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May 11, 2015
I recently joined in hopes of finding a caregiver for my elderly mother. Two days later I received an email from them informing me that I had been removed from their site. I called them multiple times to ask why and they refused to tell me the reason. After reading up on this website/business, I would not hire anyone related to this site to care for my dog let alone a human loved one. This business should be shut down!

Deborah Hemsworth May 12, 2015

For more information about how is not fit for childcare/senior care let a lone a cat or dog please visit these sites as well.

"PIssed Consumer"

"Compliants board"


The doll house( doesnt care)

One nannys experienc

Waffles at noon


1000's of statements saying the same thing.

For Fake reviews visit:

The BBB ( pays BBB $500 a year to monitor reviews) reviews-see what people are saying. (always top of the pile when googled because it is owned and operated by

Any mom blog that is sponsored with the logo at the top of the page...NONE of these pages will accept a less than perfect. review. OR any page that has a logo on top is fake.

Deborah Hemsworth May 13, 2015

Correction: I realized many of the boards do have the logo...many of the blogs are fake and sponsored by real blogs are Welcome to the Dollhouse and One nannys experience , Waffles at noon. There might be more those ones are easiest to find. Complaints board and Sitejabber are easiest to write a review on, will not take you all day to sign up and dont have to use facebook

April 9, 2015 has and a long laundry list of corrupt dirty business that is finally coming to light with the multiple class actions suits that are upon them. The Ceos are running scared and the shareholders and pulling out. The fall of this horrid company with be a celebratory day for many. CHEERS

Nothing but scams
March 30, 2015
If you're serious about being a babysitter or nanny, do NOT sign up with I have experience babysitting, and still could not find a job on I assumed people did not trust me, so I paid $60 for a background check. Still no job messages. So I paid $20 for a premium membership, which supposedly puts you up high in the search results, which would give you more job opportunities. Only ONE person messaged me, saying they needed me and blah blah, then said they would contact me that evening to continue discussing, but she left me hanging. Besides that person who couldn't get back to me, I got THREE texts/emails from different addresses that were very obviously scams. So long story short, I spent $80 trying to find a job, but only got scammed over & over again. CARE.COM is LITERALLY the WORST website I've ever had the misfortune of joining. Do not waste your time.

Deborah Hemsworth April 07, 2015 was once a reputable company. It is no longer a good place to find employment or childcare. They sunk to the lowest of lows with bait and switch auto renew billing and a reckless who cares attitude. They are fast becoming one of the most hated companies in American history. There are more nasty hateful one star reviews on the net about than any other company known to man.

William Maniord May 11, 2015

Thank you so much everyone for your reviews regarding I would not advise anyone to use this company

March 20, 2015
I put my profile on as a potential employee in early January, and have only received one job offer for a live in position, although my profile did not indicate availability for a live-in position. I have applied to several other hourly positions to no avail, yet... I see those same positions being offered over and over again. I realize I am not paying this organization to bump up my profile (as suggested by, but I did not think that to be necessary to obtain employment, as I can easily pass a background check I do not have to pay for, have sufficient experience, and come with an excellent reference from my previous employer in the state I moved from. So, I decided to see if charges both potential employers and potential employees, and they do. From my own personal experience with this website, I can only deduce it's more profit motivated than anything else, and if you don't pay them to "help" you get a job or a caregiver, you won't get a job or an employee. On that note... I would advise both potential employers and employees to go with an organization that has a good reputation, and pay them for either services or employees. They run background checks on their employees, and they don't charge their employees for it - which already makes them more professional. Employees are responsible for their own taxes - which already makes them more professional as people, and those organizations WILL make sure you're happy with your service, or find you a replacement - without going through the extra expense and hassle of this website. P.S. They have a whole web page dedicated to fake reviews that rave about their services. They should be shut down from this sham.

Deborah Hemsworth March 27, 2015

****WARNING********* and the are fraudulent businesses that should be shut down by the federal trade commission. They both are running a pay for play, very misleading businesses. Both intentionally rip consumers off with misleading and fraudulent information. Care.Com is unsafe service that should never be used for childcare for any reason as best it would be ok for pets.

Children are dying because of this service and does not Care. They will treat any problem between parents and caregivers the same way with the up most disrespect..An automated response to the email. That the account has been terminated. If your Child dies you will receive this message. are not liable for the accuracy of any information provided and are not liable for your children's safety whatsoever.

