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WORST experience I have ever had
November 7, 2023

We are part of the business side of I have called 100 families and have only had 2 enroll. We were guaranteed at least 1 out of every 20 I believe it was, clearly those numbers are falsified.

We have done everything we were told to do, call, text, email, etc and most families never responded even still. I attempted to contact Tim, one of the sales managers over the course of October. I was told he had been out of work sick and he would give me a call back by Karen one of the sales people we worked with.

That was on October 19. I received a call from him on October 20 but was in a classroom and interviews and couldn't take his call. Since then I have called and left 4-5 messages and still no response. I contacted Karen and she said she would have him call me this past Friday, I never got a call. I texted her letting her know and attempted to call her and her answer was that she was on a conference call and she would call me back shortly. I waited about 20 min and didn't receive a call and so I tried again. She told me she still had an hour and a half left in her work day and she would give me a call. In the mean time I could call or email the support team.

Obviously I am not trusting them to respond to me in any proper amount of time if I email because, well to date they have failed to call me back (Tim the manager and the support team that I left 2 messages with). Well at 3:51 pm az time, nearing the end of her shift I tried calling, what a shock no answer. I called 26 times and no answer. Now she has blocked my number, Tim will not call me back, and surprise I haven't received any sort of communication from the support team after 2 messages and an email.

They have no problem charging my card though still. I attempted to delete my debit card info so they couldn't charge us, because at this point they have failed to uphold their end of the deal, but I can't delete it from the file. There is no way to cancel unless I speak with someone, yet I have to leave a voicemail and never get a live person. I have reported them to the BBB, I am going to have to contact my bank to claim fraudulent charges so they can't charge me any further. This is insane and not how a company should be doing business.

I'm a caregiver, self employed. They tried to extort me for more money!
October 11, 2023

They are a scam. I was on the site for 3 years, as a caregiver. At first I was dong great, but was with a family for 9 months full time. So after that job finished i went back on. I was on there every am looking for another job.

Most of the jobs I contacted , were not real. Care puts up fake jobs!! Then they tried to extort more money from me, said I was running a business. That i needed to upgrade to a business profile. In bold letters I had on my advertising that I was an Independent contractor! I was not getting any business from them!! I know fake jobs when I see them. been doing this for 15 years.

I confronted them about the jobs, said they were old jobs being posted, or fake. They closed my account sending me an e-mail saying I could upgrade to a business' membership. They have uneducated workers who answer the chat calls. I had just paid for my premium membership as well as background checks. So I lost all that money. I'm glad I not advertising on there anymore.

I think most of the people on there now are "The illegals that are arriving in the US, because the rates have dropped to almost minimum wage! A good caregiver won't charge minimum wages! Stay clear of this company. I have just reported them to the better business Bureau they are based out of Austin TX.

If more people would report them, maybe they can be stopped from stealing from everyone. Copy all of your correspondence and chats with with, it helps when you have proof for the better business Bureau

Unauthorized payments
June 23, 2023

Watch out if you want to use this service for a month ONLY for childcare purposes. They state that " membership is a subscription service and is non-refundable stated in terms and conditions". Therefore, if you do not intend to let keep taking payments from your bank account after a month, do NOT sign up for this service at all. There is no telephone number in their website and/or when you try to cancel your "after a month paid off", they just change your plan but do not cancel it. I had to cancel my card and open a dispute with them as they kept charging me for four months. I have not logged in to this service at all after a month paid off. I thought I had canceled it in their website and clicked on update membership before the 30 days expiry but they did NOT cancel it. I had no email and no notification from this service about the status of the membership at all. It just kept charging with the highest level of the plan (premium). I never paid or signed up for the "premium" level.

Not worth the money
May 2, 2023
After buying a membership for this, they keep asking me to upgrade and it doesn't allow me to do anything like contact people about the jobs or even message the help desk.

It's a scam site
April 9, 2023

I took out a one month subscription in early December to find an animal feeder for Christmas (no success with this but that might not be the fault of the site).

Then, without notifying me of taking further payments, or sending receipts, continued to take monthly payments of £29.

This is now April so they have quietly stolen £116 from my account and this would have continued until I noticed.

They are refusing to refund this money. I wish I could give a zero star review to help warn other people of this.

Not worth it
March 21, 2023

Do not recommend. I signed up and quickly realized that their postings are either fake or old. Only one person out of 20 requests replied. Canceled real quick.

Monthly subscription
February 20, 2023

It is hard enough to keep track of everyday parenting. I am very disappointed in the offer for a month payment yet is small writing it notes a monthly subscription with no refund policy. Way to go to really care about parents needs!

Also website not user friendly

Don't waste your time with
January 2, 2023
I needed a nanny and contacted dozens of individuals and created my own posting with no success. Either the individuals were no longer available or were available only on certain very specific days/times. A total waste of money. Plus, continued to renew my subscription. Not an ethical company. Very disappointed.

