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Only agency I know who charge you to apply for a job
June 1, 2016
Never known an agency who charges for you to apply for a job or a CRB check. My teenage son thankfully didn't finish the application process and had the sense to tell me about it.

They Leaked my info for SAMMERS to jerk me around!!!
April 21, 2016

Leaked my Information and received five Fraud jobs with bogus checks!!

Contacted F.B.I. and F.T.C. and showed them EVERYTHING!

This Site is responsible and should be shutdown!!! April 27, 2016

Sorry to hear you were contacted by Scammers claiming to have found your information through This type of scam is all over the internet and our Safety Team is doing their best keep everyone's information safe. I encourage you to check out this article from the Safety Center on the site: about detecting and avoiding these types of Scams. I hope this helps and let us know if you have other questions or concern. Have a great day!

Tracy August 06, 2016

Same old BS spokesho

Sans Soucci October 03, 2016

@David....Yes, as they did me and about a million other people. One word of warning....NEVER text to ANY number you are sent. I did, and it was one of the WORST mistakes ever. I just got another number to text "for a job", by someone named SIMON. Obviously, you can tell by the speech pattern that it is NOT an American.'s business model is unsustainable.
March 18, 2016

You know you're company is in trouble when the majority of your income stems from deceptive billing practices or on wagering that a large percentage of members will forget to check their credit card statements. This strategy can really work only once, so I wonder how many more first time customers are still left out there ? Not as many as you would think given the extensive and quite savage criticism directed at from thousands of their own customers.

Word of mouth spreads like wildfire. may have paid off Yelp to remove their listing, but spend a few minutes on your favorite search engine and you’ll see an astonishingly massive amount of bitter condemnation from current and former subscribers. Class action lawsuit anyone ?? It appears that the “wolf is at the door” for’s future, but perhaps this is a good thing because this is an industry with a great deal of potential and it needs a company that actually really does care!

DAVID April 21, 2016

Leaked my Information and received five Fraud jobs with bogus checks!! April 27, 2016

Sorry you feel that way and we appreciate your feedback, I'll send that over to the right department on your behalf. Have a great day.

March 7, 2016
Family of late actor Jon Locke (of Panorama City, CA) hired a background-screened caregiver from Care.Com. She was a live-in caregiver who then proceeded to isolate Jon from family and friends--to cover up her abuse. According to friends, she would allow Jon to lie on the floor for hours after he fell because she could not lift him and failed to call 911 for assistance. Although Jon had a stroke and needed assistance eating, she would just put food in front of him and walk away. She would return later, see he had not eaten, remove the food and say, "Oh, I guess you are not hungry." Eventually, friends were banned from seeing Jon and the family was busy working to check on him. When a nurse arrived to check on Jon, the nurse was denied entrance. She could hear Jon yelling for help in the background. The family was consulted and Jon was hospitalized at Providence Holy Cross Hopsital--to never return home. He died there. I hold the care giver and Care.Com directly responsible for Jon's death. The caregiver was incompetent, harmed a man who needed her help, and the caregiver failed to call for assistance when it was necessary. BE VERY CONCERNED ABOUT HIRING ANYONE FROM CARE.COM. April 27, 2016

We are so sorry to hear about what happened to Jon. Please feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected] or give us a call at (877) 227 3115 so that we can get more information about who the caregiver was and so our Safety Team can review this information.

Fake Profiles and Job Postings!!!
February 22, 2016
I just started using their services about 3 weeks ago and I've applied to MANY positions and only heard back from 2 individuals. The rest never replied and don't appear to have even looked at my profile (there is a tab where you can check who has viewed your profile). Is each job posting getting so many applications that the users don't even bother looking at some applicant'ts? I find this doubtful. I also started noticing that a lot of the postings have a similar writing style/tone...using a very similar sentence at the beginning of the posting "We need a (nanny/babysitter) for (1,2,3 children)....And we're looking now!" I'm in Houston and I keep seeing this so I tried searching these keywords "And we're looking now!" in other zips in California, Florida and New York and it keeps people naturally use this phrase so often?..."And we're looking now!" Yeah I don't think so. FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!! But I bet when sees this rating they'll stop using this and try to change up their fake profiles a bit more. March 04, 2016

Sorry you feel that way, Vera. I can guarantee you though that we do not create fake job ads and that in fact they were posted by individuals and/or families that are looking for care. The reason why some job posts appear to be the same is because we do have templates in cases where families/individuals do not want to type out their own job post. I hope this has cleared things up for you and let us know if you have other questions or concern. Have a good one!