UBER Family
March 10, 2015 is merging with UBER to start UBERFAMILY a pilot program in NY and the woman who is the CEO of said this in an interview!!!!

"age and die in grace" with UBER and

What an atrocious thing to say .. what an ugly thing to say .. neither company is really a COMPANY that provides a service, they are technology companies that use social network platforms .. there is a difference between those companies and an established service organization.

That is the most atrocious thing, even their usage of the word care is profane; it diminishes what care is and to say is merging with UBER to start UBERFAMILY a piolet program in NY

"age and die in grace" with UBER and

is disgusting to contemplate .. that is like the DirectTV customer vs DishNETWORK customer eating an egg salad sandwich you found on the bus.

Deborah Hemsworth March 22, 2015

My thoughts as well. Very well said I will pass this opinion along on another review at Jabber.

They let people scam you
February 25, 2015
I recently got a Babysitter off of this website and she scammed me out of money. When I reported her to them they deleted my account and did absolutely nothing about the situation. Be very aware on this website

Nicole Choclate Baker February 25, 2015

i have been a member of for a little over 2 years now and i had applied for hundreds for positions and i had never ever worked for this company they keep sending jobs that suppose to be hiring but i had never gotten a ligit response i really think this is not a company thats helping people like me to get hired...why do that?

Carla Weitch March 10, 2015

I had a situation where someone tried to hire a "bunch of sitters" from for a long period of time (marathon childcare), and it was a disaster, nobody showed up, or they promised they would, the cancelled at the last minute and the others were not quality people, they were horrible actually, not paying attention to the kids, eating out of the family refrigerator without asking, talking on their phone, texting, letting the kids watch cartoons all day and not taking them out even when they wanted to go out, because she didn't want to mess up her new hair style and there were a lot of other issues, that came up that showed it was not a legitimate way to hire a babysitter.

It is tantamount to child abuse and neglect to try to rely on for child care needs. You may as well advertise on craigslist for a sitter and pay for her background check yourself. They dupe you into thinking that your getting the cream of the crop, for the simple fact that you can see a picture and little notations about the person. There are no protections for the parents or the sitter, none whatsoever; your on your own. With they are exploiting parents, that's all there is to it.

Carla Weitch March 10, 2015

PARENTS are suckered into paying because they see pictures, hundreds of pictures and get ALERT ALERT, which is really SPAM, have you ever had popups .. now you know what I'm talking about.

Deborah Hemsworth March 13, 2015 is the worst internet childcare service for bad business practices, unethical and predatory billing practices, customer service, Terminating accounts for reporting a problem. They will terminate a parents account if any child dies in a caregivers care. Without warning or explanation, or apology. Every problem big or small is handled the same with with a auto generated response to the caregivers/parents email that they reserve the right to do whatever they want whenever they want with no explanation or refund. They are criminals..The CEO are greedy, abusive gangsters that have no regard for children, the general public or anything. BBB has been covering for them for years for a large premium. The Ceos have stolen/ watered down the company and the shareholders have lost all of the investments to boot. Im really hoping Shiela Marcello( CEO) gets whats coming to her. She will find herself in the trunk of a car one day.

Deborah Hemsworth March 16, 2015

Predatory and unethical billing. Horrible and negligent customer service in the new normal for Care. Com. Care.Com in an abusive scam company that put kids lives in danger daily with incomplete incorrect and unverified information that it given to parents for a large premium. It has a huge disclosure and disclaimer so deep about recurring billing that even Nancy Grace could not find it. They are not liable for ANYTHING If if your kids Die.

Deborah Hemsworth March 18, 2015 is a criminal company run by money hungry, dishonest Ceo's who operate one inch with in the law. The dishonest, unethical and predatory billing practices are what they are best known for as well as the incomplete, incorrect and expensive background checks run by a BS .com outside company that holds no responsibility for the accuracy /nor does terminates accounts for any reason, with no explanation even if a baby dies.

A complete scam.
February 24, 2015
After two months of paying for premium membership and contacting dozens of "employers" I didn't receive a single response and realized that those job ads were all fake. Dating sites use the same tactics. They create fake profiles that are too good to be true to encourage people to subscribe. Too bad I can't sue them as it would be impossible to prove that those people don't exist. Besides, I should have known better. Why would somebody in their sound mind pay for something that is available for free on Craigslist? Well, I learned my lesson the easy way. It only cost me 40 bucks :) One more thing, when I decided to cancel, I found it nearly impossible to find the right page. They hide it very well.

