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Great product for overall health
January 17, 2024

I have been using Morning Kick for just over a month now and I absolutely love it.

I love that it so easily mixes with water because I can't drink milk. I have had more energy during the day. I have also noticed that my body is digesting and processing the foods that I eat so much better than before. I intend to continue using Morning Kick and even start trying some of the other products in the future. Oh, and it taste great too. Thank you for a great product for overall health.

Best Supplement on the Market!!!
January 17, 2024
Morning Kick has worked great for me! It almost instantly improved my energy, gut health and mental awareness!! Definitely worth trying to see how it works for you....Thank you Chuck!!!

Why I am a new fan of Roundhouse Provisions
January 16, 2024
I am 66 years old -- mind of a 35 yr old but a body of an 85 yr old. I have a bad hip and arthritis and a spinal/back problems -- hence I have to take lots of pain medication. Like many my age, taking these pills drains my energy - and probably takes away some mental acuity. Since taking the Morning Kick 2 times a day, my energy has returned and with it the fog has lifted from my brain. I have more energy, sleep a bit better when it's time and my mood and attitude have improved too !! My wife appreciates that as well ! - I am going to share a container with my sister, who has her own health issues - and I recommend it to friends and other family as well. Thank you, Chuck Norris and Roundhouse Provisions.

Just try it, you’ll love it!
January 14, 2024

I love this product! I have been taking Morning Kick for about 2 months now and I notice I have more energy. But that’s not all! My brain feels more alert and sharp, I don’t get tired in the afternoon and I am beginning to loose weight. I feel stronger as I realized it while staying with a relative when I had to go up and down stairs. I’m excited to experience more results as I go along.

Happy customer, Berta

Over all I feel better
January 12, 2024
It has only been a bit over a month since I started taking Morning Kick. It took a little over two weeks to feel any difference, but after the second week I started feeling a spike on my energy and joint pains that are always with me started fading. I can play sports with the kids and keep up better. I can throw a football without my shoulder wanting to fall off. My stomach pains and gasses seem to be settling too. Overall I just fell better.

A Good Diet Supplement
January 11, 2024
I believe "Morning Kick" is a good supplement to my diet. Nothing earth-shattering, but it does seem to give me a boost in the morning. I have felt healthier with a little increase in my energy level. I have tried other products, and one simple thing I have appreciated about this one, is how easily it dissolves in 8 ounces of water and the taste is not bad.

RickyHoward sr. January 13, 2024

ive been drinking morning kick for about a month an it give me energy an i thinks it a great product.

Watch out world I'm drinking roundhouse!
January 11, 2024

So far I like the roundhouse I feel like taking up martial arts! Plus I'm working on my landscaping for our new cabin in the woods overlooking the Corn Creek! We have an ABB in Corn Oklahoma. Our claim to fame is this was John Denvers home,! Plus the first ever video of a tornado was taken here!

We have a wonderful cafe, and a post office!

The cafe is open Thursday -Sunday. Come on by!

LesaLePage January 18, 2024

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Healthy Liquid Motivation
January 8, 2024

Morning kick gives me that morning start up that

my body needs. I wake up sluggish from late night work or prescription medications that I take.

Morning kick gives me that unexpected kick in the butt and man I am ready for early morning work, excercise and meditation. I am ready for whatever. Natural ingredients can give me that kind of energy. Thank-you, morning kick lasts through-out my day giving me that extra boost that l need late in the afternoon. Thanks Mr. Norris for sharing

Excellent product. Love the flavor.
January 7, 2024

I was super skeptical of this, but decided to try it anyway. To my amazement this actually worked really well. I've been fatigued the last four years and I noticed that it is all but gone after using this for several weeks. It starts working on about your third day, but you can really feel the difference after taking it for a while.

I love the flavor and that's honestly what keeps me coming back. A lot of other supplements I've tried taste gross and I stopped using them shortly after. But not Morning Kick.

