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Not offered in an economically viable manner
July 19, 2021

Couple of thoughts and observations regarding Marty's Nature Blend:

1. My dogs do indeed like it, but they still seem hungry after eating it. I wonder if it is because there are no "filling" fillers in Marty's food.

2.They only sell this stuff in one pound bags. Need a lot so you say....order more one pound bags. This is probably one major contributor to the food's high price. Not sure why Dr. Marty and co. pursue this uneconomical approach unless it has something to do with the fact that they add no preservatives. I guess freeze drying only goes so far.

3. I have ordered the max amount the website offers (6 bags) and even went to a monthly delivery. The problem is that the 1 lb. bags only contain about 10 cups of food. I have two dogs, one over 100 lbs and the other over 70. So if I were to give the recommended amount of their food, I would consume almost an entire bag with one feeding. With 6 bags costing over $170 after tax (at Marty's most discounted price level), obviously spending nearly $700 per month (4 shipments of 6 one pound bags) is just not economically feasible. We don't spend that much to feed my wife and me. It would lower Marty's packaging, loading, and shipping charges if this product was offered in more appropriate sizes.

4. I haven't really seen any change in my dogs' health when given 80% Marty's food and 20% their old dog food. We had to mix their food with the old food or else Marty's food would be gone in less than a week and then what do I feed them (switch them back to their old food, exclusively, while waiting for a monthly shipment 3 weeks later )? We are now back to a 50/50 ratio to make Marty's food last a bit longer.

So, while I do think that Marty and Co. probably do have a good product, it is just too bloody expensive and not offered in a practical and economically viable manner. As such, I will cancel my monthly delivery (in that I am forced to mix the dogs' food now just to make it to the end of the week). Marty may love dogs but he hasn't structured his food offering in a way that is practical and that reflects his love for dogs.

Kat July 21, 2021

Hello Tom. My name is Kat, I am with Dr. Marty Pets. We appreciate your feedback. We strive to keep our formulas as affordable as possible while maintaining our very high standards of quality all-natural ingredients. When we are able to reduce prices, we will happily pass along the savings to our customers. We recommend keeping your eye out for our email newsletters, as will notify you instantly of any sales we are running. We do understand that larger breed animals will need more food. In this case, we recommend adding Nature’s Blend as a topper to their regular food. This way your pups will still receive the great health benefits of Nature’s Blend. If you have any questions, my email is [email protected] Have a great day.

Shipping time is ridiculous!!!!!
June 14, 2021
Loved what the food did for my dog. Decreased shedding, soft coat. Shipping is a nightmare!!!! 14 days later not received. Had to cancel. So disappointed and disgusted. Price is astronomical, but was willing to pay for what it did for my dog. Very, very disappointed!!!!!!

Kat June 17, 2021

Hello Jeannette. My name is Kat, I am with Dr. Marty Pets. I deeply apologize for your experience with our shipping process. Due to high demand and delays within carrier networks, we have experienced delays. We want to assure you that we are determined to get orders out as soon as possible while staying within proper CDC guidelines. We strive to keep our formulas as affordable as possible while using only the highest quality of all-natural ingredients to ensure the best food for your pet. When price reductions are possible, we are happy to pass those savings along to our customers. We highly recommend signing up for our email newsletters or subscribing to our text club for exclusive offers and discounts. You’ll be instantly notified! We do hope you will give us another shot in the future. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. My email is [email protected] Have a nice day.

Her health
March 29, 2021
My dog loves it but can’t stand her farts from being on. The smell is horrible

Kat April 08, 2021

Hi Christina, my name is Kat with Dr. Marty Pets. I am happy to hear your pup is enjoying Nature’s Blend! It is not uncommon for dogs to be gassy, especially after eating and incorporating something new to their diet. Here is a great article from our blog that you may be interested in https://drmartypets.com/dog-with-bad-gas/.

It is full of information as to why your pup may be gassy, as well as some tips. As always, we ask that you consult your vet to ensure that our formula is the right fit for your pup. If you have any questions simply email me at [email protected] and I’d be more than happy to assist you.

