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Limited value; don't bank on finding what you need with any ease.
April 19, 2022

The website and their basic online services are largely fine. After contacting more than a dozen individuals for senior care, though, many individuals' schedule limitations did not match their profiles; and several were unresponsive to messages, or did not follow up at all as they initially committed to.

Things fell apart completely in a few cases after I asked for references. Many did not show to meet or did not respond to phone calls after coordinating with them to discuss needs further.

If allowing the platform to connect caregivers and families, Care should provide some monitoring or option to provide feedback of these independent providers' "performance" during initial contact.

It is a reflection of Care's value and service, and not something that they can wash their hands of as a result. I know I won't use or recommend the site.

Jack April 30, 2022

So, what are you saying ... that CARE.COM itself (platform-site) isn't effective ... are their fake or just exaggerated 'care-givers' ... the 'verification' process ... can that be phoney?

This Company Is a Scam, We Don't Work for Free
April 17, 2022

This company is a SCAM. My husband signed up last month to be a care giver. He has over 20 years of experience working with the elderly and disabled. In March 2022 he was hired by someone on the sight to take care of 2 people in one home and STILL HAS NOT BEEN PAID as of April 1, 2022. Yet has taken another monthly fee out.

We have searched everywhere for a number to speak with someone about this matter and haven't gotten one response. We have emailed them SEVERAL times about this matter and not one response. THAT ISN'T OK.

He provided a service to not just 1 client but 2 and should be paid accordingly. If you are reading this and thinking of becoming a caregiver my advice is to choose another company. Unless you like working for free!!!!!!

Why do I need to Join to see a message?
March 13, 2022
I received a response to a job I had posted. I had to join in order to see and respond to the message. There are other referral services that are free. I hope the member who messaged me is on one of those. Bait and Switch? is a Sccam
January 27, 2022 is a complete scam. They took $155 out of my account when they were supposed to take $12. They refuse refunds. Don't take my word for it. Read the reviews on Facebook Instagram and at the BBB.

Watch Your Credit Card Billing
December 30, 2021

I applied for service and was billed twice - One charge was a monthly charge $ 38.11 and a second charge $42.41.

After one month they responded by email and stated I applied for premium membership + Combined Check Plan which is a scam. Immediately deleted my account - its a scam and no one cares and replies take weeks if at all.

ChrisRice January 02, 2022

I totally agree

Do not give them your credit card info!
November 2, 2021
This company is a scam. Do not give them your credit card info, A basic component of their business model is to suck money out of your account, ignore any cancellation requests, and never provide any refunds. Stay away - stay far far away from these scammers.

Is this legal?
March 23, 2021

When I tried to cancel my membership, their site had an error. It returned an HTTP web server code. It was their fault, but I still had to pay my membership. Customer service didn't seem to even understand

It's pretty much a scam.
December 5, 2019

Tread carefully with these guys. The business model is basically to trap you into a non-refundable year long subscription. I was able to find a math tutor on my own for my daughter through a neighborhood FB group before their ad even posted. But my $100 for signing up- goodbye...

And then the endless spam... If you have any neighborhood social media site (Nextdoor, FB, other) you will likely be able to find what you need (and closer to your home) than anything these guys can provide. Michael

Wrong website to find good help
July 27, 2019
I have been lied to and mislead. The website misleads in it’s advertising. Leads one to think that potential employees have gone threw a prequalifying screening process. In fact they do not. Anyone can sign up, all you need is a first name(not verified)

May 5, 2019

Out of control. Inept terminated my account because I dared complain that their stats on my page did not reflect the number of families I serve. An unethical company who ironically does not care.

Terrible Company That Doesn't Care About Your Safety
July 5, 2018

I spent money to pay for a premium account. When I was contacted by a man from asking me to meet him at his house I asked him to meet in a public place (per safety tips). He became angry with me and refused.

He then started harassing me on the web site's messaging service. I asked him to stop or I would report him. He did not stop so I reported him. 2 days later, with no phone call, email or other explanation, but AFTER I had paid for a premium account, my account was terminated by and was told they could not discuss with me the reasons for terminating my account and that it is their right to do so without explaining why to me.

Does this sound like a company you would like to do business with? March 11, 2019

We're so sorry to hear about your experience with one of potential clients on the site. Please email us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook or Twitter if you'd like us to take another at your account. We wish you all the best!

DominicFetherston May 05, 2019

Like you care?!?!!?? You terminated my account for complaining that the stats you reported on my page were consistently inaccurate. You're an unethical bully machine that couldn't care less. Shame on you

February 2, 2018

I joined last year, paid for the upgraded account, paid for a background check for someone I found to come to my home and clean it. Set up the appointment with her not once but twice and both times she failed to call or show up. None of the money was refunded.

I have a friend who had someone who was to come to her house yesterday from and this lady was a no call and a no show. I don't care if they have an A+ rating with the BBB this is a too common problem and they do not provide what they say that they will because of the ones they hire not being dependable.

