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About BudgetAir.com

BudgetAir.com, home of the travel site BudgetAir, helps you find, compare, and book airfare from a wide range of airlines, as well as helping you find rental cars and hotels in your travel destination.

Many people wonder if websites like BudgetAir.com are legit. These websites simply act as an aggregate website, collecting the current airfares from the major airlines, and when possible from airlines which specialize in affordable travel, to give you the most up-to-date information.

They also offer certain travel specials that are exclusively through their website. First, they offer “World Deals” which are special airfares that they have specifically negotiated with an airline.

World Deals are only available for certain flights and they only have a limited number of seats available at the special price. World Deals are a first come, first serve special travel deal.

BudgetAir.com also offers BudgetAir Special Fares, which is a discount fare that you can choose to accept without knowing the details of the airline carrier, arrival or departure times, or number of stops the flight will make.

If you choose a BudgetAir special fare, you have one hour after you book the flight to cancel it without penalty, should the details of the special fare be problematic for you.

When booking flights on BudgetAir.com, you can book for up to 6 travelers per reservation, and the booking must be completed 4 days in advance of your trip, as BudgetAir does not provide last minute travel arrangements.

If you need to make changes to your airline tickets after you have booked them, you will need to pay the fee required by the airline you are flying with, the difference between the tickets if there is one, and a $100 fee to BudgetAir.com.

If you have any experience with this service, please leave your BudgetAir.com reviews below.

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54 ‘BudgetAir.com’ Reviews
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Scam scam scam

September10, 2013

i book a flight for tokyo for a good price, wait for the etickets wich they say i will receive in 24h after one week i call your ticket is not issue, what about the money we are still processing the ticket no i dont want it no to late sir and the cherry is i may pay double...

Stay away from this scam company ..................

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September 11, 2013

This company is a branch of vayama, like you say don't deal with them they are scammer..............my story is similar to yours we are 4, 2 adults and 2 childrens
they rip us off more then 3000$ and are holydays are ruins.........

Budgetair = Shithole

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June25, 2013

Last year I purchased a ticket to an Asian destination for around $1,500. After a few weeks, I requested date changes and I agreed to penalties but the change made the price $2,500 while other agencies would sell same ticket for $1,800.

I cancelled the ticket hoping that I can get refund or at least exchange to another ticket later as I travel often. But I was wrong. Once you gave money to budgetair, you can not get it back.

Recently I requested a ticket to multiple destination and received a quote of around $4,700. I asked other agencies and they offered for $3,010. I learned something new. Budgetair is not Budget-Air anymore.

I purchased partial travel directly from airline website and I requested one single flight from Busgetair hoping that I can free my money. Surprisingly they said:

"Based on company rules, you have to fly to the same destincation with the same airline to be able to use your credit!!"

This is same as asking your dentist to extract your healthy tooth because he woes you money!

I am not sure I can get my money back but at least I will awaken others so they don't buy from budgetair. What we can do:

1. Contact local media (TV, Magazines, etc. ). They are so interested in such stories.
2. Use Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.
3. Make websites that let people know about this scam and let others share their experience. This I definitely can do and keep it for years to come.

It's sad that some businesses scam consumers and we have nowhere to take our complain but I hope those businesses weaken and close down and let honest businesses take over the market.


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manuel castro


June18, 2013

Manuel Castro (Client) Posted On: 17 June 2013 07:09 PM

I’m writing in response to a dispute over purchased tickets
on 2/27/13 for 1772.98 which I mistakenly purchased but notified budgetair
within 30 minutes of transaction but I was still billed and had to dispute this
matter. The matter has still not been resolved and I am still asked to
pay this amount which I consider unfair and not in good business practice.
Please refer me to a corporate number so I can try to explain that I
would understand an appropriate charge to cancel but to have me billed fully because
of an error on the computer is sort of injustice.
Mamuel R Castro

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September 21, 2013

well certainly you have made a mistake and terms and conditions are made in accordance to policy.its clearly your mistake and you should not make the airline responsible for it.

