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Charged me for months of service then cancelled my account for no reason
April 19, 2013
In December i kept logging into my account and it kept saying that there was a problem and to contact customer service, and it wouldn't show me my credit scores or report. i called today and they cancelled my account because the credit bureaus weren't reporting my credit i call trans-union and they say that they don't render to 3rd party sites and they have their own monitoring site. So score sense cancelled my account for no reason and they don't know why. they will not refund my money for the months i was charged for their service but couldn't even look at my scores. terrible service!!!

BEWARE of This Service!!!
April 15, 2013
I signed up just for the 1 week for 1$. I called in a few days later to cancel my account to not be charged the $30. After being hassled about keeping the service or signing up for a cheaper plan, finally canceled the account. Few days later I still see charges on my credit card. That $1 charge for the week is just set up to lure you into their service and screw you over.

Refunded Immeadiately
April 4, 2013

I looked at my credit report for $1 and thought that was that....Then about 8 days later which was Yesterday I noticed a withdrawl from my account for $29.95 for scoresense..I had no idea what it was so I called the number. They where very nice, cancelled my account and today the $29.95 was put back into my account.

After reading all the scary reviews I basically kissed my money good bye and learned my lesson...... I was pleasantly surprised to see the funds returned back in to my account this morning.

Thank you!

April 2, 2013

The free credit report ends up costing you 1.00, in which they charge your account. In the fine print that you probably don't read is they automatically start charging you for their service. Next you'll see a 29.95 a month charge automatically. I called to complain and cancel, they refunded me 1.00 and denied the 29.95. They stated that I had a chance to cancel within 7 days and not be charged the 29.95. Seeming how I didn't know I didn't do that.

I was a sucker and got scammed, don't let them scam YOU!

Zero value. Scam!
March 28, 2013
Beware - it is a total scam!

March 23, 2013
After two and a half months of being led on and baited with the idea that my credit score will improve with their advice, It actually DROPPED! Their call center personnel must be instructed to work at keeping people on the hook with the hope that if they wait another 30 days and refresh your score that it would be worth the $29.95 for every month. TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY, YOU CAN VIEW YOUR REPORT FOR ............*F*R*E*E* You can log on to:

Hidden Fees
March 23, 2013
All I wanted was a "Free" look at my credit scores. I didn't want to sign up for anything at all, but they automatically sign you up for a 7-day trial to monitor your credit. The catch is, if you don't cancel this within 7 days the charge will remain. I will never use this so-called "Free" service again and will tell all of my friends and family how I was hood-winked into a $19.95 charge that they will not refund even though I didn't use anything but the "Free" look at my credit scores.

The t May 10, 2013

It's not hidden when they state it in the details offer next to the field where you enter your card number and the also email it to you... Hidden fees? No... Lack of reading? Yes...

March 22, 2013
I was applying for a credit loan online for a new vehicle and was forced to the website. I submitted my information hoping to get to the next page for my credit application(Hard way to learn). Sure enough I get this nice sneaky 29.95 dollar charge from Score Sense. Can't get a refund but I'm sure canceling. What a low way to make a buck.

Don't use this service, they try to charge you $30/mo
March 22, 2013
Just look at the rest of the reviews. Everyone hates this service. I don't know how these people sleep at night. Zero value.

Score sense are a rude and scammers
March 6, 2013
I tried it thinking it was only $1 and never had time to sit down and view it . On Monday I saw I had a pending of 29.95 from score sense knowing I used a debut card with very little on it . I called bank to see if they could stop it bec it was pending. She said no it had to go through and then I could dispute it tomorrow. I called scoresense and told them I wanted it cancelled and refunded bec I never received the email confirming or never seen the 29.95 I thought it read free and $1 returned. Well needless to say today the denied my refund offered it to me cheaper . I'm so upset not only that my bank paid for it and now I owe them 35 more dollars for paying for it after I tried to stop it. Stay away from scoresense !!!

