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Xtra PC, found online at Xtra-PC.com, is a USB stick whose creators claim can bring an old pc back into a like-new state, saving customers from having to buy a new computer when it begins to slow down.

How Does Xtra PC Work?

Most people are aware that there are a variety of issues that can affect your computer, making it function slower and less reliably, and that all computers eventually begin to have problems just due to their age which makes it frustrating or even impossible to use them for all of your computer needs.

But Xtra PC creators state this doesn’t mean that you should just automatically give up these old computers.

Instead, you can use their special flash drive which insets into an available USB port on your PC in order to bypass your old, slow Windows operating system and instead uses a Linux system to “make your PC into a blazing fast, high performance PC with a new, simple to use, operating system that has the familiar look and feel of your Windows PC.”

This company says that this product will even work with missing or faulty hard drives, and since it works off a USB, your existing computer and files will not be altered at all.

That being said, this product does have a long list of system requirements in order to be able to use this product – customers should refer to their website to see if their computer meets these.

Cost/Price Plans

The Xtra PC website repeats over and over that their goal is to provide people with a way to “fix” an only laptop or computer for just $25, but the truth is that their Xtra PC Basic is the only item they have priced at $24.99 and it only offers 8GB of storage.

In order to get much more significant storage and speed, you’ll need to upgrade to one of their more expensive USBs, which are priced between $34.99 and $79.99, depending on what kinds of features or storage you are looking for. 

Refund Policy

Their website does say that customers are able to return their purchase within 30 days of the date of the original shipment.

Customers must include their order number, name and email of person who bought Xtra-PC, and shipping address in their package when they return this product, otherwise it will not be accepted for return and customers will not be able to receive their refund.

In addition, all returns must be in original condition with all original parts and packaging.

It is important to know that this company stays strict to this window of time for returns. Your product must be physically returned within 30 days of the original shipment date – not the delivery date – otherwise you will not be able to receive a refund, regardless of the circumstances that delayed your return.

The website also states that if your product is delivered more than 30 days after the original date of shipment that automatically means that you have no opportunity for return.  Customers will want to take this strict policy into consideration when they make their purchase.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to contact their Customer Service team with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected].   

Xtra PC Reputation

It appears that there are some people pointing out that Linux is an open source operating system, so technically it is free to download and install yourself.

But the Xtra PC is not designed for people who are incredibly technically savvy and informed, it is designed for the average computer user who would have serious difficulty undertaking that kind of a project. 

As for average computer users who have actually attempted to use the Xtra PC to get new life out of an old laptop or computer, they seem pretty happy with this product all around, describing it as easy to install and use, following through on its promises of simpler and faster operating, and being relatively inexpensive for what it accomplishes. 

All-in-all, it seems as though this product is a good choice for people who want an older computer or laptop to be able to perform the most basic – and most popular – actions of computers, and since they provide a 30 day Refund Policy, even though it is strict, many customers can feel comfortable trying this product for themselves before making a final decision. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

As mentioned above, Linux is an open source operating system and there are various ways to get it installed on your computer so it can be used, however Xtra PC does seem to have gone the extra mile to ensure the process is as simple as possible.     

If you have any experience with Xtra PC or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Shipping and Tracking
January 19, 2021
Shipping is not done as they state, and the tracking site they tell you to use will only give you the same message it did on the day the order was made. I makes me wonder if I ever get the product will be just a scam same as their shipping and tracking.

Xtra-Pc does not work as advertised and having trouble getting a refund.
December 21, 2020

I installed Xtra PC on my old computer following all provided instructions. After I did so, most of my files were no longer available. I contacted tech support and after describing my symptoms, Xtra pc tech support told me my computer was running on a Linux system (!?!) which was news to me but, whatever.

The tech told me to ask for a refund. I have asked for a refund about 5 times now and get no reply. There is no phone number to call. I never received an itemized invoice with purchase confirmation info and have not heard back from the company in two weeks. Meanwhile they have clearly sold my contact info to other companies and I have been inundated with product offerings that I'm not interested in.

