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StarScope Monocular
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The Starscope Monocular is a monocular telescope whose creators claim gives the benefits of high-definition sight without having to rely on expensive equipment. 

It's creators states that it's great for birdwatching, backpacking, camping, show watching, and other activities.

A monocular telescope is one that uses the technology of a refracting telescope to magnify images that are far away. It does this by transferring light through a complex series of lenses and prisms. 

Monocular telescopes are designed to be compact and lightweight, as well as easy to use.

A monocular telescope is a good choice if you want to enjoy the great outdoors without having to lug around a heavy camera along with all of its necessary accessories.

But is the Starscope Monocular legit or an overhyped scam?  Here's what you need to know.

How Does it Work?

The makers of Star Scope Monocular state it's a waterproof and fog proof BAK4 Prism monocular telescope which has high-definition quality and powerful zoom features so that users can enjoy beautiful sights from a distance without blurriness.

They state this device compatible with smartphones, but that a smartphone is not necessary to use the Starscope Monocular, as it's a fully-functional telescopic monocular on its own.  

The Star Scope Monocular package comes with the telescope, a lens cloth and lens covers, a hand trap, a self-gripping tripod, a smartphone holder, and a carrying case.

The seller states that telescope itself is made out of real optic glass and has a full multi-coated lens, with the shell being made of tough and lightweight ABS plastic.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Although the technology behind the Starscope Monocular seems relatively straightforward, the product has garnered quite a few negative reviews. Customers claim that the image quality can be very disappointing. 

Some users also complain that it’s tough to get the scope and phone lined up and that it does not stay attached but instead falls right off your phone.

Nonetheless, there are some positive customer reviews, too, with reviewers liking the fact that the telescope is small and comes with all of the accessories you need. 

Many users also claim that the image quality is high, so it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction just by reading customer reviews.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you’re looking for a good monocular telescope, you don’t necessarily need to select the first one you stumble upon. The Starscope Monocular is not the only option out there!

You might want to consider the Orion 10x42 Waterproof Monocular, too. 

Like the Starscope Monocular, this device is waterproof and windproof.  It is not meant to be used with a smartphone but is instead more of a traditional telescope. 

It offers crystal-clear image quality and a wide field of view in a sturdily built unit.

Another option is the Barska Blackhawk Waterproof Monocular.  Also waterproof, this device is compact and lightweight at roughly 10 ounces.

It has ample magnification and a wide field of view and is easy to carry and one of the most popular monocular telescopes for hunters.

A final alternative is the Carson Closeup 7x18mm Close-Focus Monocular. 

It is also tiny, weighing less than two ounces, and is perfect for viewing objects far away. It comes with all kinds of extras like a carrying strap and soft pouch, too.

The Bottom Line

If you want a monocular telescope for traveling or enjoying the great outdoors, you might consider a device like the Starscope Monocular.   

While this device might be useful for some people, others find it difficult to use, especially when attached to a smartphone.

Therefore, you may be better off investing in a monocular telescope from a more reliable brand.  That way, you will benefit from better customer service in case you have any issues in figuring out how it works.

If you have any experience with the Starscope Monocular, please leave your reviews below.

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StarScope Monocular Customer Reviews

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Very Disappointed
May 24, 2024
I saw the add for star scope online and it showed how Starscope magnifies to such an extent to see the craters on the lunar surface, a group of people on a mountain, etc. NO WAY! They do not perform anywhere near the degree of magnification as seen on the adds.

Don't buy from Starscope
January 22, 2024
Starscope is a totally unreliable company that I do not recommend.

George May 14, 2024

Starscope's devices do not work with an iPhone 13. I have emailed and called their customer service five time and have yet been able to speak with a live person. The company is completely unreliable. - George

there junk
December 22, 2023
not as advertised not verry powerful they wont refund your money they are JUNK there scammers one star is too much

Stanrock22 January 04, 2024

awful with no direct contact and no return labels to send it back.

December 2, 2023
I found the Starscope to be as advertised. With reasonable clarity. I made the mistake of purchasing the lifetime warranty but to date I have not been able to contact the vendor for information as to any repairs I might need. I have asked for a credit for the warranty payment but Starscope was ignored my request.

Stanrock22 December 22, 2023

I bought one and they will not give me a phone number or return label to send it back. 20 plus emails to Lily and she just keeps putting me off and will not email back any info. SCAM. I will soon be past the 30 days and will no longer be able to return it.

Stanrock22 January 04, 2024

28 emails and always get the same answer. No direct contact and no phone number. Lily has given me the runaround for a month.

Billing practices.
November 14, 2023

The Starscope met my expectations based on the advertising but I am concerned about the billing practices. The so-called customer service agent has not contacted me to answer my queries.

Stanrock22 January 04, 2024

You will not get a straight answer. Lily is a con artist

Don't Buy it! No guarantee as stated!
August 2, 2023

I can't get them to respond to my phone calls, they don't answer or you leave a message but they don't get back to you. Even their support page says it is unavailable. So much for getting any help or return of product. Lesson learned.

The site isn't clear & doesn't seem to be magnified at all. This is a scam. Can't use their guarantee if you can't get ahold of them!!!!

Stanrock22 December 22, 2023

You have a phone number? They will not give me one.