The T May 10, 2013

I went through the same site.... I am very thorough and meticulous when it comes to entering my bank info online. Everything is legitement. Read what you are signing up for, it states the sites intentions in bold red letters on the same page you enter your card number

Beware Beware Beware!!!!
March 3, 2013
Score Sense if the worst scam on the internet. The credit report is a fake and that one dollar charge is going to become $29 a month. DO NOT sign up for this rip-off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The T May 10, 2013

Read the terms and condition! There's nothing illegal about their business and the reports they pull are directly from the credit bureaus themselves. If your report is not correct either you are a victim of ID theft or your creditors are reporting wrong info about you

February 28, 2013
I want to cut down on expenses so a few months ago, I called them to cancel and was talked into keeping it. This past weekend, I decided to get on my account to see if I can cancel my account there. After two or three tries to get on, I got the message that the account is locked out. I may have used the wrong password but what gets me is that I just tried and it still says the account is locked out. I'm calling tomorrow to cancel my membership and hope they listen to me. I'm paying close to $30 a month for a service I rarely use. Plus, right now, I couldn't use it if I wanted to. For me, it's a waste.

ScoreSense is a scam company.
February 27, 2013

I just don't understand why scoresense still exists. It is a fraudulent comany!

I am one of the many victims being cheated by this company. It charged me $1 for the 1st credit report and then continue debiting my account 19.95 each month even though I had informed this company I don't want the service anymore.

You Must Read the Instructions
February 23, 2013
I have had no problem with this service. They charge you $1 for your first 3 reports and scores from all bureaus. This is good deal. It clearly states after 7 days you will be charged $29,95 monthly for the service which gives you 3 credit reports and scores every month. I did call on the 8th day to cancel but already had been charged the $29.95, they offered me the service for $12.95 per month so I kept it and they did refund my $29.95. No Problem!

Lindsey February 26, 2013

yes people are to lazy and ignorant to read and just put their credit card info into anything lol

This February 27, 2013

There is a lot of misinterpretation of facts with this company.IT IS A SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!

Read March 15, 2013

Just because you are too stupid to read doesn't make the service a scam.

DCF April 28, 2013

When I signed up for it, It clearly states on top of the web page "Free 7 day trial when you order your 3 free credit scores. Membership is then just $29.95 per month until you call to cancel."

I also got a welcome e-mail the day I signed up that clearly states "If you wish to cancel your membership, please call us before your trial membership expires and your card will not be charged." It furthermore gave me the exact date and time that my trial membership will end.

After printing out my credit scores and repot, I called them right away to cancel, which was about 3 hours from the time I signed up for it. Normally, the customer service rep would encouraged me to keep my membership and offered me other services that cost less than $29.95, but I told her that if I wanted to know my credit score/report, I'll just signed up for it again because I do not want to be billed every month. So she canceled my account with no hassle and gave me a confirmation number for it.

After I talked to the customer care rep, I tried logging in to my account and I couldn't get in anymore. I got a confirmation email and number that my Scoresence account has been cancelled. If you called to cancel you account, wait till you receive your cancellation confirmation number.

The only pending charge I got was $1.00 which they refunded after 2 business days.

If you are having problems with them despite cancellation, call your bank so that they can dispute charges from scoresense and you would no longer be auto billed for their services.

I originally had this as a back up plan because I panicked after reading all the bad reviews online, so I called my bank to see what precautionary measures I can do to prevent this unnecessary charge every month and that is what they suggested to me. Never had to do it anyway because I followed the instructions quite clearly.

Key to this is to actually read the terms and conditions before signing up for anything that requires you to give your credit card information. Also, check your email and spam folder if you got a welcome email, if you haven't then call Scoresense right away and not wait until the 7 days free trial period has expired.

Jimmyc May 24, 2013

They prey on people how can you defend a company with such low standards. You may be the only one they treated fairly. Look at the other reviews across

the internet 1000's of complaints.

Scoresense is a rip off
February 20, 2013

They charge my credit card without authorization. I haven't used their reporting system more than 7 days. After i insisted on canceling my account on the 10th day, They are refusing to refund me the $29.95,

This company should be prosecuted and stopped from doing business!!!