Belen Manfredi March 30, 2015

That same thing happened to me! I was so angry that I paid for membership and NOT ONE family was contacting me back! When I finally decided to cancel, because those greedy worthless jerks automatically renew your account, I went crazy looking for the right page to delete my membership. Huge waste of time & money

cathy smith October 03, 2015

Same thing happened to me. I soon realized that the jobs they were posting were all fake. I spent at least two hours filling out an extensive profile, paid to be a premium member, applied to 24 jobs and did not get one response. Well I did get one response from a woman who was looking to establish a net-work of girl friends to watch her children for free so she could maintain her party life style. I do have an excellent back ground in child care. I had to contact my bank and get my bank card canceled and issued a new card, so they would not continue to take my money as they pleased. Total SCAM

Unethical and Deceptive Practices!
February 24, 2015
First of all there is NO FREE MEMBERSHIP! However they try to mislead you it is not any sort of membership. You can browse the website for free(like you would do anyway) but it is not a membership. ALSO be very aware that each membership will bill you each month automatically!!! You have to contact them to cancel or they will snatch the money from your bank account.I tried to use this site last year. I found a helper for a one time job. But I could not use the site after that, customer service did not answer me, so I cancelled my membership. This time I tried giving it a second chance looking for a job. After I paid again for what they call a premium membership I can not apply for any jobs. After too many emails and ignorant responses from their customer service I am told I have to pay again for a separate membership to apply for a job. But they did offer me a 20% coupon off if I want to sign up again. The thing is there are online coupons for 35% off to join! I never trust a company that gives new customers a better deal than existing customers. It usually means they do not care about you once they have your money. Tried giving it a second chance but regret it. Who ever owns this site is getting filthy rich off of your money to run a second rate website.

What's Behind's Deceptive Business Practices
February 3, 2015

This company ( uses predatory, deceptive and fraudulent marketing techniques to advertise their business. It is a "Bait-and-switch" model. They advertise and actively promote their One Month Premium Membership. Once they have your credit card information, they continue to charge you without providing receipts until you happen to discover their deception.

In addition, the people they offer are clearly not properly vetted. I had to pick through some very questionable prospects to find a qualified person. The two people I finally hired were known to me through other sources - in other words, at the end of it I really hadn't needed at all, though the time I lost dealing with emails and strange people can't be recovered. is WELL AWARE that their "disclosure" is difficult if not impossible to find. If it was so clear, then there would not be hundreds or even thousands of complaints about unethical billing practices! If you were SO SINCERE about your apology, you would notify your "clients" EVERY SINGLE TIME you billed them, which you DO NOT DO. Other companies have no issue doing that; I pay Adobe, the Times, etc. monthly and I know it's happening because THEY REVEAL IT by supplying a receipt. Your practices ARE DECEPTIVE and fraudulent AND YOU WELL KNOW IT. Shame on you.

Amy Segarra February 24, 2015

Yes I found it deceptive and cancelled my membership. Just feel like it is deliberately misleading and when emailed customer service I received rambling responses with out resolution. I think customer service is just a robo emailer or something. Anyway I also gave them a bad review on BBB site. Hope they improve, but I think they are unethical and deceptive!!

Deborah Hemsworth March 13, 2015

BBB is paid off by to keep the rating high. The reviews do not count for the rating. The review you wrote will most likely only be seen by you. BBB is also a criminal company as well as BBB is controlled by about 100 companies that support the business by paying 100,000s of dollars in fees and is one of them. BBB is the only company that boasts about The review boards that do have a decent rating are also owned and operated by real reviews are on jabber and here. Promotes Abuse
February 1, 2015 Promotes Abuse: My wife, Barb, is an incredibly gifted nanny as can be attested by the parents of local Swedesboro & Mullica Hill NJ children who literally hold her legs to prevent her from going home each evening. She learned compassion and patience early on through our permanently disabled son - crippled by Cerebral Palsy at birth. The many hours she spent cultivating child education proved fruitful through three siblings that garnered top educational honors (one is in his 3rd year at MIT, another at St Joes, and the youngest recently accepted into top engineering colleges around the country).

