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Comenity Bank
May 19, 2023

Terrible at best. I received a bill from 10 years ago that was payed ten tears ago. Comenity bank states that I am 4 months late on payments, but how can that be from a charge that was paid 10 years ago. Insane!!

Jim D

WATCH OUT and RUN away from it
May 15, 2023

Deserves a negative star.

Charged me $10.65 interest on May-11 for a purchase I made on May-5 while I still have negative balance of $300 (a $300 refund from previous purchase).

Use Comenity if you are BRAVE enough, so tired of arguing with them every month. Yes, they gives you headache at every month. Just when you are tired, they got a BIG piece of you without knowing it. It is not even qualified a legit bank to start with!!

Took my payment and will not mark it as paid off
May 6, 2023
They are a scam they take your Electronic payment from your bank account and say you did not pay. Then ask for your bank to send proof and say they never received that. And still want you to pay the bill even when it’s paid off.

Worst business practices
April 30, 2023

I have paid my bill consistently online and before the due date. They have no record of the payments and do not want to discuss it with me. I have tried to talk to their customer service but I could not understand a word they said. They finally hung up on me. I have told them I will not make another payment until they straighten out my account. Now I am receiving 15 to 20 calls a day. I have tried to answer them, but I can't understand a word they say. Now I have blocked them, but calls still come through so now I just decline them. Most annoying.

Lo May 06, 2023

They are doing the same to me! They are a scam.

Bunch of crooks!
March 21, 2023

If there were a place for negative stars I would have hit it. No matter how early I send my checks, they will call it late just so they can tack on ridiculous late fees and interest charges. When I called, they were totally unworkable. 3-5 business days is the standard for most companies to receive their payment.

Not Comenity. They want a full two weeks to 16 days. Then they told me I should use auto pay or online payment. That’s my choice and I will not be forced into it. Crooks! I’m looking for them to fold in the next year or so.

If you get offers for their card from your retailer, run away as fast as you can and tear up any literature in the mail. Plenty of other reputable cards to choose from. I’m warning you from my own frustrating experience.

[email protected] April 14, 2023

I have the exact same problem with Comenity bank. My payment was due on 4/2/23, I sent my payment on 3/21/23 , this bank claims they received the payment on 4/3/23. so they get to charge the late fee and interest. I called them , their answer is to check before due date to make sure the payment is in.

A rogue "credit card provider"
March 10, 2023

Comenity bank is so tricky!!!!!

They offered a promise for further discount when I applied for a Petco card, not only did the discount not show up in the final payment amount or the initial statement, but they charged the wrong amount for my online purchase.

When I paid only the correct amount and contacted them many times to explain and requested correction, they simply refused to correct it, saying the merchant credited back to me in February, but I owed them in December, therefore all the late fees and interest charges I still need to pay, even though I had already cancelled the card.

They made a $8.19 payment difference to become $38 more, and they reported me to credit bureaus.

After I gave up and decided to pay, the representative told me the credit card I provided didn't work. So I sent in $38.57 to their specified address on Feb. 24th, I have not heard back from them. Then I received another statement today, accumulating more late fees and interests. I checked my bank check status, it is "pending" as of today. This is so frustrating!!!

elaine March 18, 2023

they did me the same way, no statements for 6 months and then one only for interest and late fees. They are doing me the same way.

Watch for payment increases without your knowledge.
February 7, 2023

They financed my hearing aids. Gave me a payment amount and I set it for autopay. Without any prior notice they increased my payment amount. When the auto-payment was short I was hit with late fees. They charged $40 per month for 3 months before I looked at the statement. I asked for a credit they only returned $40. There should be a penalty for them.

No relief if you are charged fraudulent charges.
January 7, 2023

This bank does not expedite credit fraud investigation reported by credit card owners. They have taken 4 months on my credit investigation and instead of investigating in a timely manner they kept charging me for the disputed charges and late fees, reduced my credit limit from $5,000 to $750. My original dispute investigation is still not resolved. BTW I was fraudulently charged on another card for similar charges from similar vendor and that bank resolved it immediately! I did get a new card as requested but still no settlement of fraudulent charges.

RichardMcMahon March 09, 2024

You are absolutely right. No investigation at all but they keep charging interest and saying that it takes time to investigate. This went on for about 8 months.

Do Not Use This Bank!
January 5, 2023

I only have a credit line of $300. I payed this account down to a zero balance and made NO PURCHASES after the balance was paid. I was shocked to receive a text reporting delinquency of 3 months. Once customer service was contacted I was told that I was 3 months behind on payments for interest and LATE FEES after a zero balance. WTH????? The late fees were removed and I payed the $12 in interest. As a travel nurse making exceptional income, I will NEVER use this card again nor will I accept a credit line increase.


This company is a complete rip off!!!!
December 28, 2022
On Dec 13 I called their customer service line and asked the rep if I pay the balance today would there be any additional interest added to the account. They assured me that the final balance was the final balance. I also told them when I hit send on the payment that I wanted to close the account. Today I am looking at a bill for 42 more dollars. This company is a complete rip off and I would never recommend them to anyone.

Do Not Use...
December 17, 2022
Comenity Bank is a real life nightmare. No customer service skills, no resolutions to problems, a website that doesn't work and the inability to properly handle payment transactions. Move away from this bank as quickly as possible.

Think before you renew AAA membership
December 16, 2022

That one star is really a zero! I'm 70, I was self employed for 35 years. I know how to treat customers, and how I want to be treated. I've had AAA Visa for 21 years, until today, you all know the problems. I have been a member of AAA for 30 years.

I feel AAA did me wrong by turning the credit card over to such a poorly run, and understaffed bank. They had to know but didn't care because I'm sure palms were greased, and greed took over. I'm sorry I renewed my membership several months ago, but after 34 years of membership, it won't happen again, they caused our problems.

