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Scam scam scam
October 5, 2013
Scam scam scam stay away far away. People like this or company's like this should be shot. Wait until this idiot in the White House gets your stuff 30.00 will be the change they take ever other day. Cash only

September 10, 2013
The are asking pay just one bucks and after little time the are charging 29.95 whit out my authorization and the don't send you a confirmation .....and i was try to cancel but the money is done it to late money its was processing and the not give me refund...NICE !!!!!!!! Very disappoint !!!

August 30, 2013
I called on Tuesday to make sure no charges were made and on Thursday They charged me $29.95. I will make sure I am much more careful about these things. I thought I already was but obviously I'm wrong.

James September 08, 2013

I clicked on and somehow it directed me to Scoresense. I think this is a deliberate attempt to misdirect and mislead and above all fraudulant.

Tom September 25, 2013

It's not fraud it's a marketing technique. Every person who has posted here signed up for the service and agreed to the terms and conditions. Don't blame the company because you failed to read the legal portions of the web page.

I clicked on the free ""....
August 20, 2013

...and I didn't realize I was on "ScoreSense" until I stopped.

All I know is that after I gave my information and I wrote my VISA number, an automatic reply asking for a second credit card number ("problem with the first") appeared. This is when I smelled a rat and stopped.

But the Visa number was good enough for them to charge me a dollar (later refunded).

Telling me I needed them because my credit was low
August 17, 2013

I was trying to get a house loan and pulled my credit score to see if I met their requirement for the loan.upon seeing I did i formerly applied for my loan. the scores came back completely different!!! then to cancel the lady kept me on the phone telling my the mortgage company was wrong so i should stay on their site because they were right and kept lecturing my on how i needed them so i could rebuild my score sense i didn't meet the lenders qualifications. she offers the discount 12.95 price and when i refused she said once she hung up i could NEVER get that deal again. she was very condescending. terrible company!!!

August 5, 2013
I just discovered my checking account has 2 charges of $29.95, one for May and one for June. I didn't subscribe to this service, I don't need this service, my account should be looked at to see that I have not accessed this service. I am a 68 year old grandmother who lives only on Social Security! I don't have $29.95/month for something this frivolous. I am glad I am not alone, but I don't rejoice over anyone else's bad luck. It validates my claim and the fact that I have been trying to deal with Scoresense one-on-one, but they refuse to settle. They refuse to refund the 2 pmts. They have made the terms of use so ambiguous so that it is intentionally misleading. Why else would there be so many complaints. I say we file a class-action lawsuit just for the notoriety they will receive, it is more than just $29.95, now, it's a scam; dishonest and misleading and duping good people. I thought it was the site where you get a free credit score or I would never have even gone to their website. It was just something to do online and it piqued my interest, but otherwise, I have no real need to know my credit rating. With my income I can't get a loan anyway!

Joe September 25, 2013

ALWAYS read the fine print before you put in a credit card... The only things in life that are free are hugs :-)

Wake Up People and READ what you are signing up for
August 1, 2013

For those of you whom want to complain about receiving the $29.95/monthly fee LEARN TO READ!

I recently went through a divorce and needed to moitor my credit/repair credit. ScoreSense is one of the few sites that gives you all 3 scores and all 3 reports. I too called to cancel my subscription as I did not feel I needed this service for the $29.95/monthly fee. I spoke with a very nice lady who offered a discounted rate of $12.95 for the same service. Having read some of the reviews above I see that some have gotten their fees cut down to $9.95.

Enola R August 26, 2013

The problem is that some of us (lots of us, from the sound of it) accessed the website through a link on another. Advertised was a FREE credit report, with a $1 refundable fee. Many of us did not go directly to Scoresense - I never even saw the word Scoresense until I got an email about an update to my credit report from them & followed the link to the site. So, YOU might have had the full information, but many of us DID NOT. It's a rip off. Plain and simple.

Leon September 25, 2013

Read the terms and conditions before you put in you credit card info. It's not a scam it's called marketing.

Scam Scam Scam
July 24, 2013
This company has charged my credit card 29.95 and before my monthly bill was received in the mail had already charged another 29.95. I never signed up for any monthly credit monitoring etc. This company was supposedly providing me with a credit report for $1. I paid the $1 and am now being charged a monthly charge of 29.95. I called my credit card company who refused to do anything, so I cancelled card. Finally after much ado was able to speak with someone at scoresense and after much arguring they said they would close acct and not charge my credit card any further. This company should be investigated. Beware!

Mamaws3angels August 05, 2013

Let's sue them!

Molly September 25, 2013

Good luck

July 18, 2013
Don't try this service. They give you 7 days to review then charge your account and when you try to cancel they keep you on the phone trying to keep your business, even cutting the price per month. Then when you try to get your money back after they charge your account that you are unsatisfied with the services they deny it. You cannot get satisfaction from this service in only 7 days so don't bother even trying. It is harder to get cancel your subscription and not worth it.

