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Do not use this company it's ripping people off
November 11, 2022

Rip off...I cancelled my membership 1 day after signing up. I was still charged on the 7th day and was told I would not be getting a refund because of communication after I was charged.. I called because I never should have been billed.. Will be reporting this to better business bureau..... This company is ripping people off.

Deceptive Advertising
November 21, 2019

I found Scoresense ad online promoting a FREE credit check. During the process, I was told they would charge a refundable $1 processing fee. The free credit check and the $1 fee is all I asked for yet on the next credit card statement, I found a $29.95 fee for membership. When I called to complain, they said I failed to cancel within the 7-day period.

Looking back on their promotion, I find nothing about getting an ongoing membership after 7 days nor did I see any telephone number to cancel. The $1 processing fee is their slick way of getting my credit card info so they could rip me off later. Stay away from these crooks.

BEWARE something is WRONG !
September 23, 2019

I froze all my credit score accounts about 5 months ago. Then today find a charge on my credit card for 29.95 from so I called to inquire. they told me that i signed up for a monthly service and viewed my credit report.

I did not view my credit report and have no knowledge of signing up for any service. I have carried a credit score of 800 to 850 for decades. Have no reason to look it up as I get my rating monthly on every Discover Card bill. So BEWARE there is something wrong with this company.

Investigation needed
February 14, 2019
I do not believe that it is a coincidence that I was overcharged eight months of membership fees and my mother was charged 12 months of membership fees. We both canceled our membership’s twice and they continue to charge us for multiple months. There should be an investigation launched with this company

Don't use Scoresense
September 30, 2016
I cancelled after four months of paying this. I got a Capital One card that provides this service for free. I have another 25 days of paid service because I just paid it. However they told me that my service stops immediately. So they charged me $40 bucks for a month of service and provided five days of service. Just a warning to others, this company is shady at the least.

Michael Delich January 30, 2017

I don't know who's worse, people who expect others to provide a service for free or people who use that desire to sign people to a monthly service. Be mad at yourself for expecting something for nothing. The phone reps are under severe pressure to retain customers and held to percentages. Most of these people are just looking for a decent opportunity, then get stuck in the middle. All of you who want a credit report for free are causing people to lose jobs. You and onetech are both shameful.

PamelaYoung January 26, 2018

You are an idiot. They are scamming us out our money. No one minds paying for a legitimate service, but they scammed me out of $40. dollars too.

I was overcharged at $45.94
April 1, 2016

Thought it was 1.00 refundable free credit report. This is a major scam. I called in as soon as I was charged on my account and asked her what's going on. She told me that I didn't call within the 7 day free trail. Then she proceeds to tell me that I was only charge $39.00 or some bs .

I told here I'm looking at my bank statement and it says, your company charged me 45.94 . She says, no we charged you $39.00. So now I'm in the process of disputing it with my bank and them. Don't go to this company for any credit reporting !!!!!!!!!!!

LukeHancock January 06, 2019

When calling, use the terms, "BBB," "Chargeback," or, "FCC,". They cave.

Never had a problem
February 18, 2016

I've had my account with Scoresense for nearly 5 years. I've never had an issue. Customer service is always fast, and incredibly helpful - the best part is I RARELY ever have to call them. I don't understand how these reports of folks saying things like "It's not free!" and "They ripped me off!!".

I actually just went through the sign up process like I did 5 years ago and clearly states that AFTER the 7 day FREE trial, you will BE BILLED per month accordingly. People need to slow down, and READ what they're engaging in before handing over credit card information and clicking the submit button.

Rule of thumb in a Capitalist FREE MARKET economy - NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING is EVER free...otherwise Capitalism doesn't work. ;) If you're the sort of person who reads before they commit to an agreement, and looking for a solid monitoring service, Scoresense is just that (not to mention the generous identity theft compensation that's included in your account).

Jennifer September 30, 2016

Wow, you have spent $2,400 on this service.

MrSkrimps October 01, 2016

Wow, Judge much Judgy McJudgerton? So what? How much does a person spend a year on Netflix? Hulu? Spotify? AAA Membership? Burger king? Dvds? HBO GO? Besides, I signed up during a promotion and only spend 10 a month. So 600 and some change in the last 5 years. Small price to pay for nonstop access to my credit, monthly report refresh, 24/7 monitoring, identity theft protection up to 1 million dollars, and until recently visibility into known sex offenders in my area. Nice horse by the way.

