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Comenity Bank, located online at, is a financial institution that provides the backing of many different store and brand credit cards and credit accounts.

How Does it Work?

According to their website, the goal of Comenity and their two subsidiaries, Comenity Bank and Comenity Capital Bank, is to make the shopping experience of consumers better.

Consumers who choose store credit cards and credit accounts do so because they love that retailer, but their incentive for keeping the card comes from the benefits they receive from being an account holder.

Comenity Bank says they work with many of the nation’s most popular places to shop to create credit programs for their customers which help keep their customers happy and loyal to their brand.

In pursuing this goal, they have successful backed over 28 million store credit cards or accounts, and their website says they continue to work hard to make sure their credit programs are clear, easy to use, and easy to manage.

If you have a Comenity backed account, you can use their website to manage your account, as well as utilize the other helpful tools available on their website for your own personal benefit.

They provide articles which address financial health, both from the angle of providing their customers with general tips and guidelines for promoting good finance and more specific articles that focus on having and maintaining good credit.

Customer Service

Customers who have issues, questions, or complaints can contact Comenity Bank directly at one of their customer service phone numbers, depending on the nature of the issue they are seeking help with.

You can also contact the company by mail at their address in Columbus, OH or with a simple email submission directly through their website if your issue is not urgent and you have no need to speak to someone directly.

If you have any experience with Comenity Bank or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Comenity Bank Customer Reviews

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The worst
June 6, 2024

I wish I could do 0 starts!!!!! This is the literal worst company to bank with. I dont have access to make payments online because I was locked out! I made my payment late unfortunately and these people will only credit me $15 of the $30 fee. Mind you, I have never ever been late on any payment with them!


Don't do business with this bank.
April 20, 2024
Stay away from this bank. They charge for payments that don't go thru even though you get a conformation # from them. Got a janky answer from the manager that it take up to 15 day for them to get an answer. You can use a debit card thru there phone or with a customer service rep. but not on there website where you have to use your banking information. There website does not work well at all. I tried to login to my acct and it just said that my information didn't match there records even though I changed it twice. Dell is using them so be careful because you think it is dell credit services ,but they switch it once it is approved.

Awful Banking / Billing Dept.
April 18, 2024
Please do not enroll with any credit card from Comenity Bank /Bread Financial. It is antiquated and a scam. There are some department stores that use them as well as Ulta. Do not apply for anything with this bank. They are still working in 1980 fashion, difficult to deal with, will not close an account if you ask. Poorest banking service ever. Use Capital One, American Express, or other major bank card which will give you discounts at all stores. These small banks like Comenity do not offer any fringe benefits or real discounts. They are not worth applying for .

How could this be???
April 12, 2024

This is regarding my dispute with Comenity Capital Bank (my account number ending in: 4565) that issued Lending Club Patient Solutions a credit of $10,350 that was then paid to Excel Dental & Implant Center for the upcoming dental treatment of my son, Joseph T. Durica, the patient. I signed the so-called Active Treatment Plan (1) agreement with Excel Dental on 3/6/2023 that depicts the entire dental treatment for my son Joseph T. Durica (the patient) at the total cost of $10,350. There were no items in the treatment plan that became a subject to this dispute, listed/specified as “surgical stents,” commonly used in connection with dental implants.

On 3/6/2023, my son, Joseph T. Durica, the patient, received an x-ray from Excel Dental in the amount of $410, the only service/procedure since my son decided not to proceed with the treatment and therefore, he cancelled all further services/procedures within 72 hours as required by the Active Treatment Plan (1) agreement. Therefore, Excel Dental was supposed to refund $9,940 to Comenity Capital Bank from the total of $10,350. About three months later (5/23/2023) Excel Dental produced three fabricated charges for so-called “surgical stents,” each at $375 even though my son has received no implants at Excel Dental, nor has he received any additional service at Excel Dental beyond 3/6/2023.

I paid off my account balance of $410 for the service received, in fact I overpaid it by $40, on 10/12/2023 which is well before the maturity of my account, being 3/6/2024, after which date, I would be charged an interest for the outstanding balance. After my last payment I have notified Comenity Capital Bank that I will not be making any more payments and that I remain disputing the charges as I stated before.

On 2/22/2024 Comenity Capital Bank posted to my online account a request for a new minimum payment in the amount of $88 that includes $29 late fee. Based on Comenity Capital Bank I am supposed to owe the bank $1,114 even though I have overpaid my account by $40. However, this is not the most recent statement from Comenity Capital Bank/Lending Club Patient Solutions. The most recent statement is dated 3/17/2024 based on which I am supposed to owe them $1,167.73 (with piled up interest and late fees charges). This amount, like the one before and any other that may follow, I completely dispute based on the facts I shared here earlier. How could this be? How could a bank like this still exist? No consequences. Where is the law? Is this the USA?