I had high hopes for this xtra pc product but it just doesn't work as advertised.

Support is virtually non-existent.

Now believe this product is a SCAM
November 19, 2020

I believe this Product is a SCAM, SCAM

I ordered mine 1 month ago and NOT heard anything from them, customer support is a robot , no one responses,

I think it's a few IT guys who made this up and fooled us, I should have known better to check review before sending them 89 US $$$. BUYERS BE AWARE, YOU MAY NEVER RECEIVE THIS PRODUCT, because I believe it really doesn't exist

very unhappy customer

sucked in
August 15, 2020

Well that was a waste of money .

if it looks to be to good to be true , its because its not .

BaherehSistani November 19, 2020

Yes , I believe, it's a scam and they got me , I ordered two from them , from online and it has been a month and I have not received anything,.... on line customer support is a robot that does not do anything

Reasonably Happy
June 7, 2020
I'm reasonably happy with this product. It works fine for me. I was having some issues in the beginning. However, I was eventually able to install it to work to my satisfaction. I actually was able to install it on my Mac which I already had windows installed through Parallel Desktop. It actually increased the speed of my computer much faster than it did for Windows OS. Most of the same programs I've been using on Windows OS is much better and it's basically running the same or a little better than my Mac. If I want to switch back to Windows OS I can do so. Of course you have to know what you are doing with it and you most definitely have to have a lot of patience.

GeorgeLamb July 13, 2020

Watch out for the ripoff when you go to buy.

I went to buy and it gave me an AU (Australian dollars) and then it supposedly gave me a discount.

When I went to PayPal it turned into USD (American dollars) and was processed without the discount as well as that I paid the original price.

I immediately asked for the refund when I saw the PayPal price minus $30 it took from me.

Theft is what I call it.

I suspect they've done this to many people because it seemed like it was just a normal process.

I actually suspect they actively do this on a regular basis.

Maybe PayPal is in on it as well.

I would suggest that this is like a legal con they skim off your money in an unsuspecting way.

The other major problem is that the contact email in PayPal for Xtra-PC didn't work.

Good on you fu....kn thieves.

I'm going to make sure I go to every review on the planet to let people know of this con that you get your money back but skims a whopping $30 to $40 of your account.

I call it legal theft.

Thanks again Xtra-PC and PayPal ........PARASITES

BaherehSistani November 19, 2020

it is scam, I ordered mine 1 month ago and heard nothing from them, customer support is a robot , no one responses,

I think its a few IT guys who made this up and fooled us, I should have known better to check review before sending them 89 US $$$.

very unhappy customer

what a shame
April 5, 2020
It is a shame that scams like this take advantage of a very good OS "Linux" which has many good variants which can be customized to act much like Microsoft OS with not much effort. I personally use the Ubuntu Gnome setup which closely resembles some of the older Windows versions

RodneyHolmes April 29, 2020

It's just Good old fashioned Puppy Linux! Been around since 2003. I am currently running fatdog64 which is an offshoot. ISOs are free, just need a flash drive. Stop supporting rip offs!

BaherehSistani November 19, 2020

this is all lie and a BIG SCAM SCAM,, SCAM

March 28, 2020
when i received my device i was happy until i plug it to my old computer and it did nothing I had it check and it was a just a peice of plastic and it was suppost to have been made in the USA but under the little lable it was made in CHINA and I can not get hold of the one's the advertise it on TV

RodneyHolmes April 29, 2020

learn free Puppy Linux.

Reasonable but NOT brilliant
March 16, 2020

Have used Xtra-PC for a few months now and it was reasonably easy to set up. I can access the internet, also some of my Word Excel files, but not pictures or videos.

Forget the programs you may have, these just cannot be opened.

I can access my email but not web pages. I can write and print letters and forms. It loads quire quickly and allows some work, but as stated in the title, is ain't brilliant. So, I have given the old computer to the kids to play about with and paid out for a new PC.

