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will never buy from them again

September 28, 2017

I have recently purchased 2 round-trip air tickets from them. They have mixed up both my boyfriend and my surnames and given names (ie put surname as given name, and vice versa). We were only able to discover this mistake when we try to check in online 48 hour before the flight. We try to call to their 24h service hotline. 1. It took absolutely forever to have somebody pickup the phone. 2. When somebody finally bother to pick up the phone, they told us they cannot do anything since it is outside office hour (then whats the point of the 24h hotline!!!!!) 3. And what they told us was literally "YOU SHOULD GO TRY YOUR LUCK AT THE AIRPORT 2 DAYS LATER SEE IF YOU CAN BOARD" (yes, exact wording. This is unbelivable!!!!) 4. We try to call again in their 'office hour' (we have 8 hr time difference by the way) and they said they would get back to us. Took another 24 hour to reply. 5. End up they cancelled the original ticket with wrong names, and swap to a flight that is 1 day later. BUT WE NEED TO PAY EXTRA 2000 HKD (~ie ~260USD). WE HAVE TO PAY TO COVER THEIR MISTAKE. fyi our ticket is from HK to taiwan, 2000HKD is roughly same amount we pay for 1 ticket.

I advice all of you to consider using other airticket agent.

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Government should ban Budget air, They are fraud

January 18, 2017

Once your money transaction is successful then you get the page "PAYMENT NOT YET COMPLETE" Even Though the amount is deducted.When you called up call centre then you can get reply that since fare had gone suddenly they can not issue the ticket. They will refund the same. This has happened twice and waiting for my refund. Government should take immediate action and should ban such fraud site

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November 16, 2016


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November 14, 2016


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Better buy directly!

October 14, 2016

I had a bad experience with this company. They offered 10 pounds less than airline and I got it. I wanted to book a later flight but in confirmation I had earlier time. I do not how it happen and how I chose a wrong time but they requested additional GBP 100 for 2 tickets to change! So they charge you for everything to return their miserable discount.
So just book directly with airline to avoid such unpleasant situations. Saving couple of pounds does not worth hundreds in future. And your airline will not discuss any problems with you.

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September 12, 2016

complete rip off. I wanted to cancel but was not able to contact customer support at all.

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Shambles / Cluster

September 12, 2016

The word CLUSTER is an under statement. I have been attempting to speak with this company for the past two days. Firstly I called there emergency number having found out through Emirates that my e ticket was not valid for my flight in 4 weeks time. ( At some cost). I completed 2 separate emails. Nothing back
Day 2. Called the UK no, 02080454031 . On the phone 10 mins, I spoke pigeon English to a chap, so that he could understand my situation. I informed him my booking was cancelled. Reply, one of the team would call me back.
Call 2. Hour and half later, eventually answered. Same chap. Oddly enough he first replied to me that my Wife was not there!! ( Bells are ringing now. This guy is working at home or in someone else s house) Where did that come from , I thought. Eventually again I explained what is going to be done to sort my problem, again some one will email shortly.
Further 3 x calls in the afternoon. No answers!! Further emails.. No response.
I then further research this company and found John Mangelaar is the main chap... Well!!! Alarm bells are now ringing. I am some £800 a drift at present. I still have to re book additional flights.The way I see it, another £1200. PLEASE Before you think about using this company and parting with your cash, think again..
Because you will end up in my predicament... If there is some miracle Is is resolved, I will keep this site posted!

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September 3, 2016

We have mistakenly booked 6 tickets from 3 september to 13 october, and wanted 3 to 13 september, and we emailed them about mistake within 20 minutes, then we called them for cancellation of all tickets, which was the best choice for us,
They said they will call to me about this cancellatiin, and they didn't call me in 2 days, i tried to call them on helpline second day, but they didn't receive the call in 1 hour, and then call center time end for second day,
3rd day is flight day, so how can we get no show charges for 6 persons?

Goid rates but bad cancellation policy.

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Nightmare of an agency!!!!!

August 16, 2016

They were the WORST travel company I have ever dealt with and I book many flights throughout the year.

I realized that I had never received a confirmation e-mail, at first at thought it was my fault and had somehow deleted the e-mail or had moved it to another file as I had already gotten charged fully on the credit card. I tried looking up their number online, and noticed that they only have customer service from 10-5 pm in Ireland. I'm in Canada and of course the time difference didn't allow me to get in touch with them right away, so I waited for the next morning. I did though call the airline just to make sure that the passenger had been issued a ticket, and to my surprise they told me that the ticket was cancelled as they had not received the payment from the agency.So at this point, I started getting worried as a) I had no confirmation e-mail, b) credit card had been charged by Budget Air (bank statement showed this clearly and c) the Passenger didn't have a ticket!!!