How are they still in business?
March 29, 2024
I signed up for a card a few weeks ago. I never got the card. When I got my first bill, I couldn't pay it because I didn't have the card number (I thought). I called and wrestled with the automated system. I have a paralyzed vocal cord so can't use the voice commands reliably. When I finally got a person, he told me the number was at the bottom of the page. What kind of stupid sense does it make to "secure" the card number in the account number box but then print it out in full at the bottom of the same page?? So I go online to pay my bill. It won't save my bank info. I call back and am told I need to use the Chrome browser. We don't use Chrome; we use a secure browser that works fine with all our other accounts, and we are not going back to Chrome now for ANYbody. So I decide to go back to the phone automated assistant. I can't type the cc number in fast enough and it sends me again to a representative. And again, she refuses to help me unless I pay a $9.00 fee and sends me back to the phone system. It took me a solid half hour to pay my bill and close my account. Some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. No matter my problem, they still refused to do any work on it themselves without an exhorbitant fee. Never again Comenity. I will remember you, and Bread Financial, forever.

March 19, 2024
I have a Patient Solutions loan with Commenity Bank. Bal left is $4801. Due to medical issues and surgeries, I've fallen behind with my $204 monthly payments. I called Commenity to set-up a payment plan for Patient Solutions balance. The gentlemen I spoke with took all the info and was willing to set-up the arrangement. After taking my info, he transferred me to someone else to finalize the payment plan. I spoke to Shawn. Shawn explains the only way they can finalize the Patient Solutions payment plan is if I pay my ULTA credit card balance in full and they close the ULTA account. I NEVER discussed ULTA credit card with the gentlement. My ULTA account is open, NOT past due and my payments are made on-time. These accounts are two different agreements I entered into separately, but now Commenity wants to close my good standing ULTA account even though one account doesn't have to do with the other. I'm screwed because I only have the option to pay ULTA in full, close it, and then set-up an arrangement for Patient Solutions OR I keep ULTA, continue paying on-time, and my Patient Solutions account continues to be past due and charged late fees because Commenity doesn't want to make a payment plan without me closing my ULTA account and paying it in full. THEY ARE CROOKS TO THE FULLEST.

Lousy customer service
March 13, 2024
I can well understand why this "joint" has only 1 star rating. Called to inquiry about my application for a Payboo card (B&H Photo) Got hold of a rep named Lashanda who said credit approval takes 7-14 days. (I applied on 3/8/24 - it is now 3/13/24). She puts me on hold and never comes back. I finally had to HU!

To get this resolved
March 2, 2024

This company is a total rip off they are terrible. I had these account with Dell Financial some how this rip off company got my loan I received no notice when I knew they had my loan was when the charged me 250.00 in interest charges. SInce never got noticed in the mail I though if I pay the loan off they would take the interest but definitely not. I tried to pay them off with a major credit card they dont accept credit cards but the supply credit cards. On top of the interest of 250.00 I am charged 15.00/16.00 a month extra of interest, They are bad business

February 28, 2024

Comenity bank is usury at its finest. They are inconsistent, dishonest and scammy.

Their accounts often include hidden fees and minimums. Payments will be applied randomly to multiple financed plans and their system does not have real time balance reporting.

Their websites are trash.

They will also randomly close accounts for no reason.

Comenity: expect to be scammed.

It’s a scam company and you never seem to be able to pay anything off due to interest
February 27, 2024

I used to have comenity bank with my Wayfair account and they were to difficult to deal with so I closed the account after they ruined my credit score on items I never bought. Now, I see they are doing the same thing with my Talbots card. After i finally get out of the mess they’ve made with that, I will never ever do business with any company that uses comenity, Wayfair or Talbots again. I’ve spent countless hours and being shuffled back and forth between comenity, Wayfair and Talbots and no one seems to be accountable for anything.

February 19, 2024

Comenity bank calls me 2 times a day but won't say any thing. I recently was frauded involving 4 different transactions on my pnc bank reward card totaling $200. My bank called me about it. I got phone #'s from all of them and everything about them was similar.

Same unprofessional response, noise in background and same people. I caught 1 lady goofing up and saying "Oh I see you have another transaction for $59 ". I responded that I just called a company in phillipines who said that was a transaction they had. I told her I was calling the police if I don't get my refund. She was so nervous and needed to ask someone. I said no you are to late and I hung up on her.

She immediately called me back and pleaded with me to give my money back. I told her again it was too late. I followed up on those companies and found out they were all scam companies. I got my money back. ]

But since then Comenity bank calls 2 times a day and won't say anything when I answer. Checked them out and they are most likely a rip off scam company.

Worse financial service I’ve ever experienced
February 17, 2024

Is it possible to give a - rating? If so, that’s what this bank would get. After Dell transferred their financial services over to Con-enemy bank, I’ve experienced nothing but headaches in dealing with them. From the initial experience of registering my account, to setting up payments, to lack of customer support, this has been the most difficult financing institution I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

The online experience was clunky and glitchy initially to set up the account and the phone support was not helpful in the least.

Needless to say I’ll be closing my account as soon as possible and not doing business with them.

Horrible business. Will never use them again.
February 7, 2024

We used to have excellent credit. We applied for a card through our favorite store, gave them our new address and purchased a few dollars worth of stuff.

The bill was sent to our old address, several states away and we never got it.

So they reported it to collections. We don't even know how they got our old address.

So we called them. We paid the bill, gave them our new address and cancelled the card.

