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January 9, 2013

This is the first time ive tried a dating site, but even someone new like me can tell what a steaming pile of crap this website is, i paid for a few months and regretted it almost immediately. For starters, i knew right away when i saw that you had to pay for "coins" (which aren't cheap btw) to make your profile more popular that i messed up by paying for a subscription. Lets think about that for a second, i already paid them to make a profile, and now, in their own candy coated sugary way of saying it, i need to pay them more so that my profile doesnt get moved to the bottom of every page. BS!

Second, when i signed up i filled out all the credit card info and when i was asked if i wanted the subscription to automatically renew when the time was up, i said no. Lo and behold, ive gone to the subscription page 3 times now and changed it so that it wont automatically renew, but every time it somehow magically is changed back to automatically renew, i called their customer support and told them in no polite terms that if i was charged for a second term i would be taking legal action, and that i could prove i told them not to renew it, after that, the setting for some odd reason remained as i set it.

Last, their "scientific matching service" is garbage. There is absolutely nothing scientific about it. I'm a laid back introverted kind of person, not into athletics at all, yet for some reason, i keep getting matched up with people who say that are outgoing, love sports, and want to meet a guy who also enjoys working out, playing sports and going on long hikes. I mean it literally is trying to match me with my polar opposites, and than calling it scientific. its not scientific, they just pulled someones profile out of their butts, sent me an email about them and than claimed we were right for each other by labeling it as "scientific".

in conclusion people, do your part in making this greedy money grab of a website find its rightful place, hidden in the bowels of the world wide web where no one will ever find it, thus being unable to prey on the pockets of desperate vulnerable people.

Randall K January 10, 2013

Zoosk is a rip off site and getting worse. The online chat is supposed to be free but now it is members only and if you do pay you get exactly as this person discribed and when you try and unsub the server will magically crash right after you do giving you a false record that you unsubed but it will continue to charge you

Teresa H January 12, 2013

I joined this site because I kept getting things from it but yes! you have to go in and physically cancel your account. If you don't physically cancel it will continue to charge you . Most people I met on their are con's the men that I have met all are seeking Money . Also if they aren't doing that they are giving fake states where they live and have very strange stories that they work out of the area. Please be careful with this site and be safe out there while internet dating .

Joe January 13, 2013

Yeah it really is a scam. I subscribed ($20) and immediately got automated canned replies from women. Then I decided to test these flirts from woman and when I ask to chat with them - no reply. So I ask again - still no reply. you would think if 28 women who flirted with me - at least one would reply it might be real right?

Its a scam.

Lori January 15, 2013

It is all a scam, I got the same thing, then when the one guy called me he couldn't speak english & was using someone else's picture. This site sucks and the entire thing needs to be reported.

Aaron January 24, 2013

Get this, even the race of the girl was wrong. Im not racist but a black girl said caucasian. Like any "free" sites such as freecreditreport etc. You scratch the surface and they they tell you your choice of credit/debit you can use. Its never free in the end. Besides, you need more than 24 hours to view the love of your life or even a partner at that. Each match only gives you 24 hrs. Its because they must be decoys or fake profiles. Im glad I read this and the posts above before I gave them any credit/financial information. Besides, Zoosk is an extension of facebook making you believe its free because FB is free.

Wayne February 06, 2013

Yeah i've seen a couple of those... Profile pic white/caucasian and profile says black/african... zoosk(btw they don't even deserve to start with a capital z) must be working overtime to stay on top of their mix and matches. Just a pile of fake BS.

Wast of time
January 9, 2013
After paying almost $50/month (they have some sign up fee) I got nothing. This site is complete garbage. Every time I list a small piece of information like hint’s to contact me over the email my profile being fixed while there is some members that they listing their entire email address. To me they are some fake ID’s listed by ZOOSK which makes them be a fake, garbage site. Not to mention after nearly 40 emails I have no response.

Jason January 11, 2013

I to am convinced they make up profiles on this site

Helen January 19, 2013

Thanks everyone !!