Poor poor
March 28, 2021

You guys are always pulling the stunt!

Not shipping on time.

Shame on you.

Poor poor customer service.

You have no integrity, leadership, excellence, customer service at all.

Get your act together or get out of the business.


Charles Lerner, M.D. , FACP

Board Certified Internal Medicine

Flight Surgeon, Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, FSU College of Medicine

Assistant Professor of Medicine, UCF College of Medicine

Affiliate Professor of Medicine, USF College of Medicine

Orlando, Florida

(813) 401-3755

Kat April 08, 2021

Hello Charles. My name is Kat, I am with Dr. Marty Pets. I would like to apologize on behalf of Dr. Marty Pets for your customer service experience. We hold our agents to high standards and we regret that you did not receive the service you deserve.

I have escalated your review to our Customer Relations Team so that an agent may provide you with personalized care. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected] I would be happy to assist you.

Dr.Marty's worked
February 19, 2021

My Mimi has weak rear knees and was overweight with poor bowel movement we were feeding her a fresh refrigerated product. we thought we would vary her diet so tried a sample of Dr. Marty's and within a week her BM was fast and clean.

Then re-upping for a 3 month supply we noticed Mimi wanted to play and run down the hallway chasing toys. Mimi was then able to jump on the chair and her knees are no longer an issue and she doesn't have that skip she had with bad knees.

I have purchased a 3-month numerous times and will now place a recurring shipment knowing Mimi likes it after adding another fresh-made meal for variety that she now wouldn't eat.

Charles Lerner, M.D., FACP March 28, 2021

You guys are always pulling the stunt!

Shame on you.

Poor poor customer service.

You have no integrity, leadership, excellence, customer service at all.

Get your act together or get out of the business.


Charles Lerner, M.D. , FACP

Board Certified Internal Medicine

Flight Surgeon, Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, FSU College of Medicine

Assistant Professor of Medicine, UCF College of Medicine

Affiliate Professor of Medicine, USF College of Medicine

Orlando, Florida

Be careful that you don't unknowing get in a monthly, non stop billing and delivery program.
December 13, 2020

I have an old dog with an autoimmune disease. I've been trying lots of foods that he would eat. Decided to try Dr Marty's. I got a great buy on my first purchase.

I thought I was 'trying' the food to see if he liked it. If he did, I would order more. He got tired of it very fast. I thought I'd order another batch, but well before I did, I got a message that I had an order on the way.

I have so much on my mind, I just thought I must have ordered it when I was thinking about it and didn't remember. He got more tired of it to the point that he wouldn't eat it. It's more $$ than I should be paying. I decided to go back to home cooked food, which is better and definitely more affordable for me.

Suddenly I have another order on the way. I received a notice at 4:22 AM. When I saw it I immediately called to have it stopped. I had no idea that I was on their monthly plan. I called and explained that I didn't want it sent.

I was told that it was already on the way and I had been billed. I was told that I'd have to pay to have it sent back to them. I told them I stay home because of the Covid-19, and didn't want to compromise my health by going into a facility to pay to get it sent back.

I'm 76 years old and where I live we are to stay at home!! That's how I live. I'm fine with that. So is my dog!

My complaint isn't as much toward the food as it is the service. The kind of service I didn't think I had asked for.

Kat December 18, 2020

Hi Linda, this is Kat from Dr. Marty Pets here! I sincerely apologize for this negative experience. We never intentionally subscribe our customers to auto-ship. I would like to resolve this for you right away and refund you for your charges. Please email me at [email protected] so that I can make this right for you!

Lack of cat reviews
November 15, 2020

The preponderance of dog reviewers overwhelms the lack of concern for cats--my immediate concern. Please try to be balanced in future.

Kenneth Wayne Konrad

Life, Prosperity, Health to All

Kenneth Wayne Konrad

My dog would not eat it
November 2, 2020

My dog would not even sniff it much less eat it. I followed the directions but he would not eat it. I even mixed his old food in with it. He tried one bite but spit it out then ate around it. I tried for a week giving him the food as directed but he would not eat it. My friend's dogs would not eat it either. It has virtually no smell so it's not appealing to dogs.

