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Run for the hills - fast
January 27, 2021
For god's sake move on. These folks are a scam, they sent me a watch that was beat to hell and the battery wouldn't hold a charge for more than 80 minutes. They have ZERO customer support just an array of pre-transcribed email responses for whatever scam they are pulling that week.

December 15, 2020

I ordered a product that does not work. Paid extra for expedited shipping and it took 12 days to receive it. Reached out to customer support on 11/29 and no response until 12/08 asking what is wrong but did not provide a return process. I explained what was wrong and asked how to return it again. No response until I emailed twice more.

Today (12/15) I received a response with terrible YouTube instructions that in no way address the problem. Asked for return process- no response. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and will take every opportunity to make sure people know how terrible this business truly is.

December 9, 2020

What I found out about this scam company is that their domain is for sale. I placed an order on Nov 19th, and still have NOT received it. 1 part of the order shipped out and is going back and forth from 1 USPS location to another for 3 days now.

I am going to call the Pompano Beach Police to see if they can find out IF this is a company...

DavidCox February 05, 2021

What did the Pompano Police say ? I'm having a problem now.

Rip Off
December 2, 2020

You spend good money on a tablet, it will not connect to goggle. You see on screen, upgrade, but it wont upgrade to where you can download goggle...I was shocked. Google has been on all my tablets and ipads, the last 7 yrs.

So, I tried to use the dailysale.com site, to return it. And I received a notice of .......You cant't return this, its not new. It was new to me and actually, haven't paid on credit card for it. But, its not new. Don't let them, rip you off. I have waited days for response to my emails to be answered

NO customer service at all. its worse than automated phone prompts!
December 1, 2020

Their customer service is total joke. I have been trying to return an item for 3 weeks now and their "customer service" is a robot with a pre-typed generic reply based on keywords from your email. they have YET to address my actual issue that I have been asking the same question for 3 weeks and they don't even acknowledge the question or the screenshot I send showing the error I have.

Every reply is 3-4 days after your email and does not address anything. its a generic reply to use the return portal after more than 10 emails saying the same thing that I cannot and I've tried!. Worst company I've dealt with, ever.

Scammers and PayPal’s best friend!
October 23, 2020

On June 27 2020 I purchased 3 pairs earrings. They have 30 day refund policy. Took me 2 weeks to receive.

Earrings were tiny toddler size. 3 days finally got someone. Almost a week later, I’m sent return label and address. Never heard from them, even though I sent return registered mail and was sent email that package was accepted. I finally filed complaint with PayPal. All of this was in July. PayPal gave me an address in Florida to return earrings.

I sent paperwork, showing the address in Brooklyn NY I was given label to return. Every time I would inquire about my refund PayPal would keep changing the resolution date. Last week PayPal sent me a message saying they closed the complaint because I didn’t send proper paperwork. I have been dealing with these 2 scamming companies since June. 4 months later, even after me telling them, if I’m not going to get my refund, just let me know.

I filed complaints with BBB. Do not deal with these crooks!!

It’d be funny if I weren’t out 20 bucks!
October 14, 2020

I ordered a Fitbit from Daily Sale. It took a month to arrive. Finally it came! I opened up the package, and to my bewilderment and consternation, the package contained no Fitbit! Inside the box was a little hinged metal tray, which I could most closely describe as a portable ash tray! Absolutely bizarre!

Upon notifying them of this weirdness, I received a standard statement of their return policy, with which I am loath to proceed, as I am required to indicate that I am returning a Fitbit, which I am not!

I urge y’all to NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM DAILY SALE and avoid a trip to the Twilight Zone Like I am on!

September 22, 2020
I bought a hose that was defective right out of the package and they would not replace it with a working product. Was told that it was outside of the return policy, but that's when I had a chance to hook it up to the spigot and found out it was full of holes.

Scam, Scam, Scam
September 7, 2020

products are soooo misrepresented. #1."Diamond" bracelet was NOT as pictured and was tiny and poor quality. #2 Battery operated razor was almost impossible to pull apart to insert batteries. When it finally opened, the light assemble fell apart. Piece of junk. #3 Assorted lid covers were made of cheap, flimsy plastic. Not, sturdy as the picture indicated. #4 Am still trying to get the "Smart Light" to work. One of us is not so smart. Must be me for ordering from DailySales.com. After reading other reviews, apparently it's hopeless to return items for a refund, but will try anyway.

Total scam, no returns.
June 25, 2020
Do not order from this website. They sell used items, though it is not readily apparent that the item you buy is used. I sent them 3 emails saying that I wanted to return the item. 2 weeks later they sent me an email saying, yes the item is used and scratches are to be expected, but they are confident my item will function well. No mention of how to return it, even though I asked 3 times. At the end of the email they said, please email us with any questions or concerns... I did 3 times and my issue was not addressed. There is no telephone number on the site, only a “contact us” form. Please don’t bother ordering from these scammers.....

