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Late billing
January 14, 2013
I did not have any problems with ticketing or my flight, however, I was never billed. By the time I booked another flight, seven months later, the amount showed up on my credit card and I was over my limit. When I first noticed that I hadn't been billed, I contacted them and they told me that it takes a few weeks and I should not take any further action

Ashleigh April 12, 2013


There can sometimes be a delay between booking and billing. When you noticed you were not billed did you contact us for more information? If the reservation was ticketed, it would have been a good idea to set the amount for the tickets aside in your account to avoid being overcharged. If you would like more assistance please email [email protected]

False advertising
November 28, 2012
Budget Air is the average deceptive online ticket vendor, perhaps somewhat worse because their tricks are not as well known yet.They make a lot of baseless promises and employ the usual false advertising. For example, they promise their tickets may be refundable and changeable. However, NONE of the tickets are changeable. The airlines that Budget Air sells tickets for do not allow any changes to their tickets. So if this is important for you, go somewhere else for your ticket.

Peter December 17, 2012

Mary's comment is true...

This Month, it happened the same to me that BudgetAir.com sent me several emails. Finally I called therm about my ticket status, they replied my ticket is no refund, no reschedule. I already lost a ticket around $1,000 after I called for cancelling. Please do not trust BudgetAir.com

Ashleigh April 12, 2013


Your feedback does not provide any specific information. We do advise that some tickets can be changed, however all are non-refundable. All rules are provided prior to booking and it is the customer's responsibility ensure that these rules are read prior to booking.

Thank you

Jennifer May 04, 2013