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Morning Kick gives me a kick-start!
October 2, 2023
I feel like getting things done. More mentally motivated and more physically energetic. Both are welcome! I’m now on my second order.

out and about
October 2, 2023

i seem to feel more awake and don't feel as tired as before even after a small amount of work i am going to try it for a few more months and see if its the product hope it is i would like to feel more alive and ready to do a few more things at 78 it is a little harder to feel like i want to get out there and enjoy the day.

Morning Kick! The Life Enhancer!
October 1, 2023
Over the past three months I have enjoyed treating myself to a daily serving of “Morning Kick.” I have noticed a measurable improvement in my overall wellness including digestion, energy levels along with feeling calmer and more centered.

Still trying!
October 1, 2023
I'm still trying it, not sure yet if I'm realizing any benefits but will keep drinking to so I can make a better decision.

Morning Kick really works
October 1, 2023
It has really helped me stay fit and feel good about every day. This stuff really works to give you that extra pop when you are at the age i am 56 and really helps me keep up with my day to day by giving me the nutrients that i need.

RoundHouse review
October 1, 2023

So far so good, have definitely seen an increase in mental capacity. Wife and I have been through the first 3 cans, going to order more.

Best ingredients in a powder form.
October 1, 2023
The ingredients in this powder are exactly what I was hoping to find! I have all day energy and feel really good on the supplement. In fact, it might be too good since I’m having some trouble falling asleep. I’m just wide awake! So, I’ll probably cut back the amount I take in the morning. Love this supplement!

Feeling Great with Morning Kick.
October 1, 2023

I'veonly been taking Morning Kick for about one month. The taste is excellent. My morning movements seems to be improving and I am full of energy for the days work and recreation.

Overall I highly recommend Morning Kick.

Thanks Chuck Norris, you have done well.

Pat Norris

Starting to work for me
October 1, 2023

It’s just been about two weeks now I have been using morning kick and starting to feel more energy and it seems to help from over eating as it is filling to where you’re satisfying your hunger. It goes down easy and taste much better than other advertised products. I'm going to continue using it and hoping it does even more for gaining more energy.

Not at all disappointed!
October 1, 2023
As a 45 yo senior lead commercial HVAC technician with a large company, there’s a lot of load put on me both physically and mentally. Morning kick has been the answer to my prayers! Not the sudden energy jolt and crash of caffeine but a smooth, steady overall sense of well being and mental clarity. 5 out of 5 stars from me.

Life Changing
October 1, 2023
I bought this product for my mother (64 yrs old) and I (44 yrs old) to try. It has done a world of wonders for my mom. She has had less pain, more energy and has felt better than I have seen her in a long time. She is actually able to get out and go places with me again. I stopped taking it so she could have my bottle too, because it made such a difference in her. I have got to say that it really does taste good too. I plan on keeping my mom stocked in this wonderful drink.

I trust you, Chuck!
October 1, 2023

I do love the taste of the strawberry lemonade.. and it's just green enough to let me know it is healthy!

Chuck, I've read "Against All Odds: My Story" and I trust you, so I thought I'd give it a try. I am 65 and work full time, plus and I have not fit exercise into my schedule yet since I started drinking it. But I do feel more energy and less stressed. I've struggled with my weight and some anxiety most of my life, and have hypothyroidism as well. All in all, I am glad I tried it and I would recommend it to others!

More energy.
October 1, 2023
I love this product. People talk about how good it tastes, and it does, but more importantly I like the way I’ve been feeling since I stated using the product. I definitely have a lot more energy and don’t feel drained In the afternoon like I use to. My mental state is also a lot better since I started drinking this every morning. I can’t say enough about morning kick other than I highly recommend.

It tastes great
October 1, 2023
I have been drinking it every morning. Morning kick has helped with my digestive system. I am able to go on a regular basis versus every two or three days

More energy and less constipation
September 30, 2023
We have been pleasantly surprised by our results with morning kick. It gives you an instant bump in energy and mental clarity. I no longer fight constipation or have to take other meds to deal with it. Morning kick has solved this chronic problem. It has a refreshing taste. We are very pleased!

A little sweet
September 30, 2023

This really tastes good. It is a little too sweet, but I add a little extra water to offset that.

Relief from knee pain and fatique
September 30, 2023
I’m just a couple weeks into using Morning Kick. The main reason I wanted to try it was because of knee pain that I’m experiencing. I’m close to 64 years old and I’m still quite active and in pretty good health but as a maintenance man I’m finding the up and down movement of my day is causing some knee pain. I am seeing some improvement since I started drinking Morning Kick in the morning. I also find some improvement in my energy level as well. It’s pretty new to me so I’m hopeful. Time will tell.

It works for me!
September 29, 2023
Morning Kick is great for me. I when I first started mixing my morning drink, I had loose stools, but I'm on my 2nd canister and my stool is very regular and more dense. Too much information, but my gut must have been needing some help! I eat very little meat and my diet is mostly vegetables and cheeses. So the gut cleansing is needed for cheese consumption, I think. I have more energy too. I just started the Three Hit Combo and hope to loose some weight.

September 29, 2023
I enjoy this tastes good and does gives me energy, helps with joint pain and helps with regular bowel movements

Morning Kick is amazing!
September 29, 2023

I just started my 2nd jar of Morning Kick and I'm so excited how my body/ life is going to change. I felt less pain in my hips after the 2nd day. And it continued to get better for 2 weeks. I don't seem to crackle and grind when I move anymore. And I love that!

I've also suffered from a very serious digestive issue that has hospitalized me 3 times, the last one kept me in the hospital for a week. Im praying this will help my issue. This is the main reason I chose to try Morning Kick.

And I was pleasantly impressed with the taste. Looks nothing like it tastes. Wonderful product!