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DoFasting is one of many companies and websites out there that aim to help you lose weight through the process of intermittent fasting.  What is intermittent fasting, you may ask? It’s restricting the periods in which you eat during the day in order to reduce the overall amount of calories you consume.

How Does DoFasting Work?

DoFasting claims to be unique in that it allows you to plug in your specific measurements, eating habits, and goals to receive a personally tailored fasting plan.  This plan takes into consideration the current way you are eating so that you need to change very little in your daily schedule.

The plan recognizes that fasting is a natural part of being a human.  Many people fast without realizing it on a day to day basis, perhaps eating an early dinner and then skipping breakfast the next day.  You can pursue fasting on a structured or not so structured regimen.

A sample plan might have you eating lunch and dinner, but foregoing breakfast.  Alternatively, you might fast for twelve hours a day, in which your body uses the window to turn fat stores into energy.  This encourages weight loss.  


You could also choose one or two days of the week to fast for the entire day, or fast on alternate days.  There is alot of flexibility in how you choose to structure your fasting plan, and DoFasting takes the guesswork out of figuring out the right fasting program for you.

Instead, the company comes up with personalized diets based on your activity level, daily schedule, eating preferences, weight, and desired weight loss.

While DoFasting does not guarantee weight loss, as this depends on the individual person as well as whether they choose to add exercise and healthy food, the science behind intermittent fasting is strong and seems to support robust success in most individuals.

Is DoFasting Free?

There are many intermittent fasting programs that include free plans, but is unfortunately not one of them.  DoFasting is not free, and there are some costs associated with getting started.

For a custom fasting plan, you must pay a one-time payment of $29.99.  This is currently a discounted rate, originally offered at $59.99.  There are no hidden fees or additional subscription costs associated with signing up, and you get lifetime access to your meal plan.  Customers can pay via a credit card or via PayPal on the secured portal.

Although there is Internet buzz about a DoFasting app, this does not yet seem to have been released.  That being said, you have lifetime access to your DoFasting meal plan.  If you ever need to change your personalized plan, you can get ahold of the company to work with you on this.

Customer Service

Although the DoFasting website can be somewhat of a challenge to navigate, it is relatively easy to get ahold of the customer service department with questions. You can do this by emailing [email protected] 

You can also contact them by phone at +1 315-215-0872. The company also has a published mailing address on their website, which is out of Lithuania in the European Union.

If you decide that DoFasting is not the right choice for you and that you want to cancel your meal plan, you can apply for a refund within 14 days.

You can receive a partial refund of your fees by contacting customer support at [email protected], but you must provide information on how the diet plan did not meet the product description on the website. You must also attach receipt of payment. This can be a bit cumbersome for most users.

Competitors and Alternatives

While you can always try dieting on your own, it’s always nice to have a little extra support on your side. To this end, there are dozens of other fasting apps and programs that can help you get started.

BodyFast is one of the most widely used. This program offers ten fasting plans along with a weight tracker and trophies for achieving certain goals. For a premium rate, you can get an individual plan created by a coach.

Fast Habit is another popular fasting tracker. It does not come up with a customized plan for you, but it does keep track of your progress and allows you to upload or manually add your fasting history.

Vora is a good option for people looking for more accountability. This tracker includes extensive fasting statistics and analytics, as well as the possibility to manually add fasting history and social networking programs.

Is Legit? plan reviews are generally positive. There are few website reviews except on the company’s Facebook page, but most of these are in interaction with the company itself, asking questions about the fasting plans and individual results.

Where to Buy?

As of right now, the company’s website and Facebook page remain the only sources of information about DoFasting. Therefore, this is also where you must go if you wish to sign up for a personalized diet plan and meal plan.

Is DoFasting Worth It?

If you’re interested in all the benefits of intermittent fasting but aren’t sure where to start, then DoFasting might be the right choice for you. It combines your personal information with solid science to create a personalized diet plan just for you.

It should be noted that when you sign up for DoFasting, you don’t receive your meal plan immediately - you must wait for about two hours for the company’s professional nutritionists to develop a plan.

That being said, this company offers a good alternative to going it on your own.  If you're interested in losing some weight and need some support in order to get started, then DoFasting might be the program for you.

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You are not guaranteed to get a refund!
July 20, 2021
Before you buy this program, there is a difference when purchasing through the app or on the web. If you change your mind, you are not guaranteed to get a refund. Read everything and search it beyond the site.

