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August 15, 2023
Just like everyone else I would give 0 stars if I could. Worst bank ever and I am over 50 years old so I have experience with banks. If you ever think about getting a credit card from this bank don't. You will have more issues resolving your problems than it is worth. They may even ruin your credit and no one including corporate wants to resolve any issues. There are other options out there and better institutions.

Absolutely Horrible
August 7, 2023
If I could give less than one star I would. Comenity Bank is absolutely horrible to deal with or even talk to. I had a Comenity Bank card for a store credit card. I initially canceled my account because I don't agree with the residual interest practices they employ. The "customer service" employees they hire are very difficult to speak with due to very thick accents. I will never do business with Comenity bank again. Buyer beware.

August 3, 2023

In 50ty years of banking this bank is the WORST banking experience I have ever had ,of the 20 banks I have dealt with this one is rock bottom.I gave it a one star rating,if I could of I would of gave it a MINUS 5 !!!

I owed them like 45 cents and the charged me a fine of $16 plus interest ! I filed a complaint notice and got no response.

When I got this ridiculous charge I paid it the next day just to get rid of it and then they hit me with a late charge and more interest !!! Their processing department must be the pony express.


Robs customers with sneaky interest charges.
August 2, 2023

Comenity Bank finds new ways to rob customers and charge interests that are not easy to understand, especially when you have the B&H Credit Card and choose the 12-month financing option. Be careful and ALWAYS ALWAYS review your statements before making the payments.

Good Sam's Reward Visa SCAM
July 31, 2023
Sent me a letter stating the credit card I had applied for was turned down. Good Sam's Reward Visa. I never applied for such a thing. There were no phone numbers on the letter and I had to look them up on-line. There was a number on the letter that they referenced and then to close the application, they wanted ME to verify all my information. PHISHING SCAM

Do not trust this trash company
July 25, 2023
I'm only giving them 1 star because I cannot give them less. I have a GameStop card I have had it for years. I have never missed a payment, I also do not use the card often but I keep it open in case I do want to use it as I have done in the past. They send me a message on GameStop saying it was closed. I write them back and tell them I want it open. They write back and tell me it's not closed but it's going to be unless I give them permission to look at my credit again. On an open account with no issues!! I have no negative credit nothing like that. Trash company! Also maybe speak to your local stores and see if the have another financial option for you.

Worst Bank ever
July 22, 2023
Comenity Bank is the worst Bank to deal with, they only care about taking money from you. They charge me $547.99 as fees for one month, and I pay my card automatically every single month. Don't take any card from them, you will regret it!

Comenity bank is scam bank and will destroy your credit
July 20, 2023
Do not apply for any kind of credit card unless you know what bank is being used for the credit. Comenity bank is a scam bank and will continue to charge you so called ‘late fees’ long after you closed the account. They are also collections so they will turn it over to collections while you have no idea you owe money to a closed account. Complete scam.

Cathy October 12, 2023

I am having this exact same issue.

They should be more tolerant
July 19, 2023
This bank cannot be trusted, they do not care what happens to the client, they finance the FLOOR & Decor cards and they do not care if you had a problem when making a purchase in the store due to their mistake, since they did not have the specialized person to correctly calculate the necessary tiles for a whole house, even so they did not care and nobody wanted to listen, they only charged you the interest even after finishing paying more money for that error, now they cancel my card even though I have paid all the entire purchase for not paying the exaggerated interest, I am not interested because both the store and the bank are not entities that have demonstrated any ethics, I "alert" them so that the same thing does not happen to them in trusting entities that are not to be trusted when their reason for being is the client

Deceptive, unclear Billing Statements.
July 18, 2023

I bought hearing aids. I waited for bills. In the meantime I was receiving bills from Comenity Bank. The bills did not state what they were for. I thought it was a scam. Finally I asked the seller of the devices. By then I was in the 28% interest range of Comenity Bank! I could not catch up. They began harassing me for payment. It was an entirely horrible experience. They may have been a scam at first when I ignored their deceptively worded billing. I am an 81 year old woman. I regret buying hearing aids. I didn't even know the payment was to be done through Comenity Bank. It has taken a toll on my well being and credit rating. Do not ever use Comenity Bank for anything.

Comenity is a joke of a bank
July 18, 2023

Comenity and their banking system is a joke. They closed my account over a year ago because I supposedly asked to look it up too many times. I have been in a ridiculous loop for the last three months trying to reopen it. The customer service rep on the phone while I was in the store on July 7 led me through the reapplication process multiple times in multiple ways and nothing went through. SHE suggested that I try contacting Comenity through the app at home. Today I received 7COPIES OF THE EXACT SAME LETTER telling me I had an account already and to call

Customer service. Maxine at customer service told me I had to go to the store and do it. So I did. The store manager was amazing and tried everything but Comentiy? We went round and round and I was told by Trisha, a supervisor who really didn't seem to know much to call "credit Recovery" even though the "old account isn't the problem. "Then I was told to call "New Accounts" (really- that's who sent me 7 COPIES IF THE EXACT SAME LETTER. ) I told her that I expected a letter from them now fixing this because I have spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to untangle this just so I can get double Ulta points. I don't even want the card will NEVER finance or apply for a credit card through this sad excuse for a bank again.