Zoosk is a scam. Here is why...
January 6, 2013
I opened a free account with Zoosk a couple years ago. They started sending me their "scientific matches" almost immediately. Shortly after short messages like, "Coke or Pepsi?" and winks began to appear in my Zoosk Inbox and Yahoo email. You can respond one time to a message. Their word-filter prevents you from giving out any contact info and is very strict. They also have a Popular Meter. My meter was in the millions which gave me a very popular rating. Then I started to receive messages that contained the exact user picture but had a different name, location and profile. They generate fake profiles and reuse the same pictures over and over! I began replying to these emails telling the ladies that the site is a scam. As soon as I started doing that my Popular Meter went from a Very Popular rating to a Poor rating. I no longer receive duplicate images and the emails to me are greatly reduced. Zoosk knows I am telli

DTBorden January 08, 2013

I didn't even sign up intentionally. This is for losers.

BondsmaninCharlotte January 08, 2013

The sites a scam! I tried it but canceled the third day after I realized the women,some real some not,were not actually writing me. I scared one poor (overly timid) woman to death simply by writing her because the site sent me corresondence seemingly from her..ZOOSK IS A SCAM!

Kool January 12, 2013

haha i knew they were faking flirts and winks

Don't be fooled
January 5, 2013
Creepy, unethical website that preys on the stupid and desperate.

Lori January 15, 2013

Yes, and they have a darn good way to woo a person. Dogs

Zoosk ... rip off dating site!
January 5, 2013

I wanted to try a new dating site and saw Zoosk, which lured me in with picture of some nice looking people with their locations as being close to mine, or even in the same town.

So I attempted to sign up, then when you finish filling out all your info including credit card info and are ready to submit... they hit you with a $29 sign up fee! Well, I did get around that by googling "how to avoid Zoosk sign-up fee" and found that if you cancel before you hit "submit" .. within a few hours they send you an email that will offer to waive the fee.

OK so I got around that one... now I was signed up. Then I found out that if someone flirts with you, or likes you .... you have to pay extra (with coins) to "unlock your mutual match".... WTF... didn't I just pay for a subscription ... now I have to pay again to contact the person who flirted with me?

So apparently the only way you can communicate with someone is if they email you or you do a search and email them. What a rip off!!!

The only thing I am happy about is that I signed up for only one month so my $$ loss is minimal. Oh did I mention that all those pics you see with people in your area don't really exist! ... yep, when I did a search using various distances... there was not one face that I saw when signing up.

I hope this helps all you dating folks out there looking for a good dating site... it's certainly not Zoosk ... but I would recommend match.com and PoF (plenty of fish)!!!

Good luck everyone!!!!

Jason January 11, 2013

you've done your homework all those profiles just look to good to be true

Regret not leaving negative stars -4
January 5, 2013
Zoosk is a Rip-off. I tried to contact local women on Zoosk with no answer. Some of these women I encountered in town. They informed me that they are no longer on Zoosk, sometimes for over a year, yet their adds remained. Zoosk will show you people that you cannot contact, because they are not paid members. I have received a flirt on Zoosk; I immediately responded, and was met with a message that the member is no longer a Zoosk member. Zoosk conclusion try another site.

I have to echo what's already been said... Zoosk is horrific / arguably a scam
January 5, 2013

As others have said, the "flirts" you get from attractive girls are plants and not genuine profiles.

By far the worst dating site I've tried.

No Refunds
January 4, 2013
Joined and canceled in 3 days when I got to see what it really is. I'm not into the live chat thing - for teens. No refund on my 6 month purchase. RIPOFF. They wont let you filter who sends you interest. Anyone can! and you cant't filter the search by area, they always put it back to 100 miles no matter how many times you change ans save. Too exaushting with all the deleting, denying and blocking. Never did get to find someone in my town. and DONT link it to your facebook - it copies and posts all your stuff!!! Favoite movies and books...beware single parents!!! SUX

Scott January 21, 2013

Yeah , it would take a library full of info to describe just how big of a scam zoosk is . The first evidence of that for me was when I was choosing a subscription payment plan ...there were 3 choices ( HA !) ...supposedly one of them was a 3 month obligation that ya would pay about $20.00 a month for 3 months , but all through the process of subscribing the only option given was to pay the full 3 months at once , and as said here already , they try to charge you an extra fee and if ya just quit subscribing at that point they will send ya a FB message saying that fee has been waved for you !

