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full of fake
December 17, 2023

travelgirls website is full of fake profiles, and they are cheating too.

I tried a profile there for a short time, so many fake messages...

They are the proof of mens' weakness to beautiful girl photos and using it very good.

Not serious
September 24, 2023

Women write to you and you can't answer...Bad site.

November 27, 2022

This man Raj Kumar Perumal Suppiah (Jack 44 nickname in travelgirls, from Singapore!) is looking for girls to later lure them into a sect, group sex, naked pics and videos and divorce them for money! This group of people who do this! There is a statement to the police! He lives in Singapore and is Hindu by nationality, be careful!

steals your money
January 8, 2022

I signed up for the free trial but they charged me full price for a month (59 euro) and did not even give me my membership.

Asking the admin Justina about it "she" said I would get my money back. That was now two weeks ago.

No refund yet, nor activated membership. Very strange to me as it would have been an easy fix for them to at least give me my free trial or monthly membership. Perhaps it is a scam or just incredibly poor customer support.

Stay away from paying to this site.

kalle January 08, 2022

Travelgirls also use ccbill which has an even worse trust rating than travel girls. Do not share your credit card details with this company

1990's style haven for scammers
December 11, 2021

I've tried to use the site 2 times now, both times with a resounding lack of success. I don't think it's me, because with other apps I've managed to arrange dates that led to something with real people in a relatively short amount of time.

This site is full of scammers and fake profiles. It used to be less full than it is now, but it was always a problem. Ukrainian (but east Europeans in general) scammers seem to be the most common, where they have any number of reasons why you need to send them money; e.g. they live in Donbass and need to pay $50/$100/$200 for an "exit visa" to be able to go to Kiev to meet you there... you name it, there is an excuse for why you need to send money by Western Union or MoneyGram.

There are *some* real girls, but a lot of those are there for "paid friends with benefits". If you want that kind of thing, then this site can be something for you...maybe.

There are also more Chinese "girls" now who will fairly swiftly try to get you to buy some Coins/Cyrptocurrency exclusively on some "fantastic brokerage site"..if you do, you'll never see that money again either.

Any and all attempts to get assistance from the operator of the site is useless. Any complaints about all the fake profiles, bots (yes, they even have scam-bots) falls of deaf ears. Thankfully I've never sent any money to any girl on that site ever....but it's pretty clear a lot of people do.

3 years ago I engaged with one girl from Ukraine. I went along with her 'game' and then just confronted her with it. She admitted it. Said it was good money and that she can earn as much as $5k a month scamming people from Europe. She has friends who do this as well.

As far as I am concerned this site exists simply to take your money and to have your money taken. They have not changed the site design ever either, so absolutely zero investment in anything for years.


November 20, 2021
Girls!!! If you’re reading this, Please stay away from the guy that user name is Cris (From Dubai) He’s totally scamming dude!

Generally good
November 6, 2020

Generally a good site. Only that now its full of people who do not obviously knlw the purpose of the site: TRAVEL. Most guys just want nudes, won't even plan a trip and are so uncultured. Especially the Turkish.

Its so hard to meet anyone true on the site now. But am sure there are some authentic descent guys there. I wish I met them soon.

Horrible men
March 23, 2019

I was a member for a couple of weeks - hoping to meet some new submissive men there (heard from one). The quality of their male members is simply terrible (rude, don´t know how to communicate, don´t read profiles, bother with one or two word "messages" etc). On the other hand, there is a lot of traffic there, I would not expect that on a website that seems to be stuck in the 90s in terms of design, user-friendliness etc. This is somewhat puzzling.

I am also a member of Miss Travel which is another not very good website (yeah, guys hoping to trade airticket for sex and company - what a terrible idea to start with) but at least the men have a bit more class - which means much less messages but I prefer that.

The customer service on Travelgirls is ok though, they do respond pretty fast when you report someone etc.

be careful - It's the worst inter-relationship site
March 10, 2019

Sorry my poor English but I wanted to leave my contribution

I used this site thinking it was serious for the high amount they charged monthly

but is a full red of prostitutes and women scammers are always going to ask for money before the trip (visa, gift, clothes..etc) or later, they will always want to charge Take your Money

I tried for a long time to find someone worthwhile and when I thought to realize.

