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Comenity Bank Hides Behind a "Technical Glitch"
July 31, 2022

The only thing this bank does well is a "technical glitch." I have a username and password but when logging on for payment the response is always the same — technical glitch. I've tried calling but the Comenity CSRs cannot help due to their own technical glitches. I've tried changing my username and/or password but that results in another "technical glitch."

So far, I've sent in six payments ranging from ~$150 to ~$350 for a ~$4000 total purchase. I'm scared to pay the balance in full as the full check might be lost or misappropriated. Of those six payments, two have indeed been lost (ie, do not show on the confirmation page), two have been "processed," and two linger as "processing."

Paying takes hours of my time to track the confirmation numbers. The merchant (Appliances Connection) was perfect in delivery and fulfillment. The bank (Comenity) is a nightmare.

JohnWinters October 03, 2022

Get action... Contact the Consumer Financial Bureau (CFB).

Total scammers and despicable people.
July 29, 2022
The Express Credit Card, managed by Comenity Bank, is a total fraud. I had autopay setup but then they stopped it without telling me. and then stacked up 3 months of late fee, and no notifications what-so-ever, until an agent called me i have 4 months of late fee ($160) stacked up. Total scammers... for a purchase of $40. they should not be on this earth.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

ACH for the win.

JohnWinters October 03, 2022

Get action... Contact the Consumer Financial Bureau (CFB).

JohnWinters October 03, 2022

Send payments via Certified or Registered Mail Return Receipt and with cover letter and account information.

Triple Charged me thousands and still refuse to pay me back
July 29, 2022

I applied for the Explorewards Sportsman's Warehouse Comenity Visa card since I was making a large purchase and they were offering 15% off if I purchased anything at Sportsman's.

So, I spent over $2,000 with the intention of getting the nice $300 credit for my purchase. After a week, I decided to pay off the balance, which is what I always do in situations like these.

When I attempted to log into the account, it was down due to maintenance, so I called them, and a representative took my payment over the phone. I used my Wells Fargo debit card to pay the full balance. The following day, I noticed the payment had posted and I then confirmed that I had a ZERO balance on my Credit Card.

This is when the S O Bs went psycho. Three days after I paid off the card, I get multiple text messages from my bank, followed by a phone call stating that multiple payments were processed in the exact same amount I had paid on the Visa card three days prior.

This caused me multiple overdrafts which ended up draining my Savings account of over $4,000. The bank issued me with refunds on all the illegal transactions and covered my overdraft fees.

Comenity bank sent me a letter telling me that I owe them all the multiple transactions they stole from me or they will report me to the credit bureau. When I looked at my credit card statement, It showed the original transaction I made at Sportsman's, then it shows 2 additional debits each for the same amount of over $2,000, but the debits are described as recurring payments.

When I called them to resolve the issue, they told me they had fixed the issue, but they never did. I have called them many times and even though they admit this is a mistake, they tell me that they fixed it, but they still haven't.

My credit score is in the 800's for the last 20 years and now they are threatening to destroy it. I think I am going to get a lawyer and sue them. This is the most frustrating financial issue I have ever dealt with.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

You have to ACH multiple small payments. Comenity will confirm and then lose many of your ACHs. However, a few of the ACHs will clear, protecting your credit rating. Comenity will not process mailed checks prior to the due date, otherwise, they lose interest and late fees. Small ACH only for the win.

JohnWinters October 03, 2022

Get action... Contact the Consumer Financial Bureau (CFB).

JohnWinters October 03, 2022

Also, send payment via Certified or Registered Mail with a cover letter.

Website and phones do not work AT ALL - don't try to pay them, you can't. Will just get you extra fees
July 21, 2022

They are a BS company - happy to give you credit at a high rate. NOW cannot even pay. Tried online. try calling. this is CRAP Just want to pay off and cancel this card. NOT WORTH THE HASSLE!

dclaudew July 31, 2022

You have to send in an ACH. Comenity will give you a confirmation number, then lose your ACH. I have sent in a new minimum-payment ACH every day. Each ACH is for a slightly different amount. Each ACH is for a different processing day. The good news is that a few ACHs do get confirmed and credited. The other ACHs are, well, lost, something to take up with your checking-account bank.

JohnWinters October 03, 2022

Get action... Contact the Consumer Financial Bureau (CFB).

Also.... Send payment via Certified or Registered Mail with Cover Letter and account number.

Don't Deal With Comenity Bank. It Is Not A Bank!
July 19, 2022

If I could I would say 0 stars. Rude employees, 4 months trying to get a fraud charge taken care of. No one cares or bothers other than being rude and hanging up after a 2 hour wait.

Ask for supervisor was given another rude and non caring, uneducated employee.