In the beginning of 2014, Barb worked for a Mullica Hill mother who was so abusive to Barb and all who serviced her home (e.g. home builder, landscape contractor, electrical contractor, painter, etc.) that Barb would come home in tears almost daily under her employ. After a couple months, Barb could no longer tolerate her abuse and gave her notice. That woman was so vindictive that she trashed Barb's reputation on and with no chance to defend against allegations, Barb's work profile was immediately terminated from that major job resource without a venue to defend herself. Barb never quit a job in her life and that work ethic, aside from the baby's well-being, drove Barb's attempts to modify the behavior of a narcissistic mother who could prove a challenge to Freud himself were he alive today.

In conclusion, maintains a pay-to-play subscription model that indirectly allows unethical individuals such as this Mullica Hill woman/employer to conjure 'God knows what' to destroy the reputation of hard working individuals who, I might add, are not provided a process to defend themselves (e.g. employers who pay the subscription fees are given unbridled autonomy to destroy the livelihood of whomever they please).

We remain hopeful that an astute law firm will take up this cause to force to amend their one-sided termination policy. At the very least, and without mentioning names, should do a quick search on Mullica Hill mother-employers who have drawn an inordinate number of complaints. Guaranteed that one name will stand out amongst all others and that her profile will warrant further investigation. Subsequently, the nanny profiles that this deranged individual has so callously destroyed should be immediately reinstated.

I welcome comments from the nannies who have been displaced by the above Mullica Hill mother/employer. The mere fact that I need not mention her name should reassure those affected that together, we can legally put a stop to her unscrupulous behavior. In the mean time, let's hope fixes the gaping hole in their business model. Membercare February 02, 2015

Hello Maurer,

I sincerely apologize for your negative experience with our site. I would highly recommend to contact our Representatives at 877-227-3115 to report any concerns you have on another member. We want to promote a positive atmosphere, and in doing so, encourage all members to contact our representatives whenever there is an issue. Moreover, per policy, we reserve the right to remove anyone for any or no reason and instill this policy to ensure safety within the site. I hope this information was helpful and wish the best for your wife's future endeavors.

M Maurer February 05, 2015 appears to be run by a legion of robots and drone subordinates. Who else would write 'I' and sign with an ominous 'Membercare' moniker. This is Artificial unIntelligence at its worst and a sign of things to come if 'live' human beings don't reach out to other human beings for similar services. I challenge anyone to call the number provided by this disingenuous drone and confirm that there are no life forms at this company. We've called at least 50 times over the past couple of months and have yet to speak with a human being and/or receive a call back. This company's email boiler plate, "...we reserve the right to remove anyone for any or no reason..." has become their mission statement. So everyone has a single place to look for competitors, please to add to this post similar services ran by companies with humans at the helm.

To Care or Not to Care
January 30, 2015
I utilized to find a nanny. Although satisfied with the nanny I found, I did not read the small print and would consider this company to be "non-user friendly." They had my credit card and debited $79.00 a month after I found a nanny. When I finally caught-up to the charges, they stated it was too late for a refund and took $790.00 out of my pocket for nothing. I would be very leary of a company that relies on small print to be trustworthy of finding someone to take care of the most precious commodity, your children. Very unhappy with their policies and slippery ways of doing business. When you have a good product, you do not need to rely on such tactics. Membercare February 02, 2015

Hello Karen, we are glad that you found someone with our site, but apologize that you missed our auto renewal feature. We always want our members to be aware of this feature which is why we disclose it on our enrollment page. Nonetheless, we appreciate your feedback and will be forwarded for further improvement of our site.

M Maurer February 06, 2015

Sheesh Karen, you didn't take the hours of time from your busy day to read the fine print during enrollment?

William Maniord May 11, 2015

Horrible company. should be shut down.

January 27, 2015

My home care agency has been listed as a featured agency on for 3 months. Initially, we were very excitied about the listing believing that it would generate at least a few leads that will translate into new clients. Well lo and behold, we were wrong! We've applied to almost 100 listings of people seeking in home care for themself or a family member...and out of all those application, we received only one response...which was no, of course.

