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November 28, 2016

They will take your money and link you to a receipt with a bogus tracking number and send you nothing.

I was so thrilled to find the Sterling Silver chains this site had listed, and for the price I ordered 7 in various styles and lengths. My total sale was $44.10 I paid through Amazon which I thought was a solid indicator of this sites legitimacy ........WRONG!!

When I was notified that the funds had been removed from my account I was sent an invoice with a tracking number that turned out to be dead end bogus. It never registered with the USPS package tracker and is now listed as expired. Still no package delivered either

I have made numerous attempts both through the generic contact form on the website as well as a direct email to their "[email protected] and have received NO response AT ALL..

Still awaiting my merchandise, a response or anything for now all I've gotten is scammed and ripped off


April 11, 2017

Same here except I have not waited that long, but their tracker is useless. I tried contacted them with the only option given through their support but never received a response. This company gets a big fat F and if I don't received my order, which by the way was paid for immediately out of my account, I will report them to the BBB which I see has numerous reports made on them. You might try reporting it to them

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14k Solid Rose Gold Earrings, Full dimensions: 14mmx2mm?

November 17, 2016

Ordered the 14k Rose Gold Earrings dimensions described as 14mmx2mm in a gift pouch (received on 11/10/2016 in a small plastic bag) not pouch in a small manila envelope after emailing numerous of times in 11/2016 about when and if I would receive Earrings. Full dimensions description on advertisement page states, solid 14k rose gold earrings, 14mmx2mm. 78% off. retail $99 crafted from solid rose gold. add a classic feminine touch to all kinds of outfits. ? The product I received is so small I can put both on my thumb fingernail, the description led me to believe that an adult can wear the earrings, well l wouldn't recommend this site to anyone. too small. I feel I've been ripped off by false advertisement, still waiting for a reply from them as to how to return, never been so disappointed in a product, VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED.. Will never order from this site again and will inform friends not to. RIP OFF.

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[email protected]

November 16, 2016

I ordered on 11/03/16 and have not heard anything since that day. What is wrong with this company?

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Never have received order

October 22, 2016

I placed an order with Daily Sale on 9/22/16 and still have yet to receive the product. I get 4 to 5 emails daily telling me the status that has stayed at "label created" for almost the entire month. I've submitted 3 requests using their only way of contact and the status of those requests is still unassigned. I have no idea how they are staying in business. Please be aware and do not buy from this website!!!!!!!

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Return Shipping fees not refunded

September 6, 2016

I ordered a blood pressure monitor that is defective and asked for a refund plus return shipping fees. I did not realize they do not pay for returns even though they ship defective merchandise. I would expect to pay my own return shipping fees if I just didn't like the product, but when a product is defective, you have to pay to return it. That way, they are free to ship out anything and not worry if the product works or not. It is hardly worth it to order from them as (in most cases) the shipping costs almost as much as the product. Therefore, I will not order from them again as I don't want to take a chance that the product might or might not work.

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No Returns Accepted! Beware!

June 23, 2016

I purchased 2 of their "up graded" mystery boxes ($30 each) All I received for both, was junk I could have bought at a dollar store! And in my opinion, not worth even close to $30.00!
When I try to return it, They ignore my request for a refund if I don't accept their firs offer of a price adjustment.
This is a shady company in my experience and would not recommend them to anyone, very unethical!

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