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Power Life Endurance Review: Does it really work?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  July 15, 2023
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Power Life High Impact Endurance is a dietary supplement from health guru Tony Horton that promises to provide a boost of energy and an increase in joint and muscle health.

How Does it Work?

You may know Tony Horton from his time at BeachBody, where he created P90X, one of the most popular at home workout programs.

Since then he has worked with a number of celebrities as a personal trainer and has used that publicity to grow his nutritional supplement company Power Life.

The Power Life High Impact Endurance formula is unique from the company’s other supplements, and for that matter many competitive formulas, in that it focuses on just two main ingredients.

Below we’ll take a look at how they work and if they live up to the company’s claims.

Product and Ingredients

The main functions of High Impact Endurance are to:

  • Provide a natural antioxidant
  • Increase energy levels
  • Support muscle recovery
  • Improve endurance and performance

This is accomplished through two main ingredients, Hawaiian Astaxanthin and ElevATP.


Hawaiian Astaxanthin

Is part of a group of chemicals known as Carotenoids and is a red pigment that is found in some algae.  

It's responsible for the coloration of animals that consume it, such as Salmon and Crustaceans.  It's also an antioxidant and may provide certain health benefits to cells and the immune system. 

Carotenoids have been used in a variety of supplements that target muscle recovery, skincare, performance, and even Alzheimer disease.  However, more research is needed on its effectiveness in these uses.

In limited studies, carotenoids showed positive effects against oxidative stress and inflammation, along with other potential benefits.

On the other hand, another study resulted in not finding any positive effects from astaxanthin supplements in regards to muscle soreness or effectiveness. 

As of now it appears that while it may have potential in other areas of human health its main benefit is as an antioxidant, until further research is done.  

Some publications recommend getting your dose by eating salmon several times a week.



This proprietary blend was developed and patented by a company called Futureceuticals.  

The company has provided research and clinical studies for its product and works with supplement developers that want to use their ingredient in their own formulations, such as Power Life Endurance.

ElevATP® is made of ancient peat and apple polyphenols which the company claims can increase levels of endogenous ATP, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Supports increased lean muscle and strength
  • Promotes increased power output and training volume
  • Helps reduce performance decrements associated with overreaching
  • Helps improve athletic performance and body composition
  • Supports higher levels of mitochondrial ATP

Some of the research supports these claims and has shown improved athletic performance for those taking ElevATP® versus a placebo group. 

A similar study showed the supplements can have a positive effect on athletic endurance as well.

Potential Side Effects

Astaxanthin is considered to be safe and free of serious side effects.  

Some possible negative effects from high doses can be increased bowel movements, red stool color, and stomach pain.

If you are on medications, pregnant, or breastfeeding, you should consult with your doctor before starting this or any supplement.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Power Life is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating and a customer score of 4.7/5 from over 100 customer reviews

The company has only 4 customer complaints in last 3 years, which have all been closed.

Reviews that mentioned High Impact Endurance reported positive effects such as decrease in muscle pain and soreness.  

There were also multiple reviews stating that the supplement worked as advertised and increased the user’s energy levels. 

One review noted an improvement in muscle definition and cognitive acuteness.

On Amazon, High Impact Endurance has a rating of 3.9/5 from over 300 customer reviews.

See Reviews on Amazon.

Customer Support

If you need to get a hold of a representative you can do so through their phone number (855) 462 - 2496 or online contact form www.mypowerlife.com/contact/

Power Life is headquartered at:

4500 Park Granada Boulevard, Suite 202,
Calabasas, CA 91302

All Power Life products are backed by a 90 day money back guarantee.  If you are unhappy with your product you can contact the company and they will assist you with issuing a refund.


Cost & Price Plans

1 jar of High Impact Endurance contains 30 capsules equating to 30 servings.  The company has priced their products to include a discount for bulk purchases.

  • 1 bottle - $64.95
  • 3 bottles - $173.85
  • 6 bottles - $329.70

We found the prices on Amazon to be slightly cheaper than on MyPowerLife.com.

For example, the same sized bottle of High Impact Endurance last sold for $52.95 on Amazon, with a further discount available when you use the 'Subscribe & Save' option.

Check Price on Amazon.

The Bottom Line

Based on our research it seems that the main benefit of the High Impact Endurance formula would be from the ElevATP®.

It's the one ingredient that has clinical research supporting its claims and can be a good alternative to caffeine/sugar based energy supplements.

Based on that you can decide if you want to try this formula or look for different, lower priced or higher rated, pre-workout supplements that also contain it.

The company itself has good reviews and an active customer support team that seems to be responsive to online reviewers’ issues.

If you have any experience with Power Life Endurance, please leave your reviews below.

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Power Life Endurance Customer Reviews

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Valuable Endurance
June 2, 2024
I'm 65 and I don't have that youthful energy anymore. High Impact Endurance helps me regain the energy and endurance needed to get though my P90X workouts. It also helps me get though my sore muscles as I build them. This is a great product to supplement my workout and stretching program.

