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Cheaters And Scammers
May 19, 2022

CHEATERS AND SCAMMERS. No respect at all. Update your freaking website to make it more transparent, don't make your customers buy tickets and charge them more if they want to change a flight or cancel it. You might get rich by scamming but it is our hard earned money. Will never recommend this to anyone. Bloody hell, and they don't even reply to emails and stop chatting with you.

Do not buy ticket from budget air
May 13, 2022

Do not buy any tickets from this website .

No customers service exists. Just a robot chat function which does nothing . And a contact us service which sends you back an email with an apology and do not bother themselves to read your email or the issue.

Shut Them Down!
May 4, 2022
AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! This is a scam! They do not refund your flights and will not respond to any email or telephonic communication. Book with the airline directly. This SCAM company should be shut down.

Scam website
February 19, 2022


This is the first time I used a non trustworthy website to book a ticket for the sake of saving 500 rupees! But due to some personal issues I had to cancel this ticket, booking was made and cancelled on 24th January 2022 and till today 19 February 2022 am fighting for my money, its 17,000 rupees can you believe it?

There is no customer service number or office, rather need to wait for the unprofessional customer service agent to show up on website chat.

I have been hearing different responses each time saying it's already refunded, my ifsc code is wrong, or it will reach me in 4 working days. Trust me this is a scam and never ever book a ticket with them.

I'm gonna contact my friend who is a lawyer to take some legal action on this company.

Zero Stars. Plane Tickets Never Issued!
August 16, 2021

Zero stars. Was just denied boarding because BudgetAir DID NOT BOOK OUR FLIGHTS. They sent us an itinerary, and when we showed up to the airport, the operating airline, American Airlines, showed that the tickets were never issued.

They say that the airline Qatar Airlines changed our flight, and BudgetAir never rebooked us on the replacement flight. We were never notified of the change, BUDGET AIR WAS, AND NEVER TOOK CARE OF IT.

Guess what? They are also the ONLY ones who can re-issue the tickets, and guess what else?? NO customer service is available (they have a Facebook messenger, but never responded and the auto-message says, “we will try to get back to you WITHIN THE SAME DAY” are you KIDDING ME???)

We are disputing the charge through our credit card company, and we will also be asking for reparations for our missed hotel costs and transportation fees to and from the airport.

Scam, don’t want to refund me my money
April 23, 2021

Stay away from budget air I purchased a ticket using my own credit card and canceled my flight they took the money out of my account but used their own card to purchase my ticket it took them forever to send me my confirmation number. The flight was canceled they money went back to their card and don’t want to refund me my money.

I called my bank to put a claim the bank contacted them they don’t answer. I called they told me to call my bank to cancel the dispute and get a charge back withdrawal letter and email it to them and they will refund me the money and I called my bank and explained it to them I’m told to not cancel the dispute because If I do and send the letter to them they will never refund me the money it’s a scam stay away from buying from budget air.

The first time I called them the lady on the phone told me it will take 45-60 days to get a refund. They disconnected the phone on your face. The got my money. And I asked for a manager she told me they don’t have a manger what company don’t have a supervisor or manager it’s like a running scam company they have an accent hard to understand them.

August 31, 2020

I have an issue with my flights due to administrative oversight by BudgetAir. And due to Covid19 they have NO customer service phone response.

I was stuck. Sent emails waiting for resolution. Initially BudgetAir responded with a confusing mail about refund and 760 days. After that they formally informed me that my flight has been cancelled.

I spoke to Emirates Airlines, who were available on the phone during Corvid19, and they confirmed as BudgetAir did NOT re-confirm 21 days prior to departure. BudgetAir booking administration was at fault as Emirates said they informed all travel agents and it seems they did not respond and re-confirm the flight details. Emirates helped and resolve the tickets 24 hours before departure, yet I was still receiving cancellation mails from BudgetAir.co.uk, even though we had already departed from LHR.

And I also found out that all the companies are related BudgetAir -> Travix.com -> Trip.Com (and Skyscanner).

