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I love it very much
August 7, 2013
almost 2 years a member of this site. if you are greedy and lazy man then skip away it. the site for cool guys only!

about privacy
May 24, 2013

Melissa, who said that a website should monitor your private chats... I don't think that would be right. You did it right - just ignore things you don't like :)

Anyway, I don't see anything wrong with that site concept. It works for me. I've met with girls from Ukraine on a few trips! And yes, it is not a cheap hobby but works for me...

April 3, 2013

This site is a scam

They say its not an escort site, but they don't monitor chats regarding money for sex,

I have been offered money by many men to meet them, Ignore their conversations, but how come people like Justina (Admin) do not detect this?

I read a man's profile text saying: ESCORTS MOST WELCOME,

how could the admin miss this? hmmmmm just wondering.......

I tested the site, put on fake pictures, send in a verification and they accepted it!! LMAO!!

Don't waste your time on this site!!!

Nasir November 19, 2013

i was wondering that too..:)

Would this really happen.....
March 22, 2013

Why would a beautiful girl be willing to open up her "private" photos to someone who is not a premium subscriber, posted no photo and describes themselves as late 40s, happily married with 3 kids ? I kept seeing the advert everywhere and given I have a teenage daughter, I wanted to see what it was all about. 3 times I asked for access to private photos from 20-something girls and 3 times I got it.

Clearly it's unlikely to be legitimate but I'm sure some of the ladies exist, i would imagine largely as escorts.

I unsubscribed several times before I was actually deleted from their emails.

i love it!
February 7, 2013
very good site, with lots of wealthy people. you don't need to waist your time with empty chats, everything is very concrete. thanx to this site i've visited my dream countries already

Laura February 21, 2013

I'm a girl and have been on the site thinking it was for travel companions not dating. slightly worried about the fact it's just men looking to take women away? Of course you pay for your own travel and so on but it's a little dangerous to go to another country with them you could be sold or anything. Does anybody know any one who has been on a trip? I'm purely intrigued about this odd service.

Amy March 14, 2013


yeah i am worried about that too! I just signed up but i am afraid to meet them haha! am i paranoid? i haven't posted my photo with 'travelgirls' banner to verify my account. need advice as well

Amy March 14, 2013

p.s : i am only looking for travel partner (same gender), but i have no idea why sometimes it looks like a dating site!

better word
February 5, 2013

truth is that people complain & put bad reviews more often, but DON'T judge on negative only.

I saw travelgirls Ads all over the web and also gave a try as a reg.user. And I'm not planning to buy their service as I don't believe in online dating as such but I see that project in a good 'health'. Check:

or maybe something like SCAM sites usually don't live that long and don't perform that good. I think it's a niche service and it's worth a slightly better word. There must be a good number of loyal buyers who drive their clever business and growth..

This site just wants your money!!!!
January 7, 2013
Don't trust anyone who tells this site is good!!!! All they want - girls and administrator is your money!!!!!! Many pictures are fake, girls are fake, if you want to waste your money - go there!!!

Innocent prostitutes :)))
November 28, 2012
I have 2 premium accounts on tg. Purchased another one because I wanted to check some of the girls. One profile with photos of old and fat man and another with my real photos. People say I look not bad :) So the same girls who agreed to visit Milan and even haven't asked to pay for their trip ask 300 -600 euro for a day from the old man. So the verdict is that most of nice and sexy girls on tg are prostitutes but they olso travelling for free if they like you. I was lucky to meet some real beauties, I like this site despite small number of different scammers.

Ryan March 20, 2013

As we can upload and create profiles (normal ligit people) So can many others.

So there definitely IS real people with real profiles. Problem is how do you communicate with each other without paying a MASSIVE 59Euro!!!

I tried putting contact details in my private pictures and it was deleted by administration within 24 hours.

However, if you hide it in a photo as I have seen then they don't pick it up.

Avoid russian, ukrainian, belarusian, and turkish profiles as well as those in other countries but with those nationalities.

If someone is willing to skype then you know they are real. and a pc to be on this site anyway..= fishy.

GOOD LUCK and just be aware

If they say they do not have skype....well they need internet

beware of ...
October 19, 2012

this boy (read BOT) send messages to all girls who registers on that site. I registered there many times and by different names, and countries,

His standard phrase is - Hi (name)! I just purchased premium membership here. Do you have skype or yahooo msn? It's a crazy site, perhaps most expensive in the world, 59 euro for a month!!! I don't intend to stay here for long. Yes, I'm coming to (your country) in November. Would you like to be my guide? All expenses on me, clubs, pubs, restaurants... what do you think? Photos?