Housekeeping Jobs of
February 21, 2016
I found a lot of customers who want to pay me about $10 per hour for services of cleaning. I felt very degraded because I ended up spending more gas, supplies and equipment while these so called customers want cheap labor and I am not immigrant. March 04, 2016

Hi Christina! We always encourage care seekers to pay their caregivers the current going rate in their area, we want to make sure that caregivers are paid within the state and federal guidelines or more depending on their experience. I apologize if this has not been the case for you. Feel free to review this article on the site on how much you should charge as a caregiver;

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Christina Ostil March 05, 2016

Care needs to mention about with I9 and 1099 forms for clients and contractors who do not report to the federal and state guidelines. I would needs the most of the time to have proof of income before filing taxes to IRS. Then the contractors are suppose to use a 1040, SE, Profit & Loss (C), 4562 forms and then the contractors pay a tax to the IRS. I meet only two customers who have respect for USA government tax laws.

poor referrals
February 16, 2016
This service is a waste of your money. And the "concern" of the customer support has no backbone. They say "sorry" and refer you to some disclaimer, but do not offer genuine customer support - which is to rectify the problem. This service is a waste of money. While I am sure that some providers are good, the ones with whom I had contact were unreliable - setting and then no showing for initial interviews. Go elsewhere for your care and employment needs. This is not a reliable or professional site. March 04, 2016

We're so sorry to hear you feel that way about the service. We always appreciate comments from our members so we can serve you better. I will definitely forward this feedback on your behalf. Have a good one!

They Stole My Money
January 19, 2016
Truly unbelievable...I canceled once and it didn't take. I canceled again and they stated they had no record of my original cancellation. So I canceled twice. Now, I just received my credit card statement and lo and behold, they have charged me yet again. What a nightmare! This is a truly heartless organization. Incredibly unethical. January 21, 2016

I'm so sorry you feel that way and I can understand your frustration. All of our subscriptions do automatically renew until canceled, we'd be happy to look into this for you. You can email us at [email protected], one of our email representative can review your account for you and see if there is anything we can do on our end. Have a good one! Major Red Flags
January 9, 2016

I am a recent professional school grad; I moved to a different state after school and while I was awaiting my license to practice in my field (which was going to take 2-3 months), I decided I could earn some money babysitting and dog-walking. I babysat throughout graduate school for multiple families including one of my professor's grandchildren. I am CPR (BLS) trained and have years of experience and lots of great references. Do you think cared to highlight my services to their good paying customers?

Nope. I would have to pay a membership fee for them to run a background check. I do understand the importance of a background check and I was going to offer to do it on request or even after a few weeks of using the service and seeing the offers I would gather (because, honestly, I was on a tight budget).

However, I was shocked when I learned that parents (and other customers) were also being made to pay different levels of background check info. Therefore, I have to ask, if I pay for a background check to be done on me, why should parents/customers seeking this information have to pay to see the results (assuming I've consented)? Or vise versa, if parents are paying for background checks to be done on their potential sitters, why do I have to pay too? Chang-ching, that's why. Probably.

Additionally (and to my great joy), I started receiving 2-5 texts (some emails, too, but these were at least filtered by gmail) daily from obvious scammers. Most text would say something along the lines of "My friend is looking for a [sitter]. Kindly email her at...." or "My friend is moving to your area and needs her for more info," or "I am looking to pay $400/wk for a dog walker, please email..." Each text identified that they got my information from my profile.

