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Good credit monitoring
February 4, 2013
I was a victim of identity theft years ago and use their services.

Not upfront and Honest!
January 31, 2013

Beware of this company! They send you and email after you are requested to pay a $1.00 fee to establish your credit card with them. Their email states in the first paragraph "thanks for using our FREE service" (paraphrasing) just like their web site when you first go to it for your FREE credit score. Hidden in the lengthy email they've hidden the words "you'll need to cancel within seven days or you will be charged $29.95/mo.

I realized this on the eight day, called them, only to be told they'd refund my money. When in fact all they refunded was the original $1.00 keeping the $29.95. SCAM Artist!

Robin February 07, 2013

Exact same thing happened to me.

Joan February 13, 2013

Exact same thing happened to me. I called and got it cancelled but lost 29.95. I also cancelled the bank account they charged to so they would not have access to it, just in case. What a scam!

Teresa February 14, 2013

Same situation..

Lindsey February 26, 2013


Warning Be aware Of This Company
January 29, 2013
Warning beware of this company, they are thieves, they steal money from your account without warning. They are very political to sell your product with lies. Do not be another victim. Be smart. Do not enroll with them.

Someone January 29, 2013

i think everytime u go on the computer on any site u have to read carefully .. and if they give u a number CALLL !!! and find out.. no one has a gun behind u saying to sign up with scoresense or any site .. your the one who put in your information.. so from my point of view is good if u take the time put on your glases and READ!!

Read i February 13, 2013

every complaint seems to be about the $29.95 monthly charge. the site tells you to call a toll free # if you do not want the service. A little bit hoaky way of doing business but you can opt out immediately if you call. i did.

Teresa February 14, 2013


The biggest scam ever !!!
January 27, 2013
I get a call from my bank asking if I just made a $29.95 withdrawal from my account which I did not. I tracked my account and see it was these scam artist. When I called they said that I signed up for a membership which I didn't. Now, the crazy part is they said that I paid a dollar on the 20th and today is the 27th. Well, on the site it says that if you don't cancel by the END of the 7th day you get charged so why am I being charged if I cancelled it today. When I called to see what this was they tried to get me to go for a lower rate like what I see they also done to others. Good thing my bank will cover it...well I will see tomorrow when I go In. Now, what is weird is I didn't even use them I used another service so they have other names so beware, and I paid the $1 on the 22nd so it's only been 5 days. They need to be stopped !!!!!!!

Hidden Charges
January 11, 2013
I do believe this site was very misleading. Like everyone else i thought that I would be charged one dollar and then charged the 29.95 etc... I am a single mother with two kids and trying to improve my credit etc.. I was not expecting 30 bucks out of my acct. When I called they did however drop it down to 9 bucks a month etc... I have not seen another charge on there and I review the site a lot and see no changes in the credit score etc which I should. I placed my house payment etc to be taken out auto pay so no late payments etc and still no change in report.. not sure what it really does.. I think I will cancel it for good...

Zee February 08, 2013

You have to refresh the credit report every month to see the changes. You literally have to hit a refresh button. Then it generates a new report with new scores.

Terrible terrible terrible
January 5, 2013
This is the most unscrupulous business. I checked my credit for the $1 fee only to see $29.95 charge to my bank account. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to have this fee reversed from your bank account as it is from your credit card. I called Scoresense and the woman immediately offered the same service for half the price and then a quarter of the price. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Dallas (and of course this company is not BBB accredited) and will continue to pursue them because this is just injustice...and yes, I am a lawyer.

Bill January 19, 2013

mine said get scores from all three FREE when i filled out the forms they needed my ss# and my debt card # they already told what kind of card i had and every time a piece of important info. came up it was always we need this to verify who i was i checked my score once and was basically locked out then i saw on my bank statement one dollar to them so i called they proceeded to tell me about the 2995 to them because i did not call and cancal as of 1/18/13 the site still said $0! just like that 1/19/13/that site had been removed i will also try bbb here in iowa

I'TS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!
January 5, 2013
They charged my credit card 29.99 for 2 months without my authorization!!! I've been trying since the end of August to get my money back!!! Don't even look at their website!!!!

Joan February 13, 2013

Forget getting your money back. They are devious crooks. If a class action suit gets filed against them, we can all sign up. Otherwise, consider it a hard lesson and use a magnifying glass on all the information any site provides to find the "hidden" info that they know we will miss.

Fraudulent SCAM
January 3, 2013
Preys on victims trying to protect themselves by checking credit reports...suggested per media in SC due to state hacking fraud. Don't know how got my credit card #, I did NOT knowingly or intentionally sign up for any service or trial. They must be stopped!!

29.95 charge on my credit card for nothing
December 27, 2012
When calling to cancel, you choose option 5 but it hangs up on you after a few minutes of waiting. This company only wants your money. I never received anything from this company. I never received any e-mails or mail from this company. They rip me off and i want my money refunded back. Scam scam scam. Watch out for this company.

Roger F December 27, 2012

scoresense is there to get your first dollar so they can continue to charge you 29.95 each month. They did not acknowledge, to me, that were doing this. I found out when I reviewed my charges for Nov. and Dec. of 2012, while paying my cr card stmt. on 12 24 12. When I saw my chgs I called scoresense I was told I had 7days to cancel my membership. This is a trap I will label as a scam.