Most do not speak english and there are 50 people in a room answering phones. You can not hear what they are trying to say. Where the heck is this bank ? Well not sure it is a bank. I want my card closed and the false charge taken off.

Does anyone care. I guess reviews don't mean anything because it is quite obvious they don't read them.

Hundreds of reviews on this bank and they are still open. System has been down for 4 weeks. CLOSE MY ACCOUNT.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

Indeed, the Comenity website continues to report a "technical glitch." I aks when the IT consultant estimates the website will be functional. The CSRs refuse to disclose what the website developers are doing, or if the IT team is doing anything.

JohnWinters October 03, 2022

Get action... Contact the Consumer Financial Bureau (CFB).

Send payments via Certified o Registered Mail with cover letter and account information.

Do not do business with them
July 12, 2022
It's a joke, and a Lie. They have a broken website forever still cannot access to make an account to pay bill. The lied about interest rates. When you try to call them, they never answer. Worst company ever.

SharonTomalavage July 19, 2022

I have the exact experience with these people. Comenity Bank is a rip-off and so is Blair! I have been charged a restocking fee and a late fee because I chose to fight this. Thus far Comenity says I owe them $42.56 ALL IN RESTOCKING AND LATE FEES. I REFUSE to pay.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

Indeed, the website reports a "technical glitch" whenever accessed. That is, you cannot get past Comenity's home page.

JohnWinters October 03, 2022

Get action... Contact the Consumer Financial Bureau (CFB).

Send payments via Certified o Registered Mail with cover letter and account information.

High interest rate store credit cards
July 9, 2022

I wish I could give a zero-star rating. I made a payment on 7/1. As of today, payment is not showing as posted or even pending. Could not log into website for 8 days. If you call their number, you will be told that you cannot talk to anyone and call back later - I think they are hiding at this point.

Absolutely the worst con going on. DO NOT GET A STORE CARD. Many companies like Sephora, Bed and Bath, Ann Taylor have their cards issued thru this simply awful bank.

And the interest rate is 24%. Believe me I work for a company where our job is to foist the consumer with these dreadful cards at a high interest rate by offering a "Discount" trust me - not worth the discount to get the card.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

Comenity will lose any check in the mail. One poster mentioned having an outstanding check for a year. My check has been "in the mail" for 3 weeks. You must send in an ACH. Comenity loses half of its confirmed ACHs, so you must send in at least two ACHs, with each ACH on a different day and each for a different amount (say, $1 different).

JohnWinters October 03, 2022

Get action... Contact the Consumer Financial Bureau (CFB).

Send payments via Certified or Registered Mail with cover letter and account information.

This is a terrible card to have.
June 28, 2022

This bank is terrible. Their computers have been down for a week and you cannot pay your bill or reach a real person. The New NFL card sucks because you cannot use it for apple store purchases and there is no app to use.

CindiCorreia June 29, 2022

I think it's literally been almost 2 weeks now. Can't see my balance, can't pay my bill, I had to assign another payment method for all my Afterpay and pay pal pay-in-four purchases because the card is not going through when automatically billed...This is a disgrace - who monitors these morons anyway?

Disappointed June 30, 2022

What technical problem has affected their phones. They will not answer their phones. BJ's has made a bad choice going with Comenity Bank.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

Agreed. All online visits result in a "technical glitch" warning on the screen. You can't do much online. You can do less on the phone with a CSR. A checking-account ACH payment is the only solution, with about half the ACHs getting lost despite Comenity first assigning a confirmation number to each ACH. Awful.

JohnWinters October 03, 2022

Get action... Contact the Consumer Financial Bureau (CFB).

Send payments via Certified or Registered Mail with cover letter and account information.

Do Not Use Comenity Credit Card
May 24, 2022
Would NOT recommend you take out a credit card with this bank. They changed their mailing address to where my check was delivered for over a year. They claimed I did not make a payment yet they cashed the check. My credit rating is excellent! They then charged me multiple fees for being late and would only remove a portion of the fees. Do not use this company!!!

dclaudew July 31, 2022

Agreed. My check has been in the mail for 3 weeks (not a year, mercy). Comenity blames the mailman. I backed my check with a simultaneous ACH (which took days to process) so I think I am safe from Comenity bogus fees for "lost in the mail" checks. Do not rely on Comenity's mail processing to be timely. Send in at least two minimum ACH payments on different days, hoping one will clear. I send in one ACH per day and have done so for seven days with perhaps another 10 days needed to complete my full balance due.

JohnWinters October 03, 2022

Get action... Contact the Consumer Financial Bureau (CFB).

Send payments via Certified or Registered Mail with cover letter and account information.

Treated like trash.
May 21, 2022

I also have been badgered and insulted by late payments (less than $100.00). My payments rarely late and normally paid in full. I own my home, paid cash for my new high end 2021 car, have investments and a trust fund.