The only thing I dislike is that the powder clumps up, even with vigorous shaking and stirring. It's not a whole lot, but once you get a clump in your mouth, you'll know it because it tastes super sour, lol.

Overall great product especially when you combine it with the three hit combo and gut pills.

Of course nothing can substitute a healthy diet and exercise, so definitely keep that going.

CliffordWilson January 08, 2024

I agree with you, this is working for me also. One thing that I do is allow the mixture to disolve. I add it to 8oz of water stir and allow it to sit for a minute or so. Then I stir it again and drink it down.

TerriBlackmon January 16, 2024

Also, regarding the powder clumping, try adding about an ounce of warm water, stir that up, then add the cold water to juice you usually use to top it off. The powder dissolves quickly and completely in warm water.

Morning Kick works!
January 4, 2024
I've been drinking Morning Kick regularly for about 10 months now. I can say that I feel healthier and have more energy since I started drinking it. I'm not one to just sit around. I'm in my 60's and feel great. I've tried a few other products that are similar. But none of them compare to Morning Kick. The taste is much better than the other competitors as well. Which means something. I'd recommend this morning drink to anyone looking to improve your health.

Morning Kick truly helps with increasing energy levels.
January 3, 2024

I've been using Morning Kick for several months now and I'm well into my fourth jar.

I was feeling tired and less energetic more and more as I was getting older then I saw Chuck Norris video about Morning Kick.

I know Mr Norris is a man of faith and that gave me the confidence to give it a try.

By the end of the first jar I was noticing my energy level increasing and it continued to improve.

I'm not as tired and feel more energetic and I sleep much better.

I mix it with about six ounces of water and the taste is good to me.

If anyone is feeling less energetic I would definitely recommend they give it a try.

Morning Kick
January 1, 2024
Morning kick is a great product. I have often used morning kick instead of coffee in the morning. The benefits last all day, and, it tastes great. The greatest advantage from drinking Morning Kick has been improved memory, energy, and faster processing speed. These have been an issue for me as I have aged. Mental clarity is important to me more now than ever since I am 70 years young, Morning Kick makes a difference. I remember names better, recall where I left my keys, and catch on to learning new skills quicker. These might sound minor, but small differences put together have built my self confidence and decreased my social anxiety. I can't express enough good things about morning kick. Actually life changing, for me.

My journey with morning kick...
January 1, 2024
I've been using Morning kick for about a month now... I tastes good, I feel like I have more energy than I have had in awhile... I believe my stomach feels better and my movements are definitely better... Thought you probably didn't want to hear that last part... I'm not sure if I have any changes with my body since I've just begun my journey... I will let you know as soon as I find out more...

Overall awareness of feeling healthier.
December 30, 2023
Hello. Jerry here. Was able to start feeling significantly better in the processing of my food. My muscles and joints really feel stronger. And maintain consistent energy. I use the product daily and drink plenty of water often mixed with lemon. Very pleased with Morning Kick.

It helped my IBS!!!
December 27, 2023

I have suffered from IBS since I was 7 years old and now I'm almost 40. Because of this my stomach issues can be painful and unpredictable and they hit at the most inconvenient times. I am also a mother of three small kids and my IBS has frequently put me in some disastrous situations.

Since I started taking Morning Kick, it has helped me tremendously! It's also been easy to incorporate this into my hectic lifestyle so it's easy for me to keep it up. Now I rarely have issues and I'm feeling so much better. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ❤

Feel Bett, Less Hunger at 70 years old
December 27, 2023

Having seen the ad, I researched the ingredients, and all seemed helpful and not included in my other supplements. While I haven't experienced "super energy" or other such claims, I really do generally feel better (less hunger, better digestion) since I started taking Morning Kick each morning before my coffee. It's pricey, but I reordered a 90-day supply (from the original 30 days) - when you do, there's a pop-up offering 6 months at decent savings, so if you're committed to the program you might consider that. I intend to keep taking this product!