In the T

Horrible company
August 9, 2020
I booked my return tickets to Japan with Budget in January this year, we boarded Diamond Princes and was stuck in Yokohama when due to return. I was trying to cancel / reschedule my tickets by calling the emergency line and it is not in service. I called the airline but they sent me back to Budget. Emailed them and only received a reply two month's later when I finally returned to Canada after a month long quarantine saying due to the high value of calls, they couldn't help us! Avoid this agency at all cost if you can! Spend a few more dollars may save you a lot in the end!

Absolutely Abysmal
March 2, 2020

So final update from the story started below. After 4 days of procrastination from budgetair.co.uk their final response is........your flight change remains the same. So in effect all the talk about helping find a solution to the absurd time change (leaving at 09:00 and arriving at 21:40) has rendered no change, as I expected.

Also because it has taken 4 days, all the decent prices for the 11:45 to 20:55 outward service are finished. Yesterday morning I saw flights for this service at £550. Now they are £700.

As the title says, Absolutely Abysmal.

Safe to say that I've learnt a painful lesson about using these types of companies to buy airline tickets. When there are no changes, everything goes well. But if the airline changes the schedule, DON'T EXPECT ANY HELP.


I'm in the middle of a flight issue with this organisation and so far I'm not happy with what I've seen.

Booked an air France flight with them that was meant to get me to my destination at 17:45 after a 9am Heathrow departure.

Received an email this morning telling me the chosen flight has been cancelled and I'm now on the same departure but arriving 21:40.

Spent over an hour on the phone to Budget Air, only to be told "we'll review other options and get back to you within 4 days".

Four days? I know that KLM (same family as air France) have an 11:45 departure that arrives at the same destination at 20:55. Not ideal but better that a 10 hour 40 minute travel day.

I'm not confident that I'll get the result I want.

Either way, I'll never use Budget Air again.

Alex I held on the phone for 3 hours this morning. No reply. My details are:


Dear Alex, I heard nothing from your team, despite your reply. Was your message just for show?

However I had a response from Air France.

Dear Mr. Mark Kofi,

Thank you for your prompt response.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. However, it is the responsibility of the travel agency to coordinate with the trade support department for any reservations they have with any airline. I highly recommend that you advise your travel agency to contact our department to coordinate with any modifications on your booking.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,


Air France Sales

Budgetair / Travix scam
October 8, 2019
Bought ticket via budgetair.com website. I received an email that flight my got rescheduled and my flight is in 30 minutes. Gate get closed 45 minutes before departure for every international flight and i got 30 minutes before the departure. So i got info after gate is already closed. How come anyone on earth get onboard of that flight. Can anyone answer??? So had to go to airlines counter and check in counter. Everyone advised to contact budget air since i purchase thru budgetair and airlines can nothing to do. So to get on board another flight i had to buy another ticket and get on board. Later on contacted budget air and they responded flight was cancelled and they will refund me within few weeks as soon as airlines make the refund. After one week i got email saying airlines refused to make any refund and for further query i shall contact to airlines directly. After numerous email budgetair responded its my fault and ticket was exchanged. In case of exchanged ticket there is no refund. i gave them the money receipt and every details but budgetair asking me to contact airlines as always. Can you imagine how harassing it is??? its completely scam and stay away from budgetair or any conglomerate of Travix International BV.

September 9, 2019
Avoid! My friend got tickets through this website. Due to horrible motorbike accident we had to postpone the trip. No respond to calls, emails. I have provided all necessary medical documentation, It’s been over two months - i am still waiting for some sort of response

Horrible customer service
July 19, 2019
Very bad service, unreliable customer service personnel and vary bad communication. Cannot be trusted in their knowledge of the service or policies. They just try to scam you out of money as much as they can. Do not use them.

Do not trust!
June 29, 2019

I had flights booked with budget air almost 6 weeks before my flight. 10 days before my flight, i thought i might manage my booking to see if could reserve my seats. To my horror i'd found my flight had changed without my consent. I wasn't contacted directly as i think i should have been for such a thing. My new flight was a complete inconvenience with a total flight duration of over 30 HOURS! with a stopover of over 9 HOURS!

After contacting budget air to complain about the flight i hadn't booked, i wanted to know what would proceed if i was to cancel my flight as i was not in any way at fault.