Stanrock22 January 04, 2024

No direct contact and they will not send a return label

Product not received
July 13, 2023
I ordered 3 Starscopes on April 3rd and have still yet to receive them. I’ve emailed and they keep telling me the scope orders are pushed back and will ship soon. That’s over 3 months! I will be surprised if they ever show up. No good customer service number to call and emails are just to delay and frustrate. This is a scam.

Stanrock22 December 22, 2023

This is a fact. I got mine fast but can't return it. I have sent over 20 emails

March 23, 2023

They SUCK!!!!!!


Customer Service is BAD
February 21, 2023
This company's customer service is really bad. I have been trying to find and get my products since December, 2022. I told them I did not get the product but they will not do anything to help find the merchandise. They will not ask for the proof of delivery from the post office they only contact you via email telling you the same thing. The website says it was delivered in January but they delivered it to the wrong address.

Starscope scam
February 15, 2023
This company is a complete scam. Their "location" is a post office box in San Diego and the Better Business Bureau there says it can not find a physical location for it and recommends not doing business with it. I had ordered a monocular as a present and their confirmation email indicated they had screwed up the address and credit card. There was no way to speak to a person there so I emailed an inquiry and got no response so I checked them out further and did not like what I found out about the poor quality of the item. I asked for a response by a deadline or I would cancel the order. When it was not met, I cancelled the order by email then and several times later. My emails were ignored as their only responses were that my order was delayed but would be sent out soon. It was sent out a couple of weeks later but I marked it "refused - return to sender" and gave it back to the PO.

Very disappointed!!!
February 12, 2023

I purchased starscope December 2nd 2022 and still haven’t received my order. I have received the brackets for my phone that are useless without the starscope itself. Is this all a scam? My bank will be canceling my payment if I don’t receive my order soon.

1 for me, one as a gift for my Nephew!
February 6, 2023

I ordered 2 of these monoculars. I believe they are a bit overpriced, but I was happy with what I received. They seem durable and they are compact. I did not receive a phone holder and don't care. I would not have expected it to work on all phones anyway!

The zoom is just as it was advertised and the view is clear. Frankly, I was shocked to see so many negative reviews. The dropped 'star' is about the price. But, I knew the price when I ordered them!

They suck
December 14, 2022

I ordered the Starscope monocular along with attachment for my phone. I had nothing but problems with this company. They are over priced. Monocular does not work that good. Horrible picture with the monocular. Waited for several weeks for the item. The phone attachment came 2 weeks before the monocular. I began to think this is a total fraudulent company. Would not return E-Mails. Phone number was disconnected. After I advised them I was going to file a fraudulent complaint with the Attorney General of NJ where they are based out of I got a response and a piece of crap monocular. Do not waist your hard earned money. They totally suck.

Bad product with terrible service
December 9, 2022

Please do not make that mistake like I did - do not buy Starscope. - First of all they did not mention that you have to buy additionally tripod and cellphone holder to use it, but there is no recomendations about it.

Second one - there is no way to get proper answer for your questions. I was waiting my package about one month. I did try to track it but no help from Starcope and DHL because there was wrong tracking number. So, I paid almost $200 and no goods and no answers.

Finally, I have got it but there is no way to use it with my iPhone 13 and quality match worth then even cheap binocular.

Moreover - according return policy they are not guarantee receive your returning package that means that you will spend more money to send that S....... back, but do not even dream about your money.

This Company Is Scam Don't Send Yor Money
December 5, 2022

I ordered one Starscope almost a month ago, but still have not received the item. I received the email from this company that item has been delivered so far.

I read all the reviews, which are eye opener for anybody who is going to order this company.


One offered is not the one sent out. Does not do as ad suggests.
November 23, 2022

I purchased 4 of these, two years ago, and they send a product that did not represent the offered one on-line. No adjustable powerful zoom and didn't look like offered ones. It did not have a powerful zoom, no stronger than a normal pair of 10x50 binoculars. Customer service sucked, and very hard to receive help.

However, to cover their mistake, they sent me four more worthless starscopes, one of which broke the first time I used it. I would not buy any products from star scope.

StarScope Monocular.
November 21, 2022
Waste of money. Advertised as being used on a mobile phone to take distance photos. When attaching to the phone camera it recognizes the monocular as a blockage so auto goes to another camera. Have emailed Starscope regarding problem but only get senseless auto emails. As a stand alone viewing device it is also useless as you need to be very precise to line up a view. Buy a pair of binoculars.

Don't buy one.
November 4, 2022

I just received my starscope and it does not do what the ad says it will do. It is a scam and don't buy one. The company should be sued.

SandraJ. November 05, 2022

I also just bought one online, not yet received. Am curious if you were able to return for a refund.

rag November 15, 2022

Haven't received my order either

Save your money.
November 4, 2022

Does not work as advertised... works comparable to a $20 binocular...

Payed for 2 Starscopes and warranty
November 3, 2022

I’ve nothing but trouble with these people I ordered on the 10th of October and they took the money on the same day but I never received an order number for a week after I emailed them I just keep getting computer generated replies it is now November 3rd and there saying I need to complete my order that time is running out

I’ve emailed to death and left messages that I want to cancel on their voicemail. I have finally called the bank , so if you’re thinking of buying read the reviews something I should’ve done myself