Theres also the buying coins scam ...They gave me 200 free coins to use to pay ( additionally ) to' meet' people and theres 2 ways to search for ppl to

' meet ' , either ya do searches from various pages which you never get responses from or you can you use the Carousel option which shows you ppl ya cant see with the other search , but you have no choice except to pay with coins to meet these ppl ...ooops , let me clarify , you have to pay with these coins to view the profile of these ppl !!!! And you have to decide if these ppl are ppl you are interested in based only on the 1 photo that you see of them

.You are not allowed to know where this face is from , if it is a members face or not ...but , i do j know that I have been matched with a non-member and given the option to meet them( cuz , i know that person ) what , i dont know is if I would get reimbursed for those coins if that other person decides not to pay their coins as well ...and I dont care to find out ....Zoosk is the carnival of scams >>>Stay away !

The ultimte fraud
January 1, 2013
Ive been on all the dating websites since they started and there was only match.co, at least 7-8 years experience with this crap. Zoosk is the most scammy pay site ever. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD!! I sent them a check as I had read about their continued charging you after you quit them. they invade your computer and every time some one looks ( Who cares if someone looks?),a pop up would appear while you might be working on your computer and a "ding" sound. Almost all were not paid members so they couldn't talk to you if you wanted to. weather u pay or not once u join for free, your profile is used to lure others in, to pay to talk to you. The "flirts" are mostly "plants" and people who are not paying. then even when u pay, once you have a "mutual" match, you have to buy "coins" to talk to the person, when in fact I already paid for 3 months. so its another 20.00 for what might not even exist. U can put in your search parameters, and they will still disregard and send u people from several states away, not of the race u asked, to tall etc. It very robotic and cant't believe they are allowed to steal from us in the light of day, Is there no policing these thieves? And if u look at the "rating websites " zoosk is number one!!! one scammer protecting another scammer. whats happened to the human race!

Linda L January 02, 2013

Thank you! I almost fell into the trap. I thought the entire site was free, until someone wanted to chat, then the "subscribe" option appeared. I was concerned about the automatic renewal. I've heard of sites where people were unable to stop their subscription despite numerous attempts to stop it. Being wary about giving my credit card #, I'll not be a subscriber.

Karen January 03, 2013

Unfortunately I did join and instead of them processing a monthly payment they took the whole amount. They do not refund so buyer beware. I cancelled anyway even though the account is still active if I so choose to reactivate it. NOT>>>>>>

Shamed January 04, 2013

I fell for it :( should have read all of this first. BUT - I did post my review :) and continue to where ever I can FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS!!!

Dave January 08, 2013

damn....good thing I read this first

Helen January 19, 2013

Thanks , I was planning to pay ! Thanks God I read reviews !!

Pile of pooh
January 1, 2013

buy a subscription and then you still have to pay to access mutual matches. total crock of brown smelly stuff.

i hope they get uncovered and sent down the line.

much better sites out there...

Sucker born every minute - including me
December 28, 2012

I am so ashamed. I know better than to fork over money without doing research but "they" got me this time. On first view, it seems like a decent dating site - plenty of prospects, etc. So I spent at least an hour composing a profile, answered all the "chemistry" questions, put up one picture for starters, etc. And WOW! The emails start pouring in of women who "viewed" me, plus a few who WANT TO MEET ME! Nice! But there's a catch - you are not going to have any contact whatsoever with any of these people without subscribing.

OK, I've paid for dating sites before. Usually the rate is around $30 for one month. So I gamely get out the card and click to subscribe. I fill in all the information and get to where it's time to finalize the deal and "WHAT"?? A "one-time set up fee" of $25? Give me a break. At first I said "no way" but eventually I bit the bullet and coughed up $55... for one month. But hey, there were all these quality profiles out there that I wouldn't be able to contact or hear from so I decided to absorb the cost.