VanessaAnne Hroch Allison September 22, 2020

They have a phone number posted on the web but it's DISCONNECTED! That should tell you something! SCAMMERS!

Rip Off
June 24, 2020
Misrepresentation of item as new when it used/refurbished item. Also item was engraved a property of a school. No customer service. Impossible to return anything without reaching customer service for return authorization. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. DISHONEST.

I am still waiting
June 19, 2020
I am still waiting on my order from dailysale's I have ordered on June 6th and still have not got my package yet they tell me it's on his way but I'm still waiting they are lousy company. I will never order from them again.

June 11, 2020
Will never order from them again. Received notice that package would be delivered on June 8 from UPS. When checking UPS when package did not arrived, noted it had been sent to USPS on June 8th at 2:30 pm with note to contact USPS for further tracking. As of today, USPS has not received the package and states they have notification from UPS that they were sending to USPS on June 8th. Will attempt to email Daily Sale today, since there is no phone#, to inquire WHERE IS MY PACKAGE!!!

BianHall June 19, 2020

I made order with daily sales on June 6 and still have not received my package and I have emailed them 3 time already all they Tell me it's on the way and I tried calling them but get no response at all but l will never order from them again they have lousy service.

DOUGLAS L PERLE April 18, 2021

I ordered on March 30, 2021, Dove 4 pack 34oz x 2 shower body wash. When the order arrived it was 4 pack 27.05oz x 2, 56oz less than what I paid for. Bait and switch dealer comes to mind. This outfit is a fraud.

No Return Possibilities
April 8, 2020
Do not buy from this site...

Softest sheets
March 23, 2020
These are 4th set I have bought. Love ty he awesome price and color choices. Have told several people about website.

January 24, 2020

I purchased 2 smart home video door bells and the quality was poor and the motion was sporadic.

I called to return, the office is ALWAYS CLOSED!

They requested website, they said to request an RMA, I requested it twice and no response.



Julie D
January 20, 2020
They are scam, They try to sell stuffs that not quality, when you want to return it, the will let you wait till due date return 30 days, so they can get out that because the return day due. They steal your money , don't trust them

AndyInzerillo January 24, 2020

i AGREE!!!!!

BBB is best for resolution
December 4, 2019

I, too, wondered if this was a scam company. While there seem to legit positive experiences, negative ones almost always involve: 1) a product that was never received, was defective, wasn't what was advertised, etc.; and 2) impossible to reach customer service.

I checked the BBB website, and, while the company is not affiliated, it does receive a 'B'. More important, people who file a BBB complaint ALMOST ALWAYS RECEIVE A SATISFACTORY OUTCOME. I would urge people with issues to contact the BBB and file a complaint. Records available on the BBB website show the complaints, company responses, and the outcome.

One of the worst rip offs of my life
December 2, 2019
I purchased a Chromebook from DailySale in Nov 2019. 1) The description clearly stated that it was a new computer

Bill December 04, 2019

For everyone with return / refund issues, I urge you to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If you check the BBB website and look at the list of complaints, you will see: 1) a common pattern of complaints (items never received, not as advertised, broken, impossible to get in touch with customer service, etc); 2) that the company RESPONDS to BBB complaints, and all complaints (as per the BBB website) eventually get resolved. The BBB system shows the individual complaints and then the thread of the company's responses through to resolution.

I suggest people immediately file a BBB complaint to resolve issues with this company.

Anonymous June 24, 2020

OMG the same happened to me! I just filed a complaint to the BBB. It was a used/refurbished chromebook even though the website didn't state that. Also I wonder if the item was stolen item as it indicated property of a school.

Scam or what?
August 5, 2019
I gave this co. 1 star in a previous review because minus stars weren't available.I believe this co to be a scam or either there's poor management going on that doesn't care about customer satisfaction just how to make a quick buck and they use misleading advertisements like 30 day returns and make products their look bigger than they really are like the gold necklace I purchased it looked to be decent size in the pic (and I checked to see if it had been blowed up) but what I received must have been a child necklace so I emailed the co. Well within the advertised 30 day return period but got no reply so I emailed them several more times then I sent emails to customer service with no reply I've looked for a phone # but there isn't 1 that I can find so bottom line is it's a crap shoot when you order from this co.you may be lucky and get what you thought you ordered or you could end up like me with an inferior or broken product I felt compelled to write this review to warn people of this deceitful co.and didn't want this to happen to others

Nancy Smith October 09, 2019

I always read reviews and check customer service and the BBB. I order a cheap item so I can check out customer service! If I find a company to be a scam I post all over social media plus send an email blast to as many people plus other companies and I have always gotten thousands of shoppers and companies to respond back.I send out SCAM alerts ASAP !!! I detest scammers and the pubic needs to stop, check out the companies , and alert the public to all scamming thieves !!!