I was told i'd be contacted my management within 24 hrs. I wasn't. After 24 hrs i called back and was told i would be contacted by the end of the day. I wasn't. After 48 hours i was told i'd be contacted very soon. I wasn't. After 72 hours i called back as i was now less than a week from my flight and the issue had to be resolved immediately. Only then was i told i would have to pay a fine of $450 on my one way flight.

Do not trust them as they will lie to you until you get on that plane. Every time i called, i was placed in a phone queue for minimum 30 mins (once 1hr 12min).

They didn't troubleshoot or even try to help, in fact gave me attitude like i was a bother. WOW!!

This site is a scam
April 17, 2019

This site is a scam

Having had my return flight final leg cancelled by the airline and having had them send me a note apologising and confirming I was entitled to a refund, I have tried to get in touch with this company but its impossible

They refuse to answer my emails, they don't pick up the phone, they are effectively thieves

MohammedS. El Khatib May 28, 2019

They are scammers, avoid such a website, as they arena rip off.

Ive lost 1100$ with those ppl, just avoid and save your money.

Do not go near
February 2, 2019
All went well until the flight was cancelled due to heavy snowfall. Passenger Services at Newquay Airport tried for many hours over a matter of two days on my behalf to get tickets changed. BudgetAir kept promising that the alteration would be done in 45 minutes. It was never done. In the end, I had to re-book with a reputable airline at an extra cost of more than £2200.

November 30, 2018
Be warned that this is a fraudulent company, I would recommend others to better avoid them at any cost. While I can accept the hidden fees during their booking process, and even that the fact that they requested that I pay more money for the tickets that I had already booked and paid, due to the prices for the tickets had supposedly increased during the time that I made my booking (reliable travel companies would not have you do this if you had already paid for your tickets). However, the fact they issued two economy tickets, when I had booked one economy and one business tickets, is a complete fraud in every possible regard. After not receiving any response from them for 3 full business days, I am now filing a police report.

September 6, 2018

Absolute SCAM...Booked a flight for my employee for $2400.

Arrogant Indian lady phoned next day to say they had a technical problem and the booking failed and now they want $6000.00 for the same ticket.

I said cancel the sale and refund my money, she said a refund was not possible as the ticket had been booked??


Budgetair is a scam
May 21, 2018
Please stay away from this doggy company. When I didn't receive confirmation email after booking, I phoned them and being told to pay double the price. I cancelled immediately. After three days to my horror, my bank account was taken two large amounts, with one amount I didn't recognise. When I phone them they denied. I'm still try to get my money back. It's so disgraceful. Stay away, away, away from this doggy company. Never give credit card detail.

Please do not book with company!!!! They are criminals!!
February 24, 2018

Please do not book with this company!!

I booked a flight last week from Mexico to Egypt, I paid £650 and received a booking reference and a confirmation email.

I've just logged in to check that my booking is ok and can see that the status of the flight is now cancelled.

I phoned the customer service and got no help whatsoever, the man who is obviously in an Indian call centre said that he could not put me through to his manager and that I would be refunded in 5 working days.

Considering that the flight leaves in 4 days time this is completely unacceptable.

I asked if they could book me on another flight for the same price and was told no...simply no..

I have just checked the prices again and the flight is now going to cost me an extra £200 and my brother whom the flight was for is now going to be stranded in Mexico until I can get the refund and book him on another flight!!

Avoid them at all costs, I am livid!!!

Terrible customer service, slow to respond, no resolution
December 7, 2017

Unfortunately my experience of Budgetair.co.uk has been that it provides terrible customer service; I received an email response to my request marked "URGENT" 2 days after I sent it; obviously far too late to be of any assistance. Further, I spent 30 minutes on the phone to someone in the customer service team on the day I was supposed to be flying (5 December) & he was of no assistance at all; in fact, he spent time reviewing the company policy about refunds & flight changes while I was on the line (paying for an international call from Bolivia). I would like to think that staff are fully apprised of the policies about refunds & flight changes before customers call so that timely assistance can be provided. In the end, I spent nearly $80 on an international call and the company did not provide a resolution or clear answer of any sort.

Very unhelpful and highly unsatisfactory.