I find it inconceivable that we have not received one legitimate client out of all our applications. We are a reputable, licensed agency, in good standing with NYS, have pictues, reasonable rates, offer deals etc...yet nothing developed! I also don't like the fact that I have not idea of what the outcome with the potential clients ie..client chose another vendor, client no longer require care, client passed away...anything! This is why I came to the conclusion that the majority of these home care seekers are bogus! Even the law of averages should kick in at some point!

There must be some way that these potential customers can be verfied as I do not have money to give away! Membercare February 02, 2015

Hi Geanette, I apologize about not hearing back from members regarding your applications. I know this can be disheartening, especially when you have spent time applying to jobs that appear to be a great fit.

Please be assured that we make every effort to keep our members up to date about new messages and job applications. Additionally, we encourage all members to remain courteous and timely in communication with other members. I am sorry if this has not been your experience with other members.

Lastly, it is ultimately the family's responsibility to provide you with a response to your application message, and I do hope you don't give up and that you start hearing back soon. I wish you the very best with your search.

William Maniord May 11, 2015

Typical response from Your company mission statement should read "To care or not to care...we don't". Your company should absolutely be ashamed and your employees...are they really employees or robots?

total scam
January 13, 2015
They make you have to get a trial period with a credit card all of their ads are fake then they keep pulling money off you card til you have to cancel the card there is no customer service Membercare February 02, 2015

Hello Jason, we offer a basic membership so you can post a job for free. This is a great feature to see if there are any available caregivers in your area before you make a financial commitment. Once you want to message a caregiver, you will have to enroll onto our subscription, once finding the prefect match, you can cancel the service until you need care again. I hope I clarified any confusion you may have.

Amy Segarra February 24, 2015

The basic member ship is useless. If it looks like a scam and acts like a scam it usually is a scam!

Predatory Billing Practices!!
January 8, 2015 employs unethical and illegal business practices. They use a "Bait and switch" marketing model, advertising a one-month Premium Membership that they then use to continue to bill your credit card without your knowledge. Their customer service is defensive, condescending and inconsistent - not surprising given their dirty business practices. Membercare February 02, 2015

Hello Catherine, I apologize that you were not aware of our auto renewal feature. We disclose this information on our enrollment page so our members can be made aware. Moreover, we offer the ability to cancel your subscription anytime. I hope this information was helpful and cleared up questions about our features.

Catherine Twomey February 03, 2015

This information is useless. is WELL AWARE that your "disclosure" is difficult if not impossible to find. If it was so clear, then there would not be hundreds if not thousands of complaints about unethical billing practices! If you were SO SINCERE about your apology, you would notify your "clients" EVERY SINGLE TIME you billed them, which you DO NOT DO. Other companies have no issue doing that; I pay Adobe, the Times, etc. monthly and I know it's happening because THEY REVEAL IT by supplying a receipt. Your practices ARE DECEPTIVE and fraudulent AND YOU WELL KNOW IT. Shame on you.

January 3, 2015
I have found that uses deceptive practices of using their employers to act as persons seeking employment. There were many red flags leading me to come to this conclusion. Some of which were cancelled appointments for an interview, there was not any pictures or descriptions of any individuals who responded to me, I would receive a text message from an unknown source stating my cell number was given to them from, never concrete ever materialized. I even received one supposed mother seeking a sitter with different names but the same situation which were obviously made up. I had saved the original months prior as proof of this deception. I thankfully reported this early enough and discontinued this service before any damage was done. They still continue text me for employment acting as if true but it is not. I have now taken it to the proper authorities.

Deborah Hemsworth January 04, 2015

I can assure you it it not any rep from acting like they are looking for employment. These people that contact you are scam artists.

the text usually looks like this:

I am am soon moving to a area near you and need care for my daughter (notice no real info about it or phone #) Please kindly respond with your email address asap. Joe Smith

Then when you email they will try and pry and get your address and even your SSN. They will promise to mail you a check in advance, then the scam begins in different form..its called the babysitting check scam.

But then there are the bored housewives and irresponsible college girls that will no show for and interview or keep rescheduling and nothing ever materializes. could care less about the security of the site or who is on it. Reporting it does nothing except they will prob close your account and ban you from the site for causing/reporting a problem.

Ria January 27, 2015

I have gotten a TON of these messages. People need to just be smart their are scammers all over the place. Don't send them a resume via email with out talking to them. Membercare February 02, 2015

Maria, as others have mentioned, we recommend all of our members to begin the initial contact within for safety purposes. Families will always want to create a conversation and start the hiring process within the site before taking outside of the site or exchanging contact info. If you continue to receive these kind of texts, feel free to call us at 877-227-3115 and will be more than happy to investigate this further for you.