Avoid getting a card from Comenity and avoid their anti-customer practices. Many good card companies from which to choose. Don't give them your business.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

The late fees indeed seem to be Comenity's goal. The bank does not acknowledge paper checks, at least not for the three weeks that my check has been in the mail. Direct bank payments take several days to process if they process at all.

Exactly half of my direct bank transfers receive a Comenity confirmation number but then disappear from my Comenity history, never processed. I've sent in six small payments, of which two have been processed, so I won't get a late charge but I now have to track down (or cancel) the four lost payments.

This company will try and ruin you
May 5, 2022

This bank is ridiculous, I have never been late and after almost 1 year it gets shut off due to my credit score dropping because either missed 1 payment on another card due to Covid last year. 6 months later I get a email stating that they have closed my account do to a credit decrease.

What in the heck is wrong with these people. Like I said I have never been late with this bank. For them to do something like this is wrong and this is why people don’t do business with communist companies like Academy.

After calling them never wanted to tell me anything and the emails they kept sending me were the same ones over and over again. The unprofessionalism with these people are sick.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

Agreed, the Comenity CSRs are there to run interference, not to help.

Why Do I have a Comenity Bank Card for Wayfair instead of a Wayfair Card
March 26, 2022
You cant get in touch with these people and the number on the back of the card has changed. I can not get into the account to pay the bill.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

Agreed. The card reports back with a "technical glitch" if logging online to Comenity Easy Pay (you can't make this nonsense up, yes, Comenity calls their nonfunctional transactional system "EasyPay"). My only solution was to set up a bank account with a relatively small balance and then ACH my payments. Even so, Comenity loses track of many of my confirmed ACH payments. Then I have to spend hours tracking the lost confirmed ACH payments.

Terrible experience
November 29, 2021
Even with the good rates, avoid their Certificates of Deposit. They do not /will not refund your money in a timely fashion. Delays, lies, every action "under review" appears to be business as usual.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

I can't verify the "under review" with my experiences. I get lost confirmation numbers, lost checks, "technical glitches," and endless "processing."

Fraud bank
November 19, 2021
Mastered the art of fraud. They prohibit due date alerts. Charge you late fees. Reverse them when caught, then continue charging minimum interest on a $0 balance. Avoid these fraudsters at all costs.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

It is true that Comenity will not process my early checks until weeks later when the payment date is passed. I've tried direct deposits (ACH), but Comenity gives a confirmation number and then loses the deposits, so I have to spend hours searching for the lost transfers. The Comenity Bank wears me out, and I do this payment stuff for a living as an accountant.

Don’t do it
October 1, 2021

Terrible company do not do business with anyone involved with this company. Disreputable companies partner with them and when you are scammed and never receive the product they side with the scammers and you still have to pay them for what you never received. At an absurd interest rate as well.

Call support and they give you the run around and side with the scam company despite proof goods were not received. As long as the scam company says so they side with those bringing them money. I would not be surprised wife they got kickbacks from the scammers.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

My wife is surprised by Comenity's audacity, too.

This bank is unprofessional
September 28, 2021

My name is Lora Merriss. I was preapproved online on 9/16/21 for an IKEA Projekt Card for a complete kitchen remodel. Unfortunately, the door style we chose has a finite date for availability due to being discontinued on 10/1/21, so I called Comenity Capital Bank the next day to see if there was anything that I could find out on how long the final approval would take but was told that it could take 3-4 weeks from application date. I asked if they needed anything else but was told that they had everything they needed.

After 10 days, I received a letter in the mail that they could not continue to process my application until I spoke with someone.

On 9/25/21 I called and was told by another employee that they had 3 questions to ask me, that I could not confer with anyone else, look anything up or put them on hold. The very first question was regarding which year I had leased a vehicle, with 5 possible answers. I do nothing but lease vehicles, and there were 2 correct answers in the possible ones, so I picked one. The third question was in regards to my mortgage payment. I asked a clarifying question to see if they were looking for principle and interest only or the total of all with escrow. I was told that they could not clarify so I picked the answer range of the principle and interest only. I was told that one or more of the answers was not correct and this would have to go to the "Back Office" for processing. I asked how long that would take and why, with the preapproval, the credit check they had already ran and the income verification that had been done, this was taking so long and was told that if I had been paying attention and knew what was on my credit report, I would have been able to answer the questions correctly, which made me angry.

After 12 days and 5 different employees with 5 different stories, I was finally able to find out they denied me due to an answer I gave them on one of the three questions and for other things seen on my credit report.

I have a credit score in the 800's, have a house loan and two car loans as my only debt, and more than enough income to cover everything and then some. You don't get a credit score in the 800's with dinks on your credit history.