Frustrating and Ridiculous
October 30, 2017

My daughter tried to sign up several times, each time they would contact me, and each time I would approve. Upon approval they would instantly deny her application and basically tell me I wasn't who I day I am.

I contacted them trying to figure out what was happening and they kept giving me the same bs response "we compare your information to various data sources" of course I'm going to have other addresses and phone numbers on line, I lived in California for 35 years before moving to Nevada.

After they denied her AGAIN (since apparently I'm not me) I looked up real (non paid) reviews and saw nothing but negative comments. I'll pass. I guess I need to find my real self and ask me where I'm currently living so my information can match their flawed data bases. is a JOKE
September 17, 2017

We have had several and I mean several 'caregivers' show interest in our job posting, have a phone interview, set up an in-person interview only to no show, tell us last minute they found something else or show for an interview and then never call/respond back.

I don't know where found so many shady people to join their site but it's an absolute joke for parents who are seriously looking for good, reliable help for their most precious members of their families!

June 11, 2017
They advertised any fake dog walker/pet sitter positions in any fake locations! Also, they STOLE my money without any clients hiring me! DO NOT TRUST THEM!

care is a scam
April 29, 2017

I believe others that have has set up fake accounts with no families to respond back. I set up an alias account to respond to and vice versa and what do you messages went through and both accounts were taken down with no explanation.,

but after I paid for background check and premium upgrade. They enjoy living off people's money. I did find 1 good job couple years ago weirdly but only because a friend posted the ad. Don't pay..

Good referal service, but no guarantee of good clients.
April 24, 2017

I was hired by a family looking for a caregiver on

I went to work for the family and was paid for my services.

The job went well (for months) and I pefromed my duties well.

However, the family decided to "let me go" after they discovered that they needed more help than just a caregiver, or at least, that's how they put it.

I am an experienced caregiver, I never call off, and I perform the duties assigned to me.

The family that hired me gave me no indication that things were deteriorating to the point where my services would not be needed. Instead I was, all of sudden, told one day that I was fired.

Also my dismissal was not only abrupt, it was rude and done without any regard for me and the time that I had invested in the job.

I recognize that sometimes working in the home with family members who have health problems can be stressful. My general opinion of the family is that they did not really care all that much for the quality of the care from the beginning, nor did they care about the staff.

Although it is not necessarily the job of to monitor and surpervise the work that clients and service providers request and provide. My experience thus far with indicates that there is a potential for members and clients to be put into situations that may not be equitable and possibly even present a conflict of interest.

I would recommend that provide customer service for both users and service providers in case issues such as those described above present themselves.

Good service, but use a temporary credit card
April 2, 2017

I've gotten a few caregivers through, and have always been happy. The only problem is the automatic renewal and AUTOMATIC UPGRADE of accounts. Just noticed that I had a charge from for my account this month-after no charges for months since I got my new nanny.

They decided I had made a mistake downgrading to basic membership (since you can't delete your account with them) and so upgraded me without asking me. Note I last used the service in September of 2016 and I'm writing this in April 2017...

Use a one time credit card to sign up or cancel your card after you get your new caregiver.

March 26, 2017

BEWARE OF CARE.COM This is a very, very bad company. I needed a dog sitter during an agonizing time in my family when a sibling was dying. I was trying to find a dog sitter as I was going to be out of town 3 to 4 days out of every week.

I signed up and paid my fee for the month in order to be able contact a couple of dog sitters. I hired someone and went about my life caretaking my family member. Now that she has passed and I am getting back on my feet from a devastating loss, I find that they have been charging my credit card every single month.

They are refusing to return anything but one month. FOR SHAME!!!!! FOR SHAME!!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!! beware consumers. They do not tell you that this auto-renews and if you are using services due to a crisis in your family or a tragedy they will take advantage of you.

January 17, 2017

It is my opinion that is nothing but a scam, suckering people into paying for monthly and upgrade fees with the promise of potential work, or of nurturing caregivers or hardworking housekeepers.

After I signed up & then paid for the subscription and upgrade, I not only never got any replies, but no one ever even looked at my profile - yet the "jobs" remained open. I believe that is setting up fake profiles in order for people to think that there are legitimate accounts and therefore shell out money for the monthly subscription and upgrades.

It's akin to tying a carrot on a stick in front of a donkey pulling a cart. It's a promise of reward that's always just out of reach. Once I started researching, I found countless similar complaints on's own community board, on the BBB site, and on several online consumer complaint sites - which only substantiates my assertion that is a scam.

I have also filed complaints with the FTC and the Wisconsin AG (where is based).

p.s., you know what you can do with the "canned" response that you're going to post to this complaint.

Ann Hansen January 18, 2017

Correction: Massachusetts, not Wisconsin. Anyone wanting to complain to the state AG about should contact the Massachusetts AG. Sorry for the mixup.