It was always a service for "a friend," and it always required to contact this person via an email that they would give me via text. The numbers were always outside of my area (which mine is too since I moved, but it seemed odd that they all were). Also, with google search, I found a few of the numbers were associated with similarly reported scams to other people; one email was as well. I called a couple of the numbers and no one ever answered any of the calls; all were automated voice messages; one was a text-only number that didn't actually receive calls.

The best part is that you can't just simply take down your information. I am waiting on a response from their email "care team."

It really is unfortunate that this service is a major scam. The theory behind it is great, but I hate that they are taking advantage of so many people. It's unfair. January 11, 2016

Hi Shelena. I am so sorry you feel that way about our Company. Background Checks can either be requested by the family/individual or the care provider.. Only one party will be charged for a Background Check request. With regards to the Scam issue, unfortunately, these types of Scams are all over the internet. I suggest reviewing information on our Safety Center to help you detect and avoid these scams;

Lastly, to delete you account, Go to Profile and Settings and under Membership information, click on the "close" link and follow the rest of the instructions to close your account. I hope this helps and feel free to reach out for any questions or concern you may have.

Meg March 07, 2016

Care.Com I personally talked to your office about the death of the late actor Jon Locke of Panorama City, CA related to the incompetence of your Care.Com back-ground check referred caregiver. BEFORE MY COMPLAIN, never mentioned the fact that a background check is useless--it only reveals prosecutions. In Jon Locke's case, the woman passed the check but she isolated Jon, failed to feed him, failed to give him care, and failed to seek medical help when he needed it. THIS WOMAN PASSED THE BACKGROUND CHECK but she was DANGEROUS. After Jon's death, Care.Com finally put in an advisory that background checks are only a tool not a guarantee that a caregiver will provide appropriate care or not steal.

Is Their Business Pactice Even Legal?
December 28, 2015

I read through most of the post here, and I'm wondering how or should I say can be allowed to get away with this?! I have been a member for a few years because I would need a sitter on and off for emergencies. I started school while working full time and posted a job for a sitter for a few hours Monday's-Thursday's. I received 5 responses, and by the time we were finished negotiating pay, I was down to 2. I set up interview that was both agreed upon and they never showed!!

So I went a step further, I decided to extend the subscription for 3 months thinking that at some point I would be lucky enough to find at least one reliable person; no such luck!

So bottom line, I paid $135 for a 4month subscription and have no sitter to show for it!!

holly January 08, 2016

I was a care giver for I am an honest person always took great care of the children entrusted to me....But, I am shocked at how easy it was to sign up to be a caregiver. I clicked on the link to obtain my criminal record, which of course I had none...but did that qualify me to be a caregiver to children? I am sure there are many people out there with NO criminal record that are not mentally stable....I was able to say anything I wanted on my profile. I could have been lying. I was stunned with the number of people who trusted me with their precious children....I could have been anyone. I have told my own children to NEVER use as means of childcare for my grandchildren. They did not know anything at all about was even OPTIONAL to obtain a criminal record report. I am not surprised to learn of all the issues that have occurred with this website. Fortunately for all the children I babysat, I was a good, legitimate caregiver.....I have such strong feelings about this....if I was a bad person, they would have had NO way of knowing!!!! Do NOT trust your children to anyone on this do NOT know who is Legit and who is a predator or mentally unstable!! January 11, 2016

Hi there! I am sorry to hear about your experience with the caregivers not showing up, I would be frustrated too if it happened to me. We are a self service website and even though we expect everyone to practice common courtesy (ie. let someone know if you cannot make it to the appointment, position is filled etc.) unfortunately, this is not the case so we encourage care seekers to leave a review on the provider's profile to share their experiences with them. We appreciate your feedback and do not hesitate to reach out to us via email [email protected] for any questions or concern.

Meg March 07, 2016

As a nurse and caregiver, I was on the other side. I paid for an upgraded subscription and got no responses. MAKES ONE WONDER WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON WITH Care.Com

Maureen August 02, 2016

Most jobs now require the applicant to not only agree to a criminal background check but also a credit check. My first concern was when asked me to use my credit card to use their services to find jobs. After reading how both clients and job seekers are being screwed, I an glad I did not put in my CC # and deleted my account.