Shady business practices
December 10, 2022
I had some fraud on the card through Facebook. They handled that fine, but it took me MONTHS to get a new card. In the meantime, paid the account off and the full payment posted 6 DAYS before my due date. They are now claiming I owed additional interest (and now a late fee) because I didn't make a payment on time (I knew I owed them nothing, why would I check for an outstanding balance when I checked the balance the day before the payment was due and it was ZERO?). Customer service refuses to understand what I am telling them and just sends scripted responses that do not address the complaint that NO INTEREST can be due on a zero balance. STAY away from them. They are crooks. I think they just string people along until they give up and pay it. They haven't met me. I will be filing a complaint with the feds. I've won before, I will again.

Zero Stars
December 3, 2022

If I could give zero stars I would! My interactions with them have been nightmares. Long wait times, talking to 2 different people and getting 2 different stories. They made a huge error posting my over the phone payment, leaving me with $30 available credit. My payment was over their electronic payment threshold. Charged me a late fee, interest, returned check fee, $9 service charge (which I was not informed of) and sent my credit rating from Excellent to Good. I had to fight to get them to refund all fees and interest, and the interest is still shown on this month's bill.

After using this card for a year, my rewards value is $1.12, because none of my points from BoA have carried over yet. Plus, they took away the extra value reward for using your rewards for a payment voucher when booking a trip through AAA.

I have been asked by a AAA representative to please keep using the card. Well, I've thought about it and no I will not use this card.

Finally, their customer service representatives were terrible. They did not even try to help me and left me with $30 credit for 3 days!

AAA transfer of credit card to new bank service
December 2, 2022
AAA switched to this company-try to follow up with Comenity Bank after receiving a letter that my due date had changed by a phone call but if I wanted to speak with a live voice would be charged $9.00 - what the heck was AAA thinking(not). Still awaiting current bill in mail. Will not setup any online service with this company (Comenity), in fact will stop using this card. AAA credit card service has lost a customer.

Stay Away From Comenity Bank
November 25, 2022
AAA changed my VISA from Bank of America to Comenity and its horrible. AAA responded to my complaint to the BBB in a professional manner but I got a letter from Comenity that was arrogant, obnoxious and a lie as far as their responsibility for unjustly charging me with late fees. Stay away from this bank that at the very least is incompetent with non existing customer support and whose business practices border on unethical.

SallyK November 29, 2022

Very shady practices. Looks like they are there to get you in an endless loop to rip you off. A $39 purchase needed up with a $340 bill. Their website is not available when I am ready to make the payment and couldn’t get them on the phone also. Even after making the payment, they said that I might be getting a bill. When asked for what, they said that there is a daily charge and the balance I paid might not have that charges. Unbelievable!!! How can such a financial institution exist?? Feel awful for the customers who fell into their trap.

The Worst Credit Card Ever!
November 21, 2022

You can’t make online payments. The card is a scam. Horrendous.

Comenity Bank--RUN DON'T WALK
November 17, 2022

Our AAA visa card was sold to this horrible organization and we had problems using it form the beginning. The card actually caused so many problems at the SAM's club gas pumps they refuse to accept it anymore.

We tried to report the problem and they swore there was no problem. Then I got a letter from the president of Comenity, Bruce Bowman, to say oopsie for the widespread problem. I called again and had a sour old man say that I had no account with them because it was closed by Bank of America on Sept. 3 before Comenity took over in October and I never had an account with them.

How he could he straight faced say that when I have cards, a letter from their president, and a statement from THEM. Funny, we paid a bill to Comenity with charges on it from September 18, 22, 29 and Oct. 13. Fraud? I am beginning to suspect this is a Fraudulent organization, If they are legitimate, they will call me. Ethel C. Brown in Ky.

Checks take 7-10 day for processing which could make your payment late!
November 16, 2022

AAA VISA through Bank of America changed hands in October 2022, and now Comenity is my VISA account holder. Today I received a call from Comenity telling me that my payment is late and that I should at least make a minimum payment. I told the Comenity representative that my payment was sent and my credit union states that my check was cashed one day prior to the stated due date. He insisted that I send a minimum payment anyway. I told him that Comenity already has my full payment.

Frustrated, I called Comenity and spoke to another representative who told me that checks (Comenity does not accept electronic transfers from my credit union) take between 7-10 days for processing and that I must account for that processing time so that my check arrives 7-10 days before my payment due date. She did waive the late fee this time but I truly do not feel comfortable dealing with Comenity and will close this account as soon as possible.

November 15, 2022

20 year member of BJ's. I always renewed membership at the local store in Natick, MA. In 2021 I went to store to renew my membership. They talked me into obtaining a BJ's credit card. I applied for it at the store. The credit card never arrived. 12 months later I received my 1st credit card statement in May 2022 with my BJ's membership renewal charge on it.

I phoned Comenity Bank C/S and told them the story. They told me that they would take care of it. I told them to close the account. I went to local BJ's and renewed the membership. I expected the 2nd statement from Comenity to have a zero balance. I keep getting monthly statements from Comenity and they keep charging me late fees and interest.

As of Oct. 16, 2022 they say it owe them $160.00.......all late fees and interest. I have NEVER USED the card because I never received it. Mulitple times I have spoken to the local BJ's and they refer me to the bank. On 11/15/22 BJ's finally told me that they returned the $110.00 to Comenity on 6/29/2022.

On 11/15/22 I phoned Comenity and they could not confirm receiving the $110.00 and they transferred me to BJ's C/S. I keep getting passed back and forth. 2 plus hours on the phone today I I got no where. Comenity Bank operates worse than you would expect if you were dealing with a third world county bank.


RichardMcMahon March 09, 2024

Thanks for the good advice.