So within an hour or so I get a message telling me a have a mutual match. Awesome! This sounds great. But all I can see is a name and a picture. I can't see any profile information. It turns out that I can't take advantage of this whiz-bang mutual gadget without SPENDING MORE MONEY! Minimum is $20. For "coins". This is the point at which I realized I'd been had. I felt sick.

If you see this listed in any "best of 2012" lists, ignore it. Plenty of Fish isn't perfect but you can actually meet people without having to pay a dime.

Ark December 28, 2012

Don't worry about it, Mr. Pickwick-I took the plunge and am fast finding the same thing as you-the only thing on your carousel that shows up is that the woman clicked she'd like to meet you-and I notice it's the same one every time-plus all the hidden charges-I think that they read how much you are on the site and then send you false hits-like a slot machine, it is rigged! Anyway, going to try Match.com or Plenty of Fish again-I use dead-end credit cards bought from Wal-mart or wherever so they can't keep billing me! Even though it is a little bit of a hassle and a little more expensive, I have heard too many horror stories about people not being able to make them quit billing-I think you can eventually, but in the meantime they have your twenty dollars-imagine if they do that to 50,000 people a month!

Lymm December 30, 2012

Zoosk is a money TRAP..... They tempt you with ONE free message, and then they cut you off hoping you are interested to pay. So you pay and then find out the one your interested in didn't pay so they can respond. They filter each message. If you type in " i am not a member" The word member is blanked out. I spoke about plenty of fish ( another dating site) the next day, my site was down. Wow, this is the biggest controlled rip off. I felt like i left my free country, they manipulate to the fullest degree. RUN FROM ZOOSK!!!

this site is a big scam
December 24, 2012
well this is another reason to hate online dating first of all it says you only pay 19.95 then you get slammed with a start up fee of 25.00 so you pay 44.00 now comes the messed up parts you get emailed for views,flirts and new matches but i had enough canceled my account turn off my email setting guess what still getting emails from people who view me STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JayDee December 25, 2012


December 22, 2012

First off, you can't message people. You can't exchange personal information. What is the point then? They edit your "my story" section. What is the point of trying to describe yourself if they are going to change it anyways? They deleted things I like, reworded sentances and got rid of half of it! WTF?

The worst part.. I am Muslim, and uploaded a profile picture of me in my hijab, and they keep deleting it saying it violates their photo guidelines. RACIST WEBSITE...


Nate December 29, 2012

FYI...Muslim isn't a race, genius.

Andy December 30, 2012

that is so wrong

Ken January 05, 2013

I am a Born-again Bible thumper, I understand wanting someone of your relgious views. Your Hijab shows who you are at your deepest belief.

More than a scam, it's fraud.
December 21, 2012

So I've spent a week running an experiment. Deleted every view (everyone who had "viewed" my profile) from my "profile" to test a theory. Within 10 minutes, I had anywhere from 3-6 "new" views. Then spent hours trying to locate those 3-6 profiles. Guess what...they didn't exist. After leaving it for about 2-3 hours I counted a total of 15 "views" that couldn't be traced back to a legitimate profile. Deleted the views again, within 10 minutes anywhere between 3-6 of the exact same 15 profiles "viewed" me again. Rinsed and repeated throughout the day and if left for a few hours, the exact same 15 cycled through constantly "viewing" my profile every few hours.

Above and beyond that, there are tons of fake profiles. Photos leeched from online sources that cannot possibly be legitimate. I came across a profile based off of a friend of mine from her Facebook page, except she suddenly lives in another town and is 10 years older than she actually is? That got me to thinking, so I did some playing around and found multiple instances of this sort of thing...

Save your money, report them. It's not a scam...it's fraud.

Kelley B December 22, 2012

I joined Zoosk for free, made a profile, & received some messages. I paid thee fee to reply to these people & now I get no return messages. Did these people all of a sudden lose interest in me? Now im out $50+

Andy December 30, 2012

we are having the same thing. Did you try chat??

