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They don't work with phone mount.
October 30, 2022
I purchased the 4-pack special for the discount. Bought the camera mounts. NONE of them worked. I had friends try them on their phones. They did not work. In theory, great advertising but in reality they Do Not Work.

Don't get caught up in this scam
October 27, 2022

I wish I would have read these reviews before I ordered two for gifts. I ordered them then read some reviews on them and within an hour I tried to cancel the order and have been getting the same runaround. Automated replies with different names on them. It's been a month now. My bank is trying to get a charge back with visa. That should cover my purchase in ninety days but something need to be done about the scam artists. I hope everyone here gets some sort of retribution for this scam

DO NOT click on Star Scope ad!!!
October 27, 2022

Have just been scammed by starscope. Wife was on and accidentally clicked on ad and a day later there was a charge on our credit card for 3 starscopes! WTH! The address listed is: 415 Hamburg Turnpike, Bldg G

Wayne NJ 07470 which is what is listed as stascopes address. When trying to contact they do not answer phone only want to email and it seems like a bot is answering... Please everyone DO NOT click on Star Scope ad!!!

JudyRyberg October 27, 2022

This just happened to me as well and you can't speak to anyone, and their emails are like a generic robotic response-that a service representative will be in touch with you shortly and noone gets back to you-TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!

Don't waste your money
October 5, 2022
This like many other products being sold online is a Big Scam, nothing about what it advertises is true, it's basically a toy, not a serious monocular, I have no use for it. Clearly they have bots leaving positive reviews, don't believe anything about this product.

Big scam
September 28, 2022
They are a complete scam, stay away

Don’t do it
September 28, 2022
I would stay away, first they overcharged me by almost double, then after trying to contact them by phone and email and found no way to get anyone, I canceled the order. Still no way to do so. There is no customer service at all. I don’t feel a bit confident that a company that shows all the earmarks of a scam would ever send a usable product. Stay away!!!

Complete False Advertisement
September 18, 2022

Frankly I am just including an e-mail I recently sent to a person whom I believe to be is a Starscope representative, I’m sure you can draw your own conclusion of my dissatisfaction.

“ Good day Malika,

In a previous email I was asked to rate customer service, at this point since I was/am unable to receive a courtesy phone call to discuss things verbally I would have to say customer service is amongst the poorest I’ve ever encountered.

As for the product itself, I’m pretty confident I’m not the fist to point out the fraudulent advertising posted on YouTube.

Now, I’ve either received defective product or a different product that I didn’t order altogether.

The scopes I received have absolutely positively no zoom capabilities as advertised in your ad. They merely focus like regular binoculars and I most certainly cannot zoom in from 2, 3 or even 6 miles away, again, like advertised.

I am completely dissatisfied with the product and would like to see how to go about having you issue a “call tag” to pick up the incorrect items I did not order, to receive a credit.

I imagine tens of thousands have been duped by your ads and your company has made a few million $$ based on false advertising.

I would be surprised to hear from anyone at this point and I’m prepared to eat this and take the loss but I, like countless others I’m sure, wanted to voice my opinion which I’m sure makes no difference to you seeing you’ve already gotten your money.


Dissatisfied customer

PaulCunningham September 28, 2022

Read this too late

Kept my money after products returned
September 8, 2022

would rate at zero if possible!

Customer Service is horrendous. Continually receive stock answers on the email. Couldn't get an address to return, finally returned and have not received a refund even though I have documented proof it was received by them. Over two weeks, no refund rec'd and they want proof it was sent....which I provided, now, no communication from them.

PaulCunningham September 28, 2022

They are a scam

Poor Everything At Original Site
August 23, 2022

Poor Poor Customer Service, I was told final price was $80.59 only to be charged $138.98 and replied with we do not have your order, funny I was billed by credit card company.

Sent invoice to them with jacked price, I was offered two discounts for ordering now. I kept sending e-mails for my credit and no reply and when I really looked at them, I was like this is just a small binocular nothing special and not what they showed on video.

It's FRAUD folks DO NOT ORDER. I still have not gotten a refund...

No STAR Here
August 9, 2022

Advertised guaranteed delivery by 24th of December. Processed

$175.91 immediately on December 9th. No package arrived by the 25th of December. Sent an immediate request for cancellation. These were gifts and the terrible disappointment created please refund money, and we scrambled for gifts. Mid-January package dropped on the doorstep. Weeks after Christmas...Weeks after a request for cancellation.

The company still uses an autoresponder and has yet to refund our money. Photos with full information are provided for the company to process the return. Integrity and trust continue to be compromised by a lack of honor.

This review has nothing to do with the quality of the product, it has everything to do with Starscope did not deliver on time as promised. Leaving me the impression that it was an intentional push for monies. I am still waiting for my refund.

Save Your Money
August 7, 2022

I purchased two starscopes...Neither work as advertised, no zoom and only about 5 power. SAVE YOUR MONEY!

Do not purchase.
July 25, 2022

Do not purchase. This company will take you for a ride. I ordered 2 monoculars that arrived without the pouched and tripods that were advertised. I have contacted the company many times but with no success. This firm should be investigated for false representation.

Do not Purchase!!!!
July 24, 2022
Absolute garbage, do not make the mistake of purchasing... No tripod arrived either, I didn't bother following up just binned the product... My mistake for not reading the reviews prior!!

Junk!!!!!! Enough said!
July 2, 2022
This product should be delivered on a box of Cracker Jacks ! Absolutely terrible!!!!!!

VincentMorales July 24, 2022

Ordered and Paid for the items on the 4th of July, day's ago along with the adjustable stand, haven't got the products as of the 24th of July. Went to my bank, they are investigating for fraud.

Cheap low quality glass
June 16, 2022
Barely worth the price, not high quality, if you have some bucks to waste you can buy it and be disappointed.

Does not magnify as advertised.
June 15, 2022
A cheap pair of binoculars works much better.

Don't buy.
June 14, 2022
Worst customer service ever.

NO info how to return after contack
June 5, 2022
I give them 1/2 if I could, been trying to return since the day I received it 7 weeks ago. all I have gotten was 3 e-mail about backup in the supply, 2 with % off offers and 1 with links to other products they sell. no info on how to return. Do not fall for the ads they are no why what they advertise.

It's a scam
May 23, 2022
This is a scam. I ordered two of them earlier in the year for the half price offer. When I got the order it came from China with some other scope, no phone mount, no nothing else. I wrote to the company in China and as of yet have got no reply. Starscope Monocular has not replied to my emails either.

AlfonsoBlanco June 24, 2022

I ordered a Starscope Monocular. I returned it and trying to get my money back and these people stole my money. Never got my refund back.

this is a scam
May 23, 2022
this is a scam do NOT order, they do not even have humans answering the phone and do not return calls.