Their return policy does not pay for shipping so I'm out over $30! Buy local to avoid costly return $. This dog food is def not worth it.

Kat November 13, 2020

Hi Lisa, this is Kat from Dr. Marty Pets here! I apologize for this negative experience with our product. We understand that while the majority of our customers are happy with our products, everyone is different. We always stand by our 90 Day Money Back guarantee. Please email me directly at [email protected] so that I can resolve this issue for you.

8 days to 2 weeks to get an order from about 100 miles away! Insane!!! This is possibly a SCAM!
August 31, 2020

Beware! These people have a contract with USPS for the least expensive shipping possible, and add a higher shipping amount to the price of the food.

I ordered 6 bags of food on 8-24-2020 and was assured that I would receive it by 8-27-2020 or 8-28 at the latest! I spoke to Customer Service agent and Supervisor this morning (the 8th day) and was told that my order is at the USPS warehouse and wouldn't be delivered for another 4 to 8 days! Here's the real kicker . . . I live about 120 miles South of Marty's warehouse in Chatsworth, CA. That's about 2 hours from my home. If they would let me pick up my order (NOT ALLOWED), I could do it in a matter of hours rather than wait another 4 to 8 days! Does that make sense to anyone out there? I think not!!! If I can't get the food when I need it, then there is no need for me to deal with these people. I have closed my account with them and will be getting dog food from an extremely reliable source from now on.

We been paying $320 a month for this food and should get better service for it. I, for one, will not continue to support "Dr. Marty" IN THE MANNER TO WHICH I WOULD LIKE TO BECOME ACCUSTOMED!!! The employees I've spoken with, have never seen or spoken to their employer. I truly wonder if there is such a person. I'm beginning to doubt if he really exists.

One more thing . . . this company refuses requests for faster shipping from other sources like UPS or FedEx (paid by the buyer), because their contract with USPS forbids it!

Don't waste your money or your time!!!

GigiC October 16, 2020

Don’t blame the company. The post master general has purposefully slowed down the mail on orders from Pres. Trump It’s frustrating not to get your pet’s food on time though. Perhaps the company could use FedEx or UPS (shipping would cost more though).

Kat October 19, 2020

Hi Alan, this is Kat from Dr. Marty Pets here. We are sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] with your concerns, as I would love to make this right for you.

JulieAnn Marinaro December 16, 2020

They already shared their concerns! Why does he now have to email you and reexplain himself? If you were a legitimate company you should just resolve his issue with a proper solution. This is just to posture your company not actually deal with the problem.

DeniseNotubiz June 27, 2021

Agreed, if they are on a revolving plan, you likely have their email and you certainly have their addresses. These "customer service replies" are nothing more than damage control for those of us reading the complaints. Having read the problems folks are having, I'd say this was a SCAM. I'd never order from them.

What about cats ?
August 3, 2020

I have 5 cats, different ages..

plus one cat that adopted us.

None of them will eat this miracle food.

I have tried all the suggested way to feed...

plus- it is very HARD - two of the older cats,can`t chew it..

and don`t touch it when I add a little water..either

Kat October 16, 2020

Hi Dorothy, we’re sorry to hear about your experience. We understand that while the majority of our customers are happy with our products, everyone is different. We always stand by our 90 Day Money Back guarantee. Feel free to email me at [email protected] for more information. I hope this helps!

“Real mest” is not grass-fed or farm-raised
July 30, 2020
His “real meat“ is not free-range nor grass-fed. He does not care about every animal from farm to table! I will not be purchasing this anymore until he changes his meat.

Kat October 16, 2020

Hi Lauren, Thank you for your honest feedback. We care deeply about each customer’s experience. I will pass along your feedback to our Product Development Team. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] to relay any other questions, comments, or concerns you have.

KennethWayne Konrad November 15, 2020

The Reviewer and the Dr Goldstein need to clarify the issues around "free-range," "grass-fed," "organic," "natural" and so forth. Please be accurate, precise, and scientific as possible. These terms are thrown around these days so often as to be interchangeable or worse meaningless.