Recommendation, I wish I had not wasted my money. Score out of 5...2

R Cambra March 30, 2020

so far I have NOT even tried to use the one I bought BECAUSE I purchased the Turbo 32 thinking this was for 32 Bit PC but now I see the requirements are 64 Bit ! I just tried to contact someone for help or just get a Cell Number to call them tomorrow - Good Luck with that ! I only have a couple of questions before I try this and it looks like it will take an Act Of CONGRESS to get some answers !

PassuerDFumes April 01, 2020

The system requirements say it is for 64 bit. I have contacted support twice without issue. A chat pop up comes up on the page where a support person will chat with you.

RodneyHolmes April 29, 2020

it's puppy linux.

Buyer Beware
February 15, 2020
I got the Xtra PC in the mail and it took almost two weeks to get to Canada. I spend hours trying to get it set up but it didn't work. I only ended up getting the unit to show the Linux Screen and a flashing cursor. I was pretty disappointed with the product. The packaging says made in usa but the Sans usb stick says made in China. Something is going on here !!

RodneyHolmes April 29, 2020

use puppy linux. free save for the drive.

Just recieved
February 14, 2020
Just received my order today. Luckily I read all of these reviews prior to opening the package. It will be sent back tomorrow.

Please, don't be a fool like me!
February 2, 2020

It installed a whole operating system. It installed a different browser (Firefox) which I didn't want. It installed a new email account which I didn't want. I could not for the life of me figure out how to open my file folder (I tried for an hour). It completely did away with my toolbox, so if you want a toolbox at the bottom of your screen you won't have one.

Allegedly your videos load 10 times faster, hell, I couldn't even find my videos.

Listen folks, I bought the middle one,(16 gb) because they claim it's even faster,(blazing fast


The advertisement of Xtra PC sounded really convincing and I was thinking of a purchase. Fortunately, I always double check in the internet for reviews of any product, which has saved me lots of money and frustrations. I will stay away from Xtra PC.

A big compliment to whoever makes these reviews abailable on the internet and also to those who contribute with their experience!

RodneyHolmes April 29, 2020

download FREE puppy linux

BerniceLupo November 06, 2020

Must be a Biden company.

January 27, 2020
It does not work and the company does not give refunds.

RodneyHolmes April 29, 2020

it is just puppy linux. download and enjoy!

GeorgeLamb July 13, 2020





Scam don't waste your money, like I did!!!!
January 14, 2020
Will not use this device at all. I successfully installed it, but you have to use a different browser and install a completely email address and internet codes. Not what I had in mind will not use it after I paid good money for it. So sorry i let this get in my head.Joanna

QuesadaWilmer April 04, 2020

thank you all for the feedback, i was just to about to buy the item mentioned in the add. but seeing all these reviews, it changed my mind.

Spent money I didn't have for something that didn't help
January 14, 2020
I wrote something earlier on the Xtra-PC page, but it hasn't shown up on the reviews. What I said in that review was that I wasn't happy with the Xtra-PC because it didn't increase my computer speed nor did it even affect my Windows program, which I thought it would. It actually runs an entirely different operating system (Linux) which means that I have to push one of the F or Esc buttons as soon as my computer turns on (and push some arrow buttons too), which allows it to boot from that program, not Windows. Since I'm not really computer savvy, I don't know how to use the Linux system and therefore can not take advantage of the benefits that it might have. Also I think that Linux is an Open Source system, which means, that it's free to anyone who wants to use it (I think, but I may be wrong). I only bought the least expensive product and I'm glad that I did because it was still a lot of money to spend on something that really isn't helping my computer speed.

Joanna January 14, 2020

I bought this device and it is a whole operating system of its own. You have to set up a new email account and new browser, not at all what I wanted, I am not returning it but will not be using it. Sorry I fell for this program.