WARNING DO NOT USE CARE.COM This is an unsafe site for kids.
December 19, 2014 is the largest caregiver networking/service in the world..16 countries and over 13 million customers. It is one the fast growing internet based companys ever.

I have been a caregiver on this site for many years. I have a 7 yr old myself. I have been reading the complaints board and see that there are many unanswered questions about terminated accounts from both parents and caregivers. I had given this some thought then decided the other day to do an experiment.

How to open a fake profile/account on as a caregiver.

Open a basic account with any fake name. Then link a fake f*ce book with the same name then link it together with one push of the button.Then create fake connections/family and friends. from your facebook..Now your f*ce book and email is verified by as legit.. Use any email to open the account (not important)..Then check off all the boxes for work experience except a few..Cpr/first aide and add a masters degree from whatever school *(non of this is cross referenced or verified)* Add a fake 5 star long winded review to get your moneys worth (It will cost around $30 to open an account as a parent and contact yourself) Get a fake back ground check ($9)..All you need is your sisters or friends drivers license if you are a known criminal..Since no one will see the id in real life you wont get caught. Make sure the address on the main account and the address on the background check forwarded match. The name does not matter on the id because they will ask you to forward you full legal name to the background check( the one on the license and its not cross references against the profile at all only the address. There you have it now upgrade to a premium membership for $20 bucks and you have a beautiful professional looking profile for about $50 and the job offers will come rolling in from unsuspecting parents that trust Care.Com and believe that all this info has been verified.

Who thinks that should be shut down fined and even some jail time should be involved for letting this able to happen?

The reason accounts/profiles are so often terminated is because can not tell what is real or not. It is too costly and not time effecient to actually have identification scanned and real background checks completed..verify the skills from an actual company..So they keep the prices reasonable like Mcdonalds a run it like a fast food restaurant with reckless customer service and a who cares attitude.. If you don't like it we will kick you out goodbye. We know that there is a large amount of pedophiles, convics and scam artists on the site but we cant't do anything about it sorry..refer to section 5. We reserve the right to do whatever we want whenever we want with no explanation. Sounds like criminals doesnt it? in a criminal company with horrible business practices that puts kids lives in danger daily. Parents think its safe from the warm hearted commercial with the background checks.. and reviews. It is very deceiving and should not be when dealing with a childs life. Sheila Marcelo is the CEO a Harvard grad and a known criminal..she should be in jail.

Ria January 27, 2015

I had mixed experience with this site. I have found work right away and when I met the 2 families I nannied for, I actually ended up knowing them. ( only went to people that knew about the area) I get texts asking for my email with out messaging me on and i am weary of them and ask them to call me so at least I can hear their voice then meet at a public place. Also, I dont send references because I am not giving out info of anyone that has trusted me unless I actually interview and see their background stuff. Membercare February 02, 2015

We understand searching for care online requires precautions, which is why we offer you the tools to ensure a safe hiring process. One precaution we take is to check certain information some members provide us against various databases and other sources for criminal or other inappropriate activity. In addition, our safety team reviews profiles for suspicious and inappropriate content and investigates job posts, profiles and messages that are flagged by our members as objectionable. While we view these as important initial steps, they are only preliminary checks and do not catch everything; the best safety precautions are the ones you take. It's important to perform your own independent search on your candidates. Search the web for their name to see if there are any news articles about them, contacting your state or local municipalities to obtain public information, and using our background checks. Feel free to check out our safety guides and articles within the website for more information.

Deborah Hemsworth March 10, 2015

What good is it to check "certain information" if you dont know who the person is? Anyone can take any ones drivers license and pass a background check. If your a pedophile just use your sisters id and its all good.

Deborah Hemsworth March 10, 2015

my point is that most parents trust to be a safe verified site when they have paid as much a $80 for a enhanced background check..After paying as much as *$80 to $100 for a lengthy background check most parents will assume the sitter is just fine. When is fact that is the furPleathest from the truth. The background checks provided by are from an outside company and if is asked to explain the report this is the auto generated response they send out "Background checks are provided bu a 3rd party outside company and we are not able to translate the report and we are not responsible for the accuracy or its completeness."