Wishing you and yours all Life, Prosperity, Health, always,

I remain,

yours faithfully,


Rescue Dog
July 30, 2020
Our dog showed up some 8 years ago and decided she had found a permanent home. She is a mixed bred but has a lot of lab in her. She is a very good eater but weighs too much for us to feed her only Nature's Blend so we add it as a topper. She eats every bite.

Behavior and poo changes
July 30, 2020
I have two VERY different Yorkies! One is an 8 year old garbage gullet and the other is a 3 year old delicate ballerina. The older one loves the food and took to it right away, the little one turned her nose at it but now she picks it out and leaves the old food in the dish. The little one had behavior issues when we first adopted her at 10 months old. After 2 years, we worked thru 95% of them, one of them was sleeping thru the night without SCREAMING like someone was peeling her skin off. Since we started them on this food, she has started screaming at night again and the ONLY thing we changed was their food. Also, both girls have REALLY green poo and they only poo once a day. It's not runny but, it's not solid like it was with their old food (Nutro Essentials). I I am fully aware their bodies are absorbing more of what they are eating so they poo less but why the horribly dark green poo?

Salmonella Sick Dog! Ted Lobach
July 19, 2020
My Dog was doing just fine until Dr. Marty’s was introduced. Vet said Raw diets can contain Pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria

Kat July 22, 2020

Hello Ted. My name is Kat and I am with Dr. Marty Pets. I am very sorry to read that your dog fell ill. This is not a common reaction from our Nature’s Blend and I would like more information. I would also like to issue you a full refund as a courtesy. Please email me at [email protected] so that I may get started on this right away. Dr. Marty Pets always advises pet owners to consult their veterinarian prior to making any changes to their pet’s daily routine so that they may receive the best advice. I wish you and your pup the best as you search for the best diet for them. Please have a wonderful day and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I'm a believer
June 17, 2020
Before anyone calls me out as a fake comment; stop. I'm currently laying on my living room floor watching Homicide Hunters with my two dogs, spending about 5 minutes writing a review on this dog food. With that in mind, let's proceed. I bought the 16oz natures blend dog food. First thing I need to mention, wow, this stuff SMELLS great! That aside, while yes, this product is expensive, I use it as a food topper for a little extra boost for my pups. There is actually quite a large amount of pellets in the bag, I don't expect to run out anytime soon. Getting onto the point however. My aussie eats anything she can fit into her mouth, that being said, the first time I tried the food, she ate faster than ever (not necessarily a great thing, but you get my point). The real kicker was my chihuahua; a notoriously picky eater. She WILL eat, but it's usually after some coaxing and encouragement. The moment I brought the bag out of the box, she lost it. Jumping, whining, standing on her back legs, trying ANYTHING to get closer to this bag. I added some pellets to her food, added warm water, and served. Chihuahua picks out a pellet and carries it away. She snacks on it and for a brief moment, I thought maybe she wasn't super into it. Then she went back and carefully/strategically picked out each pellet, down to the crumb, and inhaled each one, only to return to her food and gobble down the rest; no coaxing necessary. She cried for more. Not only do my dogs love this, but they seem to be doing GREAT! Call it placebo, but I beg to differ. I like to think I know my dogs fairly well enough to know when there is a change, especially a positive one. If there are any negative changes, you'll be the first to know. I would try it out as a topper to your dogs favorite meal. As the title suggests, as of now, I am a TRUE believer of this stuff.

I can't eat at the expense of this dog food.
May 28, 2020
You get very very very little for what you pay for it's actually cheaper for you to make your own with the same ingredients please be very cautious in buying this is expensive it's expensive in shipping and if you sign up with the company they do not shut off payments very easily you will have to fight to get ahold of anyone to turn off you're automatic withdrawals for the product be very very cautious

Kat July 22, 2020

Hi Christina. I am Kat with Dr. Marty Pets. Thank you for taking the time to leave your review. Dr. Marty Pets has many customers that use Nature’s Blend as a topper or as a snack to maximize the cost of each bag. All customers are given the option to purchase Nature’s Blend as a one-time payment or as a subscription at checkout. We are happy to help customers find any potential deals available to them through email, phone, or chat. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] Have a great day.

