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PhotoStick Omni
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The Photo Stick Omni is an update product from the makers of the original PhotoStick.  The new version of this gadget makes it possible to use with personal computers, mobile devices, and tablets.

The idea behind this product is simple, the inventors wanted to create an easy way for people to quickly get all their photos and videos off any device and into safe storage.  

The seller claims that instead of having to spend hours sorting and uploading photos you just plug the PhotoStick in and hit GO.

How Does It Work?

While there are many backup software options available, not many are focused on creating offline backups.  

This is where The PhotoStick Omni attempts to fill a gap in the marketplace, as some folks are wary of using cloud based backups or intimidated by new technologies.

With the Omni Stick, the company claims, all the tech hurdles are removed and you can have a safe backup without having to use any tools or create extra accounts.

They state that it works on all operating systems including Windows, Apple, Android, Google, and more. The device specs state that specifically it can be used on:

  • Windows 7 SP1 and newer
  • OS 10.13 and newer
  • iOS and iPad OS is 13.0 and later
  • Android 6.0 and later

Further, their website states that it can read the following file types:

  • JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe, *.jiff)
  • GIF (*.gif)
  • PNG (*.png)
  • BMP (*.bmp, *.rle, *.dib)
  • TIFF (*.tif, *.tiff)
  • ICO (*.ico)
  • Camera Raw (*.tif, *.crw, *.nef, *.raf, *.orf, *.mrw, *.dcr, *.mos, *.raw, *.pef, *.srf, *.dng, *.x3f, *.cr2, *.erf, *.sr2, *.kdc, *.mfw, *.mef, *.arw, *.nrw, *.rw2, *.rwl, *.iiq, *.3fr, *.srw)
  • Photoshop (*.psd, *.pdd)
  • PCT File (*.PCT, *.PICT)
  • MOV (*.mov, *.qt)
  • MPEG4 (*.mpg4, *.mpeg4)
  • AVI (*.avi)
  • WMV (*.wmv)

To use it you plug it into your device and follow the prompts.  When using it with a phone you will have to download ThePhotoStick Mobile App.

Cost and Price Plans

The price of the Omni Stick depends on its storage capacity.  It comes in the following options:

  • 32GB - $59.99
  • 64GB - $79.99
  • 128GB  - $99.99
  • 256GB - $149.99

You can choose based on how many files you think you may have, the size of them, and if you have large video files as well.

Customer Support

If you have any issues and need to reach a representative you can do so via their support page at

The company only lists the following address: 

PO Box 234 Haxtun, CO 80731

We could not obtain a phone number or direct email for contact purposes.  Their website states that ThePhotoStick OMNI comes with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.  

If you’re not happy with your device, contact support to initiate a refund.  You will have to send back your product at your own expense.

Online Customer Reviews & Complaints

Unfortunately the original ThePhotoStick has collected a lot of negative feedback from customers.  

Complaints range from units not working at all, working for the first few weeks then failing, or having difficulty discerning photos from junk files/erroneous data files.

Other complaints mentioned that download time was excessive and reported the device crashing or not completing its tasks.  Further reviews mentioned that at times there would be many copies of the same photo downloaded.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are many different ways to achieve what ThePhotoStick attempts to accomplish.  The easiest and most hands off method is to use the cloud based backup that your device already has.

These programs continually run in the background or at scheduled intervals and can easily restore any deleted photos or even transfer files whenever you switch or upgrade devices.

Is ThePhotoStick Omni Worth It?

Based on past reviews for the original product it’s hard to believe that much has changed in this newest version.

 It seems that the potential for technical problems is even greater now that the device claims to work across a multitude of operating systems and devices.

We’d recommend a different solution for storing your photos, preferably through a reputable hardware & software company with a proven track record.

If you have any experience with The PhotoStick Omni, please leave your reviews below.

PhotoStick Omni Customer Reviews

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Avoid this company
December 28, 2022

The features looked great so I ordered it. Downloaded the app as instructed and started reading how to use it. After reading the instructions I never took it out of its package. Instructions were confusing and more involved than believe is "ease of use". Trying to return it now but I'm not optimistic I'll ever see my money again. They make you send them an email to request instructions on how to return. No response yet. Other things I didn't like:

1. They ship DHL to a post office and then the post office delivers it to you. What companies still use DHL? Should have seen this red flag sooner.

2. It took over a week to finally get what I ordered.

3. Be prepared to have your e-mail flooded with spam. I have now unsubscribed from 22 different "companies" all of which originate from Thephotostick.

Don't buy.

Does not live up to the hype
December 27, 2022

This photostick requires that you download an app in order for it to work. The app is terrible. The photos on the photostick were all corrupted; nothing was transferred over. The return is even worse. They don’t reply to your email after multiple messages and concerns.

The only thing that was positive was it arrived in the mail box within 3 days. There are no phone number to contact for a refund. The one they have is a recording. It’s a great concept but fell short on the promises.

Do not buy this product for it will give you a headache to try to get your money back.


Thuy Dong

Milton, DE

Don't Buy The Photostick Omni 256gb
December 4, 2022

Don't buy the photostick Omni, they do not work. I have been trying for 4 days to get them to work. With the special to buy 2, the money exchange to Canadian $,tax, duty at border, they cost me almost $500.00 AND NEITHER ONE WILL WORK ON MY 1 YEAR OLD ACER WITH WINDOWS 11, DON"T BUY!

Paulyn December 22, 2022

Just appalling that there are no 'real' phone or email numbers .

If anyone has a verifiable address, please share with me. I have lost a lot of money through this .