Cancel your subscription at
May 5, 2021

This was really a very rudimentary and useless application. I deleted it pretty quickly. But unfortunately, purchasing the application also signed me up for an AUTOMATICALLY RECURRING subscription for some dubious products. app on my Android phone, eg: DoFasting. For me this is costing $66 every year.

To cancel, go here:

Also, try this:

On your computer, go to

Click Order History

Find the order you want to return

Select Request a Refund or Report a Problem and choose the option that describes your situation

Complete the form and note that you would like a refund

Food logging not functional
December 20, 2020

I really wanted to fast and keep track of my calories etc. Optimistic I got my iPhone and started to sign on .. first it did not know how to read my email address. So I tried on my desktop to see more options etc. It worked. As soon as I put all my bank info it took a yearly subscription and then reams of pages of junk food before I could finally get to the end.

They have the worst pick for the food logging, it is not practical or functional. I thought what did I do, I had already spent my money, trying to get it back was going to be impossible. If you are reading this you did your research wish I had.

Very Similar to Bait and Switch
October 7, 2020

Here is the deal with straight and to the point. Do begins by pumping up the reader that they will lose weight, a lot of weight, by intermittent fasting and they have the plan for you! However, there are zero facts or studies, real facts or studies. Next, they imply you will get a magical, all-encompassing plan situated to your sex, age, weight, and how much you want to lose by simply entering some information.

However, once your “Plan” is finalized, it is THEN, they let you know that you must buy the app for $66.00/yr. and the first payment is due before you can view your plan. Do Fasting is the same kind of rip-off artists as the gym owning thieves that neglect to tell you that you signed up for a yearly contract when you gave them your banking info. For the unbelievably great deal they are giving you! Because you are special AND they are such GREAT people!

Once they have your checking account number or Debit Card they will ACH you till you have nothing left. Vultures, the lot of them. This is a definite STAY AWAY! Do a little ‘DuckDuckGo’ research yourself and you can find you own specialized plan. Simply search for Intermittent Fasting and plans.


Save your money
July 8, 2020
I couldn’t log in, because the app kept wanting me to pay again. Fortunately, I used PayPal, so I’m using their resolution center. I had emailed several times, and they responded with an answer that had nothing to do with what I was asking. I finally got a link, and again I ended up at the payment page. I’m frustrated to the degree that I just want a refund and then to be done with them.

Lovely App
May 15, 2020

I started intermittent fasting after my friend recommended it to me. She does it without an app, just sets the timer. I decided to get an app to do it the right way and I came across dofasting. It could been any other app I guess but I’m happy with my purchase. So anyway, what I want to share is that my progress is faster than my friends and I will tell you why. I know intermittent fasting is about when to eat not what to eat bla bla BUT it’s also important to get all the right nutrition because you only have 8 hours to collect all the needed macros. So I almost always followed the meal recommendations they gave me and I lost twice as much weight as my friend. It’s an unplanned experiment I guess. The point is that it’s really nice there are apps that guide you through the eating process.

Excellent App!!
May 14, 2020

I just want to talk about those who talk the app is not worth your money. I don’t know where you live but I come from LA and to get sports and meal program it costs like 60$ and you can’t change it ever. With dofasting you can, they give you new meals so it doesn’t get boring eating the same food (at least I didn’t get bored and it’s the end of the second month since I’m using the app). The sports program is also really nice and I love it that it’s filmed so I know how to do every exercise and I can do it anywhere, at home or in a park and I really feel my muscles burning.

Happy Customer!!
May 11, 2020
A happy customer over here! My friend recommended me the dofasting app now I’m hooked. At first the idea of not eating for 16 hours kinda shocked me, but it’s not as hard as it seems. Anyways, this idea seemed even more shocking to my sister so we went in to a bet. She said I won’t be able to do it even for one week. She owes me a delicious dinner and a bottle of wine now because I’m successfully in the middle of my second week and I can’t wait to see what changes IF brings to my life after a month or to. I can feel it’s going to be a success. I just feel much better when fasting. I don’t feel gassy anymore and also my cravings for junk food are surprisingly lower.

Highly Recommend
May 9, 2020

Oh, I wish I found out about intermittent fasting sooner. I randomly read about it on the internet and was pleasantly surprised about all the benefits it has. One particular benefit stood out to me. So I have this condition called GERD. This means I have to take medicine every day to prevent heartburn and acid reflux. It happened that during my fasting I was out of town for couple of days and I forgot my medicine at home. I thought I’m screwed. But interestingly, the symptoms (which usually occur at night) were much less prominent. I’m still continuing to take my medicine on most of the days, but generally, I feel much better. Btw, I’m using dofasting app to help me through my process. If you ask me, it’s fine, easy to use.