There's something wrong with him, or with it, just like he's a pimp who supplies girls to men, and site probably knows about it. Actually there are a lot of perverts on that site, so girls, please don't believe them and find a kind man in your country.

Kim December 03, 2012

He emailed me too, what a freaking weirdo.

I replied saying "Sorry not interested!"

Strans December 15, 2012

was emailed by the same idiot too! Don't even knows what he is want?

TG u December 21, 2012

Hi Girls, as a person who is lil bit unsocial but like to chat vs different peoples (especially from TG) i need to tell that i have so many different profiles (vs different personality :-) ) and i always receive a message from this Julian too. He is scam profile. Actually site admins try to check you by this profile. They need to know are you a real person and are you really girl. After that if they will check it you can receive a message from Olga (vs pretty but lil bit fat woman as a main profile pic). In this message from Olga you will receive a offer to make some money. Yes, she ask to chat vs many peoples from this site by using fake profiles vs amazing girl or man pics and ask them to send a money on your (or Olgas/ site admin bank account).

Thats all =))

Just send this Julian profile directly to "ignored" folder


David January 05, 2013

Hell No! Their system truly awfully badly SUCKS! :D

A-ha! February 11, 2013

''registered there many times and by different names, and countries''


That's enough, folks, don't u think?

Amy March 14, 2013

i just signed up (not verified) and got this message too! i am curious about this site. is it a real traveler's site or is it a dating site? hmmm

if you want real girl .. go to other places ...
October 6, 2012

I wanna tell the men ...that if they are looking for girls that are not escorts you have to look in other places. By the way only some stupid or maniac man would pay a fee too speak with a woman ...

real men are able to get woman without paying anything ...

To V October 19, 2012

That's right, good words!=))

David January 05, 2013

That is certainly right buddy! but internet is the place for more shy men to test their luck! ain't that?

by the way dating websites normally cheat by creating fake profiles, sometimes messaging the guys etc. and the reason is that they can not get enough girl profiles unlike men profiles! Reason? REAL girls have a life outside internet! and much worse is the fact that even a normal, even a below average woman has a few men chasing her! so why does she need to be concerned to expose herself to a dating website! (even if she wants to expose her wild inner side there is place called Facebook). By the way it's an unfair game and it has always been. so you either have to be a Big animal or a Fast one!

(kidding! being smart can do the job!)

At the end I have to say Travel Girl is bad not only because it is not FREE, Not only there is no Return Of Investment caused by fake profiles, spammers etc. Not only because it's a spoiled by rich place, but also because they don't even let you send a single free wink! and subscription Fee is much more than other dating websites!

Good Luck,


Ally May 25, 2013

another things , you mentioned to facebook ! yes why we pay when facebook is much bigger and free ? you can send message to girls in facebook , isn,t that better ?

September 20, 2012
i don't rate it 5 stars just because i was cheated once. i understand that generally it's my own fault, but anyway I want to warn unexperienced members not to send money to girls before a trip. Read traveltips carefuly to avoid such situation what I had. Other things are ok with this project, good luck for all.mike

Robinofloxley November 25, 2012

i wanna know : after i pay to the site, girls are answering? because there such sites in my country which goes silent after you are a paid subscriber.. i dont wanna get screwed like this.. i d really appreciate if you answer me: [email protected]

Mario November 28, 2012

answering well, unless you look bad and don't have money.

Admina Justina is a scam
September 15, 2012
i put real photos, with a verified one and she rejected on no solid ground.without giving any explanation when i asked why. she , on the other hand accepted my friend when she intentionally put a tv star in our country.she always was deleting her description on her profile where she didn't say ANYTHING about money or sex,nor ANYTHING vulgar, but she accepted other girls where they said they wanted to meet men for money.THE ADMIN, JUSTINA IS REAL JUNK!

Marina October 17, 2012

Yes, she is!

Kim December 03, 2012

Yeah she is an a**hole, she deleted my first profile. Afterward i confronted her about it.

Justina January 05, 2013

How are you sure that I'm a woman!? I put that name so I can gain more trust by everyone! I'm also fake! but don't tell anyone please!

