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July 10, 2019
Signed up, paid, and then was sent a link to download the app. Downloaded the app and was asked to pay again to move forward. I just paid to download an app???? Have sent 3 emails to zero responses and the phone number on website goes straight to a generic voicemail. Calling bank now to block any future charges. Do yourself a favor - fast on your own. SCAM.

TaiahBuker July 15, 2019

Same thing happened to me!! No response by calling or email and it’s the exact same contact they have listed here. I ALWAYS research before I buy online and they seemed legit. Im shocked that I was wrong, it is definitely a scam. Even if they have so many good reviews, I’m telling you right now! Do not buy!

ZulyMunoz July 18, 2019

I received mine with no problem and only paid once.

July 4, 2019
Their plan shows their lack of knowledge and it's quite expensive for zero value. Not a good plan at all. Just being honest! It's a generic plan and they have the exact same program for a keto plan, they don't care about the content just sales.

A top-notch product
July 4, 2019
Love it, already lost 7 pounds last month. :-)

Helped me lose some weight
July 3, 2019

What can I say, it helped me lose weight and regain control over my diet patterns.

5/5, would recommend.

June 30, 2019
Waste of money. It's a big scam

It's sooo easy to use
June 10, 2019
I really love the reminders! I used to forget my fasting schedule but not with DoFasting app! <3

SharonMarable June 16, 2019

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DebraAnn Conklin-Toth June 18, 2019

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Great tracker
June 10, 2019
Great fasting tracker with vast recipes and exercise libraries

June 10, 2019
Found all info that i needed. The beginner's guide helped out a lot as well.

I like the plan!
June 10, 2019

That many bad reviews kinda surprised me. I started following my plan about a month ago and I'm happy with my results (-8 lbs). As they say, the plan is pretty simple to use.

I feel like I want some more recipes, but in general, the plan is good!

June 10, 2019
I received my plan and it works just fine. You just gotta read everything before you buy. LOL :D

Waste of money
May 31, 2019
Seriously, do not buy this. Here’s what you get: Fast between 9pm and 1pm the next day. Eating window: 1pm - 9pm daily. There you go, now send me $30 when you get a chance. Thanks!

Daia June 10, 2019

Exactly! It is a COMPLETE SCAM and the information they provide to you is nothing different than what you can find on the internet with research on your own! Additionally the plan they promote on Facebook is NOT the plan you get. They say they will give you a "plan" including meals and workout regiment. All they give you is a "plan" just like you said... but then you have to pay an additional $9.99 for a work out plan (which thankfully I did NOT do) and recommended foods to eat, but they don't tell you how to eat within the plan. Total BS! I have been fighting this company through PayPal to get my $ back now for a month! Never received even a partial refund either.

Daia June 10, 2019

Complete, COMPLETE scam. The plan they send you is what you can find on your own with simple research on the internet. And what you get in the "plan" is NOT what they advertise on Facebook: Custom Plan with IF window, meal plan and workout plan. I purchased and upon clicking the link for the meals, it only provided recommended foods to eat. When I clicked the link for the workouts, it took me to a window that asked for MORE money! "Pay an additional $9.99 to access the workouts". BS. BUYER BEWARE.

luizaeschiletti July 04, 2019


Complete SCAM!!!
May 15, 2019
You are supposedly buying a custom plan, but the plan is the same for everyone. Do NOT waste your money!!! They are complete scam artists.

BevHenninger June 07, 2019

I paid for it and never even got a plan because they say they can’t locate my email address so I would have to say it’s nothing but a


Daia June 10, 2019

Very true Bev. I have been fighting to get a refund from PayPal and I have sent supporting documentation through Paypal as well as through their website as they direct in FAQ... I still have yet to even get a partial refund. Definitely a RIP OFF. I now wish I would have purchased this with my Capital One Platinum card, because at least Capital One would have given me my money back with a filed dispute. PayPal dispute only tells me it's in the company's favor (UAB Kilo Group is where the plan is purchased through) because I opened the link after my purchase through the "link to access the plan" this BS company sent via my email. That's how they get you.

May 14, 2019

No plan delivered. No response to enquiry. Scam.

Don't waste your time or money.

Don’t waste your money!!!!
May 11, 2019
Complete waste of money. The plan was repetitive and used be same words and paragraphs for each of the 7 days. It’s practically copied and pasted Mon-Fri. What a joke! And it’s something that you can find online for FREE

Daia June 10, 2019

Exactly! I'm almost feeling like PayPal doesn't seem to recognize this. It's ridiculous.

Extremely disappointed
May 9, 2019

I purchased the 'Plan" yesterday and am just flabbergasted - what a waste of money.

The back of a cereal box is more informative.

There is nothing in this program that you can't already find for free on the web.

VictoriaDuncan May 11, 2019

the "plan" is a very simple intermittent fast and the nutrition plan sucks; the recipes are poorly written and the food is low cal, low fat. I'll be asking for a refund. this product has no value and is just a money grab.

Daia June 10, 2019

Victoria did you even get your money back? I'm still fighting this via PayPal. I have appealed twice. I'm submitting a compliant on BBB.