Expect they will play games to get late fees
July 18, 2023

Crooked as can be. They do B&Hs Paybook card and routinely send emails saying your payment is due on a certain date. When I go to pay in advance, late charges are already applied. I rarely receive payment emails before the payment is due. We have plenty of money. We just can't work with this company in a fair way.

This company is not reliable.
June 26, 2023

We were with Bank of America, AAA. We were sold to Comenity and have had problems ever since.

We pay our bill in full every month so I don’t understand why when we use the card we are denied. This has happened to my husband very recently for the second time. I was also denied access on my card. We’ve both been issued new cards and it happened again.

I’ve been embarrassed at the register…Enough is enough. They have been nothing but trouble.

You be the judge... very questionable banking outfit
June 23, 2023
I question this bank in the highest degree. My 27 year old special needs son received by mail on the same day, (3) letters from Comenity Bank. Each letter was addressing credit applications with three large retailers and they wanted us to send them: photo copies- front and rear of his Driver license, passport and utility bill. The address to send the information was indeed in Columbus OH - just a different PO# number. I am feeling the slim from this bank. Attempted to call their fraud line, not able to get past the auto screening system as I must have an account number to talk to a human.

Comenity Bank
May 19, 2023

Terrible at best. I received a bill from 10 years ago that was payed ten tears ago. Comenity bank states that I am 4 months late on payments, but how can that be from a charge that was paid 10 years ago. Insane!!

Jim D

WATCH OUT and RUN away from it
May 15, 2023

Deserves a negative star.

Charged me $10.65 interest on May-11 for a purchase I made on May-5 while I still have negative balance of $300 (a $300 refund from previous purchase).

Use Comenity if you are BRAVE enough, so tired of arguing with them every month. Yes, they gives you headache at every month. Just when you are tired, they got a BIG piece of you without knowing it. It is not even qualified a legit bank to start with!!

Took my payment and will not mark it as paid off
May 6, 2023
They are a scam they take your Electronic payment from your bank account and say you did not pay. Then ask for your bank to send proof and say they never received that. And still want you to pay the bill even when it’s paid off.

Worst business practices
April 30, 2023

I have paid my bill consistently online and before the due date. They have no record of the payments and do not want to discuss it with me. I have tried to talk to their customer service but I could not understand a word they said. They finally hung up on me. I have told them I will not make another payment until they straighten out my account. Now I am receiving 15 to 20 calls a day. I have tried to answer them, but I can't understand a word they say. Now I have blocked them, but calls still come through so now I just decline them. Most annoying.

Lo May 06, 2023

They are doing the same to me! They are a scam.

Bunch of crooks!
March 21, 2023

If there were a place for negative stars I would have hit it. No matter how early I send my checks, they will call it late just so they can tack on ridiculous late fees and interest charges. When I called, they were totally unworkable. 3-5 business days is the standard for most companies to receive their payment.

Not Comenity. They want a full two weeks to 16 days. Then they told me I should use auto pay or online payment. That’s my choice and I will not be forced into it. Crooks! I’m looking for them to fold in the next year or so.

If you get offers for their card from your retailer, run away as fast as you can and tear up any literature in the mail. Plenty of other reputable cards to choose from. I’m warning you from my own frustrating experience.

[email protected] April 14, 2023

I have the exact same problem with Comenity bank. My payment was due on 4/2/23, I sent my payment on 3/21/23 , this bank claims they received the payment on 4/3/23. so they get to charge the late fee and interest. I called them , their answer is to check before due date to make sure the payment is in.

A rogue "credit card provider"
March 10, 2023

Comenity bank is so tricky!!!!!

They offered a promise for further discount when I applied for a Petco card, not only did the discount not show up in the final payment amount or the initial statement, but they charged the wrong amount for my online purchase.

When I paid only the correct amount and contacted them many times to explain and requested correction, they simply refused to correct it, saying the merchant credited back to me in February, but I owed them in December, therefore all the late fees and interest charges I still need to pay, even though I had already cancelled the card.

They made a $8.19 payment difference to become $38 more, and they reported me to credit bureaus.

After I gave up and decided to pay, the representative told me the credit card I provided didn't work. So I sent in $38.57 to their specified address on Feb. 24th, I have not heard back from them. Then I received another statement today, accumulating more late fees and interests. I checked my bank check status, it is "pending" as of today. This is so frustrating!!!

elaine March 18, 2023

they did me the same way, no statements for 6 months and then one only for interest and late fees. They are doing me the same way.