This company to me just looks suspicious.

Say NO to
December 16, 2015
Very rarely do I rant in this forum, but I wanted to save anyone the dissatisfaction of what I have experienced with I have been looking for a sitter for my son and was referred to them by a friend. Upon signing up, I inputted all my information, requirements, etc. After a week, I needed to revise a few points only to find that their site does not offer any revisions. I then went to the site to contact customer service only to find that their system is automated and that the only interaction with customers is through email. There is no personalization for their service on any level as well as a tremendous lack of compassion for customers and clients. OK. I'm done! January 11, 2016

Hi Scott! I am sorry to hear that you're dissatisfied with the service. You can contact our Call Center at (877) 227 3115 We're open Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm EST. One of our representative will be happy to assist you with your concern.

Meg March 07, 2016

Care.Com's telephone number is hidden. This is the first time I have seen a phone number for the company. does NOT care
December 3, 2015 is not a respectable company. I tried, on several occasions to get them to help me figure out what was wrong my profile and ad to find a caregiver. Each phone call I was reassured the problem was corrected when it was not. They were happy to take the membership money but not happy to help straighten this out. The bottom line...I was looking for a care giver in Vail Colorado for April 2016 following a surgery. kept sending me emails with "Here are your new care givers for Vail, CO" and they were all from the Phoenix area. Even though the ad has the Vail zip code, Care was only sending me updates on caregivers in Phoenix. I asked them to extend my month membership and correct the problem and they said NO. End of story. January 11, 2016

Hi there! I can understand your frustration and we appreciate your feedback. I'll make sure to pass this on to the appropriate department for review!

October 30, 2015
I signed up with these folks 3 months ago never realizing they were locking me into a contract where they would automatically empty my bank account every 3 mos of $75. I spent about $35 to sign up, then over $100 for a housekeeping /maid service that was completely ineffectual. I tried to reach them via phone, email and Facebook because they "guaranteed their work or said they'd come back and "do it all over again". and they never replied. Now I get a testy email from complaining about the fact that they couldn't process my automated subscription. Tried to contact them to cancel subscription via their phone# and there isn't any option at that # to make a complaint or cancel a subscription. Through their website when you push the option for canceling your subscription it connects you to the page where it again informs you that you need to pay your subscription and gives you a form to fill out for a new credit card. Since I have tried 3 different methods to cancel to no avail all I can do is cancel my Visa and wait 10 whole days for a new one to arrive. I am really angry at this company For a company that lists the word "care" in the title they certainly DO NOT CARE!!!

Christina Ostil February 21, 2016

The care is good at looking for work but the problem that the customers want to charge me wages that are too low for my cleaning business. I had only found a few people to give the job. But there of a lot of customers that want to pay me $10 per hour and it did not include the cleaning supplies with equipment sometimes. The has no knowledge about small cleaning businesses.

Shame on You #udon'
October 16, 2015

I was with since 2011. In the beginning I got tons of responses from legitimate future customers. I had no problems getting work for caregiving and dog sitting.

I've recently cancelled my account because they are stealing my money. No responses in 3 months except for scam emails and texts and replies from caregiving companies. I made twice the money finding customers from and than working for a "recruiter" type of company. I'm so mad and disappointed that this company has the nerve to abandon their original business practices and cheat all of us caregivers, teachers and sitters.

What a huge SCAM.


Orange County, CA

October 14, 2015
I signed up for the free plan as a job seeker. The ONLY people who have contacted me for a job were trying to scam me. In the 2 weeks I was a member I had 4 different people all trying to scam me. It was absolutely ridiculous. This site is essentially a way to advertise yourself to scammers....nothing more. I hope this site is shut down ASAP. DO NOT USE.

False advertise. Tutors
October 9, 2015
I Need a Tutor for middle school. Sign up and paid. The SHSat tutors records shows that they log in once a month or some once in 3 months. "Yes I should sit and wait for weeks for respond , Check your records your tutors don't respond. " Never again !

