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Beware of Zoosk
November 12, 2012

A parent from my son's soccer team had her email contacts exposed and supposedly sent me a request to see a picture. Zoosk then hijacked my contacts and rapidly started sending emails out from me to all my contacts.

Zoosk is a fraud by not specifically asking for permission and disguising a friendly photo as bait.


Shamey November 15, 2012

ditto - fortunately,I have some intelligent friends who wrote me back first before doing anything. The ones who went ahead and started to sign up like I did are not getting hit with the same thing (having their email address book invaded). I know we've lost all sense of privacy with the Internet, but this feels more invasive than usual, and not in a good way.

Kay November 12, 2012

Same thing happened to me.. They not only emailed my contacts but everyone that has emailed me. Scary stuff. And a pain to have to try to let everyone know it's a hoax

A narrow escape....
November 11, 2012

I'd just like to say a huge thanks to all the other reviewers here...I joined a few days ago - for free, of course - and was unpleasantly surprised by the general standard of the profiles...and I thought PoF was bad?! Then out the blue I catch sight of this beautiful guy in the 'get yourself noticed here' section. Perfect. I send him a wink (the only action that was free of charge) and lo and behold he wants to chat with me. Hmm. That, in effect is going to cost me a minimum of £40, it turns out. Then I remembered that pretty much every other guy I had seen on the site was undesirable. Strange that a picture of perfection randomly appears. Or am u just suspicious? Ha. Maybe not.

So then I decide to check out site reviews.

I just saved myself £40 - thanks everyone.

Bmc November 25, 2012

Why would you want to pay 40.00 to meet someone on a dating site that lives a million miles away or worse yet doesn't exist? That what I thought when I found out what they were going to charge me. I can go to a bar and find someone cheaper than that and weed them out myself.

Totally Fake
November 4, 2012

As per the others.

Joined for one month as a full member.

Users are pretty much all fake, They don't respond to messages when they claim they're interested. And so forth.

Bettye November 20, 2012

And they tell you the members are online right then and they are not. I checked out.

October 29, 2012
Its overpriced and people don't get your messages. In order for someone to get your message you have to pay Zoosk in order for them to send it to that person. Say it cost 20 for one month , but you have to pay 24 for the activation , so 44 total . No refund ! And if someone hit you up for a chat and you want to respond to their chat request for some reason you can't , so that person may request 2x not knowing why you won't respond. It sucks completely , please listen and don't waste your time and money.

Gerhard H November 30, 2012

Thank you.

It Sucks
October 25, 2012
Zoosk is so fake.the profile picture are the workers that work there..sure they sent you notice.get you all hyped up then when you sign up never here from them again..it's full of it...every one please don't go on this site....

Pete November 25, 2012

DOWN WITH ZOOSK and I tell all my friends to stay away from it.

Zoosks seems like a total scam service
October 25, 2012
Seems like a total scam service... Made to look free but it isn't... Things never add up either as they ask you to create a password but anything you type in never is accepted... totally bizarre website as there seems to be little or no direction. I would never pay money for something like this...

fake leeches
October 24, 2012

fake sites, fake responses, much worst than match.com,

leeches off affections of lonely people, a most cruel endeavor,

for the love of money, sound familiar.....

Trying to get you to be a member
October 18, 2012

Zoosk has legit customers as I see, but there are scammers that try to tell you to give them your e-mail so they can send pics, or skype, with you , I turn them down and tell them we can chat fine on the chat line, they don't seem to like that. Also what I experience is Zoosk sends you profiles of women with messages so you can become a member . One thing they messed up on, it's the same woman with different profiles and same pic !!!!!!!!

Piece of Garbage
October 9, 2012
Garbage! the majority of the girls are inactive..the rest are fake account...tricked me into wasting money and then they wont say a word.

Awful waste of time and money
September 20, 2012

Zoosk is expensive - and not worth the price you pay.

Full of people who aren't actually who they claim to be. I had one even trying to get me to click on a link in an attempt to trick me into installing a virus or spyware onto my computer - didn't work because I am not retarded.

There are not enough people on there.

They have something called 'winks'. These are like pokes on facebook to test the water and see if you get a wink back or a message. This would be fine if many had not got automatic winks set up which automatically send a wink back regardless of whether or not the person actually wants to talk to you or not. You end up wasting your time sending a message to someone who either isn't who they are or doesn't want a message from your fine internet profiled self.

I subscribed after receiving a wink back - turned out this was an automatic wink which I at the time knew nothing about. The site encouraged me to subscribe to read this message i'd apparently got which wasn't a message at all.

Customer service is appalling. I expressed my concerns listed above to deaf ears.

I've used dating sites before and this is the worst. Lovestruck and Match remain the best.