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the worst experience of my life

June4, 2013

scam scam scam
the worst experience of my life
no one to help you ones they get your $$

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Nightmare experience

May25, 2013

I booked a last minutes trip on 5/22/2013 6:30AM.
(Departure date:5/27/2013)

I called 5/23/2013 to make sure everything was ok since I never received the so-called confirmation of receipt e-mail after 24 hours.
The customer service rep told me it normally takes more than 48 hours.

By the early morning of 5/25/2013(today), I was worried so I e-mailed the so-called customer service and they came back with a horrible answer a few hours later : the reservation has been cancelled due to the credit card did not go thru. I've just checked my credit card account on-line and made sure the charge was there RIGHT AFTER I E_MAILED customer service. The transaction record was there all right, but was not included in total amount I owe, which is weird.

During 5/22/2013 to 5/25/2013, I've been checking the airline website with the booking number they provided initially to make sure everything is ok, and I was able to find the record. When I phoned the customer service today after receiving the cancelation e-mail to see if there is anything they can do to fix the issue internally(and I even offer to provide new card info), the so called supervisor was telling me there is nothing he can do since all the booking has to be done 4 days in advanced and they can not guarantee the price they offered from the beginning, especially since it's {supposedly} a credit card error.

They have NEVER ONCE tried to contact me by e-mail or phone to let me know the situation during the waiting period. If it weren't me contact the customer service again, I would never know the reservation was canceled until I'm in the airport and the people who are waiting for me to start the funeral would be very upset.

The worst thing about this whole experience is that they never once admitted that they overbooked or oversold.

Fortunately I was able to book the IDENTICAL TRAVEL SCHEDULE from a better provider, which makes me wonder how much they are willing to try to help their customer SINCE THERE ARE SEATS LEFT ON THE SAME FLIGHT.


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manuel castro
June 18, 2013

very bad service and not helpful

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May6, 2013

BudgetAir doesn't give refunds for cancelled flights.

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HORRIBLE!! Don't even deserve 1 star!

May3, 2013

I booked a flight 3 days ago. Got confirmation in my email - I had to contact the airline to make a change to my itinerary, turns out I wasn't even confirmed with the airline. I've been on the phone with BA the past 2 days and they still haven't figured out anything. Looks like I'm out $800
Do what you can to avoid scam sites like this!! BRUTAL!!! STAY AWAY

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November 03, 2015

Scam and Worse Service

My Relative has just booked ticket,
And after 2 hours she has asked them to cancel it whatever they have said in conformation email that we can cancel ticket asap if we will contact them asap
She is trying from many days but they are not picking there phone as well,
and by saying we are putting you on hold they are disconnecting the phone

Rubbish service from them,
Will never use again ...
Not trust-able company,
We are still trying to cancel the tickets but they are not picking our phones ...

Their scam services for cancel the tickets
1) First day got response from them call us after 3 hours
2) After 3 hours got response from their team call us tomorrow
3) Second day they put on hold for 1 hour and then told us call us
4) Third day is gone but we didn't get any response from them ...
Is this their service?
5) They didn't call us but we called them and ask to cancel the tickets now they told us call us tomorrow ....
6) 5th day Called them they reply us that we will call you tomorrow
7) 6th day: we didn't get any call
8) 7th day called them they told us we are putting you on hold and disconnect the phone
9) 7th Day: Called them again 3 times they are not picking up the phone ...
10) called them not able to talk with any manager or head
11) Called them back ask to cancel the tickets told me 320 quid charge for 500 quid tickets

In reviews they are replying that they will contact us soon but they are not giving us reply on our calls as well

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Contact information

April12, 2013

I would encourage any future customers seeking to make comments, please contact me at [email protected] for assistance. We are happy to help our customers resolve issues both prior and post booking. Happy Travels!

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June 12, 2013

Its a lie, it does NOT MATTER, if you send an email to the feedback, ASHEH will respond to you by telling you in professional manner that you cannot be refunded. As I told them, they can keep my money, but I will make it my duty for years of my life to let people know that BUGETAIR IS A SCAM. PLEASE REPORT THEM TO THE BUSINESS BUREAU, ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER. WE NEED TO HURT THEIR POCKETS AS WELL.

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