Is the science there?
April 12, 2020

I’ve been studying nutrition for some time. Feeding a dog good clean food into a gray, unhealthy gut will take time to absorb. I cannot honestly say your dogs gut will get better without intervention or at all. Depends on the severity. Plainly put, watch their poop. You watched it for years right? Was it healthy? I doubt you know.

The problem is our societies lack of knowledge with nutrition. One example: eating beef liver. If this liver was utilized for taking chemicals out of a food source, do you want it in your dog food?

No! - But let’s be honest, you don’t know much about nutrition. Hell, if Oprah Winfrey can’t get it straight, and she has the ability to hire an entire army of nutritionists, what chance do you have?

Well luckily it is the Information Age. Nutrition is a thing being bantered about. Even Dr. Marty said he changed his diet to change his health. Dogs can do the same.

Take any 10 year old and hold up a fruit or a cookie and ask them to pick the healthier choice. Right? Keep on going until it isn’t obvious. Then start studying. 90% of what is in today’s supermarkets should not be put in your mouth! We have been completely deceived by the manufacturers of what it is that constitutes food! Food has valuable digestible, usable nutrition.

I hope you found this useful. Eating healthy is a big challenge, for Dogs and people. Good Luck!

Dog loves it, but we cannot afford it!
April 6, 2020
Our dog loves this food. She used to let one of our cats eat her food first and would let the food sit and come back to it over a 1/2 hour or so. With Dr. Marty's, cat gets none, she eats it and looks like she is smiling. Bowls looks like it just went through the dishwasher, there is nothing on the floor - would have to mop the floor before. SHE LOVES IT! However, she is a large dog. We cannot afford to feed her this on a daily basis. It is really a shame, but will have to find an alternative that is a little less pricey. Only reason I did not give it 5 stars is the price. Although, if the grocery stores run out of food, even we could eat Dr. Marty's!

Use as a condiment
March 25, 2020
Yes, VERY expensive. We have an 80 lb doggie, 12, with lots of structural issues (such as arfritis, etc) so we buy Dr. Marty’s and put about 15 pellets on top of her also high quality kibble, along with a big tablespoon of canned, then all mixed like gravy together with hot water....Doggie LOVES it, gets the benefits and is still able to get up and down stairs, which is a real blessing at 80 lbs, believe me...hope this helps...

Dried cardboard/Scam
February 25, 2020

If this review makes it up I will be shocked. Nobody could possibly like this stuff. No taste, no smell. Even our dogs who eat everything snubbed it. Three out of three dogs wouldn’t touch on second feeding. Any good review on this has to be fake.

AlKholos February 26, 2020

$60 a pound? You have to be kidding. Fresh meat isn't that costly. If you love your dog, feed it fresh, raw meat.

Kat March 02, 2020

Hi Cindy, I'm Kat, an official Dr. Marty Pets representative. I'm really sorry to hear that your dogs didn't like the taste of Nature's Blend! While we have hundreds of happy customers, we do understand that it may not be for everyone. This is why we stand by our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. You can just e-mail me at [email protected] and I can begin the refund process. I also wanted to mention that we would never fake reviews, as this is highly unethical. All reviews on this site, other third-party sites, and our own website are from real, authentic customers. I hope this clears up any confusion.

PL May 23, 2020

My dog loves it.

KayAcres February 24, 2021

My dog loves it and she gulped it down the first time I offered it to her. It was weird almost like there was something in the food she really needed. She gained weight and started to run again. She was 15 at the time. I fed her 1 cup each day for awhile and now I feed her 1/2 cup in the morning with 1/2 raw ground chicken.

In the evening she gets a good quality kibble with a little topper of Marty's or something else.She will be 16 in June. Better quality food has changed her life, and Marty's is part of that!!

DeniseNotubiz June 27, 2021

"good quality kibble" is an oxymoron