I woke up early to be able to reach Budgetair, but first was on hold for around 20 minutes and this was not a Toll-free number, so was being charged every minute for this call. Once I got through the agent was not able to find the ticket nor the record of payment!! The only thing he said I could do now is send a proof of the bank statement showing the charge and they'd get back to me. He said to send the email to their general e-mail, not even directly to him or to a specific agent! My husband was scheduled to travel in 2 days from China to Canada, and I was starting to really freak out at this point. I then spoke to the bank again, and they said all I could do was call budget air again and get them to solve the issues, as it was clearly their problem!!! I called back but their offices were already closed(earlier than they were supposed to be), so this meant I had to wait until the next morning! By the next morning I again was put on hold with budgetair but then finally when I spoke to this agent, he was able to find my husband's ticket and confirmed that ti had been cancelled due to an "error". Then insisted that money had been returned, when it clearly hadn't been (as I had been in contact with the bank because of this mess), then put me on hold again and finally came back saying "oh yes and error had been committed on the accounting side", then explained that "an error had happened from the beginning" this is why they never sent the bloody email! Anyways they have promised to return the total amount of 1, 500 dollars but still waiting on it.

So in conclusion why this was a nightmare,
1-NO e-mail confirmation was ever sent
2-NO cancellation email sent
3-NO 24 hour customer service
4-NO Toll free number
5-NO Ticket issued even after being charged
6-Almost impossible to get in touch with them!!!

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Try to avoid using the services of budgetair.co

July 29, 2016

Try to avoid using the services of this company. The response time for your request is very long, and the price in case you will be not able to be in touch with this company will be 100% on you.
I had a very unpleasant experience, because the e-mail unswering time is about 48 hours, and it cost me 250£.

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July 21, 2016

I might as well add to the list.

I've been scammed also for nearly £1000! Booked tickets, no e tickets within 24 hours as promised. Checked booking online and reservation was cancelled by budgetair? Tried to contact budgetair via email but nothing! You get cut off on the phone and the guys in call centre in India are appalling and English very poor.

They aren't getting back to any emails or reviews online I'm so lost I don't know what to do?

Does anyone know if you are covered on credit card?

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July 24, 2016

i couldn't agree more as i have exactly same experienced as you get! I experienced this on 17 July 2016! Don't ever book ticket with budget air.com, and now i can't even get to call the Indian guys to make cancellation.

July 24, 2016

yes i couldn't agree more! i just had exactly the same experienced as you get on 17 July 2016. And now i can't even get to call their hotline.

August 02, 2016

I had issues with BudgetAir and lodged a dispute with my bank as I paid with my credit card. I won the case without any problems. Good luck

August 02, 2016

Just to update: did get a refund but never a reason for cancellation

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Had to change return date - long waits, no toll free numbers

July 5, 2016

I emailed info at budgetair.com within 30 minutes of the booking as well as feedback at budgetair.ca (which I got from reading travel forums). I got no response from the former, and a firewall message from the latter, saying
"This is the Spam & Virus Firewall at mx.travix.com.
I'm sorry to inform you that the message below could not be delivered.
When delivery was attempted, the following error was returned.
Hop count exceeded - possible mail loop (in reply to end of DATA command)"

Within 12 hours I called:
- the Canada customer support number (an Ottawa area code) which said "welcome to budget air" and then rang for 20 minutes with no hold message or expectations of wait time.
- the "Emergency" line from the ticket email which was a Netherlands number (country code 31) and was given the customer support number for the UK office (country code 44). The emergency line person wasn't able to help me any further.
- I called Visa to see if they could cancel the transaction, but it hadn't been posted yet, so they couldn't do anything and suggested I call Budget air.
- I called the airline (Westjet) but they were not able to change the reservation and said I had to call Budget air.
- I called the UK number and the rep said that he could cancel the reservation for $70CAD, and if I rebooked the same day, that $70 would be refunded. I asked if the ticket could be cancelled since it had been less than 24 hours since the booking. He said the ticket has already been sent out. I agreed to this option since it seemed like I could either pay $70 or separately book another one way return ticket. I asked if I could call that rep back directly, and he said no, anyone can help you because it's been noted on the booking.
- I called the UK number back an hour later to confirm that this refund was going to happen before rebooking. After being on hold for 15-20 minutes, the call got dropped before I could talk to anyone. THREE times.
- The fourth time I got through after being on hold for another 25 minutes. By fluke, I got the same representative. He confirmed that the refund would happen, and asked for the booking number for the new flight. Since I had him on the phone I booked it and gave him the number. He said he initiated a request for the refund (which is apparently through some other market so he couldn't do it himself). I asked for a confirmation email but he couldn't provide one, saying the last email he sent regarding cancellation would suffice. He confirmed I would be getting a refund for the initial flight and the $70, within 5 business days.
This all feels shady. I'm hoping this actually happens.

