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New energy
February 14, 2024

I was very skeptical. But I needed more energy. I just turned 66 in January. We’re expecting our 7 th grandchild any day now . My daughter is going to need a lot of help .

I’ve had a very hard few years. First I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was a shock ! I never thought this would happen to me. After chemotherapy and many surgeries , I am now 8 years cancer free. God carried me through. Then two years ago my husband of 44 years needed a kidney transplant. He had a difficult two years on dialysis . I felt like I was watching him die. Then a friend stepped up and donated her kidney. Now we are both blessed and better. But all theses trials have zapped my energy.

Morning Kick has improved my energy levels 110% . I stir it in a glass of water every morning. It puts a pepp in my step . I feel the difference if I miss a morning. So I keep it on my counter, to remember. A added plus, it tastes great!

Words really don't explain the results.
February 13, 2024
I Live in Queensland Australia and am 52 years old, my body has copped a lot over the years through sports, rodeo and work. 2 years ago it decided enough is enough and basically shut down both physically and mentally. Since then I have been suffering extreme fatigue and burnout, body and joint pain, constant tiredness, mind fog, mental instability and the list goes on. Doctors and specialists only saying I am in total burnout with extreme fatigue, putting me on pain killers, muscle relaxants and rest. The resting part. Well owning and running my own welding and fabrication business has made this hard to achieve. Have had some success with natural therapies and products, diet change etc. etc. but I was just not the same in so many ways. So glad I started on Morning Kick as I have not felt this great in 2 years. Amazing!! It has been 3 weeks now since I first started on morning kick and I am doing things that where basically impossible prior to that. I purchased 9 tubs so I have a few friends who saw the results with me and are now trying this product for their own reasons and they are pleased with the results also. Thanks to you Chuck and the team. Cheers, Pat.

NevaSmith March 22, 2024

My theory has always been since my mother was hypochondriac and took me too much to the doctors back in the 1950's & 1960's and they made me feel like a sickly child. So when I was out on my own (now I am 74) I do NOT take ANY PRESCRIPTIONS or DRUGS. People get addicted to Dr's giving out too many pills for this and that when all ya have to do is take care of OWN WELL-BEING by being Proactive & Productive and watch your diet (WHAT U EAT). I stopped eating Red Meat & drinking Cows milk 0ver 40 years ago. Best advice I gave myself.... SOUNDS like U took action & did what I did when I was only 30. People do NOT believe I am in my 70's .. ALWAYS GETTING MY AGE WRONG.

More Benefits Than Expected!!!!!
February 11, 2024

More Benefits Than Expected!!!!

I am beginning to experience the benefits described in your video. I am a 68 year old male, and not in the best of shape. I also have issues with my vision. I wanted you to know that since I have been using Morning Kick my vision has improved, in addition to the benefits you describe.

I have glaucoma, along with other vision issues, and at first I thought it was just wishful thinking, but after my recent appointment with my eye doctor I can tell you, my vision has improved!!!!!

Not something expected in my situation, and I have made no other changes!!!

Thank you so much for developing this product for all of us!!!!!

Joint pain
February 9, 2024
I ordered three canisters a while back about halfway through. I noticed my knees didn’t hurt as much going up the stairs that a few months after I ran out, I noticed the pain in my knees came back, so I re-ordered morning kick subscription and I’m halfway through the first canister. I believe everybody’s physiology is different so for me, I believe after I finish this canister and halfway through the second one like before going up the stairs I will have no pain in my knees

The changes feel great..
February 6, 2024
I had 9 heart attacks, have diabetes #2, high blood pressure and about 4 years ago fell from a ladder backwards. In the accident a cut my tongue in half and they sew it back, broke some small back bones that they couldn't do anything about it, the doctor told me they would heal but the pain would always be there and is there. My job as a Building/Roofing inspector requires me to climb ladders and walk roofs to inspect their installations and to make sure they are done as per our Florida Building Code requirements. The reason i tell you all of the above is because at 63 years old I'm feeling very tired at the end of the day, but after i started drinking your product I'm feeling better. I'm not saying yet that my condition has been better because of your product, but i am more awake and not so tired as i was. I guess I'll know for Shure in the next 30 days if this really works.

