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Too much hype for a poorly performing gadget.
March 20, 2021

Simply put...waste of money. Image stability is terrible, instructions poor. I would say this is a scam, except I did get the product, and it does operate, however poorly.

The kids may have fun playing with it.

George.H.Pitts April 06, 2021

Bruce is EXACTLY correct. I feel like a fool because I was taken in by their REALLY NICE presentation. I liked "The kids may have fun..."

Barry November 04, 2021

I sold mine at my barn sale for 1/4 of what it cost me.

Still waiting 49 days after ordering for Christmas - now mid January
January 11, 2021

Still waiting for mine too! DHL is where it is supposed to be and it seems it's been in the same place in their system for 11 days. Yet another delivery source. DHL even worse than Starscope as they only use computer response which is infuriating.

If it ever comes I will take down this review and give one based on the kit itself which appears to have a great magnification that is very clear - or is that just to hook us in?

George.H.Pitts April 06, 2021

Everything I've read in these several reviews is correct. I experienced EVERY ONE of those issues and complaints. Here's the best laugh: I was (apparently AM) STUPID enough to buy their warranty too! Talk about buying blue sky! They probably figured correctly that people who bought it will be SO ASHAMED to admit they were so GULLIBLE that they will most likely, like me just write it off.

A perfect example for Neil Young's old song, "Piece of Crap." Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

Barry November 04, 2021

NEVER, NEVER, EVER purchase any extended warranty!!

There's a reason insurance companies make billions in profit and that's all an extended warranty is.

Paying in advance for something which might never happen.

Potential Scam
January 6, 2021

Starscope Monocular is, from what I have seen from my own purchase of their products, a Scam. And I don't even have the product yet to make that determination, this is based on the fact I purchased three units on Nov 17, 2020 and I have not received anything at all.

That is 50 days ago today. I have sent countless emails and talked to Customer service several times (you know with Mary and Phillip, people who don't know how to spell these names let alone have them) and they have no answers to any of my questions. None!

The tracking links they sent me are bogus also; one is called EasyTrack and the other is AfterShip. Why two tracking systems for one product, no idea, but they each come with their own shipment dates for my product. Which interestingly are two weeks apart! LOL.

The best part of all is each tracking site shows my product landed in Canada (again the tracking for the product is on two different dates and two weeks apart) and the next entry on each tracking site (the following day and after it was supposed to be already in Canada) shows the product is in Frankfurt Germany.

Don't buy it. I am not basing this decision on the product itself (as I doubt I will ever receive it and be able to actually give it a rating) simply this decision is based on the ordering process and the lack of delivery of my items leaving me with the overwhelming feeling this is nothing more than a scam.

George.H.Pitts April 06, 2021

Murray is right. Do not buy this piece of junk. I am a professional planespotter, so my interest is obvious. That marvelous zoom shot in the presentation hooked me good; unfortunately there is absolutely no way in this world that the scope I received good do anything like that

I could go on and on but the point is just like my Dad told me so long ago: "If it sounds/seems/looks too good to be true, IT IS"

It's a bit disconcerting that someone my age, with my experience, could be screwed so handily! Oh well, live and learn?

Benjamin August 09, 2021

Yes you are so correct. How can we be so gullible and fooled so easily. At the age of 57 I should of did my research before purchasing 2. They came in within the delivery time ok. The product itself was not even close to what they are advertising. Not even close. Trying to hook a phone onto the the back of the scope. It doesn't stay connected and the magnification is not there at all. Not as advertised. Yes this is scam product that does not work as sold.Thanks for your timeBenjamin

Barry November 04, 2021

Benjamin, PLEASE don't say ''should (OF) {DID] unless you wish to have people like me assume you haven't actually reached the mental capacity one would expect from someone of 57 years.

The correct phrasing would be ""should HAVE DONE'' my research.

Not as advertised and shoddily packaged and shipped.
December 24, 2020

No where near the magnification and clarity advertised. Total scam in that respect.

The holder not only arrived broken, but not even all the parts were present.

Murray McCracken January 06, 2021

I have been waiting 50 days since i ordered three of these Starscope items and have not received anything to date. They have sent me countless emails which are bogus along with two fradulent tracking sites; EasyTrack, and AfterShip which have completely different shipping dates for my order. The two tracking systems show my order landed in Canada (on two different dates two weeks apart) and then the next entry on each of the tracking sites, and on the following day after it supposedly has arrived in Canada, shows the items are still in Frankfurt Germany. I believe the sale of this product is largely a scam and the product claims are likely fraudulent also.

CarolAnn December 02, 2021

Thank you all. I was interested, but now I’m running the other way.

Andy00 July 05, 2022

Another thank you, I was interested but decided to look more into it because in the "review article "the author claimed to be a third party but wrote it like an advertisement. Nothing but bad reviews, literally not one good comment on the product out of so many comments on different websites. They must have stolen so much money by now....I feel bad for the people who they took from.