Simply put [it does not work] do not buy.
November 23, 2022

It does not work, returned for refund, hope that this works.

Photostick Customer Service is non-existent
November 15, 2022

Have tried 4 times to return a non-working Photostick Omni by sending an email to the address on their website. No response to date and so far technical support supplied by Photostick Omni has costed me $55 plus the cost of purchase.

Rogers Holt

Total scam!
October 20, 2022

Have the PhotoStick mobile. First one didn’t work at all. Was sent a replacement that did work but took hours to download. Now it crashes every time and downloads from the cloud instead of just the phone. Facebook should not allow them to sell on their site. Total piece of junk. The good reviews are fake. Had to give it one star or I couldn’t post but it deserves none.

Will not work on laptop that has S mode
September 20, 2022

I was very excited about this product until I received it and used it. I used it on a fully charged phone. It had drained my battery 3 times and had not finished downloading my pictures. It takes forever on a phone. It does not store the photos from the phone in folders. It just makes one big folder with the pictures in random order. Big mess.

My laptop is a windows 10 with S mode. It will not work on devices that run on Microsoft S mode. The only plus was it did work well on my PC that had windows 10. It was fairly fast and there is an option to keep the pictures in folders.

I think because I was only happy with the way it worked on one device it is way overpriced Would not buy again. There is a reason they don't have customer reviews on their website. LOL

DON'T BUY IT. Totally worthless. I returned it the next day.
September 17, 2022

This device is extremely slow. I had it plugged into my iPhone for 1 and 1/2 hours and it was only 16% downloaded and I only had 50GB of photos and videos on my phone. At this rate it would have taken approx. 10 hours to download my photos and videos. Total waste of time. I tried it on both my phone and my wife's phone. Same thing. I returned them the next day. Don't waste your time.

Paulyn December 22, 2022

You are lucky that you had a 'return' address. I ordered and paid for and months later it has not arrived. I have no way of contacting them for a return of my money.Sitting here at my desk in Dublin Ireland and realize I was the subject of a bogus sales campaign and misrepresentation - just awful.

Not able to contact company
January 12, 2022

ordered the photo stick, the type with type with two different ends, one for iPhone and one for computer. receive two orders with two sticks in each order of sticks for computer, did not receive one for iPhone. these were just in a package with no order number.

would like to return both orders for exchange for correct order of a photo stick the has an end for iPhone and computer on one stick.

can't talk directly with company ( no phone number)

Ruby November 08, 2022

They will not respond to my requests for return instructions!!!!

Photo Stick problems.
October 4, 2021
My first Photo Stick didn't work at all. I ordered the one I have now a couple of years later. This one worked fine the first time I used it, except it picked up ads and all. Well, I figured out how to fix that (I think). But I have more JPEG photos on my computer now and it wont down load them. I get a bunch of words and numbers but no photos.

Total Fraud
June 1, 2021
Total fraud. This company took advantage of my handicap to cheat me thoroughly. No stars--there should be a minus.

Don`t buy one just a rubbish memory stick.
March 2, 2021
Bought some months ago, plugged it into PC it proceeded to print every picture every advert and even the contents of the dustbin. I then restored it to factory condition selected what I wanted it to collect , it ran for ten minutes and stopped and has since refused to do anything. I emailed the company a couple of times but got no replies. So just more hyped up US rubbish. Disappointed , but not surprised. D.Huson.

July 10, 2020

I never received it after waiting nearly 2 months

It is a scam! Sally

Eligio Uzzanu
May 14, 2020

I purchased a Photo Stick on 1st April 2020,paid for

it and to date I haven't received it.

As far as I am concerned it's a fraud.


SallyNilson July 10, 2020

Thank you!

CassandraHerschlein July 14, 2020

Did you order it from Someone told me you have to do it through them.

MorganSky December 12, 2022

I bought mine through Amazon. As soon as I can figure out how to delete the files on the stick, I'll be returning it.

Je pense que je me suis fait AVOIR !!
March 31, 2020
j'ai acheté 2 clés 64GB ,et comme c'est en Anglais je ne sais pas les utiliser , j'ai essayer ,mais cela ne fonctionne pas correctement (à chaque utilisation j'utilise un traducteur 'c'est pénible)j'ai joins par Chat pour une notice et démo en français impossible .avec l'accord du service commerciale je les retournes et normalement il me rembourse !! mais au vu des commentaires j'ai un doute !!

does not work
March 24, 2020

I have used other photo backups and they worked the Photo

Stick Mobile I can not get to work,,,,One time it worked but it took 4 plus hours to get to 30% downloaded..soon my phone went dead,,,so I had to start all over and then it would not work, messages saying all kind of different stupid stuff.

It will not work....I am going to try to return it and get a refund,,good luck to me,.,

From now on I will read the reviews before I purchased a product.Very very disappointed.....

Photo Stick Problem
March 10, 2020
Used as instructed and it downloaded photos but in some cases it downloaded up to 30 copies of the same photo. Next time I tried to use it, I got a message that there are problems on the stick that cannot be repaired. There is no one to contact at photo stick to solve the problems. a major scam. Do not buy.

SallyNilson July 10, 2020

It is a scam!!!!

February 12, 2020

Didn't work after first try.

GOOD LUCK on trying to get a refund.

the photostick
January 11, 2020

loosing money doesnot work like advertising back up duplicates and the worse part after couple of hours stop working , haha you cannot return because is open old trick . friendly staff never answer ,to busy taking money . Another hoax

photo stick
January 8, 2020

Thanks to all those peoples that help me to not buy the photostick with your rewies

They make a great job with their comments.

Hector Diaz

[email protected]