has always been very picky about her food. I had tried every food on the markets having to hand feed her just to get her to eat. We have fought ear infections form the day she arrived along with her chewing her paws to the point of drawing blood. Her coat has always been good so no issues there.

We have finished one bag of Dr Marty Nature’s Blend as of yesterday. Tiny Tessa no longer has to be fed by hand. She whines for her food when it is time for her to eat. She no longer suffers from ear infections. They are gone! She very rarely chews on her feet. I fully expect that to completely end soon. Her TEETH, of my gosh, her teeth, are so much better!! We were getting her teeth cleaned yearly. That won’t be happening any more!! Her teeth are almost totally cleaned. No more putting my tiny girl to sleep just to get her teeth cleaned. She does get a raw bone every now and then too but the old kibble was just sticking to her teeth. This new food does not do that. Tiny Tessa has more energy too. Her beautiful coat is even more shinny. We just couldn’t be happier. This is a diet that I hope to be able to keep Tiny Tessa on forever❣️ It smells so good I could almost eat it myself. If it would cure as many of my own issues as it did for my dog, it would be tempting to eat it myself. :)

I wish I could include a photo of my beautiful Pom so you could see how awesome she is now.

Ten Stars. Thumbs up. Love it!! Thank you for a food that we needed to find in the worst way ❣️

Natures Blend
July 24, 2019
I have been feeding my 2 babies this product for almost a year and I noticed a change early on, they are so much energetic. Both of my babies are just entering the senior stage but you wouldn't know it. My little girl inhales her food, she eats it so fast she acts like she has been starved. My little boy has better manners but he eats every morsel on his plate. Both of them were so picky about their food. It was a hit or miss if they were going to eat or not. I have always had them on a raw diet. When I started them on Natures blend I was so happy that they love this food especially when my first order was for 18 bags! I buy now in increments of 6 because of storage. I am so happy with how good my babies are doing they both just recently had their annual exam and the vet gave them an excellent grade on their health, I have recommended this to my family members since we are all crazy in love with our dogs.

Dr Marty’s food for dogs
July 23, 2019
Our puppy Teddy, a rescue mix. We know the mom was a small dog, Dad was a yorkie- terrier mix. Our Teddy tried 2 puppy foods prior to Dr Martys first. It took a lot of encouragement with both foods to get him to eat. Once we received Dr Martys- EVERYTHING changed,he would get so excited he couldn’t wait to dig in!!! We mixed the foods to start- to our surprise. Teddy would leave anything in his bowl except Dr Martys!! Happy puppy at our house!!

Good changes
July 23, 2019

I have 3 chihuahuas and an Italian greyhound. We have noticed all of their coats are much healthier looking. My over weight chihuahua has lost weight and is looking great! My other 2 that are a good weight look healthy and have more energy. Overall we are pleased with the changes we have experienced just by supplementing their regular daily food.

Thank you for making such a quality product that my dogs LOVE!! They literally BEG to be fed twice a day now!

Changing Corey to a full meat diet
July 20, 2019

I didn't go through a transition program to introduce Corey to Nature's Blend. I just put it in his dish, full strength, one night. He sniffed it, then ate it all, enthusiastically, and licked his dish. He has been a picky eater, and I have been putting a 'goodie', like some chipped chicken, in with his food, to get him to eat it.

Not so with this food. He gobbles it up, and nary a crumb is left behind.

Natures's Blend is quite expensive, and I have begun mixing it with his old food for economy's sake. He still eats it up, and seems more contented than before. Less begging for treats. Less restlessness in the evening. Less fussy barking.

It smells like meat, and he can smell it when I open the bag, even before I add water. It is costly, but we both love it and will stick with it as long as we can pay for it

Timmy Loves Dr. Marty's Nature's Blend
July 16, 2019
Timmy is a toy poodle, eight years old and full of mischief. When he was 5 he a major back surgery to repair a ruptured disc in his back. He fully recovered, but I noticed him slowing down which is not Timmy. When I saw Dr. Marty's add and being a microbiologist, I could see what he stated had validity so I decided to give it a try. Timmy has been on a prescription diet since he was a puppy and I approached the change with caution. His regular diet is supplement with Nature's Blend in the morning only. I have to carefully measure out his portion because I found out early it causes gas, which I know will lead to loose stools. He is doing well on the portioned food and is regaining his energy and playfulness. He thinks he needs to make a steady diet of the liver treats, those also are portioned out. Thanks for all your hard work to make our pets healthy.