December 19, 2012

I joined zoosk 2 days ago. I paid a membership fee of 60.00, took the time to write everything and do the questionnaires. I receive an email thismorning telling me that my account subscription has been cancled and my profile deleted. I never got any emails warning me about anything. They thought the photos I put up were inapropriate (bikini), so they deleted them even though I received the email saying that they were approved. They never informed me that they deleted them or that there was any problem. so I called their website number and spoke with a very rude and snobish woman who told me:

"we don't have to give you a reason why this was done", and "we're not refunding the 60.00 ". Turns out my bikini pic was earased because it was taken "indoors" not out. That's ridiculous! They even deleted my headshots with no explanation. Another thing, if they don't like how you worded your profile, they make changes, delete things and don't tell you. Even as a paying member you're limited as to how many winks or adds you can send out. Theres no reason for that. also, if you want to send personal info they won't let you. SO WHAT IS THE POINT IN HAVING A DATING SITE IF YOU CANT EXCHANGE EMAILS, PHONE NUMBERS OR FACEBOOK????? HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY REALLY CONTACT THESE PEOPLE. ITS A SCAM!!!!!! DO NOT JOIN! SAVE YOUR MONEY!

Kelley B December 22, 2012

Sorry sweetheart, They got me too. I got lots of messages from Nice girls I'd like to meet. So I paid the fee to reply & they disappeared. I'm learning alot, unfortunately, the hard & heartbreaking way. Good luck in your search.

Make December 23, 2012

Thanks for the heads up, I knew something was not right

Another scam
December 18, 2012

Starts with wanting to charge 25 dollars just to activate plus the 20 dollar fee. No way to contact people that want to meet without paying more. Needs to be avoided at all costs.


Scam!!!Stay away
December 15, 2012
I am highly disgusted with Zoosk.I was a paying member and started getting fake pics and interests.Some claiming to live 10 or 15 miles away,but told me they live in Ghana or Nigeria.Even if you are a paying member,when you have a mutual interest on what they call their carousel,you have to buy coins to unlock your mutuals.What a load of you know what!!!This site has absolutely no shame whatsoever

Harry December 18, 2012

from what i have seen of this so called dating site, i do not belive any think about this site, they are 100% scammers.

Its a con
December 12, 2012
I have not paid anything but all the above apply. I decided to do a bit of research so started to do image searches on anyone who winked flirted messaged or viewed my profile. Guess what? No results. The only image that popped up a result was my own . I then tried the same on random profiles, not a single result. Not a single link to a facebook account or myspace or anything. Its a scam.

Rip off site!!!
December 11, 2012

I joined Zoosk for about a month and created an account, Did actually meet someone off this site!!! But I had my account Hi-jacked by someone else who told me to check out their pics which sent me to a fake Zoosk site where they got my password and email.

Sent Zoosk an email to tell them but no response!!!, Went and checked my CC and they had taken $99.95 from my account after I had already paid for the crap for 3 Months.

Had to cancel my CC and get a new one so these jerks would not take anymore of my money.

Avoid this site, Its bad!!

Guest December 12, 2012

must be 90% fake profiles.

All with a professional or found on the internet photo, only one.

Then, if the get yahoo IM or email account, they admit to being from Ghana.

"Born in USA, look just like the white girl in the photo, but I'm in Ghana right now"


Jen December 31, 2012

"Born in USA, look just like the white girl in the photo, but I'm in Ghana right now"

I laughed so hard when I read this! Lolllllllllll!

Nepto March 13, 2013

This is hilarious!! :-)

December 10, 2012

You fill out a free profile, and then you start getting these "XX wants to meet you" messages. Of course you can't communicate with anyone unless you are a paying member. So you pay (plus a surprise $25.00 "activation fee" - which should have been a red flag in itself) for a membership, and PRESTO, "The user account you are looking for cannot be found" in all cases. Then after you've been duped into signing up, you receive these ficitious notifications on a daily basis. Nearly ALL of them are fake.

Take my advice, learn from MY mistake, and save yourself 45 bucks.

Ken January 05, 2013

Also you can't comunicate with some who has not paid yet their profile is shown to you. Scientific matching is bogus, ran into some who were my match they said they were not notified are the not paid members.