Then they reported us again.

They told us that we didn't pay the interest (2 dollars) and all of the added fees. They sent us a bill - to our old address, again - and reported us again.

Knock a hundred points off of our credit, zero confidence that they won't just do it again.

AND when we were talking to them, the rep was rude, treated us like criminals, and hung up on us.

Never again will I get anything from this bank. Never, ever, ever.

Scamming customers using St. Jude
January 10, 2024
Comenity Bank is terrible, customer service rep's are just as bad. I purchased merchandise and donated $1 to St. Jude Children's Fund. I was not satisfied with the merchandise so I returned it. They credited by card all but the $1 that I donated to St.Jude. I later received a bill stating that I had a late fee. I did not have any other purchase on my card. They billed me late fees for 2 months so I paid the late fee so it wouldn't impact my credit. The next month I received another late fee. My card is not late because I returned the merchandise. They are charging me monthly charges for the $1 charges. I tried to dispute the matter I was given the wrong address, I had to contact the BBB. This bank is definitely a SCAM. I'm closing my card and sharing my story on all social media platforms.

Come in the bank is a scam
November 16, 2023
Comenity bank is such a scam you sent your money on time and they said oh no it takes 10 days to process so they give you late please I close my account immediately thank God the bogus late fees and interest charges which I am not going to pay I wish the companies that use them would not use them because I actually like the companies How come they are not aware of what a scam these people are?

RichardMcMahon March 09, 2024

They are quick to charge a late fee. I had a dispute with them and they never investigated it to get me a refund but the company I had a dispute with settled it later when I called the customer service number instead of the location of the disputed amount.

Please Read Dishonest $ hungry Company charge late fees you od on time every mth pd more each mth
October 30, 2023

Please Read !! Don’t get Big lots or just this Comenity Bank Card !! It’s scam they keep billing charging you after you pd acct off was never late paying on the bill . They have my bank info I always pd it online they said my numbers was off I used same acct numbers few mths then they looked me with late fee after I pd whole bill off they popped me just now letter in mail I owe money I cut card last mth I pd it off closed the acct .

Stay away from Comenity Bank they money hungry greed company would t refund me late fee or remove late punt off my credit . I pay on lots loans mthly never been late all 21 loans I pay on my elderly sick mothers loans myself too . Please steer clear this company they greedy . I didn’t use that cc but 1 time I pd it mthly pd lot more they asked horrible dishonest company want help you sure want refund you . It was their app barely works at all too .

I had this card 1 1/2 yrs never used it till Aug this yr they said I put wrong no in online it’s saved I used same acct whole time I owed them for that 1 day was $80 something charged on card they charged me triple $ then they lowered my limit .

Please stay clear . This horrible greed . Plus I closed acct out last mth I pd it on Sept 1st they charged me late fee w acct closed in Oct said I may have pay another $41 if interest from closed acct not pd by Oct 23-2021 on closed out acct pd off $0 bl just has pay interest fees today 10-30-2023 . Scammers very money hungry .

October 22, 2023
DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! SCAMS. Got BB credit card to buy a sofa 330.00 my balance has never gone below that, no matter how much I paid. They now are FORCING account holders to give direct access to your checking account. Call customer get charged $9.00 to talk to someone.

Run! Run fast!
October 16, 2023
The worst company in the world to deal with! Not worth a star

PaulaBlack October 16, 2023

Any card I get I make sure it is not a commenity card. They are terrible, we received 12 calls a day on vacation for 25 dollars. We were on tours and stuff and couldn’t go thru getting the card out and writing down confirmations so we sent it to voicemail and took care of it at the hotel however it was ridiculous. Also beware because of the lawsuits and such they have changed their name to Bread Financial.

RichardMcMahon March 09, 2024

I called Caesar's Rewards customer service and asked them not to renew their contract with them.

October 13, 2023

I applied for Dental First insurance plan to pay for dental work in 2019. I was approved for approximately $7,500. Comenity, who oversees Dental First, took $347 out of my bank account automatically for several years (high interest rate), until it was paid off in Dec 2021. I didn't need dental work until now, but find that Comenity closed my account because I didn't need dental work for a period they deemed by whim that I should have had dental work. The $1,000's I paid into this finance plan is now unaccessible and I never received any notice whatsoever to maintain the plan or that Comenity was going to close my account due to my teeth being too health. They will be hearing from my attorney and I am considering a class action lawsuit. STAY AWAY FROM COMENITY: THEY ARE FRAUDULENT THIEVES.

Awful deceptive Company. Stay away from Comenity and AAA cards!
October 3, 2023

I did not sign up for this terrible bank.

I had a credit card with AAA. Well they changed my credit card to this terrible bank.

Right away after the change I figured out how incredibly crooked Comenity bank is. They do not even have an App.

They try to cheat people by making it very hard to find information.

I paid off the entirety and will never do any business with them ever again. These kind of banks should never be allowed to operate. .

Also AAA i am canceling your card After 32 years just because you knew this bank was horrible but you were getting greedy and you thought you could get more interest and late payments from poor people that could not figure out how to find and understand how to pay this crooked scam company. Shame on you AAA for not caring anymore either.