She asked to buy the passage that was 4 sections. I did it I sent it by email.

When she has to fly she told me that she was late to the airport and must pay a penalty , asking me to send the money for that

It that clear that she not only was not want to traveling she only want to collect my money from the penalty and make me lose my money and time.

Stay away from this site for your health and your pocket

not fair
March 20, 2018
they r puting some silly rules, trying to be high class site but what they got in the end is high class patience of escorts and zero patience of normal members :)) no blocking people on site, no avoiding disturbing people, no loyalty and no respect from admins. there r many other sites which are better, for example tourbar. go for it guys and u will find ur travel partner , less escorts and less monitoring from admins. at travelgirls they are literally puting their nose in ur private life. BE CAREFUL

what a fake site!
February 12, 2018

I got registered and even i had no photos i received some messages from pretty day i decided to give a try but was a big answers from that girls....i think was automatic messages. It's a big fake very very not put your money in the garbige...all these site a big fake...better free sites as couchsurfing or travelhostdate!

shame on you! uses people's photos!!!
September 28, 2017

I'm a 25 year old girl and I've tried to make two profiles with MY pictures, but I my account was suspended for NO REASON.

I've tried to verify as they said with a picture of me and a paper where it says and they didn't accept my verification.

Also, I know from a friend that although they didn't approve my profile THEY KEPT MY UPLOADED PICTURES AND THEY"RE PROBABLY USING THEM LURING IN NEW USERS !

Stay away !!! FAKE FAKE Fake!!!

Avoid unless you want to waste a lot of money
June 30, 2017

I have been on and off the site for a few years with no success in meeting an honest girl that just wants to travel. The site is just full of fake profiles with photos stolen from instagram and facebook.

They pay users to chat with guys, it's easy to see because the messages start pouring in as soon as you sign up even if you don't have any info or photos on your profile. But once you pay the messages stop, you might get a couple every month just to keep you interested. The conversations are pretty dull and never seem sincere unless the girl asks for money.

I even experimented with different profile photos of male models, average looking guys and ugly dudes. Basically got no statistically significant't differences in rate of messages received and the girls always ask for money no matter how amazing the profile was.

tldr; The site is very well designed scam

Safe Haven for Scammers, Cheaters and Escort Girls
May 28, 2017

I used this web site for three years. It is full of scammer, cheater, and escort girl profiles.

The web site protects these kind of profiles and when requested, they are reluctant to suspend or block these profiles and allow the suspended/blocked cheater, scammer profiles to be created again. For a scammer and escort girls, it is very easy to create a profile again after their old profiles are suspended or blocked. Most of the profiles are full of fake photos and profiles.

Therefore, i recommend everyone to stay away from this web site.

Stay away from Ukrainian cheaters
January 20, 2017

So I canceled my membership after 180 days and I am really happy. Let me tell you a true story from first hand experience.

The good:

+ Your credit card is safe as far as site membership is concerned. I opted for "€179.00 (EUR) for 180 days, then €29.00 (EUR) every 30 days".

The bad:

- Very few of the profiles are marked as verified.

- Out of the verified ones half of them are with stolen pictures from Instagram. Even google image search cannot detect them.

- Out of the verified ones with real pictures half of them are escorts.

- Out of the verified ones with real pictures that are not escorts half of them are Ukrainian cheaters.

- Ukrainian cheaters pretend to not have passport, or visa, or something else. They will ask you to transfer money via Western Union, or MoneyGram, and will never come.

Well if you want to experience all of the above, try it :)

Khaled June 30, 2017

Spot on. It's infested with fake profiles, escorts and scammers. I have been on and off the site for a few years and never managed to meet anyone.

I think the site pays girls to chat with guys too because loads of girls will start conversations with "hi" or something like that but will never follow through with the conversation beyond a few sentences.