Do Not Pay For This Service
December 27, 2022

Over priced. No providers available. Useless. Refused refund even though I cancelled within 24 hours of billing. Did NOT PROVIDE RENEWAL NOTICE AS REQUIRED BY LAW. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!

Steer Clear of
November 7, 2022
There website is not user friendly. The practices used by are very deceptive. I am out money. It is very difficult to reach someone. I could not even access my account profile on their website. It just stayed on the "making your profile" section. I do not recommend this company.

Tricking people into paying longer than you use it
October 24, 2022
I signed up for three months and used it for one week. Not knowing that this would auto renew, I was charged again. I assumed they would refund as I had never been on the site since two weeks into the previous quarter. They did not. They are trying to trick people into paying longer than they need the site. By the way, they have 700 BBB complaints this year...I'll be 701.

Awful multiple experiences with in 2022
October 12, 2022
My personal experience with is awful. I hired one cleaner and she lied saying she would come back and clean for a showing and she did not, she also said she was getting custom made cleaning products made for hundreds of dollars and she never gave me any. The nanny we tried to hire stood us up twice. Then I thought I cancelled my subscription and they charged me $240 without crediting any money. Reaching them by phone is difficult and they hide behind emails and meetings so you never talk with anyone. They are the worst business I've encountered. Beware and good luck!

As Disgraceful and Criminal as it gets
September 27, 2022

No it is not it is as criminal, and disgraceful as it gets. I filed a complaint with the MA AG's Office and reported them to Citibank, which I will also include in this criminal complaint for their even processing credit card transactions to DEFRAUD the Elderly, I canceled my account almost immediately after I opened it, told Citibank this, and yet they still processed a FRAUDULENT Transaction , I would recommend you Cancel any Account you have with CitiBank for even taking Part in defrauding the Elderly. It is as disgraceful, and CRIMINAL as it gets.

Big scam
August 6, 2022

Please don’t trust them, unsubscribed from them but they still keep sending me emails. I'm sending them emails to stop it but they don’t care. Be aware...

Find people another way
August 2, 2022
They don't let you cancel. Billed me $225 and offered to refund $36.85.

July 27, 2022
All the ladies that were supposed to come for housekeeping didn't show up. On the way to our house, they sent a message that they can't come or they are suddenly just not replying to any message or phone call. I'm almost sure it's a scam.

Fraudulent Charges, Bad & Dishonest Customer Service
July 19, 2022 has fraudulently continued to charge our account after we left their service. Our bank is now disputing over $500 of charges with them.

Additionally, since we had left their service, upon seeing the fraudulent charges, I tried to communicate with them directly, but because I was no longer with their service, I had to set up a new account just to connect with their customer service. They will not accept phone calls and you can only communicate with them if you have an account.

This is bull**** and is a sign of a fraudulent company, IMO. This is by far the worst fraud and customer service I have ever received. We used them for our nanny's paperwork from 2017-2020 without a glitch. They were (past tense!) great.

When I called them, they answered and resolved my issues. From 2017-2020 they were great. But we cancelled our service in 2020 due to the pandemic (I have the emails confirming cancellation), but they continued to charge our account.

I gave up and finally contacted our bank which has put a hold on their charges. If you can find another service to manage your domestic service needs, do so. Do not trust this company. Something went wrong with them.

Limited value; don't bank on finding what you need with any ease.
April 19, 2022

The website and their basic online services are largely fine. After contacting more than a dozen individuals for senior care, though, many individuals' schedule limitations did not match their profiles; and several were unresponsive to messages, or did not follow up at all as they initially committed to.

Things fell apart completely in a few cases after I asked for references. Many did not show to meet or did not respond to phone calls after coordinating with them to discuss needs further.

If allowing the platform to connect caregivers and families, Care should provide some monitoring or option to provide feedback of these independent providers' "performance" during initial contact.

It is a reflection of Care's value and service, and not something that they can wash their hands of as a result. I know I won't use or recommend the site.

Jack April 30, 2022

So, what are you saying ... that CARE.COM itself (platform-site) isn't effective ... are their fake or just exaggerated 'care-givers' ... the 'verification' process ... can that be phoney?

This Company Is a Scam, We Don't Work for Free
April 17, 2022

This company is a SCAM. My husband signed up last month to be a care giver. He has over 20 years of experience working with the elderly and disabled. In March 2022 he was hired by someone on the sight to take care of 2 people in one home and STILL HAS NOT BEEN PAID as of April 1, 2022. Yet has taken another monthly fee out.

We have searched everywhere for a number to speak with someone about this matter and haven't gotten one response. We have emailed them SEVERAL times about this matter and not one response. THAT ISN'T OK.

He provided a service to not just 1 client but 2 and should be paid accordingly. If you are reading this and thinking of becoming a caregiver my advice is to choose another company. Unless you like working for free!!!!!!

Why do I need to Join to see a message?
March 13, 2022
I received a response to a job I had posted. I had to join in order to see and respond to the message. There are other referral services that are free. I hope the member who messaged me is on one of those. Bait and Switch?