Mamaws3angels August 05, 2013

Let's sue them!

July 15, 2013
Don't even think about signing up here, people. We got suckered.

Scam Score Sense
June 18, 2013
I have a complaint with ScoreSense they charged my acct. 29.95 and I even canceled the acct. In the 7 day trial.. I had to call my bank and put it as a fraud transaction. They are a scam .. I even had to cancel my debit card so it doesn't happen again ... Please be ware of Score sense...

May 25, 2013
Lucky i checked my bank statement they only ripped me off for two months. I filed a complaint with the Texas attorney general don't know if it will help but WTF.

No no
May 20, 2013
is not free call quick and cancel !!!!

May 20, 2013
What a scam. I wish I would have read countless reviews that worn you about this rip off company. I'm usually pretty good about the fine print and canceling before being charged, but they have all their bases hidden well.

Not bad so far I'm happy
May 17, 2013
I never write reviews, but I signed up for the $1 free 7 day trial , was told by a friend to cancel and go with freecreditreport because it would be cheaper, I called score sense to ask how much they charge, they told me $29.95, I told them I would cancel because I could go with freecreditreport for $10, they offered me a $9.95 a month plan to stay with them..$20 off per month..I'm happy with that...just call to ask for a reduction they were very helpful

PBelt71 July 23, 2013

I also called to cancel, and they offered me $9.95 as well. So far I am happy with them.

refund requests denied - horrible customer service
May 16, 2013
I called within the required 7 days to cancel my account, the rep said he would take care of it. On the 7th day, my bank account was charged. I called a second time and was told the charge would be refunded. It was not. I called a third time - same thing and my "request was denied." Now I need to call a fourth time. Unbelievable. I will be contacting the BBB.

May 1, 2013
Watch out! Without knowing how it happened you will be hit with $29.95 per month for a service you probably didn't want. And...the scores they reported to me were wrong!

April 30, 2013

I tried to get my free credit report that I am entitled to from the government once a year and SOMEHOW I was enrolled into scoresense.

I called disputing the 29.95 per month charges which I NEVER received an e-mail about and now instead of discontinuing my service they are BILLING me again!

BBB will hear about this!!!

April 29, 2013
This is a total scam. I already use and pay for a different credit service company. They charged my credit card $121 and refused to credit $90 of it. I never logged on or used any of their so called "services." All I can figure is they sent me a spam email and I thought it was my "real" credit service and clicked on it and went through the steps to get my annual free credit score. I have done this for years through my usual credit service and they charge $1 which is refunded. This is how they got my credit card number. Custom Service refused to let me speak with a supervisor. This whole thing is a complete scam and I intend to fight the charges through my credit card company.

April 28, 2013

When I signed up for it, It clearly states on top of the web page "Free 7 day trial when you order your 3 free credit scores. Membership is then just $29.95 per month until you call to cancel."

I also got a welcome e-mail the day I signed up that clearly states "If you wish to cancel your membership, please call us before your trial membership expires and your card will not be charged." It furthermore gave me the exact date and time that my trial membership will end.

After printing out my credit scores and repot, I called them right away to cancel, which was about 3 hours from the time I signed up for it. Normally, the customer service rep would encouraged me to keep my membership and offered me other services that cost less than $29.95, but I told her that if I wanted to know my credit score/report, I'll just signed up for it again because I do not want to be billed every month. So she canceled my account with no hassle and gave me a confirmation number for it.

After I talked to the customer care rep, I tried logging in to my account and I couldn't get in anymore. I got a confirmation email and number that my Scoresence account has been cancelled. If you called to cancel you account, wait till you receive your cancellation confirmation number.

The only pending charge I got was $1.00 which they refunded after 2 business days.

If you are having problems with them despite cancellation, call your bank so that they can dispute charges from scoresense and you would no longer be auto billed for their services.

I originally had this as a back up plan because I panicked after reading all the bad reviews online, so I called my bank to see what precautionary measures I can do to prevent this unnecessary charge every month and that is what they suggested to me. Never had to do it anyway because I followed the instructions quite clearly.

Key to this is to actually read the terms and conditions before signing up for anything that requires you to give your credit card information. Also, check your email and spam folder if you got a welcome email, if you haven't then call Scoresense right away and not wait until the 7 days free trial period has expired.

Ken02000 May 24, 2013

You must work there with the other soulless jerks

Soulless a July 10, 2013

and you must not have went to school if you can't read where it clearly states the terms of the 7 day free trail and it really shows that you must not went to school because you can't even spell correctly, if you read in your welcome email it CLEARLY states if you do not want to be enrolled in the monthly membership that you should call during your 7 day free trial!!!