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Starting up
January 21, 2020
So far I can’t get in the app and there is no free number to talk to customer service. Just emailed and they said they are backed up.

More than happy
January 19, 2020

Intermittent fasting is a real gamechanger to me. I happen to be one of those unlucky ones with slow metabolism… Some people would dare to tell me it’s an excuse to be fat, but I would really struggle to lose weight and follow diets, as results would come twice as slow to me. This was really demotivating.

I then saw the internet going crazy over intermittent fasting and why not give it a try, I thought. I decided to do it with the help of an app (DoFasting) and I’m more than happy with the results I got I must say.

The weight is not shedding of sooo fast for me, I’m losing like 2 lbs per week, but I think it’s good, considering I don’t even feel like I’m trying too much.

Terrible App
January 18, 2020
This app is awful! It's just a countdown timer and you can time your own fast easily, for free. I thought it'd have cool perks or research access, but it's lame. Such a disappointment. I deleted app months ago and thought that cancelled service, like most. Then was charged a sudden fee without notification. I emailed company and requested cancellation and a refund. They have some b.s. terms and conditions no refund policy and refused to return my money. Never in my life have I dealt with such predatory capitalistic start-ups. They will fail in a year with these poor morals and customer service.

CindyOzburn January 25, 2020

I had a 3 day trial want to cancel but the phone won't connect. Don't know how to get a hold of them. Kinda scary cuz they have my credit card #. I'm going to better business bureau and complain

Ray January 25, 2020

You have to write them via email, which is ridiculous. You can reach them at: [email protected]

Then you have to wait days before they finally respond- outrageous! And make sure they confirm to stop you subscription. Still watch your account though, because they are capitalistic predators enough to still try to bill you after cancellation. They have the worst customer service I've experienced in years! Definitely complain to BBB!

Ray January 25, 2020

This company is outrageous! You have to email them at [email protected] to tell them to cancel. Then you'll likely wait days before you receive a reply. And because they have awful customer service, you better watch your account closely to make sure they don't keep billing! Definitely report to the BBB.

January 18, 2020

I started intermittent fasting a couple of months in advance of my university graduation because I, of course, want to look my best. I’m losing weight and I’m and can almost fit in to the dress I’m going to wear which is sooo exciting!

But there is another benefit of fasting I really want to share with you. It also happened that the time I was fasting, was the time I was finishing to write my thesis. I read that fasting helps people to concentrate and have a clear mind, but I didn’t expect the effects to be so prominent. I would really be so productive before I opened my eating window and would get so much done I’m just sad I didn’t start it earlier. DoFasting is a great product you guys, definitely recommended!

Great user experience
January 15, 2020

Dofasting is the second fasting product I tried. The first one was basically just a timer telling you when to eat and when to stop. Not saying it’s not useful at all, but just not worth the money.

What I love about dofasting is that they give you meal recommendations, therefore they not only care about the time you don’t eat, but also about those 8 hours in your day you have to collect all the needed nutrients. I just find the meal plans they give you really tasty and easy to make and you also get all the nutritional value. Great product and great user experience!

Faster than i would expect
January 8, 2020
After all those diets I tried in the past, all this money I spend on cookbooks and even weight loss pills… I just feel stupid I didn’t start intermittent fasting sooner. This is the ONLY method that works for me. I’m not saying other diets are not effective at all, I'm just saying I couldnt bother to always measure how much the food weights and go to the gym and I also would always feel lack of energy. Since I started fasting I have no problem with my energy levels and weight is actually dropping faster than I would expect. I’m two sizes down on my jeans and I get so many compliments from my colleagues!

Better than previews
December 31, 2019
At first, I was like “intermittent what?” FASTING?” How can one not eat for 16 hours? That sounded like torture and like it’s impossible. At least for my appetite. But since the reviews I read about DoFasting were so good, I decided why not give it a try. What is there to lose? I must admit, the first days were hard. Even first weeks maybe (because you have to plan your dinners/night outs differently), but once you get used to it, boy oh boy it’s amazing. Eventually, the feeling of constant hunger just goes away, even If I haven’t eaten for 16 hours I don’t feel sooo crazy about the food like I used to. The lost weight? 15 lbs and counting.

I lost 15 lbs so far
December 21, 2019
First week of intermittent fasting was not so good for me. I lost only 1 lbs and I had headaches… I then read that it can be due to dehydration so I started drinking more water and thankfully the headaches went away. Week after week it got easier and now I have no problem fasting at all. As for my weight - I lost 15 lbs so far. Not as much as I would want to but more than I have lost with any other diet before, so I’m going to keep on going. The best part is my random hunger pangs stopped. Before starting fasting I would feel hungry even if I just had lunch. I guess it has something to do with my blood sugar levels because I know IF helps to balance them out!

Fat is shedding faster than I could ever expect
December 20, 2019

Now I get why people praise intermittent fasting so much. I started doing it this summer and I feel better than ever before. My skin is glowing, my hunger pangs are so reduced and the fat is shedding faster than I could ever expect. I feel like a new me! Maybe I am new me, actually. Ever heard of autophagy? IF literally renews our bodies!

This weekend I’m going shopping with my girlfriends because most of my old clothes aren’t don’t fit anymore. Also, DoFasting team is the greatest. The customer team is really warm and never failed to answer any of my questions. I’m 30 lbs down and I keep on going!