LukeHancock January 06, 2019

Having worked for an outsourced Scoresense call center, I can tell that you hit all of the necessary phrases in our training. Good job plant.

February 15, 2016
Please do not go to or if you do, do not give any information as they will take your money and run. I was stupid enough to think I was getting the free credit scores but fell for the need to charge you and then you get it back scam! Did not know I was being charged until it showed in my bank account and now they say I waited past the trial period to contact them.

Fraud Company May 28, 2019

I have tried to get 14 months refunded because I didnt even open the account! They agreed it was fraud because nothing matched my info. They sent the refund request to FRAUD person instead of me. They refunded 4 months but say they can't for the other 10! Why?? Fraud dept of my bank has been notified. What a scam!

Review of Score Sense
November 24, 2015

I never signed up for their service as I have no need for it. I clicked on the FREE part. They started taking nearly $30.00 out of y checking acct. every month for 8 months. I didn't catch it because I was extremely ill and not on top of things.

I think this is mostly a criminal enterprise. If you have to trick people into signing up, then you are a criminal. When I contacted them, they agreed to return only one month of charges. I will now visit my local prosecutors office, the state attorney general's office and anyone else I can find who may be able to lower the hammer on these predators.

ErrolH Celestine February 14, 2019

Investigation needed!!

Be Careful, Charge people without asking permission
October 28, 2014

I got charge from them 2 times in 7 days but I never go to their website or anything. So I call them and they say they don’t find me on their records and ask my 6 last number of my card and they say the person is from Philadelphia but I from New York City, it is not possible someone has same card of me, only if I got stolen, so they ask me fax statement for check on it, I do it but never respond.

I call again and got two girl who can’t help and finally give me manager who ask my number and say “We are sorry we will take care of it, and definitely call you back asap”, they never did, I go over my bank, change my card and dispute the amount, and I get refund, Thanks Chase.

Be careful, they stolen people without asking permission.

Disappointed Too February 05, 2015

I tried to resolve a issue on my acct more than a year ago to be exact. I was told to contact Corp Also, was told by Supervisor that they would see that my acct was credited for improper charges and there was never a satisfactory resolution. i even have tried logging on the web several times today with my last known log on and password. I asked for password & aid and it promised to send info about log on to email. i waited most of the day and still do not have any notification as a matter of fact it tell me they have no knowledge of me having an account when i provided basis info requested. The funny thing is they are collecting from me monthly but I can get logged in. i want to cancel this service. Thank you for the enlightening comments because I though I was a problem and that the way they pass it on. The customer is not ever right especially when their member told be to cancel my account because it was inactive and then tell me to set up new account and the price would be the same. So I was told that they were offering more services and I had grandfathered in before. The net it I would have to pay more because the price I had was obsoleted and the program did not allow their program did not allow the to adjust rates back only forward. LOL

ScoreSense is a scame
March 11, 2014

The do not make it clear during the sign up for "free" service that one is actually applying for a 7 day trial and that after 7 days they will charge you a monthly service fee of $29.95. They con you into giving them your Card# so they can "verify" your ID and protect your identify/report saying there will be a $1 refundable charge on your account. NOTHING ABOUT A $29.95 fee or AN ONGOING SERVICE that must be canceled or be charged for.

They send a link in an email. Link is at top of email and they know most people will see link and click it without reading further. Several paragraphs below it indicates you have signed up for a credit monitoring service and will be charged after 7 days unless it is canceled. Nothing is ever seen on the site before or after the sign-up process regarding the 7 days or looning $29.95 payment.

Terry Richie March 11, 2014

It is also a SCAM. ; )

Alexia Adsitt Bellerson March 18, 2014

TOTAL SCAMMERS!!!! A "FREE" Credit Service is offered then you are automatically billed for their "service" of Identity Theft coverage and etc etc etc...they really LOAD IT ON...when you call to cancel..they tell you they will cancel and give you one month free for "trying their service"..You get a confirmation stating that after the moth already paid for, PLUS the "FREE MONTH" the service will begin again and you will be charged again! Just TRY and cancel!! You get A HUGE RUNAROUND!!! they will not let you cancel at the end of the month you have ALREADY paid for!! FINALLY received a VERBAL CANCELLATION NUMBER but I also requested an email but no email yet!!! BEWARE!!!


November 22, 2013
I called to get free score review and was assured that I did not have to have a ongoing membership. Just checked my November CC statement and there it was $29.95 charge. Looked up on the internet and found a cancellation phone number and called them. It took 6 minutes an multiple repeated info to them to finally get it canceled.