It gave me confidence to continue recovering after Covid.
May 21, 2024

I'm 74, and I was weakened energetically after being hospitalized with Covid in 2021. I was also suffering with asthma, and exposed to secondary tobacco smoke.

I am so grateful and and happy to finally defeat Covid, however, the long- hauling, low energy months, were discouraging and wiped out motivation, activity, and muscle.

When I heard Tony Horton's story, I decided to try Power life Endurance and the Power Life Plant Protein, that I mix withy spring water and drink daily.

I can say its helping me feel more energy and like I'm moving in the right direction, even without intense exercise,, its helpingme rebuild my immune function and my muscle body. I My goal is reachable now, to return to playing tennis and hiking with friends. Thank you Tony!

Linda Howe

Full Body Transformation
April 17, 2024
I bought the Power Life Endurance to give it and try and right afterwards I was admitted to the hospital for Sepsis for about a month. After I left the hospital I had no muscles and was extremely weak. I started using the Power Life Endurance with little expectations considering what my body had just endured. I am really impressed with the results!! I'm now walking 25,000-40,000 steps/day and lifting weights for the first time. I have no more pain in my joints and have energy all day long. I will continue to use this product. Thank you very much

No side effects.
April 12, 2024
I just finished my first bottle and I believe I have seen an increase in my energy levels.

It works for sure
April 11, 2024
This product has helped me to build muscle and helped me with my injury. I would surely recommend this product who wants build back the muscle you lost it works slowly but surely I look and feel better even my wife is using it

You will notice a real difference in your workout routine
April 10, 2024
My boyfriend and I have been using your products for a while now, and I have to say after the first 3 weeks we could definitely notice a difference in our workout routine. I would definitely recommend these products to anyone looking to add something new to their routine, we both have a slimmer stomach and more muscle mass than ever before. We have been using High Impact Whey Protein, Chocolate Flavor, High Impact Endurance and the Peak PM Plant Protein also Chocolate flavor. We have noticed an improvement in energy and weight loss and the PM Protein helps promote better rest and recovery. We are definitely enjoying this product.

Mighty Lady
April 10, 2024
After taking Power Life Endurance I am one mighty lady. It’s giving me an edge to lift heavier weights, and do amazing functional workouts. Love this product!

Noticeable increase in endurance after only two weeks
April 7, 2024
I've been training since I was 5, and I'm 58 now. I share that to say that I know my body. I was able to see a noticeable difference in my endurance level after only two weeks of use. The only reason I didn't give PLE five stars is because it's a bit pricey. Still, I believe it is well worth the $$. I highly recommend this product!

Follow instructions on bottle.
April 6, 2024
Product is excellent, just don't take before bedtime. I have gotten stronger and gained more finishing strength during my workouts, and I can stay alert longer. I'm also 73 years old.

March 8, 2024

I like it I just ran out and have felt right all day thank you it's too bad things have to be so expensive nowadays

BB March 08, 2024


Another Great Tony Horton Product
February 12, 2024
This is one of the best protein mixes I've tasted and it seems to be keeping this 54 year old body going through some pretty intense workouts. I would like to see it a little less expensive, but I guess if you want the best, you have to pay a little more. I highly recommend this to anyone working out, regardless of age.

February 11, 2024
The product is one of those that truly speaks for itself. I have more energy and more muscle growth at 61!

Where is your order/log in page?
February 9, 2024
good product and wanting to reorder. Can't find the link to do that. There are multiple links for each individual product but I would like to see one place where I can just go through your line of products and order what I need. Been looing for 15 minutes

Renewed energy
February 5, 2024

I have a pretty difficult body to heal so it took a couple bottles to really start feeling the effects, but now I don’t think I would want to stop taking it ever!

Everything is improving from my vision to my joints to my energy levels. I feel like it’s “cleaning my house” from the years of free radical damage. I’m 62 with severe arthritis and I feel better than I have in years!

Thanks Tony, I love your story, I love you and have followed you for years! ❤️

Endurance seemed to get me getting going and not sitting as much
January 12, 2024

I'm really not sure. I'm on my last pill, but haven't been taking it daily. Not sure when to take it.

I just received 4 more containers of Plant protein that

I didn't order, so am confused.

That stuff really works!
January 10, 2024
Prior to using this supplement , I used to feel sluggish, low energy and muscle aches. Now I’m a lot bigger and stronger, more endurance And a lot more energized.

Power Life Endurance
December 18, 2023
I think it’s too soon to say it’s excellent. I’ve only been using it for about a month. I think over all I’m feeling pretty good. My sprint intervals have been impressing me. I feel like I’m not hitting that midday wall. I’d like to give it a bit more time to really see if it’s doing its job. No complaints at the moment. Thank you.

Feeling stronger
December 15, 2023
This stuff does work. I have not worked since i turned 50. I am now 63 and feel stronger. I'm ready to start working out again.

So far so good feel better and lost weight
December 5, 2023

I have noticed more energy and I have lost a little weight.

A lot more thirsty tho

Power life endurance.
November 21, 2023
My energy seems to be more consistent throughout the day. I don't have low energy points throughout the day. Mental clarity is a bit better as well. I will continue to use this product.