Ken November 14, 2012

good review say it the way it is

Tara j November 13, 2012

DONT BE FOOLED DONT GET SCAMMED you will see nice people who you would like to meet and chat with but you are fooled into thinking its a free site but it isnt once you ve sent one message your then told you have to subscribe at a very expensive rate i think this site should be closed down its a complete pile of crap

BANU 7 November 13, 2012

A COMPLETE RIP OFF I AGREE WITHALL OF THE ABOVE DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY i was just looking for a bit of genuine fun and chat i finally found some one i really liked! talldarknhandsome i didnt realise i only got one message and now im gettin texs of him on zoosk saying is it that im younger tha you thats put you off now im really gutted i cant get message to him if i do it will cost me over £35 sorry i think its disgusting think ill try match.com sorry talldarknhandsome xx

Glenn October 31, 2012

I agree. Zoosk is a complete waste of time and a total scam. Someone sent me a wink and my profile automatically sent out, "Hi, why not write me a message as well? I write back frequently". I was going to send a real message afterwards except this auto message actually used up my "freebie". So when I tried to type in the message window on my iphone, a page would come up asking me if I wanted to subscribe. The choices were: 6 months at $16.67 per month, 3 months at $26.66 per month, or 1 month at $39.99 per month. What the hell? This is almost as much as my high-speed Internet.

Plus, there are fake profiles everywhere which I assume are probably Zoosk employees trying to bait you into unlocking the message feature by paying the sub.

I'll stick with okcupid.com for now. Messaging is free (with a high max limit) and owned by a more reputable company, Match.com. Their business plan is to attract viewers and click on paid ads (which is not really obnoxious as the ads are off the sides of the page when viewing it from computer) but you get the full-on experience of messaging back and forth with people without a subscription. The mobile app doesn't have the ads but it also doesn't have instant messaging (you can still use the email type of messaging however).

Mike October 25, 2012

Seems like a total scam service... Made to look free but it isn't... Things never add up either as they ask you to create a password, but anything you type in never is accepted... totally bizarre

Alyosha October 10, 2012

Thank you very much...quick Google search, and your candid review probably saved me from "more DAYS of grief" from this stupid app.

July 22, 2012

First of all you will be VERY VERY LIMITED if you don't spend money here, you can't send messages you can't reply to messages, etc.

Plus you will notice very quickly that some people near your location are BOTS/FAKE ACCOUNTS, you you try to get in touch with them they will reply within seconds no matter what time of the day it is...

the reply is almost the same for all bots asking you to reply back and lure you into sending them a message, once you do that, there's no response or no one on the other side and they GRAB your money like that.

I found real people inside that i actually know in real live that live near me, but still it's a waste of money... use facebook or google+ if you want to meet someone, because at least you won't find fake profiles that much and no one will hide on fake profiles, fake photos, and fake friends.

THE S January 03, 2013

You keep on scammin you will get sorted out believe me!

Bmc November 25, 2012

I am the one above that almost got scammed by "Peter" He was still writing until today. I got where I was conning him. Guess he caught on but at least I took up some of time. My new mission in life is to scam the scammers someone needs to. It costs nothing but your time and it is very rewarding.

An i November 16, 2012

I almost got conned. Thank the Lord I am already broke or I would have been more likely to be broker. Fast talking guy and he knows how to say the right things. I sort of fell but not for him Won't do it again. Look out for Peters Buggs. Says he is in Jabul. But I don't think so. Has too much of an accent. and he says he lives for the Lord, but he slipped and let something come out of his mouth on our last email that gave him away. ****, sorry for my words but people have to know.

Zoosk i October 07, 2012

it's a crap site, the people working the site is stupid, there is a mega flirt that is given for free everyday and they hand picked the people that they will be sending the mega flirt. I did get views but this people aren't even in my age range and not in my area and not even the type of people am looking for, so whats the point of the stupid survey when they can't even get decent matches. Don't waste money on this site. Useless and waste of time. The chat isn't even working, you subscribe to nothing, you can send out messages and thats it, If I knew all am getting is the ability to send out messages and not get a reply, then I wouldn't have paid for the crap service. Your better off meeting someone in a fish market than meet anyone in this site.

June 18, 2012
I found Zoosk to be boring to say the least! I also have experienced pop-ups of people that meet none of my match criteria. Also, if you do not become a PREMIUM member, you don't get to read or reply to any messages. I have had people from other countries trying to pose as someone from the US of A...but they type as they speak! Be careful! If you are a member and you enjoy it...good for you! Congratulations & Good Luck, but I will not be returning!

Zoosk Still Has a Long Way to Go
December 7, 2011

I signed up for Zoosk on a whim after seeing an ad on Facebook, and I never expected to actually use it. However, one day I decided to give it a shot and see if my matches would actually be people that could click with me. I filled out my profile and added a picture, then went to the search engine to review my matches and to search for more.

I was disappointed to see that many of my matches were nowhere near my location, and some not even in the same country! Some of my criteria such as age and smoking and drinking habits were not filtered well, so I had to weed through a lot of people that I should have not popped up in the first place. I also found there were a lot of personal ads referring to pornographic websites rather than real people. I decided that the website was not worth my time and closed my account soon after.

Iconoclast August 05, 2013

I just can't believe that so many people admit to having handed over money to Zoosk, surely any sane person would have realised it was a scam from the word "Go"?

Forever S February 13, 2013

Why are you giving 3 stars? It reads like a 1 star review.