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Deceptive Billing Practices
November 13, 2012
You sign up for a 1-Month Membership & they bill you monthly until you notice the charges on your bank statement. I found my nanny in 3 weeks, but paid for 4 months. Clearly they take advantage of busy people.

Not happy with
October 26, 2012

It may work for some families...but not for this one.

I am very unhappy with and I am not happy with how it turned out. They would not allow me to cancel my account. I paid $80.00 now towards services I would never use.

I started my account in March. By May I emailed and called requesting to cancel. I sent 6 emails with no returned email. I had to change my profile to read "CANCEL MY ACCOUNT". I also had to call my bank to cancel my checking card to avoid payments going forward.

I hired three people, one was a no show, one let my kid play in the street (18 month old) and third wanted to be my new best friend and added me on facebook before we even had her over to watch our child.

I have found a friend through church that has helped me find a nanny. If you need a nanny, ask friends. Do not pay a site like this!

Laura December 22, 2012

I am wondering how much you were paying thease co called caregivers?? I herar your story in blogs and different reviews the exact same complaint...But why would someone hire a caregiver when they cant afford it or dont wont to pay the going rate for Maryland?...I will let people know the TRUTH about babysitting...if a babysitter doesnt have at least 10 reputible references then dont hire her..not 3 references..anyone can pull 3 out of thier backpocket...and never pay a caregiver under $10 an hour..never hire anyone under 21 years of age..avoid college students...thease not so secret secrets will put parents on the path to finding great childcare.

Puppylips January 30, 2013

laura-who are you? please take spelling lessons : )

Dee August 27, 2013

The truth of babysitting by Laura the illiterate...

Deborah Hemsworth April 03, 2015

I just found this review. It is true what Laura said. Looking for a cheap cut rate babysitter under $10 an hour is very dangerous..unless your family of friends will do it for less. Desperate sitters that need cash or a reg paycheck will sit for almost any rate. Most of them are illegals from another country with no SS# or work permit. Many are also right out of the detention center and fake a background check. easily done since anyone can use anyones DL# and punch it in. Nothing on is verified. Not even CPR. The references are sometimes verified by but almost always by email. The emails are provided by the caregiver and can easily be made up then the caregiver emails back as the parent. I have emailed back as a parent and verified my own references when parents wont hand out the email..That is the only way to get it verified sometimes. College student will sit for 2-3 months at a time maximum most often. Their schedule changes and off they go.

What a Waste of Money
October 24, 2012
I joined in the hopes that it would allow me to have a viewable profile with a link (like facebook or something similar) so that prospective clients could at least see that I cared enough to pay the $8 for the background check. I was totally wrong, wasted the $8, and am now really vehemently against the website. It's such a waste of time and money! Literally - there is nothing to even do on the site. I'm not sure what the point of it even is, and it is totally my fault for jumping into it. I'm just saying that it is a piece of crap website and DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY THERE.

DON't Waste your money
October 24, 2012

No one returns your emails and providers info are outdated. Called to get a refund and was told I could not get a refund. What a waste of time and money. I hope this deters someone else from getting involved with this site.

Janet November 26, 2012

outdated profiles would be my biggest complaint as well

Pompous website and visibility for a null service and null customer service
October 10, 2012

We had a very negative experience with the service while looking for a nanny able to commit for at least a year under contract. We just cancelled a premium profile, which we kept for several months and realized that we wasted $35 a month for at least 6 months getting absolutely nothing out of the service.

Pretty much most of the nanny profiles are not up to date in terms of availability and they use the nanny job as a way to round their income rather than making one with enthusiasm. It also looks like many of the nannies listed are pretentious amateurs that expect a family to comply with their availability rather than being flexible and comply with the availability of who is providing the job, the employer, the family.

Besides a very poor pool of nannies, also the service and membership have nothing to offer, no special hints, no other types of connection between family and candidate (we contacted each candidate by looking at their profile - only three candidates responded to our add). In summary, we lost completely our hope on this service despite the initial hype about having found a potentially great one.