Total Scam
October 3, 2015
They should be arrested for stealing and illegal business practices. I have an excellent back ground in child care. I spent two hours filling out a detailed profile and paid to be a premium member. I applied to 18 jobs and received one response. The response came from a woman offering a nanny dream job - she had a private cottage on her property on the river for the nanny to live in, the job paid twenty dollars an hour bs bs and more bs. What she really wanted was to obtain a network of girl friends to watch her children for free, as she told me she had no money, so she could maintain her partying life style. Oh and the cottage did not exist either. I soon realized that all the wonderful jobs advertised on were fake jobs that they had made up. I had to cancel my bank card, so would not continue to help themselves to my money and have my bank issue me a new card. Oh and I also started receiving a lot a spam phone calls after signing up with So obviously they sold my phone number to partners in scamming crime. So I spent a lot of my time and 20 dollars to be totally scammed over.

Jam July 07, 2016

The site is difficult to use compare to others but what really got to me is how L.O.W their hourly rate suggestions are. The only type of caregivers parents will get for minimum wage or under is anything but a legit nanny/babysitter/carer .

This site is a magnet for cheap families that wants to get everything for nothing.

The good profiles will run down the hills when it comes to most jobs as the rates you are suggesting at far, veeerrry far from market rate and what exerienced profiles charge.

I'm based in London which is an insanely expensive city to live in , yet suggest that 6£ and somethings per hour is enough. LOL . Breaking news for you , in London babysitting rates are between 8£per hour for NEWBIES ,for the most experienced 10£ per h. For nannying it's 10£h for NEWBIES and between 12£ or even 15£ per hour for the most experienced .

As a result , they will be very unlikely to attract the best care profiles. is a no no...

its not worth it
October 1, 2015
you pay for the premium membership so you get hired but not a single person responded to my applications. I uploaded a picture for my profile bio and it was not accepted. There isn't a lot of job listings in the area and nothing much to choose. So I cancelled my account and they can charged my cc. I am very unhappy and most likely will not recommend this site. I will just find a job on the newspapers or from a family friend I know for extra income. I'm sorry. It's not worth it checking my empty inbox......

I had been a member since 2009 and was terminated for no reason.
August 20, 2015

I am sadly losing my caregiver of 2 1/2 years who I had found on I am a single mom to a special needs child, now he is a teen. I ordered a one month subscription this morning and updated my ad from 2 1/2 years ago.

This afternoon I was kicked off for no apparent reason. said they have the right to do this and not tell me a reason why. I feel I am being discriminated against and so is my son. I have been on their site since 2009 and now I am not good enough?

I am very frustrated because the woman on the phone acted like I did something wrong. If someone or something is discrediting my name, I should have the right to know about it.

This is so senseless and wrong and now how do I find a childcare person for my special needs teen?

Care admits that 90% of its profit comes from unauthorized billing.
May 15, 2015
Last shareholder meeting it was said in layman's terms that that the aggressive marketing has proven to be effective and profits should be coming in 2016. In recent years care has taking a loss because of the explosion in expansion in 16 countries an merging with other companies. targets fist time users who will not see the auto renew billing and is cashing in on this fraudulent modern tactic that is illegal in many states yet still managed to fly under the radar with the 200$ million that has been invested.

Deborah Hemsworth May 16, 2015

Notice how member reps have stopped with the rebuttals and mindless, useless comments..Do not let seem like they CARE when they clearly DO NO CARE. If everyone on every review page page would let it be know what a fraudulent thieving company this was. NO more kids would die, or be abused and no more hard working families would be ripped off and waste time with this unethical company.. I have chased member reps away on almost every review board because I have done my homework. If they say one word on any of these boards now they will come off looking stupid. Revenge is a dish best served cold my friends.

Deborah Hemsworth June 05, 2015

Found this today. Very compelling evidence that back up what parents are saying about Care.coms background checks. (

Google: NBC Investigates caregiver sites found approving sitters with arrest records.

ALSO, Google: NBC 5 Chicago "Criminals pass background checks on sitter sites". (Very informative news video about Care.coms background checks.)