So what comes back is either a pass with the persons name with no record or a fail with no information at all and the caregiver is removed from the community.

What a JOKE.

Deborah Hemsworth March 10, 2015


review these scam artists on YELP
November 22, 2014
So Yelp DOES allow businesses to pay to remove their page/reviews... did this a couple of years ago, but luckily someone made another yelp business page on their behalf..

Don't Use
November 21, 2014
I was desperate to find a new housekeeper. I wasn't having any luck on my own so I decided to try, even though most of the reviews online were horrendous--my first mistake of many with Thinking I would surely find someone I stupidly bought the pre-paid background for $300.00. There were maybe 5-6 candidates that seemed worthy of interviewing but when I called their references at least 4 of them had obvious fake references. The one legitimate candidate I interviewed was not the right fit for us. I was pretty fed up and ended up finding a wonderful housekeeper through my building. After a couple of months I decided to call to get a refund back for the background check I will never use. They said it's non-refundable and on top of that informed me that I was being charged $39.99 a month for automatic renewal membership. I didn't even know that. They said they would refund me one month of the membership but then cut off my phonecall. Essentially, took more than $400.00 for literally nothing. If you're looking for help online you could do just as well with Craigslist since it's pretty much the same does not vet any of the candidates on their website. You can also pay for your own background check when you're ready to actually hire someone. I should have listened to the bad reviews--BEWARE of The bad reviews on all over the internet for a reason. Membercare February 02, 2015

Hi Riki, we always mention before purchase that all pre-paid background checks are non-refundable. Furthermore, all members who enrolls onto our site are screened for basic verification, although these are preliminary checks, we always recommend to conduct background checks for further precaution. I'm sorry for the negative experience and how you were unaware of auto renewal, however, I hope the above information was helpful

Predatory billing practices on
November 20, 2014

I signed up on for 3 months, as I only needed their service during the summer. If you aren't paying attention to the fine print, which is easy to do, then you won't realize that your setup for auto-renewal whether you like it or not.  While that's annoying, it does not constitute my main complaint with them. Trusted businesses, such as, and others, all that have auto-renewal services, they all send notifications to their customers when a credit card is charged. does not. So if you're not aware (or have forgotten) about the auto-renewal, they will quietly drain your credit card over time regardless of whether you use their service or not.

The bottom line is that they continued to bill me for 3 month periods where absolutely no services had been rendered (and they know when someone logs into their system to use it), and they never notified me when my credit card was charged.  Had they notified me, I would have caught it after the very first auto-renewal charge, and I would have been refunded for that (per their 30 day policy for refunds if you didn't log in during that period). That would have prevented any subsequent charges, and made this issue a non-issue. Unfortunately, they do not notify you; hence, this review.

By the time I caught it, there were already two charges for $78 for periods where I never used their service. I was able to get a refund on the last period since it was within 30 days of my call. Any reputable company would have refunded me for both, but they stick to their 30-day policy, thereby screwing over their customers who don't monitor their credit cards vigilantly.  I truly believe purposely chooses not to notify customers so that their customers lose track and forget about the auto-renewal, giving free cash for no services rendered. uses these predatory billing practices to fatten their bottom line. They are not to be trusted with your credit card information.

Check out BBB reviews, 30% are negative! How does one with such a poor rating become BBB accredited? Membercare February 02, 2015

Hi Don, I apologize that you were not aware of our auto renewal feature, we disclose this information on our enrollment page so our members can be made aware of it. Moreover, after enrollment, we always offer the option to receive notifications of your billing. I hope this information was helpful.

Poor functionality, poor choices
November 12, 2014
I have attempted to hire sitters through both and Pricing and auto-renewal features are similar on both websites. However, I found the website to be more difficult to use, and the caliber of job candidates was inferior. I was not able to find a regular after-school sitter on who was willing to be paid legally, versus under the table. On, I hired a full-time sitter who was with us for four years, and a part-time sitter (and Uber driver!) who quit after a month due to a family medical emergency. In short, don't waste your time advertising a job on Membercare February 02, 2015

Hello Maryellen, I apologize that you found our website difficult to use and not able to locate the caregiver you wanted. I assure that we take every feedback into consideration and love to hear from you what aspects of the site you did not like. This information will be forwarded so that we can continue improving our site. Ultimately, I'm glad you were able to find someone!