Really Bad Taste
December 26, 2023

Ok - it's endorsed by Chuck - (so they claim) - Really that for me was one of the main selling points. I doubt I would have ordered the entire kit (powder & both bottles of pills) if he wasn't involved in this product. I've only been taking this stuff about 3 weeks now. I know from experience - that nothing out there on the market - works for everyone. That's just a fact. Will this product work for you - maybe?

The only way to know is to try it yourself. I admit - I feel better after taking it. But - I've had issues like others have said with bloating - gas - and upset stomach. I've hung in there - it's a lot of money for me. I'm not sure who tested this stuff - or how many fake reviews may have been put out there about the powder drink - but I can tell you this - I'm a normal guy - with normal taste - and there is no strawberry anything in this stuff and it's not in anyway sweet. Period!

Maybe they changed the formula since it first hit the market? I don't know. But to get this stuff down - mixed in water - is a major event for me each day. It taste like dirt mixed with dead grass or something. Don't know what in it is doing this to the flavor - but it's pretty bad. Drink it down as fast as possible and have something ready to drink behind it to flush the taste out of your mouth - or hold your nose and down the hatch - you know? It's b-a-d! I've tasted worse - but this is right up there in the top 10 worst tasting stuff I've ever tried.

Mixing more water doesn't help (for me) it just makes more of this awful taste to get down. I'm planning on trying it in a smoothie - maybe strawberry - maybe something else. Time will tell if this helps long term. I'm not sold on it yet. It will have to work and work really good for me to keep paying the high price for the powder and the pills both - it adds up pretty quick. 3 jars per month of the powder by itself with discounts cost over $100.00 bucks. Add the cost to the bad - bad taste and it'll really have to help me a lot - to keep me buying it. This is my first experience with any kind of "green health drink" stuff - sold everywhere now a days.

I don't know which product in here doesn't agree with my taste buds - but whatever it is completely kills any sweetener or strawberry flavor. I just hope I haven't wasted my money - or my time on another bad product. Also the food bucket rations - stuff - they sold sounds great - but who knows - since you haven't been able to order any of it in months. Preppers will have to buy their rations somewhere else - I guess.

I figure there is a major problem with this company is why it's been out of stock for so long. I'd like to know just how much Chuck is really involved in this company and the products - or if he's just using his name as endorsement to make a few more bucks for his family in his golden years. Only Chuck knows the truth!

And - Note - if you plan on leaving a review here - it's not easy - they make you jump through several hoops and collect your private email for marketing purposes - just so you know!! That's just not right.

Thank you! Awesome product!!
December 25, 2023

I have always tried to find the best supplements for my wife and I to keep us healthy! We have been using Morning Kick with Gut Strike almost a full month now.

I quit all my other supplements, and I am less hungry in the morning with more energy! Thank you for the research you put into making this fine supplement!! Please keep making the best product you can!!

My Life Health
December 25, 2023
So far me and my wife have been taking morning kick for the past month and have noticed that we feel a lot more active so I think the product is working we'll have just have to see I have ordered a lot of it so I got about a 3-month supply to see if this product is actually working or not the jury is still out I want to make absolutely sure so thank you very much there Chuck Norris for giving us the American people this , I hope that you are right that this is a good life product for people to get better bodies

Roadhouse Provisions
December 24, 2023
Before I started Roadhouse Provisions I felt sluggish in the morning. At 67 people told me i needed to slow down, take it easy. That just wasn’t me and I hated feeling tired all the time. I’m still working full time after 37 years and it wasn’t until the last couple years that I could feel myself slowing down. After watching the video and reading all the success stories I decided to try it and I’m so glad I did! It’s only been about a month but I definitely feel the change. I sleep better and wake up like I’m ready to do the work I love to do. Thank you for helping me get back to my young self again ! Age is just a number, and now I look forward to many more !