So anyway, I really recommend fasting to those with GERD problems.

Great experience and great app
May 4, 2020

I got my leg injured this summer and I couldn’t walk for months and I gained 15 lbs of weight. Of course, I want to lose it as quick as I can. Now I can walk but I can’t really do sports so gym is not an option. I’m not really familiar with diets and all that so I browsed the internet and came across intermittent fasting. I read about its benefits on this Dofasting blog and I was really excited to give it a try. So I got their app and my user experience is great so far. I lost 10 lbs and only 5 more to go! Let’s see, maybe I can lose even more.

I also really want to thank the customer team. Because of my leg, I couldn’t do some exercises they recommended me on the app so I contacted them and asked for substitute-workouts and they were so kind and helpful with that.

Helps me lot
February 24, 2020
I used to do intermittent fasting on and off and after getting this app I am finally able to stay determined. The timer really helps me to stay motivated not to end my fasts sooner. Such a simple gadget, but goes a long way. The push notifications also help a lot. It really feels like you have someone watching over you :)

I think it's a great app
February 22, 2020
I decided I will review it after I give it some time. I started with 14:10 and after a week jumped on 16:8. It worked great for me. In total one month of fasting I lost 11 lbs and I generally feel so much better and happier.

Feeling better
February 20, 2020
Bet intermittent fasting app ever. I love almost everything about it. The fact that you can choose any type of fasting, the fact that you can pause your fasting if you good for vacation or something, the fact that you get a meal plan… Only one thing I would add is maybe an in-app note section to track how you’re feeling and how you’re improving.

Can't get my money back- Scam
February 14, 2020

I requested to cancel the 3 mos plan I bought within 24 hours of purchase and was told they don't have refunds. They have ignored my repeated requests for my money back. I am a senior citizen and feel totally violated with this transaction. That is a lot of money on my limited income and is greatly affecting my ability to buy necessary items for myself.

DebbieLeeReed Kelly February 20, 2020


Got good result
February 12, 2020
I couldn’t expect more from a fasting app. Dofasting works as a great motivator and helps me to stay focused on my weight loss. I started 2 months ago. Must admit, I struggled at the beginning but seeing results kept me really motivated. I’m 18 lbs down!!

App works well
January 30, 2020
It’s not lagging and has a pretty design.I also really really appreciate that it is add free. I am thankful that it not only tracks time when I’m not supposed to eat, but also gives me meal recommendations so I nourish myself with the right food.

Feel much better
January 28, 2020
I think it’s a great app. I decided I will review it after I give it some time. I started with 14:10 and after a week jumped on 16:8. It worked great for me. In total one month of fasting I lost 11 lbs and I generally feel so much better and happier.

Trying to cancel
January 25, 2020
Did The three day trial and I tried to cancel and the phone doesn’t work , won’t connect so I’m little discouraged scared because They got my credit card number might go to the Better Business Bureau on this.

Very good till now
January 24, 2020

It’s my second week since I started fasting so I can’t tell if anything changed in my weight but I can tell some things have changed. I drink way more water! It’s probably because I’m used to always be snacking, but now when I’m on my fasting window and I obviously can’t eat, I am “snacking” on water and tea. Also, the app notifications are nice and they remind me to drink enough.

This takes us to another thing I noticed. I don’t know if it’s due to fasting or to the water drinking or maybe both, but since I started fasting, I’m having good skin days. It just looks so nice and glowing and so far no “random” breakouts I would usually get.

Also, I’m a real sweet tooth. I love love love chocolate and pastries with my morning and afternoon tea/coffee. But since fasting, I’m craving for sugar way less. I was worried that after my fasting window ends I will be hungry like a beast and eat so much during my meals, but surprisingly my appetite is in much better control. I believe it’s a lifestyle/eating pattern I really want to adapt for the long-term!

Worth it
January 21, 2020
DoFasting app is a great product from my point of view. What I like the most is 1) Meal recommendations. The last app I used was only a time tracker, so it would help me to fast, but it wouldn’t help me on my eating windows and I feel like that’s super important if you want to lose more weight. 2) Exercising videos. They have filmed every exercise they recommend you to do, so you exactly know how it should be done. I do it with my daughter in the evenings and it’s also a great bonding time. 3) Customer service. They not only helped me when I had some technical issues with the app but also consulted me with some nutrition questions and I highly appreciate it. Of course, I understand I paid for that but I feel like the amount I paid is really worth it when I look at what I get.