Eric C.Welch January 24, 2020

What you are getting is a forked version of a Linux distribution, of which there are many. I have used dozens and installed several on some seniors who live in my retirement community. There are several drawback to running it on a USB: it will be slower, USBs don't last forever and tend to wear out the more writes are made. Yes, it comes with a different browser but installing a different one (Chrome for example is very easy.) The best thing to do is locate a local geek (like me) and have them install a Linux version on your computer in a dual boot environment, that is when you turn it on you get to choose between your old system or the new one. Linux will run faster and can do everything that Windows and Macs (there are even some that look just like Macs) except faster and requiring less memory. Most Linux operating systems come with Firefox, an excellent browser, and you can use your current email, etc. with very little adjustment. You can even try different Linux versions on a USB and see which you like best. The cost is essentially zero. There will be a slight learning curve, but no different than moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

CátNgọc Hân February 09, 2020

Eric C. Welch is right. I have no comment about his post. If you are young and have bunch of knowledge about computer then learn Linux yourself and you can do all Extra-PC does. I am 68 and was DOS user 40 years ago so it does help me a lot to learn Linux. It took me 4 months just to understand and install Linux Ubuntu on Gateway laptop MT6840 for myself with $0.00 but for some seniors like me that lengthy time is better for going fishing than ...no need to write. My advices to those folks like me "stick with Window".

yeoldfrankie March 15, 2021

One thing retired people do have is plenty of time, including time to wait for your old machine to work. Just be patient...

NO GOOD!!! Total waste of money!!!
January 12, 2020
I bought the EXTRA PC PRO cannot download it... When I try all I can get is (Invalid Signature) and I am unable to go any futher...No matter what I do , my computer will NOT go past the invalid signature... SO, I give it a rating of "O" a total waste of money...

BaherehSistani November 19, 2020

SCAM 1 month ago and heard nothing from them, customer support is a robot , no one responses,

I think its a few IT guys who made this up and fooled us, I should have known better to check review before sending them 89 US $$$.

very unhappy customer

Essentially a scam
January 6, 2020

As pointed out in the article above, it runs Linux, and actually (as far as I can tell) only a very slightly reskinned version of LXDE (the start menu button and desktop are different). You can have essentially the same system by installing Debian and selecting the LXDE option it actually handily provides, without being too tech savvy.

If the price was low enough to be on par with a USB stick of the same size, I would actually probably recommend this product - because even though running an OS on a USB stick isn't the best idea for performance in a lot of cases, to essentially refurbish a perfectly good but very old computer it is more than enough.

BaherehSistani November 19, 2020

THIS Product is scam, SCAM SCAM, I ordered mine 1 month ago and heard nothing from them, customer support is a robot , no one responses,

I think its a few IT guys who made this up and fooled us, I should have known better to check review before sending them 89 US $$$.

very unhappy customer

November 16, 2019
thanks for the reviews saved me money can't give a rating didn't place an order.

BennieMcDowell December 26, 2019

It only works if you have the xtra pc plugged in then it will open up to a different front page with icons that do not work. I am not happy with it and customer support stinks. I am trying to return them for a refund and they want to refer me to a lawyer. Stinks for service as they can't seem to take care of the problem.

Mutiny in Heaven January 10, 2020

if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

why is it people still have trouble with that?!

BaherehSistani November 19, 2020

I agree, This product is a SCAM

it is scam, I ordered mine 1 month ago and heard nothing from them, customer support is a robot , no one responses,

I think its a few IT guys who made this up and fooled us, I should have known better to check review before sending them 89 US $$$.

very unhappy customer

Xtra PC is Crap
November 11, 2019
I learned the hard way. Do not waste your time or money on this trash. My computer locked up with this device, I now see it does not work with Windows, was not told that upfront. Since I opened the pack to use this thing I violated the return option. So I am stuck with trash.

Cynthia O'NealEdwards November 16, 2019

thanks for the information,

GeorgeDownes December 20, 2019

Thanks for mentioning that OPENING THE PACKAGE VOIDS THE RETURN POLICY! That was mentioned on the company website, however, it wasn't mentioned above.