Both dogs love it!
July 16, 2019
We have two Yorkies: a 14 year old male and a 4 year old tea cup female. Due to a issues with a fatty liver in the elder, we had both pups on a prescription low fat canned food for years. They ate it, but weren't necessarily excited when feeding time came. I decided to try Dr. Marty's after watching the video, and thought to at least try it and see. Both pups are anxiously awaiting their meals as soon as I open the container with the dry food. My old boy had problems with digesting other foods we tried to replace his prescription diet with (immediate diarrhea with the smallest amount mixed in), so I was careful. No problems with his digestion of Dr. Marty's - the transition was quicker than I expected. He has multiple other health concerns related to old age, but seems to be perkier and holding his own. The younger female is active and has no issues with the switch over. I'm happy with Dr. Marty's and have suggested it to family and friends for their fur babies!

My Fur Baby LOVES This Food
July 16, 2019
Well, so far, I am impressed! I don't have to coax her to eat, as I had to do on her old food; Blue Buffalo. Kalika, my 14 year old husky-mix, is arthritic and is on three different meds. She moves slowly, and you can tell she's hurting. I haven't seen any improvement in her movements, but I HAVE seen an improvement in her bowel movements. Although they're rather soft (I followed your directions in switching her food), she only has one bowel movement a day; versus the 2 or 3 a day she had on the Blue Buffalo. I'm hoping, in time, her stools will be firmer (so it's easier to pick them up!!). She's shed quite a bit since I rescued her, but it seems to have slowed somewhat. (Fingers crossed)

Happy Pup
July 14, 2019

We just started our third bag of food and she still gets impatient when it's re-hydrating. If I get distracted and forget to put it down for her, she will definitely remind me!

I've noticed an improvement in her coat though she is still scratching and biting at her paws so I'll mention that to her vet at our next visit. I was hoping the new food and lack of preservatives would help with this more but I've only seen a slight improvement, otherwise I would have given 5 stars.

Oh, and she loves the treats as well. Fortunately those seem to be lasting longer than her food! :)

Blue Beauty
July 14, 2019

Blue is an unordinary English Bulldog/Pitbull by whatever name Blue is a beautiful fourlegged member of our family. She is spoiled and playful. At two years old I have the pleasure of seeing her dance at feeding time, I call it her Spin move. She knows where I keep the other bags of food and goes to them when she wants moe. Oh yeah, the Raw Liver treats are truly her favorite. Thanks, Dr. Marty.

Wanda R Culley PittPower

Happy Prince!
July 14, 2019
My dog,Prince, was not able to eat the dog food from many brands that I tried. He would have stomach trouble and throwup. This continued to happen after I would use the food for a few weeks. I spent a lot of money trying different brands. Some so called all natural. So when I read about your brand and reading what you had discovered about how dog foods are made I gave yours a try. Prince would not eat it when I put it with the other food in his bowl. I put it separate in his bowl

OLIVIA loves Dr. Marty's brand dog food
July 14, 2019

My chihuahua has always been a frustrating and picky eater.She would eat a particular for for a while and then refuse to eat it. Over time I tried her on multiple brands of food... most often using FRESH PET. She would even be picky on and off with that. When I read about Dr. Marty's and it's health benefits I ordered it hoping she would be receptive and like it. Right from the start... which has been a month now... she has loved it. She licks every last bit from her bowl and there has only been two occasions

in that time period when she did not eat. As long as she continues to love it , I will be a happy customer of Dr. Marty.

Great food! Kind of pricey
July 12, 2019
I love this food for my 11 year old papillon! He made a complete 180 since we started feeding this food. I can’t say enough great things about how he is doing now. He is running up and down stairs, his breath has gotten better, and I see the sparkle in his eyes again. I will say I think the food would be perfect if it were a little cheaper. I think it is great that Oprah can feed this to her dog and not feel the impact, but I am just a working gal in Ohio. :) Still glad I found this food for our dog and will continue to feed it because he is worth it!

July 11, 2019
My Dog Tinkerbell like your Food very much,she is a 11 Year old Papillon and is very picky with Dog Food,but your Food she was eating it wright away,iam happy finaly find the wright Food for her.thank you

Our Toby LOVES Nature’s Blend
July 11, 2019
Toby, our rescued, mixed breed (Yorkie/Min Pin) has had increasing GI issues over the years culminating in a diagnosis of pancreatitis this past winter. He now eats a prescription low fat dog food that he thoroughly enjoys. But we’ve stopped giving him any treats whatsoever except for pill pockets. After reading about Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Blend, I thought I’d give it a try as a treat for Toby. Since he’s used to dry kibble, I decided to feed it as is; also thought it would smell less fishy in its dry state. Well he absolutely goes nuts over it. Since he’s only 10 pounds, we give him 5 - 10 nuggets per day. Our veterinarian told us to be extremely cautious about feeding Toby raw food since he’s prone to GI problems because their clinic has been seeing increasing numbers of salmonella, listeria, etc. associated with raw food. I’m hoping that because Nature’s Blend is freeze dried and not fresh frozen that the chances of contamination is much less because I’d hate to deprive Toby of this favorite treat.