Improved Gut Health and Reduction of Inflammation
February 5, 2024
At 51 years of age, with no changes in my routine, and just adding Morning Roundhouse, Gut Strike, and 3-Hit Combo to my morning breakfast, I lost 20 lbs., have more energy, and reduced gut health issues, including a noticeable reduction in inflammation. (The unspoken Killer)

Best way to start my day.
February 2, 2024
Starting my day with Morning Kick is making such a difference for me. It has helped feel good about the fuel I am giving my body. I am able to think more clearly and am able to get more done in my day. I am so grateful for the change it has made for me and my family.

Very thankful for ROUNDHOUSE products.
February 2, 2024

My daughter was diagnosed with a rare breast cancer just 1 year ago.

It made me really realize that the quality of my life needed to change.

I'm 62, and I have tried multiple, multiple times and numerous diets to get my weight and diet under control after having 3 children.

I'm a stress eater, which I've come to realized in the past year, gaining an additional 14 pounds to my already 30 pounds overweight.

I've always admired Mr. Chuck Norris, and when I seen him and his wife's facebook commercial for ROUNDHOUSE, I just had a feeling that Morning Kick was what I needed.

I have faithfully drank Morning Kick every morning for the last 30 days. Believing in it's intention, and having faith that this would do everything it stated.

I did this without changing my eating habits, believing Morning Kick would change my eating habit for me. It absolutely has.

So far, I still have the stress of my daughter, without the cravings and I have lost 5 pounds.

Realizing this was working, I've now started using Three Hit Combo and am so grateful to the Norris Family.

Love it and it works!
January 31, 2024

My husband and I are big fans of Chuck Norris so naturally when we saw he was developing health products we were excited to try them. We have started with Morning Kick, and I gotta say it works! My husband has the energy, focus and interest to get things done without feeling the mid afternoon lag. I am normally a high energy person but adding in Morning Kick has just topped it off, and as a bonus my mood is elevated, I’m de-stressed, and I feel fresh all day. As far as taste goes, no problem, we like it. We’ve tried other “green” health drinks but did not take them as we couldn’t stand the taste or grainy texture. Morning Kick is a great product, with great service, a sincere thank you to all.


Caution before purchasing.
January 30, 2024
People should know before spending $50, the canister is only half full upon arrival. They show the big one on their video, not addy biddy, which is misleading. Can't say if it is beneficial, since I already feel ripped off. Wish I could leave a photo to show what you'll receive. Glad I only bought one.

GailRoss February 17, 2024

I understand his reaction, but I do not feel he has given the product a chance.

Thomas R.Binninger February 18, 2024

I noticed that the container is not full to the brim as well. I did contact customer service regarding the prices I paid for each of my tubs.

Customer service did respond to me and offered what I consider a fair solution to me.

My only thought on this why can’t I get the the tubs for the price I feel is fair to me ( $ 41.00 ) per tub up front?

Well anyway, hope springs eternal and I am contacting customer service and asking for that price per tub.

I am enjoying using your product and feel safe in doing so.
January 30, 2024

The fact that you stated that you are a man of God caused me to trust you. I have been taking Morning Kick daily and can feel the blessed results all over my body. Each container is suppose to last one month, but my first container has come up short,, meaning it has not last me the whole month with me using one scoop per day. Even so, I am enjoying using the product. Thank you so much.

GailRoss February 17, 2024

Interesting that she trusted the product just because he stated he was a man of God. Glad she is enjoying this product, but unfortunately not every man who makes that statement is truthful. Fortunately l believe Chuck Norris is indeed.

It’s working
January 28, 2024
My husband and I have been under the weather recently both with infections and we had already seen through Facebook your video. Instead of waiting I decided to order hoping it could help us feel better. The morning are bad so when we start our day with morning kick it helps me feel good enough to want to eat and get up and clean up and do what I can to keep on getting better with 2 people sick and no one able to completely take care of the other one. I know we’ll feel even better when we’re well and using it but right now it is doing what we need it to do. Thank you. And let me add I don’t spend our hard earned money on things like this, but I trust Chuck Norris.

My son and i are both using the Morning Kick. I really notice the extra energy. Thank you
January 28, 2024

My son and I both use this product and I really notice the extra energy. We both are enjoying Morning Kick.