I have never been treated so badly, disrespected by so many different bank employees and been given so much conflicting information by an organization in my life. I will be asked to fill out a survey by IKEA when I am done with this project, and the review that I give your bank will be the worst review you have ever had. You lost out on a $20,000 credit purchase, and in this day and age, even small purchases really count towards your bottom line.

You should be appalled at the disservice you did to me, the business that you just lost and the damage that you just did to your company reputation. If I could give you “0” stars I would.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

I commend you for dealing with the Comenity CSRs. I did that once and learned quickly that the "S" was a misnomer and that the "R" stood for their fiduciary responsibility to Comenity, not to the customer. This bank defies all rules of service. A"0" rating would be a compliment to this bank.

Never-ending $2 minimum interest and late fees
August 17, 2021

AVOID THIS COMPANY!! I have a Forever 21 card. First of all they make it so you never actually know what your current balance is because it shows the statement balance. That's another way they create confusion.

I paid my card off when I got my bill. Should be done right? Nope.

They make it so that you can never pay a balance off because in the background they are charging you a $2 minimum interest that you don't even see until the next bill. Since it is "charged daily" it is already accruing while you are getting your bill and the days it takes your payment to process.

Then they tacked on late fees to the bs interest and continue to charge, monthly, a minimum $2 interest fee on the previous interest fee with late fees. They did this over 3 months. I recorded my conversation with them and said it was a scam and made no sense and they were ruining my credit for a balance I paid off?!!

I was transferred 3 times btw once I said this. The final "manager" said he was sorry for that and would remove the fees and send a credit report reversal. I checked my account and guess what? The balance is still there. These people are scammers. Hard to believe they get away with this legally but it definitely is unethical. Especially when you read all of the reviews across the web that complain of the same thing!

dclaudew July 31, 2022

I agree that Comenity does not process early checks until after the due date. The only solution is to send in direct bank deposits. Comenity gives a confirmation number to all direct deposits. Then Comenity loses about half of the confirmed deposits. Comenity shuns deposits. It makes no sense (other than in late fees and interest) for a bank to shun incoming money.

Beware of Comenity Bank
June 21, 2021

Reading these reviews on Comenity Bank makes me ill. I've had the same thing happen to me. Thinking my account was paid in full, I received a statement months later into 2021 showing I had an initial balance of $34.60 (for what, I don't know) additional $200 in late fees because I never paid off the $34.60.

I had no idea an amount was still due on my WAYFAIR card. One of the times I paid off my card I sent a request to cancel the account but that never happened. I reported Comenity Bank/Wayfair to the BBB and because Comenity Bank says they mailed out my statements each month, BBB is ok with their response.

Sounds like the additional charges happen constantly. Also, the date on my response from Comenity Bank letter is 6/2/2021 with a balance due of $198.60 due by June 7, 2021 but I didn't receive the letter until the 16th so now they've tacked on another $40.00.

I would really think twice about getting a credit card from Comenity. They are not customer friendly and rip you off. I have no clue what happened but all these late charges started accruing in 2020 - 2021.

Cannot help but feel they've taken advantage of their customers.

LG August 17, 2021

Same thing here with my Forever 21 card!

dclaudew July 31, 2022

Same thing with my Appliances Connection card. Appliances Connection delivered and installed my two refrigerators. I'm happy with Appliances Connection. Comenity Bank "loses" my prompt payments, blaming the lost checks on the mailman and lost direct deposits on a "technical glitch."

The direct deposits get confirmation numbers but the ACHs get lost before being credited. No other bank to my knowledge hides from receiving and processing money. Isn't incoming money the goal of a successful bank?

Don't get a trek credit card
September 21, 2020

I found my experience with dealing with their customer service awful. They seemed to have mastered the art of avoiding you. I felt like the promotional expiration date was hidden from me and they seem to not care at all. After being an excellent customer for them all year I found them to be inflexible and unwilling to look at themselves.

I will continue to dispute my unfair charge. At one point in my process they did not contact me back for 10 days. I will not use anything that has to do with comenity again.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

The CSRs don't seem to have any power to help. The CSRs get the same "technical glitch" that customers get when customers try to pay online.

What just happened?
September 21, 2020
I've had a wayfair-Comenity card for many years. Out of the blue I received a Comenity MasterCard with vague information that state this card is replacing my Wayfair card. I have tried to find info online as to interest rate, fees, credit limit, etc. I just end up in a never-ending loop. I'm skeptical that this is valid. I cut the card up.

dclaudew July 31, 2022

You did well to cut the card. Now encase the fragments in concrete before dropping the solidified mass overboard.

Josh August 03, 2022

Go voice your concerns at their LinkedIn page, that's where all the Execs are! Comment on every one of their posts until they resolved this! The CEO is Ralph Andretta Comenity is a subsidiary of Alliance Data which becomes Bread Financial.