LPro January 06, 2020

Oh so you can't try it out and return if it's crap?! Sounds like a scam right there. A legitimate company who backs up their product doesn't need to make policies like this. Thank you, I'm glad I looked for reviews before buying.

JustinMoore January 06, 2020

Seriously ? Wow. I mean it was bad enough that the return policy is short and starts from when they "ship" it rather than upon receipt of it, but that's ridiculous.

Thanks for the heads up, was pretty much decided it was a scam but that cinches it.

BaherehSistani November 19, 2020

I Agree this product is SCAM, SCAM

it is scam, I ordered mine 1 month ago and heard nothing from them, customer support is a robot , no one responses,

I think its a few IT guys who made this up and fooled us, I should have known better to check review before sending them 89 US $$$.

very unhappy customer

Drive capacity reported in Win-10
August 30, 2019

The USB drive that came with Xtra-PC has 32 GB printed on it, but when I ran the properties function on this drive, it said 46.2 MB total capacity. This is nowhere near 1 Gig, how much more 32GB.

Is this intentional fraud or a matter of different operating systems?

I need answers else, it will be escalated to proper decision oversights.

JohnKemp September 10, 2019

I expect there is a partition on the flash drive which is either hidden. Very similar to when you buy a new laptop or PC nowadays, all the OS and drivers are installed from a small hidden partition.

JohnKemp September 10, 2019

I'll try again. I suspect strongly that this flash drive has a hidden partition. this is common practice on new PC's Laptops etc. All of the installation files and drivers are stored on this partition which you cannot easily access for obvious reasons.

Dorian January 06, 2020

You cannot see the other partitions on Windows because they are most likely formatted using one of the EXT file systems, which are not supported by Windows, but pretty much the default in the Linux world.

BaherehSistani November 19, 2020

This product is a SCAM, Buyers be aware

it is scam, I ordered mine 1 month ago and heard nothing from them, customer support is a robot , no one responses,

I think its a few IT guys who made this up and fooled us, I should have known better to check review before sending them 89 US $$$.

very unhappy customer

August 17, 2019
See my DETAILED answer to Rob Bing's review. Check about Customs charge, according to cost of device purchased (including the carriage charge) which mAy rocket the final price) And then, if you feel lucky, buy one and see how far you get. Much better, if not sure how to download and install an IMPROVED version of ONE OF the FREE LINUX SYSTEMS, find a pal who is a bit computer savvy WHO WILL DO IT FOR YOU.

JohnKemp September 10, 2019

I tried not long ago to install the latest iteration of Linux and found issues right from the start. Many components do not even have a driver in linux including the printer.

PaleWriter October 15, 2019

Whatever do you mean by "the latest iteration of Linux," praytell? There are so many distributions (distros, versions) so readily available these days, and most all FOR FREE, your explanation is hardly helpful and clear for either novice or veteran PC users.

As for the notions proposed by Xtra-PC marketers, who would obviously like to MONETIZE their own playing around with their chosen version, which reminds me of the USB stick commonly marketed with pre-loaded software to backup your photos onto the stick without actually having to know how to manage your own files and folders (IOW too bleeping stupid to OWN a computer), these claims are based upon partial truths and do NOT mention even the most OBVIOUS of potential pitfalls or blatant failures!

Yes, there may well be plenty of worthwhile "life" left in an old PC, perhaps even at speeds more like what one might think they remember when the old iron was first purchased, but to expect such without ANY mental effort to learn a whole new operating system is PIE in the SKY.

Interested in learning? I'd suggest starting at DistroWatch for a much more BALANCED perspective!

EdwinaCooke November 17, 2019

All UK purchasers be aware that you will pay an extra £15 import charge on top of carriage and everything else. I started to install, but backed off when it mentioned the boot menu key. I am pretty sure I know what it is instructing me to do, but feel a bit reticent to go messing about with internal software. Will get the electronics wizard in my family to set this up for me. I should have asked him his opinion in the first place but he was busy with his own life at the time. Tut!