August 25, 2012
This site is plenty of nice chicks. I came to Paris with one girl from tg and met another here also from the site. We had good partying yesterday, now they taking shower:))) Very easy to hang out, they are more concrete than anywhere. I've never been told about prices, they do it for free and enjoy traveling, maybe it's because I'm a nice guy :)

Samir October 06, 2012

For sure you work for the staff of that website ...

on TG there are only escorts... all ask just for money

To S October 24, 2012

surely noticed

Nasri December 24, 2012

This review seems to be made by the website owner! This is not real!

Arif February 03, 2013

I agreed with you Nasir...

Good times
July 31, 2012
Evening in a cafe, nice food, live music and my best time with a charming girl I met on TG. This evening Its definitely my top top experience in the Baltics so far.. Cheers to the people behind this site and thanks - my time is fun and easy here

July 25, 2012
everything's ok with this site. in beginning i had doubts too but now i see it works good.

July 17, 2012

It's a scam site!

One of the best
July 15, 2012
I found this chat by accident and i want to say several good words for the benefit of travelgirls. I am an old member of this site and I enjoy the usability and culture in general of this portal. Thanks to the website I had already had several nice trips and made lots of friends from different countries. Scammers and escorts are blocked immediately, you just need to report them, but this button appears for premium members only, so I don't see any problem with this. Where else could you find so many beautiful ladies in one place? Where else a 20 year old girl ( normal, nice girls, not prostitutes! ) would talk to you if you are over 50? I wish luck to these guys who complain on this site without trying it, I hope you find a better one, but I am afraid you will not. Best, Joseph.

Vlada October 06, 2012

I am a girl and I have been registered at travelgirls. That website is full of maniacs and perverts ... and more I have seen also some girl's profiles and it appears that they are escorts...I deleted my profile to not appear like one of those girls

Sergey October 18, 2012

omg! find yourself old woman at your age! and don't make people laugh

Comeon October 26, 2012

site works espesially if you are 50 and wana talk 20 year old girls...but no prostitutes...

Sameer December 24, 2012

Same review is posted here which I read in another review site. This review is fake. It is being posted by the site owner itself! be cautious!!!

Ally May 25, 2013

yes , thats clear !

Beware of the Risk
April 12, 2012

There is the potential for risk on the site let me say. The site does not take any responsibility for any risk that you may occur especially in traveling to a country to meet someone but only states that it is a platform for meeting someone and so basically you are on your own. (and this is inferred on the site by the way)

Also as well there is no verification process to verify if a lady's picture or pictures actually belongs to the lady in question or if it was stolen so scammers can be potentially on the site as well.

John June 27, 2012

It is basically a scam site. When I was filling out my profile I was bombarded with lady's visiting profile and letting me see their nude private pics. I did not even have a picture up yet. Once I joined and paid the fee very little response except from the prostitutes. I really got concerned and started google imaging many pics and they were all stolen pictures. It is almost impossible for young women in the Ukraine to acquire a tourist visa. I contacted CCBill and cancelled my membership and complained and got a partial refund. Now I am not able to answer any messages from the lady's on the site because I am no longer a premium member and I have started receiving many inquires from very young girls. I checked the pics and once again all stolen. It is a scam site

Sameer December 24, 2012

This is what I was guessing. It is a scam site!

It is a escort service
February 2, 2012

For those who really think this is a legitimate site for travelers to find travel buddies - true it is. But men beware, these beauties do not come cheap.

They are escorts (the majority). So if that is what you want, then this is the place to be.

If you are a traveler, and looking for someone to share the experience, I suggest you try elsewhere. Or you need deep pockets and no guarantees.

Wake up - if something looks really really good, then there must be a catch.

Ben March 11, 2012

I totally agree with that. I just wasted 175 euros there. Don't fall in this trap.

John April 12, 2012

By the way-I do not trust stories from the site. They only represent what happened at a particular point in time but as everyone knows time does in fact change a lot of things.

John April 12, 2012

..And I am referring to any so-called "testimonials" from the site which can always change with time

James April 12, 2012

Stay at home and find a girl there-You are much safer that way

Juliana April 22, 2012

yes this is true stay at home

Moses. May 08, 2012

@ Julian. You work as Admin for and most times you people send massges to new members all to get them upgrade pretending to be an admireer of the new member.

Secondly, fees are not refundable eventhougt someone credit card is stolen and use for payment on your site.

Thirdly, there is no real contact address, phone number etc of your company. What an old way to scam.

Lastly, those credit card companies that process your payment are part of your group. You are all scarmers.