Feeling amazing
December 19, 2019
This app is a great tool for doing intermittent fasting. The support from the FB community is great too! On day 3 and so far, feeling amazing!

Good experience
December 18, 2019

I'm writing this review from my holiday with my husband in Bali. We both used the app for a couple of months before going on our holiday. I think it’s the second best decision we made together after deciding to get married haha. We both would be quite chubby since the college years but we didn’t bother too much. Now that we started planning to have children and we decided we want to show them a good and healthy example, we decided to try intermittent fasting.

I started cooking the recipes DoFasting gives you for both of us and we would also have eating/fasting windows at the same time. I’m 20 lbs down and my husband is 23 lbs down. We’re gonna have the best holiday pictures!

Don't waste your money!
December 17, 2019
You don't need this app for intermittent fasting. There's enough information on the Internet for you to be successful. I mistakenly hit the "year option" and they will not refund me. I only want the least option to try it out. Now I'm stuck with a worthless app and a $66. charge. I had trouble from Day1 logging on to the app. After giving me a code to log on, there's no place to change your password, so again, you're stuck. Save your money!

Helps me stay on track
December 16, 2019
This app helps me stay on track. Having it holds me accountable! It have tons of information on fasting with different levels.

December 7, 2019

I'm one of those who started intermittent fasting for the health benefits rather than shedding pounds. I wanted my mind to work more clear and I heard that’s what people get after fasting. I also wanted to keep my sugar levels in control, as I have diabetic in my family and want to avoid developing diabetes on my own. So I got the app without expecting to lose to much weight (I didn’t even check it in the first weeks I used the app) but then my colleagues at work started complimenting my looks and telling me I look much skinnier. I checked how much I lost, its 15 lbs in just 3 weeks!!!

I’m now recommending it to everyone. Who would’ve thought just changing the time we eat can do such a miracle.

This app is definitely a good investment.
December 1, 2019
It gives you the experience of having a personal fasting assistant (just as they claim in the ads). The reason I’m saying that is especially because of their great customer service. I guess I’m not the easiest to handle customer and I always have a lot of questions. However, I always appreciate when people are patient with me. Dofasting team never failed to answer any of my questions, were quick and provided me with good information. Also I want to share my weight loss success - I went -10 lbs in only 5 weeks. It’s a good healthy speed. I’m also curious to try 20 hour fasts few times per week. Let’s see where it gets me

Finally a product that is personalized.
November 30, 2019
I love that dofasting pays attention to all the details. They ask if you eat meat or not, they ask about your allergies, even about your favorite veggies and starch foods. I started with 14 hour fasts and after two weeks I went on 16:8. Really excited and feeling really good. My appetite after fasting windows surprisingly is suppressed, I can't eat huge portions like I used to (maybe my stomach shrunk). My skin is better and also my circadian rhythm is in place. I'm doing IF for 4 weeks and I lost 8 lbs. I think it is great!

Amazing experience
November 29, 2019
Hello everyone! I want to thank the DoFasting team for being such a help. Whenever I would have questions about the way I should eat or if I can make any replacements in the recipe, I would just contact the customer service team and get the answer so quick I really felt this personalized experience. Overall I’m having an amazing experience with the product and I wanted to share my success with you. I went from 180lbs to 140lbs in 5 months. For someone who has always had problems with losing weight, these numbers are amazing. I’m happy with how much I weigh right now, so I might try to change my fasting window from 16 hours to 14 hours and see if I can keep my current weight in place!

Happy with my progress
November 29, 2019

I started using DoFasting about 2 months ago. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m still really happy with my progress. I follow the meal plan and exercise recommendations just the way the app tells me to (I just do extra cardio sometimes) and I feel better than ever before. I’m also not much of a cook so I really appreciate that the recipes are so simple.

What was really weird for me is that after not eating for 16 hours I would be less hungry than when I would have a random eating pattern. I know I can spoil myself during the eating window, but I don't even want to. My average loss is like 6 pounds per week now. Hope to keep on going!

Thank you guys
November 28, 2019

I started intermittent fasting to prepare for my sisters’ wedding. She was always skinnier than me (not that I’m competing) and could always eat whatever and still stay skinny. And my metabolism is so slow.. In order for me to control my weight, I would always have to be on a diet. Almost 5 years ago I just gave up and gained a lot of weight… But 4 months before my sisters’ wedding I decided to give this app a try when I saw an add on the internet. Now I’m 40 lbs down and just can’t be happier!

Best part about intermittent fasting is that you don’t feel like you’re on a diet at all. The first weeks were hard but then I just started to feel better and better every day. Thank you guys.

Was skeptical but they are awesome!!
November 27, 2019

When I saw this app cost money I was really skeptical. Can't you just set a timer and fast on your own? That's what some of the comments said as well. But I then read some articles on their blog and realized they are quite pros and they know what they are talking about. So i invested the money and I don't regret a single dollar.

People, you don't buy a timer. You buy a sports program(that is filmed!!) you buy a meal plan(it is personalized), you get customer support and the app is also well designed, easy to use. It's the first app I ever paid money for but I'm telling you its so worth it. I also realized I'm saving money on food because the recipes they give are not super complicated and don't require any fancy/expensive products.