Thank you

Morning Kick has given us a boost of energy and wellbeing!
January 27, 2024
My husband and I are 83 years old and felt a boost of energy after the very first day of using Morning Kick. We have been drinking a morning protein shake that includes spinach, frozen berries, nuts, carrots, and several other ingredients for the past 4 or 5 years. We just added the Morning Kick and blended them all together. We love the results and highly recommend it. We have been using Moring Kick for almost 2 months and we just keep feeling better and have more energy!

Morning Kick is THE BEST thing I've done for myself in 2024... GIVE IT A TRY!
January 27, 2024
I'm a sometimes skeptical 65 year old woman who, however, kept finding myself with less and less energy. Mainly because I like supporting businesses that align with my values, I decided to give this product a try and I'm thrilled to report that after drinking my very first delicious scoop of Morning Kick I felt a big difference in not only my energy, but also, and maybe this was just wishful thinking, my body was and is less achy. Thank you Chuck, I love this stuff and please see me kicking my way through life with more vigor and a big smile too with thanks to Roundhouse Provisions Morning Kick!

Didn't expect this result
January 26, 2024
I have to say that "Morning Kick" surprised me with what it for me almost immediately. Before taking "Morning Kick", I had to take "Meta Mucil" daily to keep my bodily functions on track. Upon starting taking "Morning Kick", I discontinued taking "Meta Mucil" to see what would happen. I found that my bodily functions were normal again. I was amazed. Now even though I have been taking "Morning Kick" daily every day for almost a month now, I'd have to say that nothing else has changed but it's still early yet. I am a senior citizen and was looking for a little more energy but time will tell about that. I will continue to take this product and see what happens. I like the taste also.

Morning Kick - Just what we needed.
January 23, 2024
So far my experience using Morning Kick has been great! I definitely feel like I have more energy and I enjoy the taste. The very best thing is that my wife, who doesn't like veggies, has been using it faithfully. She knows her body is lacking nutrients it needs and figures this has to be good for her. She even said one afternoon that she was craving a second drink. Believe me, this is a "big" deal.

Delicious and Energizing
January 22, 2024

I love taking my Morning Kick daily. I put it into a small jar with a few ice cubes and shake it. I have had health drinks before, but I have never tasted such a delightful flavor as Morning Kick I have energy throughout the entire day. It helps my digestion, including regularity on a daily basis. I recommended this product to my family and friends.

I’m 75 years old, and this product has helped me to feel like I’m in my 30s again! I was a karate world champion in 2005 (World Pro-Fi, Cyprus), I also do TaiChi/qigong and enjoy sparring with my karate student granddaughter. Thankfully, Morning Kick keeps me going throughout the day- no naps needed!

Take with yogurt if you get heart burn from it by taking it with water
January 21, 2024

I’m 52, My digestion has been way off track for some time know. Tried all kinds of other methods. I was either to one extreme or the other, bloating and just uncomfortable. Seen morning kick and said “ what do I have to lose “ ordered it , got in two weeks, started taking it in the morning. Seen results within one day on being able to go to the bathroom.

As days go by I feel like I have more energy and my joints feel better!! I love it, will be ordering more as I don’t want to run out. Just wish is wasn’t so expensive, one thing I found out with me and I know everyone is different.

When I took morning kick mixed in water. It gave me really bad heart burn and upset stomach and bad gas. But it helped the following day with going to bathroom. I decided to mix it into a small prebiotic yogurt and then take it.

Jackpot ! It worked ! No heart burn, no upset stomach and nowhere near as gassy. I take with yogurt every morning and it’s been great. I am almost regular every day know. No more blotting. I love it and am telling people about it. A big thank you to Chuck Norris!!

Carmen May 09, 2024

I know the burn too, going to try with hot tea to see if the burn goes away. Yeah, I don't eat yogurt. I wish I would have seen your post before purchasing.

Thank You for your Dedication
January 21, 2024

Hello & Good Evening Mr. Norris, I am 60 years old and I am enjoying "Morning Kick". Not only the Taste is Awesome but I feel completely different in the morning when I take it.

Once i take it, it gives me energy, and I feel light and not bloated after eating my morning breakfast.

Since I started, I also have noticed my bowels are more fluent and that might be why I feel lighter.

Overall, I am so far a very satisfied customer & I plan to continue, wanting to be like you, Mr. Norris!!

Thank you for your dedication to this product in which has made a believer in me.

Take care.