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Scam Services

October 27, 2015

My Fiancée has just booked ticket,
And after 2 hours she has asked them to cancel it whatever they have said in conformation email that we can cancel ticket asap if we will contact them asap
She is trying from 2 days but they are not picking there phone as well,

Rubbish service from them,
Will never use again ...
Not trust-able company,
We are still trying to cancel the tickets but they are not picking our phones ...

1) First day got response from them call us after 3 hours
2) After 3 hours got response from their team call us tomorrow
3) Second day they put on hold for 1 hour and then told us call us tomorrow

Is this their service?
In reviews they are replying that they will contact us soon but they are not giving us reply on our calls as well

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55 days and still waiting for a refund of almost £600

August 23, 2015

Booked flight, a couple of weeks after budgetair informed me that my travel itinerary changed drastically doubling my travel time. Asked to cancel the booking and refund. 55 days on, they are coming with stupid excuses and have yet to refund me the money! I am so fed up with this company!

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Full refund minus cancellation fee

May 8, 2015

Booked two return flights to Indonesia for my wife and daughter. Confirmation and etickets arrived shortly after. Had to cancel tickets due to visa issues. It was extremely difficult to speak to anyone on the phone. I spent well over an hour on hold. I was very pessimistic about getting any money back for the tickets as I had read a lot of horror stories about budgetair online. When I finally spoke to someone on the phone I was surprised to learn that I would get a refund minus £80 cancellation fees for each flight. Which I was happy to pay considering the tickets were more than £1000 in total. The guy on the phone was very helpful and he explained that it is generally the airlines refund policy that determines whether or not you get your money back. It is not their decision.
They are not scammers but their customer service is shocking!

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January 22, 2015

I just Paid £1.373.00 to fly from London to Miami and I didn't receive any confirmation. I lost my money! Don't buy from this website.

This is the booking number: BUK-3110278. Can I have my refund ASAP please. But I will leave again the advise, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Andre de Souza

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Super Scammer! Beware

January 14, 2015

The budgetair.co.uk/in/.. list goes on. Well, these're skilled fraudsters. They have designed a website alongwith a payment gateway which are centered at their own servers.
I was about to book a ticket but when they asked for passport details & other details which were not mandatory, something semed to be deceptive. So, i gave a trial run. I was saved. Hope this helps
Their Scam process is as follows:
1>once you select the cheap flight & enter your "CARD DETAILS" & processing goes ahead, you will get a message. SORRY! No seat left.
2> U will contact them, but they are unreachable after you've done your payment.
3> They will mail you with a different ID asking for more 100$ to reconfirm the ticket. And still you dent get anything.
4> U are worried, without a ticket & you've been actively Pick pocket with all your awareness.
BEWARE. Purchase air tickets from trusted sites.

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Unprofessional and disgusting

November 19, 2014


Dear Sir or Madam,

Budgetair.com put me in a flight that does not exist.

This company sold me a ticket to Caracas from London trough Madrid with Iberia for the 10th of November 2014.

Iberia cancelled the flight and budgedair.com did not let me know. Even worse they decided to put me on a flight Madrid Caracas on the 11th keeping the flight London Madrid on the 10th at 7:30am. Meaning to spend all day and night in Madrid for the 12:00pm flight on the 12th.

I send a complain letter to budgedair complaining and the response was that they did notified me with two emails which isn't true. No emails were sent apart of one in July where all flights were still on the same day. And even if they did so they never got my confirmation for that unrealistic change.

I was that morning at Heathrow airport when the airline told me what budgedair had done.

I lost my flight connection to my hometown and hotel reservation in caracas on the night of the 10th. Also lost a day with my mother and an unpaid leave day of work.

You should also know that they have caused me terrible stress as the reason of my flight is to visit my mother in Venezuela who has terminal cancer. What budgedair have done to me is unacceptable and terribly unprofessional.


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Service NON existant

October 17, 2014

Tried to contact them via email to change flight to business class. NO response. Tried to contact them to change dates of flights... NO response. Service does not exist and will never ever use them again irrespective of price

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Stole my hard earned money with no ticket to show

August 19, 2014

Hi All- Please Read!- May effect you too

I bought a ticket from BudgetAir.co.uk on this Saturday for my partner Bryan, who lives in Perth.

However, as i was typing in the information, auto correct changed his last name to mine .

I contacted budget air right away to ask them to correct the last name, but my email and phone calls were to no avail.

I have managed to get a hold of them again today and asked them to change the name, however they informed me that this isnt possible. Furthermore they have a no cancellation policy which means i will not be getting my £620 pounds back….

I would like to know, how I simple name error, means I lose £600?

I will never ever ever use their survives again...

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December 02, 2014

No wonder autocorrect survived you even int the last ine of your complaint. Please swiitch it off.

December 02, 2014

i dont know how much of this is true but nudgetair, You've just lost my ticket. I cant afford a 500 pound loss.

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Disgusting N Disgraceful

April 25, 2014

Booked a ticket with these guys and got my confirmation email etc.. Got to the Airport in Zurich and the staff looked at me like WTF even though i had booking numbers etc... The flight was fully booked... 1 hour before the flight i received a call from Budgetair saying the flight is cancelled and don't go airport and to catch a flight for 11 hours to my destination in 5 hours time which was cheaper... They tried to scam and lie to me.... Original flight was 1 hour 20 minutes. If i was diasbled or elderly i would have been scammed and if i had a medical condition this could have caused me some serious illness. But do they care NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....