Further, they chgd me for 29.95 just 7 days after I made the call for my credit score. Score 11 09 12, Charge 29.95 on 11 16 12 again 12 16 12 .

I did not know of 7day trial until 12 24 12 call to scoresense.

This was reported to my cr card co. and my atty. I am advised to contact my state atty. general office, and the Federal Trade Comm (FTC) and keep my atty posted whether or not scoresense does credit my card with 59.90, the total of Nov and Dec chgs. No acknowledgement of any charges to me until

I got chgs on my cr card billing. Look up who you do business with, FIRST.

Do not use
December 27, 2012
Called to cancel membership. Was talked into keeping it, then after reconsidering I called to cancel membership again and asked for a refund. Refund was denied, membership was canceled per request and a month of services was paid for, which was not wholly used and the one service that was used was just a link. Expensive for something you can do on your own.

Roger F December 27, 2012

It makes no SENSE to let this outfit SCORE on you.

Carole January 02, 2013

they did the same to me. Never heard of them. Going to my bank to investigate the company.

David January 29, 2013

n0thhing in this world is FREE... ppeople u guys have to read!!! there are terms of conditions!!

Joan February 13, 2013

Yes, there are some legit "free" services out there. Naturally, they are hoping to get something from you in the future but they are honest enough to put the details up front so you can see them. This Scoresense is a real scam!

December 18, 2012
These people are ripoffs I canceled before the 7 day to be exact I canceled as soon as I got my credit score and they still continue to charge me $29.95 monthly. And they refuse to give me my money back and cancel my subscription. They tell me its canceled over the phone but continue to bill me. I had to get a new credit card because of these people. DO NOT I REPEAT "DO NOT USE THESE SCAM ARTIST RIPOFFS"

Kathy C December 24, 2012

I had the same problem. I cancelled over the phone but still kept getting charged. I just ordered a new debit card so that should help if they don't comply. I'm reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

K.C December 24, 2012

Oh, did I mention they claim they emailed me dozens of reports but I never received them. I even checked my spam folder and there was nothing there.

Iowa C December 27, 2012

Yes. par for their course.

Found it
December 12, 2012
It's right there on the screen to the right of where you enter your credit card. It's also in the first line of the terms of service agreement on the same page.

IA V December 27, 2012

I missed the message, if it's there so one can see it.

Another V February 13, 2013

Funny how most all of us missed the message. Perhaps it's not there "all the time". We are not all that blind.

October 24, 2012
This company only wants your money. I never received anything from this company and they took $19.95 out of my checking account and now they said they cannot refund the money back into my checking account cause i cancelled after they deducted the money. I was not aware of this until i received my statement. I never received any e-mails or mail from this company. They rip me off and i want my money refunded back. Scam scam scam. Watch out for this company.

Make sure you get a confirmation number of your cancelation
October 12, 2012
I was looking for a way to find my credit scores and information on ways to pay them off. did provide this service, but it is $29.95 a month which is not necessary if you just want a printout of your credit scores and debts. Canceling is where it feels like a scam. First they offer you a lower price of $12.95 a month....that means they make $17 of higher charge than they have to....sounds like a scam. Then they offer you just $4.95 for an insurance policy against credit fraud but you can't view your credit scores or debts. I declined both of these services just wanted my subscription cancelled. I was told by the customer service representative that if I would receive a free month and if I didn't call back to have it reinstated it would be cancelled. I went one month without getting charged and then the next month I got auto-debted 29.95. Call customer service and was told the exact opposite that you have to call a 2nd time to get it completely cancelled. Requested it to be cancelled and a refund for the 29.95, got a cancellation confirmed e-mail. 5 days later I got another e-mail stating my request for a refund had been denied because it was requested after the communicated billing date....although I communicated 2 months ago that I wanted it cancelled, you shouldn't have to call twice to cancel a service, it's the only time I've had to do that. If you have and you want it completely cancelled do not hang up until you get a confirmation number for your cancellation

Hung u February 13, 2013

I didn't hang up. They hung up on me twice. I finally did get a number but it was like pulling teeth.

They are criminals.

0 Stars
October 10, 2012
Shady, opportunistic practices. If you are considering checking your credit report/score, stay away from ScoreSense. The amount they will charge you, $29.95 per month, was nowhere to be found upon signing up. When calling to cancel, you choose option 5 but it hangs up on you after a few minutes of waiting. Save yourself the headache and stay away!

May 15, 2012
They charged $29 every month on my credit card without my authorization. I've never ever heard of them, or used their service. This is a huge scam. You can google the company for many more complaints.

Another s May 21, 2012

I did a free credit check and now am finding out it's not free.....My wife does the bills and did'nt catch it for several months. I go to cancel it and get the whole sales pitch and how we can lower what you have been spending on our service deal. I am like the first review, didn't even know I had it and didn't want it. I don't blame them, they asked for a CC, and I should have been suspicious and read the fine print. Nothing is free....

Max R October 11, 2012

I did this too but I caught it on first charge against my card. On line they first said "front page clearly states that you have a 7 day free trial then it is 29.95 each month after." I challange anyone to find that information on their website. Scam,Scam,Scam.