I g February 22, 2013

I went to a similar site and got the same scam! I called Scoresense at: 1-800-972-7204, the representative (Sam) was very nice. I told him the $29.95 charge was currently pending, if it posted I would call my bank and report it as a fraudulent charge. I gave him the names of the two websites I went to: and He said that was not the way Scoresense does business and these two websites would be immediately removed. He submitted a refund while I was on the phone with him!

Michael February 23, 2013

I took advantage of Scoresense. Called to cancel after 7 days and they let me keep the service for $12.95 a month. They also refunded my first payment of $29.95 and only charged me the $12.95.

Lindsey February 26, 2013

its clearly in the terms and conditions and i love my scoresense account

The T May 10, 2013

They are still in business because the services are legit. You should be stopped from wrongfully accusing companies that you are clearly ignorant about.

February 14, 2013
Went to a rent to own website to get listing.. Next thing I know I get 2 charges to my credit card for Credit report's, which I NEVER agreed upon. Contacted them by phone and was told that i would receive an e-mail letting me know if I would receive the refund, (which I was told if I had not used the site or created an account then there should be no problem with my refund, remember for something I did not approve, did not ask for.. Well needless to say got that e-mail approving 1.00 refund? what I was charged 19.95 for something I did not want and Never once went on the site, but since I did not respond to a bill I never received, Unless it was a e-mail that I junked, cause I did not want any free report or any of there services. The other Credit report company had no problem in refunding my account the full amount cause they too saw I had never used the site, never looked at my credit score..Companies such as ScoreSense should not be doing business in this country, they just want to rip people off and say it is no fault of there's and screw you if you don't like the charge we have already got payment so you as a potential customer is the future are screwed.. Please look past ScoreSense and use a Well known unscam artist, such as Expedien, Free credit report .com. Very Very unhappy american who does not like getting screwed.. SCORESENSE SUCK'S.... And I will not quit until I am refunded my full amount charged for something I did not want, use, or ask for...

J.R. L February 19, 2013

I also had a really bad experience with Scoresense charging my bank for things i never authorized and the last time the bank fraud dept. was on the phone with scoresense in a 3-way phone conversation they denied a charge of $12.95 they charged my account on Jan.28th and the lady on the phone with us had to call back and when the next person we spoke with as soon as she found out the fraud dept was on the line all of a sudden she couldn't understand a word we were saying.The lady at the bank found that to be amazing.I personally found it to be very annoying and i absolutely give scoresense a EXTREMELY POOR RATING!!!!!.Hope this helps someone else out.

Lindsey February 26, 2013

well i love my scoresense account its in the terms and conditions maybe you should read. they cant get your info unless you give it to them

I m March 26, 2013

I must agree with Lindsey,would trade it for anything...

I g May 02, 2013

bad company!

February 10, 2013
Scoresense is a ripoff! They were not authrized to charge me but they did for last six months! I never used their site and their emails to were going to my spam so i never knew they are charging us. We had a new born baby and was busy with our baby! These guys are ripping people off! Anyone knows where to complain about a Internet company?

Not on the up and up
February 8, 2013
This company is not on the up and up. They have some deceptive way of getting you to sign up for monthly credit reports, etc. when it says they are charging you $100 for a credit score. They are also crooks, as they refuse to refund the $29.95 they feloniously charged me.

Mousy February 11, 2013

They are thieves. Stay away from them.

Teresa February 14, 2013

THIEVES... Do stay away...

total scam! beware!
February 7, 2013

a total scam!! they use deceptive advertising!! they say the service is only a dollar but buried in some fine print somewhere is the fact that you will be charged $29.95 a month if you don't cancel within 7 days. do not use this company!! total rip off artists!!

February 6, 2013
They do not notify you of the charges, you will be surprised to see them on your bank account. They lure you in with the offer of a credit report for 1$ then sneakily charge you $30 a month there after.