I was told i should have booked my flight earlier even though they sent me an email saying BOOKED and also taken money out of account....

I questioned why i was called so late and they admited fault like it was nothing and kept saying get the 11 hour flight but would not tell me it was actually 11 hours and a 5 hour wait. I am a frequent flyer and knew i should decline. I pushed to talk with manager who i argued with for 1 hour to book me on a flight next morning for a 1 hour 20 minute flight and got to my destination quicker than the stupid 11 hour flight... What a SCAM and disgusting service centre. They wasted my hotel money, time and did not give a Fook,,,, I will live with this, but I must voice my views with hate and disgust as they will keep doing this and they will fool and trick the vunerable and elderly with in my eyes make me SICK....

Manager kept telling me to go buy another ticket myself as i was already at the Airport and she would refund my money. In end I got them to use the same money and book my next flight.

Never use these Idots and Cowboys again.... Disgracefull and to anyone who is thinking of using them think to yourself is it worth the risk to save an extra bit of money. I could write more but I have given up as they wasted and ruined a lot for me in one day.

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March 13, 2014

Cancelled my INR 65000 delhi-houston tickets. Its been more than 2 months now, haven't received any refund. They claim refund within 45 days. They do not have any phone number, no address, cannot mail them now and get a response.

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Monae Verbeke

Scam - Run Away Now

November 14, 2013

I needed to travel to the states on short notice. So, I looked online for tickets and found budget air. They seemed legitimate - but when they were processing my payment, the system 'lost' my ticket but still took the money from my account. Called it to figure out the problem and they said to buy the same ticket I was already purchasing I would have to pay an extra £100! I'll never use their service again.

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October 22, 2013

I really regret not reading reviews before purchasing my ticket. And I regret choosing Budgetair even though there were other companies offering the same price.

Budgetair waits for you to put in your card details BEFORE telling you 'oops, there might not be any tickets left'. Wouldn't they know how many tickets they have left? I am going to Kittila for goodness sake, not New York. There can't be a flurry of people scrambling to buy tickets at 4.45am! (Yes, I stayed up just to book the cheaper tickets they falsely advertised)

IMMEDIATELY after they got my card details, a message appeared (no lag, no processing time, NOTHING) telling me that yes, they have indeed received my money but no, they do not have tickets to sell me.

They want me to call them from 8am to talk about another suitable alternative. Or maybe get a refund which would take 5 days at least.

So in effect, they are advertising something they do not have in the hopes I will call their office so they can sell me something more expensive. In the process, steal my card details!

This company takes my money but has no product to give me. Sounds like a scam. I should have never been allowed to proceed to the next stage if there was no product!

It is 5am now and I am tired, have no ticket booked and earned myself the inconvenience and trouble of having to start the refund process. NIGHTMARE.

Stay away!!

December 02, 2014

I am atleast happy that I am reading reviews first. Feel sorry for you.

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Scam scam scam

September 10, 2013

i book a flight for tokyo for a good price, wait for the etickets which they say i will receive in 24h after one week i call your ticket is not issue, what about the money we are still processing the ticket no i don't want it no to late sir and the cherry is i may pay double...

Stay away from this scam company ..................

September 11, 2013

This company is a branch of vayama, like you say don't deal with them they are scammer..............my story is similar to yours we are 4, 2 adults and 2 childrens
they rip us off more then 3000$ and are holydays are ruins.........

Budgetair = ****hole

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June 25, 2013

Last year I purchased a ticket to an Asian destination for around $1,500. After a few weeks, I requested date changes and I agreed to penalties but the change made the price $2,500 while other agencies would sell same ticket for $1,800.

I cancelled the ticket hoping that I can get refund or at least exchange to another ticket later as I travel often. But I was wrong. Once you gave money to budgetair, you can not get it back.

Recently I requested a ticket to multiple destination and received a quote of around $4,700. I asked other agencies and they offered for $3,010. I learned something new. Budgetair is not Budget-Air anymore.

I purchased partial travel directly from airline website and I requested one single flight from Busgetair hoping that I can free my money. Surprisingly they said:

"Based on company rules, you have to fly to the same destincation with the same airline to be able to use your credit!!"

This is same as asking your dentist to extract your healthy tooth because he woes you money!

I am not sure I can get my money back but at least I will awaken others so they don't buy from budgetair. What we can do:

1. Contact local media (TV, Magazines, etc. ). They are so interested in such stories.
2. Use Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.
3. Make websites that let people know about this scam and let others share their experience. This I definitely can do and keep it for years to come.

It's sad that some businesses scam consumers and we have nowhere to take our complain but I hope those businesses weaken and close down and let honest businesses take over the market.


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manuel castro


June 18, 2013

Manuel Castro (Client) Posted On: 17 June 2013 07:09 PM

I’m writing in response to a dispute over purchased tickets
on 2/27/13 for 1772.98 which I mistakenly purchased but notified budgetair
within 30 minutes of transaction but I was still billed and had to dispute this
matter. The matter has still not been resolved and I am still asked to
pay this amount which I consider unfair and not in good business practice.
Please refer me to a corporate number so I can try to explain that I
would understand an appropriate charge to cancel but to have me billed fully because
of an error on the computer is sort of injustice.
Mamuel R Castro

September 21, 2013

well certainly you have made a mistake and terms and conditions are made in accordance to policy.its clearly your mistake and you should not make the airline responsible for it.

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