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Two stars rating, but actually deserves only one

April 12, 2016

I give two stars as part of the friction with Budgetair was caused by my own mistake. Judge on your own whether it is a service you would like to receive whilst getting ready for your holiday.

Sunday, I got an email announcing that the airline has changed the time of my flight and asking me to acknowledge this change within the next 48 hours. My mistake was that I emailed back saying, I acknowledge it. Monday, the next day, I wrote another email saying, well hang on, can you cancel the second (rescheduled) leg of the journey as the layover, due to the flight rescheduling, became really long stretching over the whole night. They responded shortly saying they can't cancel one leg of the journey, but I can cancel the entire ticket and let me buy a new one or put up with the change and that I have 48 HOURS to decide on my preferred option. 17 MINUTES later they sent me an email notifying me that my flight has been confirmed. At that moment I was just typing my response to them saying, cancel the flight, I will book a replacement flight. I sent the email 20 minutes after they have given me 48 hours notice and 3 minutes after they confirmed my flight. They ignored my email, so I called on Tuesday, the day after, only to hear that there is nothing they could do at this point anymore. I emailed them, they answered there is nothing they can do, I emailed again, they said sorry, we can actually cancel your flight and refund you the price minus the fees, which will mean a refund of approximately 0 GBP and that the procedure will take up to 4 months to process. Hey what a generous offer! I left this last email without a response. In the mean time, I bought a completely new ticket (not through budgetair.co.uk, obviously) and got over the unnecessary loss of 300 GBP. I don't know what do you think of the conduct of the company. To me, the agent was deliberately cheeky not to wait for my decision and confirmed the flight so he can get their petty commission.

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November 12, 2015

Please see my e mail sent to Budget Air. I cannot get hold of them and they also do not answer mails. PLEASE DON'T USE BUDGET AIR

Good Morning

I SENT a urgent query regarding the booking reference number.
This was early yesterday morning and still no response.

Apparently the flight to Hong Kong was delayed and Budget Air didn't inform us. Luckily we looked on check my trip and saw the delay.

We had to go to the Airport and change the tickets and this cost R1600.00 PER PERSON. TOTAL R 3200.00

We paid extra to Buget Air when we booked in case of changes. So I expect this to be refunded. The change is attached with the Receipt of money paid. We changed the tickets to 18/11

I will also be posting a bad report on Budget Air Service.

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I never ever get service in my life like budget air

November 3, 2015

Scam and Worse Service

My Relative has just booked ticket,
And after 2 hours she has asked them to cancel it whatever they have said in conformation email that we can cancel ticket asap if we will contact them asap
She is trying from many days but they are not picking there phone as well,
and by saying we are putting you on hold they are disconnecting the phone

Rubbish service from them,
Will never use again ...
Not trust-able company,
We are still trying to cancel the tickets but they are not picking our phones ...

Their scam services for cancel the tickets
1) First day got response from them call us after 3 hours
2) After 3 hours got response from their team call us tomorrow
3) Second day they put on hold for 1 hour and then told us call us
4) Third day is gone but we didn't get any response from them ...
Is this their service?
5) They didn't call us but we called them and ask to cancel the tickets now they told us call us tomorrow ....
6) 5th day Called them they reply us that we will call you tomorrow
7) 6th day: we didn't get any call
8) 7th day called them they told us we are putting you on hold and disconnect the phone
9) 7th Day: Called them again 3 times they are not picking up the phone ...
10) called them not able to talk with any manager or head
11) Called them back ask to cancel the tickets told me 320 quid charge for 500 quid tickets

In reviews they are replying that they will contact us soon but they are not giving us reply on our calls as well

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