Ok I guess
November 3, 2013
I signed up and cancelled my membership. The rep was able to do it, they don't need a supervisor or anything (did it while I was on the phone). I later wanted to re-activate my account which I was easily able to do but I didn't want the full service so for $4 a month I can look at my history and to get a new credit report its $20

Never Responded
October 31, 2013

So I did make the mistake and forgot to cancel the membership before being charged BUT I did contact them very soon after and the representative I spoke with on the phone said he would contact their main office about a refund for me and to wait for an email that should come within 2 days regarding the outcome.

I waited a week with no response. I called them again and asked to speak to a supervisor. Apparently the first representative I spoke to did not complete the request and never sent it to their main office. So the supervisor I was speaking with was apologetic and assured me he had sent it off and that I would hear back via email in 2 days.

Never heard a single thing after that. Never received a refund. Never received anything. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.

Charged me after I cancelled it.
October 28, 2013
Do not register for this company, I had them and did not know it. I cancelled the service for the following month and they still kept my money. To me, this company is does nothing for you. Please do not register with them or you will regret it.

I've never had a problem with scoresense
October 25, 2013

I've been a customer with for well over a year now and I've never had an issue. I called to cancel my account 2 days after I signed up as to not forget in 6 days, the customer service agent was very pleasant and offered me credit monitoring for $10 a month to continue my service.

I agreed and have been a customer for well over a year and I love being able to review my credit report every month and getting alerts when there is activity on my account. They actually saved me from an unauthorized account being opened in my name several months back.

Amy Wolff Beresik April 18, 2015

Agreed, they indeed made it very clear that we were signing up for a free trial that lasted until _________ at which point we would be charged $24.95. I kept the window open on my computer so I would remember. Either people didn't pay attention or SS has changed things in this regard, I'm not sure - maybe both?

Also, when I called to cancel, I was offered a reduced rate of $12.95/mo, which was then also reduced to $4.95 for the credit monitoring / insurance only. I don't need to check my scores that often, but I do want some I.D. protection in place, so that's a reasonable rate - and comparable to other providers as well. The insurance is a nice addition - up to 1 million in the event of theft, underwritten by AIG - and that is not provided from many other services.
October 12, 2013

Opened my credit card statement, $29.95, what? Called american express, one charge posted, another pending.

We know the scam now, I was the fool. Lucky for me, am. Express credited the two bogus charges and blocked scoresense from additional charges. Why do they accept charges from the scamsters? Does am. Express know ? Let them know!

If you have been victimized by creditsense scam, please:

--act promptly, contact credit card, bank...Stop payments, ask for refund, don't pay creditsense a penny!

--go to and file complaint with the federal trade comm. (when the Gov,t. Opens)

Don't be a victim

The people must know!

Total Scam
October 11, 2013
Don't give these people any personal information - they'll charge your credit card without your permission and won't provide any service. Make sure you check your account regularly to make sure they're not charging your account.

ScoreSense knows how to rip you off, it's their corporate plan
October 8, 2013

I too got caught by their plan to send an email to my spam mailbox. Then I complained and asked to have my initial charge reimbursed. Within two days I received an email to my normal email account stating that they denied the request to refund my money. Thought my account had been cancelled until the next month, another bill for $29.95.

Called and they said that bill had been processed before my initial complaint. It had, I didn't receive my credit card bill until two days after they charged the next months bill. So even though I called immediately upon receipt of my second bill, I was two days late to have them cancel the second charge. I'm out $60 so I called the bank that offers my Visa Card to complain.

A very nice lady helped me connect with a supervisor at ScoreSense who said they would refund my monies within two days. I doubt this very much that this will happen but there will no longer be any billing allowed on my card from ScoreSense.

Don't waste your time calling the BBB, they're useless. Call your credit card company and complain. If enough complaints are raised, Visa or Mastercard may deny ScoreSense the ability to bill on their cards. In the meantime, I'll update in two days.

Amy Wolff Beresik April 18, 2015

Did you call within the 7 days to ask them about it when you didn't receive your email? This happened to me as well, but it was resolved when I called.

Stole money and never provided service
October 8, 2013
I was charged for membership but never received a email stating that I would be charged. When I complained they immediately "canceled" the membership after one day and refused to refund money or let me use the service I had paid for because it was canceled. So I did not get a free report, I didn't get a paid report and I lost 30.00. Definitely a scam and customer services says they can't help it "corporate" that issues refunds. I received a simple email saying that a refunded is denied.