I then posted a review to the BBB, which correctly black-lists with a 82% negative experience rate!!! I received a useless answer from through the BBB, which sounded very much prepackaged (same answer template for all the negative review they receive - I assume they receive many..)

After the bleak answer I tried to contact customer service and discovered that the number is just a very long maze of automated messages with no real operator behind the phone. Can it be any worse?

Laura December 22, 2012

I work this site and actually do very well with it as a nanny/babysitter..However I do agree with everything that you have said..I would never hire anyone from this service nor would I ever leave my own child with anyone from this service. doesnt care!

Wendy i December 29, 2012

Wow. I am so thankful for all these reviews! I am a "top of the crop" teaching nanny and I was just about to join the site to look for my next sweet family. How disappointing! Thank you everyone for the heads up!!

Not worth the money or time
August 23, 2012
No one replies to your applications, all my jobs I've gotten off of not sure if it's better from the parent's end, but as a nanny I definitely prefer it.

Wonderful experience, highly recommend
August 21, 2012
Found a wonderful caregiver for my elderly parents who live four hours north of me. Couldn't have done it without!

Sam October 27, 2012


EVA January 01, 2013


Meg March 07, 2016

* * * * * As a nurse who is experienced in forensic nursing, I totally disagree that Care.Com's website is a "wonderful" experience. I have done research on Care.Com after Jon Locke's death at the hands of a Care.Com provided caregiver. To date I have contacted over 300 Care.Com caregivers/nanny's and they all state that they have had none or few responses to their ad. Many never got a response. BEWARE OF CARE.COM'S SCAM. ! ! ! ! !
June 18, 2012 offers the free basic membership to allow families to evaluate our site as a whole. We give the option to post a job ad and get applicant'ts for that job, and to search for providers that are listed in your area. This basic membership allows you to test out the site, and decide whether or not it is something you and your family would want to utilize. Job seekers on the site can sign up for free. They have the ability to view the entire list of job postings in their area, and apply to all the job positions on the site with a free membership.

The premium membership for job seekers offers the ability to message families who have not posted a job ad on the site, but have indicated what type of care they are looking for. When job posters upgrade to a premium membership and start actively hiring, we notify them that the subscriptions on the site are auto-renewing, and that it is a service that needs to be canceled when they are no longer looking to hire. We offer the automatic renewal of the account so that the members search for care is not interrupted. The membership can be canceled at any time, and this can be taken care of right through the members account.

When background checks are run by our security company, social security numbers are required to make sure that all of the information provided belongs to same person. We also offer an enhanced check that families can run for extra security if they wish to do so. We also provide a Safety Center page on the site for families or individuals that have extra questions or concerns about their security, and the process of hiring a caregiver through the site.

Sue October 11, 2012

Why can't you talk to a human.....ever????

Sam October 27, 2012

YES... return phone calls.. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Lucky r October 29, 2012

Thank you all for the comments!!! I was about to pay for the service!

Sam November 08, 2012

Did you just give 5 stars to your own company????

Anonymous November 15, 2012

Did you just give 5 stars to your own company????


Infant C December 14, 2012

When I noticed the same ad in multiple markets, I sent notice to, saying it seems there is a phishing or spamming scheme. My concerns were dismissed. It is horrible to see the same ad over and over. Takes credibility away from service. I then googled reviews of service and they are really negative. They won't last long with no trust from consumers.

Shaking M December 29, 2012

You have thousands of complaints of people continually being charged when they do not want to be. CHANGE IT!!! When people sign up for a month, bill them for a month ONLY. If they want to continue to use your service after that, then they will pay again before they can use your service. It is NOT rocket science. Stop being so greedy and disgusting. You could have had such better reviews! BAD BUSINESS.

EVERYONE January 18, 2013

Change your name to ""

Dee August 27, 2013

or...We Care about Ripping You Off

Meg March 07, 2016

***CARE.COM have you ever done research to see how many of your applicants get jobs or get referrals? YOUR PROGRAM IS FRADULENT AND SOONER OR LATER YOU WILL BE SHUT DOWN.