TapiwaColleta November 06, 2020

Very surprised cuz am on the site and I really wish I could meet a normal guy. I keep meeting Pervs. I wish I could meet a normal descent guy

Site use people
August 10, 2016

The site uses the girls to earn money on men! This site does not reserve any rights of the girls. Site use them how to cows.

1. Girls can not block the aggressive men, mentally ill people, men why openly offering sex for money (prostitution). TFor this tsite have only a folder where the girl would not see this messages as incoming. But there this peope can watered mud as much as necessary becose men pay.

2. If the girl removes her profile she is punished. They will tell it is suspended on site and you cannot try never more. But people still see your profile after delete!!! At first it seems the site can continues to use her profile. Just cut off the girl from her profile. Secondly after re-registration of the girl loses function to remove her photo, private information and so. Now when you create a profile of girls deprived of the right to delete photos. Maybe it's because I already deleted his profile with the past. Or maybe it's a new rule. Or maybe a bug of the site. I don't know.

3. A man can see the profile of women differently than the girl. For example another photo can be main. I don't know why.

4.The site invites users. The girls spend time online. Girls give their photos and information about themselves. Men tell they pay 60 euros per month for use this site. And what are their rights? None.

a) A girl can be removed without explanation of reasons and site continue to use her profile. I was fitght 2 days with moderator for to gat explayne and to convince them delete my profile. (can add screenshot)

Site block me after a man promised me a gift. He proposed it himself, I wasn't ask and it is his right. (Man looks good, positive, pleasant). I said I did not choose a gift and let him decide. He said that He is rich and I can choose anything because He liked me. I said that we can solve it together and proposed several options from cheap to more expensive. After that, the moderators cut me from my application without explanation of reasons, but continued to use my profile with my pictures. How do you think why? Can modarator to get a gift?

Fake. Fake. Fake and again Fake
December 3, 2014
I've made a statistical analysis. Roughly 50% are fake profiles, 30% scam and 20% escorts. So, now decide yourself. You will receive your first message aprrox. in 5 hours from signup even if you have no photo, no profile data, etc. You will receive that from not a pretty girl (too good to be true) but from someone from Pakistani or India or other 3d world country. Then you get more high class crap. Finally, you will make that damn payment. In about 2 months you will understand that the site is not worth neither your time, nor your money. Good luck.

Khaled June 30, 2017

Yes I noticed I tend to get tons of messages when I'm not a "premium" member but once I pay, the messages stop lol

I even experimented with different profile photos of male models, average guys and ugly ones. Guess what, got exactly the same results. The site is a very well designed scam. Hope guys will start to notice this and stop giving them money.

Stay away!
October 19, 2014
That pretend to be a site for traveller???? first of all the site look like vintage......nothing to do just send messages....girls are too pretty to be true... 2 min after you signup start to arrives messages...even you don't have a pic...of course pretty girls...pleaseeeeeeeeee be smarter at least wait 1 day.....then 59 euro mounth??? Stay away!

Fake profiles and escort site!
October 1, 2014

travelgirls is definitely a site full of fake profiles because they don't verify people.

And most of the girls are escorts (as they are not verified)

Anyway I like the original idea. Some other sites offer a similar service. Right now I'm using travelhostdate : it's less crowded and all the girls are real (all of them have a photo with the name of the site)

Not a scam
June 23, 2014
I have used this site for 9 months as a paid member. It is averagely priced at about 150 euros for a full year, but the service is very good, prompt, efficient and personal. Yes, there are a lot of scammers and escorts, particularly from Russia and Ukraine, but also honest decent girls from Belarus, Romania, Philippines. Most scams happen because older men are after young pretty impoverished Caucasian girls but want it all for free. You decide the moralities! If you want to avoid hookers, say so on your profile and they won't bother you. Generally, be careful with Russian and Ukrainians, there are gems there too, but many more scammers, some very clever too. If you have hit one, report them, the website managers will promptly remove them. In summary, a good site, but as always, walk into casual relationships with eyes open. Have fun.... I do!