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About is a site that connects travelers who have pets to pet sitters in their local area. Although dig sitting is the primary service provided by their hosts, they also offer dog walking services and pet care for other animals such as cats and birds.

Many pet owners are not comfortable letting their dogs sit in kennels while they are away. Boarding pets can be risky, as you don’t know the health of the other dogs in the facility and don’t know if your pet is being properly cared for.

Dogs can also feel anxiety when they are boarded and may lead to them acting out their frustrations when they arrive back home. They may chew on things and cause other types of mischief they may not have done prior.

The cost of hiring a sitter on typically ranges from $20-$60 per day. There are no fees for pet owners or sitters to set up an account on; however, they take 15% of the sitters’ earnings when processing their payments.

The cost of boarding your dog may or may not be cheaper depending on the additional services you request. Fees for additional walks, treats and extra playtime are typically required, these fees can add up quickly.’s registered users can locate and book sitters through the website. To find available sitters you will enter in your city of residence and the dates you will be away for. Once you have narrowed down your options, you can browse through each ones’ profiles. They will include pictures, pay rates, a description of themselves and their qualifications. While some of the sitters may have reviews from prior jobs, some of them won’t have any. Regardless, set up a time to meet with them and let them meet your pup.

The sitters on are required to submit an application and be approved by the Rover team, to become a host. All sitters must comply with local, federal and state regulations regard the care and safety of all animals. Sitters who have proven themselves, to be trustworthy and responsible, can advance their status to become a Rover Pack member.

To be eligible for the Rover Pack program, sitters must have completed two successful jobs, they must display a great profile, and they must have a protection package. If they meet these initial requirements they may submit an application and continue forward with Rover’s extensive review process.

Rover Pack members are afforded with more sitting opportunities due to the perks they receive. They are entitled to priority on the last minute request list, they are given a profile boost and they are also rewarded with a custom URL profile.

Online reviews showed that customers were pleased with the services provided by Rover sitters. Not only did they feel comfortable leaving their dog with the sitter, but they also came back to a happy, well taken care of, doggy.

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They killed my dog

December30, 2015

Think twice before using this service. You don't leave your children with the strangers. Why would you do that with your dog? The company does take any responsibility of what can happen to your dog. Moreover, they don't even try to prevent bad things from happening.

I lost my precious Pomeranian boy to them. When I was returning from vacations, I had been contacted by sitter's mother. She told me that my boy is dead - it has been bitten to death by other dog sitter took from Rover. Yes, they allow sitter's to take as many dogs at once as they wish! Of any sizes and breeds!

All I had from Rover is a refund and they offered a courtesy of paying aftercare bills. And that's all.

Think twice!

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Irresponsible and neglectful pet sitter Peg in Mesa AZ

December11, 2015

I would like to give a big ZERO but I cant. Specifically one of their pet sitters, "PEG IN MESA ARIZONA."

This petsitter--"PEG in MESA AZ" was negilgent and irresponsible with our dog. While our dog was in the care of Peg, he got loose and was wandering around her neighborhood when she was not home. She claims that he opened her sliding glass door and let himself outside while she was not home. I don't know how a 22 lb dog that is 12 inches tall can reach the door handle and slide the door open to let himself out. I find her explanation to be unacceptable.
I can only assume that she was keeping him outside the whole time he was there. She did not even know he was missing until I told her after I received a call from the person that found him.
She texted me on the LAST day of his say to tell me that he had been vomiting every day he was there. Why did she not tell me the first time he vomited?
Instead she waited three days!! If it had been serious he could have been dead or extremely sick.
When I picked him up from Peg he was FILTHY--again, adding to the likelihood that she kept him outside all of the time-- and she didn't even have the common courtesy to apologize. PEG IN MESA ARIZONA put our dog in danger by being irresponsible and putting him in an unsafe situation while she was away. If we did not have ID on him we may never have found him.
I cannot leave my dog in the care of a person or company that is so irresponsible and negligent that they threaten the life of the dog I trusted them to look after.

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Pay your sitters

November7, 2015 has been acting very shady with me. I have been a sitter for almost two years plus and recently was removed from the site because I believe they started a new program where they are poaching from sitters their sitting jobs then reselling them to other sitters for 50% of their take instead of their usual 15% take. Rover cancelled our sitting jobs we had in our reservation section and has refused to pay us for these stays. Our cancellation policy cleary states we will receive the funds if the stays are cancelled because we have a strict cancellaton policy on their website. Regardless if cancells our stays we are still entitled to the money. owes us almost 1800 dollars and has not paid us to date. If you are thinking about being a sitter stay away from this website, I feel like they are crooked and need to be reported o as many authorities in the states they do business, If you too are having a problem report them so we can all have companies in the United States that are reputable and not scamming people like does!

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